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Messenger Marketing Pro

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You will now be able to get your target market to click a button and open a conversation in Facebook Messenger where you can then (and only then) openly talk about YOUR network marketing opportunity without fear of getting banned!

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Purchase Messenger Marketing Pro Course at eBokly. We actively participate in group buys and are committed to sharing knowledge with a wider audience. What's more, our courses maintain the same quality as the original sale page. You have the option to buy directly from the sale page at the full price (sale page link is provided within the post).

INSTANTLY Connect With YOUR Dream Clients to Make More Money and Never Run Out of Fresh Prospects to Talk to Ever Again!

(YES, this new way of getting 10+ quality leads per day works in ANY industry… even yours!)


A secret weapon to instantly engage your soon-to-be customers and get them to buy


  • Anyone who wants to leverage the internet to grow ANY business and build a hyper-responsive ‘messenger subscriber list.’
  • Anyone who wants to tap into the 1.2 BILLION people using Messenger to connect with your target audience lightning fast.
  • Anyone who wants to in the next 20 minutes collect new leads for YOUR opportunity that you can chat with instantly.


  • If you don’t see value in learning a simple new skill-set that will instantly connect you to your dream clients.
  • If you aren’t willing to actually message people who want to pay you money for your product, service, or opportunity.
  • If you don’t want to hack into the hottest engagement secret to grow your business in a way that will 10x your conversions.


If you are building a network marketing business, you should be salivating with what messenger marketing will allow you to do.

Have you ever gotten your ad, ads account, or capture page link disapproved?!

  • Facebook does NOT like business opportunities or MLM.
  • Facebook does not like income claims or ‘make money’ websites.
  • Facebook will block you, throw you in jail, and close your ads account if you violate their terms of service.


You will now be able to get your target market to click a button and open a conversation in Facebook Messenger where you can then (and only then) openly talk about YOUR network marketing opportunity without fear of getting banned!


Network Marketers – Messenger Marketing Pro Could Literally Save Your Business, and help you RANK-UP & SPONSOR MORE REPS than EVER BEFORE!



E-mail open rates continue to plummet. Most business owners see less than 20% open rates with their e-mails, and less than 3% who open actually click the links in those e-mails.

This means that you are reaching less than 1 in 5 of your e-mail subscribers… and less than 3 out of 100 even see the offer you are guiding them to…

Our data demonstrates that Messenger Marketing open rates are as high 98% with click thru rates at a strong 85% – GAME CHANGER!

The simple math proves that your marketing dollar is much more valuable with Messenger Marketing than with e-mail, period.

A single click to an ad, a button, a link, a messenger code scan, a website widget, and BOOM… you now have a messenger subscriber (fear not – we will show you how to do ALL of this… and it’s so easy!)

No other marketing method requires such little effort on the part of your prospect to connect with them, and allow for follow-up and continued communication.

Messenger Marketing is primed to become the next great marketing medium…

It brings us much closer to the customer than any previous online marketing method… EVER.

Part of the reason we created this course is because we know your frustration & struggles, and Messenger Marketing alleviates them all…

  • NO complicated internet stuff – the steps in this course will have you up and running in less than 20 minutes, and it is SIMPLE! (no tech required)
  • NO advertising fees – other than the extremely affordable cost of this course, you will not pay a single dime. And if you want to upgrade your powerful ManyChat options, you can get started for only $10.
  • NO extra time – messenger marketing can leverage bots to automate much of the communication for you by asking specific questions, and help you prequalify prospects before you connect with them!
  • UNLIMITED PROSPECTS – Messenger Marketing Pro can provide you with more fresh people to talk to daily about your business than you have time for… this course will finally set you free.

You must embrace Messenger Marketing if you’re going to succeed online in the 21st century…

For this reason (and all of the reasons above), we put together this invaluable course so you could become a MASTER at Messenger Marketing quickly & easily with ‘Messenger Marketing Pro’…

WHAT THIS MESSENGER MARKETING PRO COURSE HAS TO OFFERDetails of exactly what we’re going to cover in every module

* 50 Videos – 5.5 Total Hours of Training – Easy to Consume & Implement *


The required foundation to Facebook Messenger Marketing before we get into strategy & set-up.

This foundation ensures you play by the ‘messenger rules’ to create an unlimited amount of laser-targeted prospects to talk to.

MODULE 2: Messenger Marketing Primer

We explore the next great marketing medium (Messenger Marketing) and what it can do for your business FAST.

We take you down the path to find YOUR target audience on Facebook, and how to turn them into customers for your business via FB Messenger.

MODULE 3: ManyChat High Level Overview

ManyChat – simple steps to unleash the ManyChat ‘bot’ to do a LOT of the heavy lifting for you.

We go over the branding and pro features, configuring messenger on your Facebook page, and the ManyChat dashboard, audience screen, and live chat screen.

MODULE 4: Growing Your Messenger List(Discover the powerful ManyChat features, including growth tools and widgets to grow and scale your Facebook Messenger Subscriber List.

Learn about FB messenger scan codes, the FB comment growth tool, how to connect these growth tools to your website, and so much more!

Uncover how to gain new messenger subscribers when people comment on your Facebook Posts! (super ninja)

MODULE 5: Generating Leads With Messenger

How to generate leads with a special feature called JSON… this is the fastest way to generate ready-to-buy leads for your business.

Connect a Facebook Messenger ad directly to ManyChat for instant lead generation. (these ads never go ‘LIVE’ so they cost you NOTHING… it’s our little secret)

MODULE 6: Message Broadcasting

You are now building a ‘Messenger Subscriber List’ that is similar to an autoresponder because you can send broadcasts to your subscribers.

However, this is 9x more effective because your Messenger Subscribers will actually see your message! This broadcasting feature can make you a fortune.

MODULE 7: Messenger Automation

AUTOMATION! ALL of the ManyChat Bot powerful automation features revealed including auto-posting, default reply messages, welcome messages, keyword triggers, complete message sequences, and simulated conversations with your prospects… all on complete autopilot!

We create automated message sequences that build rapport with your prospects, pre-qualify them, and drive them to your to your offer… on autopilot!

MODULE 8: Using Tags in Manychat

The tags feature allows you to include specific people and exclude specific people in your message broadcasts, which allows you to get even more specific, congruent, and targeted with your messenger marketing for even better results!

MODULE 9: Creating Messages in Manychat

One of the most important aspects of messenger marketing is the chat messages you create.

We expose the highest converting messages to get your prospects to click, join your messenger subscriber list, and buy your stuff!

MODULE 10: ManyChat Settings

We give you the best ManyChat settings to make sure your ManyChat bot and messenger marketing runs like a well-oiled machine.

Finally create ultimate leverage & time freedom in your business starting today!

MODULE 11: Testing in Manychat

Before you go LIVE with your ManyChat bot and messenger marketing, we walk you through the proper testing protocol.

We want to make sure you are ready for the flood of fresh prospects who will want to talk to you.

MODULE 12: Facebook Messenger Ads and Audiences

We walk you through creating your first messenger ad and creating Facebook messenger ‘custom audiences’…

Target the people who engage with you on messenger with Facebook ads… SNIPER-LIKE TARGETING to boost your sales!

MODULE 13: Working With Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to customize the messages & broadcasts you send to your messenger subscribers.

Collect useful information from your prospect to instantly prequalify them and customize your messages based on their answers… this customization could DOUBLE your conversions.

MODULE 14: Bonus Trainings

An additional ‘bot platform’ to help make the AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot experience amazing for all of your prospects.

More updates & bonus modules scheduled to be released including zapier, e-mail autoresponder, and CRM integration to grow your messenger subscriber list lightning fast.

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Unlock your full potential with our Messenger Marketing Pro courses. Our courses are meticulously designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed for excellence.

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