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Million Dollar Soul Team – Katrina Ruth

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The Point by Point & Definitive Program on Finding, Building, Training, Empowering, and Flowing With Your Ultimate ‘One Day’ Soulmate Team, But Now!

To the messenger, leader, revolutionary who KNOWS she or he has huge work to do in the world, and is ready to be fully supported to do it – 

I made this for you.

Once upon a time, a girl from the far out and small town sticks of Melbourne, Australia, had a dream.

Actually it was less of a dream, and more of a knowing.

A knowing of an empire that would be built

A message that would be unleashed

A calling that would be said (or screamed!) yes to

A ‘one day fantasy’ life that would be created

And an every single thing she saw or just felt inside of her being slowly, but surely, but FULLY, brought to life.

This girl knew, since before she even knew that she knew, that it was her mission, her missive, her GOD LED RESPONSIBILITY, to do great and extraordinary work in the world, the work, quite simply, of kicking the ass of the 1% within the 1% most elite and game-changing leaders, messengers, entrepreneurs, revolutionaries.

The work of reminding them who TF they always were,

and then kicking their butt into alignment and massive freakin’ action to become it.

She knew that this work would take her to the ends of the earth, the most amazing and exciting and wonderful of places, and also to the very bowels of Hades itself. (Which largely can be found, it seems, on Facebook. Something she was back then yet to learn. Hehe.)

She knew that her message, what was in her, that thing she would ultimately allow to take over her, and run continually through and from her, would be unleashed via the written word,

(reams and reams of it),

the spoken,

(so much of it that if people didn’t fall in love with her message and voice she could certainly depend upon drowning them with it, and somehow magnetizing them to never look away even if they found her infuriating beyond belief, and wanted, as has oft since that day been said, to ‘reach through the computer scream and punch her’),

and also, of course, through the very energetic transmission of the fibre of her BEING.

She knew that her job was to come to this world,

let the ALLNESS of her presence, and what she had fed into her, come through,

and then retire (daily, at least) into her own bubble with much gritty earthy dirty red wine, and few little truffle-like fancies.




The only way for it to come to life? Was to start living it.

This she knew for sure.

And here is what else she knew:

There was no way in the name of all that is good and holy that she was even going to CONSIDER doing all of this herself,

or indeed even having to depend upon herself to wash her own hair, if she didn’t so care to.

Quite frankly:

She didn’t just WANT, but ultimately EXPECTED, to be surrounded by the most badass and incredible and fun and MIND-reading high vibe team in the world, who would not only help her bring her dreams, her mission, her missive, her purpose work to life, but who would operate two steps ahead of even HER in knowing what she wanted, before she wanted it, and delivering it, with bells on.

Really –

it didn’t even occur to her to consider that this might be out of reach, difficult to attain, overly demanding, or that it in any way might require her to have to manage people, worry about people doing a great job, or indeed exit out of her crazy creator absent minded professor flow bubble really at all.

She just ASSUMED that this would happen, and that it would be beyond what even she expected or could envision.



8-Figure Content Creator Katrina Ruth and the #KatNinjas Present:

Million Dollar Soul Team 

The Point by Point & Definitive Program on Finding, Building, Training, Empowering, and Flowing With Your Ultimate ‘One Day’ Soulmate Team, But Now!

  • Dozens and DOZENS of trainings, templates, operating procedures, systems
  • Immediately implementable processes you can use NOW, whether you’re still wearing all hats or already building your soul team
  • ​Full behind and in front of the scenes overview of exactly how to find, build, train, empower TF outta, and flow with your ultimate ‘one day’ soulmate team, but now!
  • ​Complete blow by blow on what you need to do whether you are JUST starting out, and wondering when / how to get started with building your soul team, or are already, like many of my clients, running a 6, multi 6, 7, or multi-7 figure business!


I built my soulmate team starting with an assistant for 2 hours a week at $20 per hour, which was at the time a BIG stretch for me, because I saw the future of what I knew was MEANT,

and started to step into it.

Next hint:

I had no freakin’ clue what I was doing, or how to build a team, never mind what to do with ’em, or how to best support ’em, and yet STILL I kept going.

Bit by bit I built my business to a million dollar per year biz with STILL only one VA, and then multi-million dollars per year with only TWO VAs, and then eventually bit by bit relaxed into NEXT level support and receiving!

Currently The Katrina Ruth Show employs 9 #KatNinjas, and works with 3 full-time contractor VAs additional and ongoing to this, as well as a regular badass circus of sometime / on and off again contractors for various less consistent tasks!

Our team is, in a word, FUCKING INCREDIBLE. (Yes, that is one word. Accept it). Beyond what even my wildest imaginations of a soulmate team could have dreamed up. They are mind-readers,

empowered AF visionaries who believe in and love my message,

who love being in the role they are in helping to bring this work to life,

who know they can at any time put their hand up and ask for more or less of what they are currently doing, and that they get to work on work that is purposeful for them,

who I have SO much fun engaging with and working alongside when I do, but who I also easily and frequently completely ignore because my job is to be in MY flow bubble, and I have built my team in a way that requires minimal to no management,

and who I am grateful for beyond what I could ever express, on a daily basis. I’m tearing up just writing this!!

Honestly, I have to pinch myself at just how damn FLOW my team is, and when I actually step back and look at everything that gets done, leveraged, automated, and EXTRA monetized as a result of their support, it humbles TF outta me and blows me away.

I am also very conscious that I’ve allowed myself to be supported in a way most entrepreneurs don’t even dare to dream of.

I just don’t have ‘issues’ on my team. I don’t mean that there haven’t been times I’ve had to let people go (there have!), times I’ve had to bring people to attention around something that wasn’t working as I wanted (there have!), times where we even felt a million miles away from where we wanted to be. There have!

But those times have been VERY few and very far between. Anything not working is always so easily and quickly fixed. Any time somebody got to go it happened easily and from flow (this has been less than a handful in a period of now 15 years total marketing online).

And largely – I just call in 100% soul aligned people from the get go. Which I absolutely have a process around. And which I absolutely will teach you!

The thing is … I run a REALLY well organised and effective and high ROI (return on investment) team, without even feeling like I’m trying. We got systems and flow within systems and flow! But, 

I had no idea what I was doing when I started,

or even once I was well underway,

and still often don’t!

Yet nonetheless I MOVED FORWARDS IN FAITH TOWARDS THE VISION, and held the expectation of having what I want, and beyond.

So that is what was created.

I will be teaching the full behind the scenes on how I’ve done it.

  • The mindset around expectation, assumption, and getting what you want and beyond
  • The full behind the scenes on finding, building, empowering, training, and flowing with your soul team, whether starting with 2 hours a week like I did, or all the way in (and everything in between)
  • Plus (and this is CRAZY value, we’re literally talking multi-million dollar IP!), all the ins and outs of what my team do and how they do it! That’s right! I’ll be GIVING you what has taken me over a decade to figure out, nail down, find ‘perfection’ with (ha, perfection ;)), find FLOW with, and run with like a well-oiled soul-led money making machine!

EVERY entrepreneur who desires to be fully supported needs this course.

Oh, and let’s not even get started on the bonuses 😉

Keep reading for a full overview of the areas myself and the #KatNinjas will be covering for you, OR – !

What is Included in Million Dollar Soul Team!

Basically every single thing you need to know and understand exactly how I have built an ONLY soulmate team of badass ninjas who read my mind, do allllll the badass work of getting my message out into the world in a big way, and fully support me to be me, from flow and ease and fun, and how you can too! Including the exact templates, tools, structures, systems, and BTS EVERYTHING we use to get the job done, so you can take and run with it right away … even if right now you are the one wearing all or most of the hats! Includes stepping in to the mindset and OWNING of being the badass who gets to be supported by others and life this way!

My philosophy on how I create my courses is always to over promise, and then over OVER deliver.

I do not do this because I’m trying to be so damn extra 🙂

I do it because when I create a course, I always end up thinking of a ton of stuff I couldn’t have possibly realised in advance, that I know I wanna give you, or that I see you need! So there are always ‘secret bonuses’, so to speak.

Also, I am a believer in letting the course create itself. So the below is a jumping off point … an idea of what we will cover … and really just for starters! Which is pretty cool.

I’m creating this so that whether you are early on, or well advanced, in business, you will have access to the exact tools, trainings, examples, and more, that YOU need.

Also! You will have lifetime access to everything here, and to all future updates / additions, so that as you grow your team you can refer back as often as you need.

Here are just some of the things you will learn and have your mind blown on in our Million Dollar Soul Team Workshop Replay, and the supporting trainings, audios, videos, PDFs, templates and more that you’ll receive!!

  • Mindset of Expecting and Assuming Total Soulmate Support
  • Attracting / Finding Your Soulmate Team
  • Where to Start in Building a Team
  • ​How to Define Roles, and Grow Them Over Time
  • ​Writing Hiring Ads To Call in Your Soul Team (and how / where to post them, also when / where you need to)
  • ​Monetizing TF Outta Your Team
  • ​Mindset and Empowerment FOR Your Team, Creating a Shared Vision
  • ​Teaching People to Mind Read, and Be Steps Ahead of Your Every Desire
  • ​Getting Past Awkwardness or Discomfort Around Asking for (and Getting!) Everything You Want
  • ​How to Train Your Team to Self Manage and Not Need You
  • ​Remaining the Visionary / Creative Genius in Your Bubble Rather Than Worrying About What Your Team Are Doing … and KNOWING They Are All Over All Of It
  • ​Defining Role Growth and Development As Your Team Grows, and People Move From Doing ‘Everything’ to Shifting in to Precise Roles
  • ​Accountability Practices that FEEL Good For Everyone, and Work
  • ​What and How to Pay, Bonuses, Extras, More!
  • ​Knowing You Still ALWAYS Get to Be the ‘All Over the Place’ Creator You Are, and NEVER Need to Adjust Your Style or ‘You-ness’ For Your Team, and That Not Only Are They Okay With it But They Love It!
  • ​When to Hire Contractors, Specialists, shared VAs vs ‘Your Own Crew’
  • ​Ensuring Everybody EASILY Keeps Up With You, and Thrives On It
  • ​How to Give Feedback When You’re Not Happy, or It’s Not Flowing
  • ​How to Fire / Let Go, and How to Know When To
  • ​Support in Your Personal Life / Home Admin, How and When
  • ​Minimum Requirements / Experience You Should Expect
  • ​Most Effective Ways to Train From the Ground Up, With Minimal Time Investment But Maximum Flow and Result
  • ​Maintaining EXTREME Expectations of Excellence, Flow, and ‘Your Way’ Without EVER Being Anything Other Than The Boss They Love to Work For!
  • ​Vibe, Culture, Fun, Flow Amongst the Team
  • ​Training Your Soul Crew in #BeingMoreYou / Getting in To Your Mindset, Energy, More
  • ​Cohesion / Being ‘On Brand AF’ in Customer Care and Communication
  • ​Knowing When to Hand Something Over From Your Own List … Again, and Again, and Again!
  • ​Enrolling Your Team in the Mindset of Doing it YOUR Way, and Also in Naturally Supporting YOU to #BeMoreYou, Screw Whatever the Industry Teaches, Thinks, or Has Taught Them!
  • ​Trust, and Letting Go of Your Control Freak Tendencies!
  • ​Trust and Mindset as Well as Asskickery For YOU On Knowing You Can Absolutely Keep Up With Your Own Growth, and Be Responsible to Continue to Be Able to Pay Your People … With Ease and Joy!
  • ​Overcoming Blocks, Hurdles, Hindrances, or Previous Sabotages on Calling in the Wrong Peeps, or Taking Steps Forward and then Back Continually In This Area!
  • ​How to Communicate With and ‘Run Without Running’ Your Team Day to Day
  • ​Being Supported in The Way You Want Even at Odd Hours, Holidays, Etc
  • ​Teaching Your Team to Be An Ideas Machine
  • ​Teaching Them to Think and Move Fast AF, and On Their Feet


To the messenger, leader, revolutionary who KNOWS she or he has huge work to do in the world, and is ready to be fully supported to do it – 

I made this for you.

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