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Multi-Family Bootcamp – Lance Edwards

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This course includes the complete audios from the 2-day intensive boot camp along with the Handouts, the Scripts, the Templates, the Deal Analysis Sheets and the sample deals that were produced for the event.

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Listen To Lance Give His “Multi-Family Success” Teleclass (Hosted By Ben Innes-Ker) Below And Find Out How You Can Make Incredible Profits Buying Big Multi-family Properties With No Money Out Of Your Pocket … Even If You Haven’t Done A Single Deal Yet!

Grab A Cup Of Tea And Listen To The Teleclass

This course includes the complete audios from the 2-day intensive boot camp along with the Handouts, the Scripts, the Templates, the Deal Analysis Sheets and the sample deals that were produced for the event.

  • Module 1: Why MultiFamily?
  • Module 2: How to Figure Out The Value of Any Complex In 10 Minutes or Less
  • Module 3: Fundng Deals with NONE of Your Own Cash
  • Module 4: Finding Deals
  • Module 5: Contracting & Closing
  • Module 6: Property Management Secrets
  • Module 7: Getting It Done – Detailed Action Plan
  • Support Materials, Templates & Scripts


  • BONUS #1: LIVE Group Consultation Call
  • BONUS #2: 90 Days of Email Consultation
  • BONUS #3: Written Transcript of the Event
  • BONUS #4: QuickStart Guide

Lance’s Offer:

Unfortunately, for too many real estate entrepreneurs, you will never realize the real wealth that is available to you as an entrepreneur because you may fall victim to the limiting beliefs that you have to graduate from single family and that you need big cash to do big deals.

I am going to teach you the cookbook steps of how you can start with multifamily with no cash and no credit. The home study course is called the Multifamily Success Home Study System. And it is the full audio recording and handouts for the 2 day live bootcamp we conducted last month.

This is a full and complete program for finding, funding and farming multifamily deals – whether it is a 4-plex or 400 units. It is designed for beginning and experienced real estate entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their cash flow and their wealth creation.

You don’t need any prior experience, and you can do like I did – skip single family to go to multi-family.

This program is for rehabbers who want to do bigger rehabs for bigger profits. And you can get it no money down.

It is for wholesalers and bird dogs who want to generate higher profit per deal by finding bigger deals. And, you can get it no money down.

It’s for buy and hold investors who want to implement the power of leverage and velocity to literally create wealth using other people’s money.

And it’s for people who aspire to do these things.

You don’t have to slug it out house by house.

And if this is something that you know you are interested in, I again have a special nothing-down, better than risk-FREE offer and deal for you tonight. And if you like, you can see it now at

In the Multifamily Success Home Study System, you’ll learn:

  • How to find multifamily deals and create deal flow
  •  How to use the Internet to get access to deals for FREE
  • How to get leads emailed to you. by knowing exactly what to say with commercial brokers. (Story: Prior to taking my course, one of my students told me she had been getting nowhere with calling a commercial broker. He wasn’t sending her any deals. On the Monday after the training, she took the script she learned from the training and called her broker again. Overnight, she had a 319 unit apartment deal emailed to her. It’s all about the language you use and the precision of your communication. And it’s easy because most people are calling up and saying, “Hey can you send me some deals.”)
  • How to qualify sellers and analyze deals in 10 minutes. Because just like houses, we are going to sort thru some trash to find our treasure. And you will be able to qualify an apartment deal over the phone without getting in your car. If you are taking calls during the day at your full-time job, you’ll know how to assess the opportunity right on the phone.
  • How to identify how much of a diamond in the rough you have found. Now once you qualify an opportunity, you’ll learn how to evaluate the value plays in the property so that you can predict – up-front – how much the property could be worth with modest improvements. This is important whether you hold the property or you are preparing to flip it for up-front cash.

You’ll learn the different ways that you can monetize your multifamily deal flow:

  • Learn how to wholesale apt. deals for quick cash
  • Learn how to reposition and flip apts. deals for big cash
  • Learn how to hold properties for long-term wealth. (You can be an active participant or a passive participant. For example, I have Buyers now that will gladly give a birddog 10% equity for just bringing a deal to the table and they do nothing else.)
  • For those deals that you hold, learn how to do deals using none of your own cash or credit, every time. (Background: Ben, there is a 4-part formula to raising private money that I have developed based on my reseach into buying businesses using none of your own cash or credit. Most people don’t know there are 4 parts – let alone what the 4 parts are. If you don’t exercise all 4 parts of the formula, your chances of suceess are drastically reduced. On the other, when you do exercise all 4 parts, the money part becomes really really easy.
  • You’ll learn where to look for your money sources and how to structure and package your deals for a good return for your private investors and a good return for you.. (And Ben, I’m not talking about conducting luncheons with doctors and dentists but rather raising money private money – privately.) You know the fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of death for most people. So why create a system that requires you to face your greatest fear? I have never stood in front of a group to raise money. In fact, if you do something like that improperly, you could have the SEC calling you. All of my private money is raised — privately. I raised $1.2 million one time from a single classified ad. And if you want to raise $10,000, this is how you do it.
  • You’ll learn how to create what I call “Better than Risk-FREE Deals” for your private investors so that your private investors are attracted to doing business with you.

In addition, you’ll learn:

  • How to maximize your equity
  • How to find & manage property managers. I will show you the systems we use to maintain occupancies higher than the national average. I’ll show you how to know as much as your property manager so that you’ll be able to manage your property managers. Because yes, you will hire others to deal with the tenants and the toilets, you will be the one directing the property manager on how to create wealth for you with your asset.

Finally, you learn how to get it done. In fact, we’ve gotten some great feedback on just this aspect of the training – how to know what to do and how to get yourself to do it – despite the noise and distractions around you. The #1 question we hear from our clients is “How do I maintain focus? How do I mange the time.? Well, I faced the same obstacles when I was doing multifamily part-time. So I had to develop simple systems. I share the exact same daily tools and systems that I use to track my deal flow and wealth creating systems on a weekly and daily basis.

You can try it now it at

This is not a pared down hype event to get you to learn the real secrets at some other event, or by purchasing another course. Everything is in here. I jam packed everything that you need to know to make money NOW in multi-family into this 2 day seminar and bootcamp.

By the end of the training, you will walk away feeling empowered – with the knowledge and skills to confidently find, fund and create wealth through multifamily properties. You will look at your real estate business and the world in a whole new light.

And tonight, because this call is sponsored by Ben, I’m offering a special deal. And because I teach Better-than-Risk-FREE deals in raising private money for multifamily, I have a better-than-risk-FREE deal for you tonight.

My goal is to create a network of students who will forward big deals to me, and that I might be able to partner with them on. I know that ultimately some of you will be looking for a partner on a multifamily deal. And when that time comes, I’d like to be the one who gets the call. You see, I am looking to create deal flow nationwide for myself. You are under no obligation of course but I may become your first partner. If I expose 10 new people to multi-family who bring me a deal that my share is worth 100,000, I have just made a million dollars. That is worth far more to me than just making money on books and tapes.

The national price for training with an investor of my experience would cost you upwards of $5,000. This is specialized knowledge, and not that many people who have it are willing to share. But, you are going to get it for only $697 Fully Guaranteed!.

After you purchase you can test drive the program for 30 more days. This is not a permanent purchase by any means. If ay any point during that 30 days, you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel – no questions asked – and get a full refund. And keep the digital version of the course. That’s right. Keep them. No questions asked.

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