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LinkedIn Selling System 2.0 – Frank’s LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has been around longer than most of the popular social media sites (I joined in 2005) and it was created specifically for doing business. Thousand of business transactions are taking place there right now, and multi-million dollar partnerships are being built on LinkedIn daily

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LinkedIn Selling System 2.0 – “Could It Really Be Possible…

That Your LinkedIn Account can Triple Your Leads, Skyrocket Your Income, And Give You A Tool That’s 10 Times More Effective Than Anything Else – even the original LinkedIn Selling System?”

“Long time follower and agreed with your sales strategies since, well, for a long time. Your LinkedIn course opened my eyes to some of the tricks and methodologies of how to get the most from the system. I can honestly say what I paid for the course I have received back in engagements and contacts. My question to you is how do you improve on something already that good?” -Ian Lufkin

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To all of my fellow sales professionals,

It doesn’t matter how good your sales skills are. How high your closing rate is. How expensive your suits are and how great of a presenter you are. It doesn’t even matter if you’re one of those fortunate few who is a “born salesman.”

Your success – or your failure – all depends on one thing, and one thing only:

The amount and quality of leads that you get. And that is a hard fact.

That’s why I started over twelve years ago – and it’s become an international phenomenon that’s benefitted millions of salespeople and small business owners worldwide. And since then I have continually worked hard to make sure that salespeople have the best, most up-to-date advice on how to generate leads without:

  • Cold calling
  • Telemarketing
  • Buying leads
  • Fruitless networking mixers
  • Ripoff “leads clubs”
  • Useless advice from so-called “social media experts”
  • And all the other useless crap that most sales managers encourage

The truth is that there is very little real actionable material out there on how to generate leads that turn into sales. And enough of them to not just make your quota, but to really crank out huge, big, fat commission checks every month!

Myself and a very tiny handful of others have stepped in to fill that gap. Over twelve years ago I introduced the very first edition of the Never Cold Call Again System. Last year I introduced the LinkedIn Selling System… which turned out to be my most popular, most effective, and most highly reviewed course I’ve ever authored.

And today you get access to something that even puts that to shame: The all-new LinkedIn Lead Machine 2.0.

The LinkedIn Lead Machine 2.0 is only available until midnight, January 16, US Eastern Time. After that, it goes off the market forever – after that I’ll only offer high-dollar LinkedIn training for businesses with pricing from $497 – $999 and up. So get it today – while you still can – for only $149 today.

“Why the LinkedIn Selling System 2.0?”

The better question is, “Why LinkedIn?” Simple: LinkedIn is the hottest source of leads in the world right now. Check out these facts:

  • There are Over 380 Million LinkedIn Users
  • That includes ALL of YOUR Prospects!
  • A new member joins every two seconds.
  • It’s the World’s Largest Business Networking Venue – Anywhere
  • Executives from ALL Fortune 500 Companies are Members
  • Over 1.2 Million products & services are showcased (are yours?)
  • Over 4 Million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages (which are a sales prospecting gold mine – if you know how to use them)
  • There are over 2 million LinkedIn Groups (full of your ideal prospects)
  • 100 Million People login to LinkedIn every single day

I could go on and on, but describing all the advantages of LinkedIn would take up an entire book itself!

LinkedIn has been around longer than most of the popular social media sites (I joined in 2005) and it was created specifically for doing business.

Thousand of business transactions are taking place there right now, and multi-million dollar partnerships are being built on LinkedIn daily.

This social networking site, although smaller than sites like Facebook and Twitter, is a much better source of leads for sales, because people go on LinkedIn for business, not just chatting, playing games, and posting pretentious selfies.

In fact, people are on LinkedIn only for business!

LinkedIn is unique in the sense that you can build huge networks of people whom you can then utilize to reach your ideal prospects who are ready, willing, and able to buy right now.

Here’s the bottom line:

You get huge exposure and credibility while generating massive amounts of targeted LEADS from people who are ready to buyfrom you, right now!

BUT: LinkedIn is MASSIVE and full of features that could be very hard for anyone to fully get their head around.

Do you have questions like these:

  • Where do I start with LinkedIn?
  • How do I work LinkedIn for maximum leads and sales?
  • Where am I going to find the best strategy to fully benefit from LinkedIn?
  • How do I use LinkedIn to generate so many leads and sales and such an immensely powerful business network that I’ll never have to prospect – ever again?

If that’s you, you need the Never Cold Call Again® LinkedIn Lead Machine 2.0! 

“What’s in the LinkedIn Lead Machine 2.0?”

If you’re wondering what makes the LinkedIn Lead Machine 2.0 so much better than the original, aside from the fact that there’s nearly double as much new content as there was altogether in version 1.0, here’s just some of what the new modules cover:

1. How to know exactly what your ideal prospects are looking for on LinkedIn
2. How to construct your profile so YOU show up when they are searching
3. What to put in your LinkedIn headline to make them pick up the phone and call you
4. Why your LinkedIn Profile Summary is the world’s most powerful but most misunderstood tool to sell yourself (and how to use it)
5. How to “hide” compelling sales copy in your profile that will make your very best prospects buy from you (no selling required)
6. The exact formula you need to get maximum views of your profile – which means maximum sales and more money for you.
7. Why the “positions” part of your profile is the most misunderstood piece of the LinkedIn puzzle and how you can use it to unlock endless hidden sales
8. Why you need massive numbers of new (but relevant) LinkedIn connections, and how to get them fast.
9. You’ll get detailed strategies on exactly how to uncover your very best prospects on LinkedIn and make them buy from you. Use these and you may never need to actively prospect for business again!
10. Learn the biggest mistake people make when using LinkedIn, that loses them tons of sales and turns off prospects who want to buy from you.

…and much, much, MUCH more.

BUT… that’s not all! (Not even close!)

You see, when I started out, I was only going to offer the LinkedIn Lead Machine 2.0.

But I wanted to make sure you really get your money’s worth. Why? Two reasons, one for you and one for me:

1. If you have the Never Cold Call Again System then you know that it’s a core part of my business philosophy to follow Napoleon Hill’s “Law of Giving More than Paid For” and making sure you get way, way more than you paid for.

2. Selfish reason: When I knock your socks off and hit a home run with this system, and when it explodes your sales and your income and your success to previously unimaginable levels – and it will – you’re going to keep coming back and buy every new product I come out with!

So that’s why on top of the core LinkedIn Lead Machine 2.0, which by itself is all you will ever need to explode your sales with LinkedIn and eliminate sales prospecting from your life, you get these additional products:

1. “LinkedIn Fast Start”

LinkedIn Fast Start is a comprehensive course on how to use the power of LinkedIn, with a specific focus on stealthily using Company Pages, as a very powerful lead generation machine all on their own.

It also gives you all the secrets you’ll need to know to even qualify to have a LinkedIn Company Page, since most LinkedIn users cannot get one without using these tricks and techniques to set up your account to qualify. And no, there’s no additional cost involved.

HINT: LinkedIn Company Pages are NOT just for business owners! If you’re a salesperson who has the Never Cold Call Again System then you already know that you need to have your own website and/or blog separate from your company’s. The same is true with LinkedIn Company Pages – and you can set it up to be totally anonymous so it will capture leads and no one will ever know it’s you!

The best part of LinkedIn Fast Start? It’s short and concise while being powerful, so if you don’t have time right now to dive into the full LinkedIn Lead Machine, this will get you on a fast-track to generate hot leads, quickly.

2. “LinkedIn for Business”

This course is very unique in that I had it written by an outside expert on LinkedIn.


Because, as powerful as my LinkedIn secrets and strategies already are, I don’t claim to know everything about LinkedIn – no one does – so bringing in an outside expert really kicks things up!

LinkedIn for Business consists of four parts:

1. A comprehensive training video course.

2. A full PDF e-book that you can download and read separately.

3. A LinkedIn action-item checklist to get you started fast.

4. A PDF Mind Map that charts out your LinkedIn strategy. (If you’ve never used Mind Maps before, you’re in for a treat.)

3. 50 Tips to Get More Clients with LinkedIn

This is a very powerful PDF e-book that gives you 50 specific, concise steps and strategies you can use to immediately begin generating leads and sales with LinkedIn.

So, like LinkedIn Made Easy, this is great if you don’t have time today, this week, or even this month to dive into the full core course, the Never Cold Call Again® LinkedIn Lead Machine 2.0.

4. “Facebook Selling Made Easy”

After putting together the LinkedIn Fast Start course that focuses on using LinkedIn Company Pages to generate leads, fast, I said to myself and my team, “Why don’t we do the same course for Facebook Business Pages?”

So we did!

On top of all this powerful information that will absolutely explode your sales with LinkedIn, you’re also going to get comprehensive training on how to use Facebook Business Pages to crank up your lead generation systems on overdrive!

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