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Limitless 2016 HD 720p – COMPLETE – David Tian

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Most Guys Do Not Have The Guts To “Program” Their “Personal Software” To Even Understand What I’m About To Say…

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Most Guys Do Not Have The Guts To “Program” Their “Personal Software” To Even Understand What I’m About To Say…

But If You Have The Courage To Really Go For What You Want, Let Me Tell You How EASY It Is…

The Secret Of Getting ANY Woman To Like You… Love You… Or, Do Whatever You Want Her To Do

What if you could have TOTAL CONTROL over your dating life?

What if it only takes a few easy neuropsychological hacks… organized into a simple step-by-step system… to get this complete control? 

And what if you could be “Cool” from the inside out… (without having to act goofy or try-hard…) and effortlessly “turn on” amazing women, while being the envy of other guys?

Hey man,

I’m David Tian, Ph.D., and as head of the largest dating skills academy in the world…

Featured in national and international media…

Having helped thousands of men around the globe…

One thing I’ve discovered…

Success with women is a COMPLETE mystery to most men.

If you’ve seen the videos I made for you leading up to this, you now know how you can use just Two Words to get a woman to do practically anything you want, including having a threesome with you, or just something as simple as a planting a big wet kiss on your lips.

I’ve also shown you how to use Double Entendres, Implanting, and Dropping the Anvil, so that she’ll be thinking about doing just what you want her to do and get her all worked up, wet and willing for you.

If you haven’t seen these yet, don’t worry. I’ll show you all these later.

These are really easy tricks.

And I come up with techniques like this for my clients all the time.

That’s my specialty.

I create simple strategies that guys can use… that take advantage of the latest, cutting edge research in neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, and other major fields.

But if you think I’m simple-minded or that it’s simple to get this material…

The fact is, it takes a lot of work to find and sift through the research… to analyze and assimilate it… to test it in the real world rigorously and repeatedly not only on myself but also with hundreds of real-life clients… and then to transform them into somethingimmediately applicable to your life to get you massive results with women.

I did it all, so you don’t have to.

Now let me reveal to you a FASCINATING finding I made — one of many — in order to make it so simple for you.

Check this out. It’s one of the most bizarre discoveries I came across in my research… going back over 10,000 years in the ancient records.

Here’s what I found out.

Now Read Carefully This Story I’m About To Show You…


You’re a young man living 10,000 years ago… in a tribe with 50 others.

In your tribe, there is a dominant, charismatic, powerful male leader. You admire and respect him, but also fear him. Every time you see him, you avert your gaze to avoid direct eye contact.

Lately, you’ve noticed that you’re thinking more and more about becoming a leader yourself. You can imagine being admired by others and being the one to lead the hunts for food.

You’ve also noticed that your temper and emotions are becoming harder to control. Something seems to be happening inside of you that is making you more and more irritable. You’ve also noticed hair growing on your face and muscles growing on your body.

One day, while you’re walking alone in the trees, you see a familiar waterfall, with a pond below. In the pond is a beautiful young woman you’ve admired for many years… bathing.

For some reason, on this day, she appears different to you. Today, you have an unfamiliar feeling inside. At this moment, you feel an overwhelming desire to be with her… in a way you don’t understand.

As you approach her, she turns and sees you.

For a split-second, all of time seems to freeze… as you look into each other’s eyes. It’s in that moment you realize that she’s feeling something, too.

You walk toward her, and she walks toward you. You don’t know what’s about to happen, but you can feel something moving you forward… a drive that seems to be coming from deep within you.

As you get closer to this beautiful being standing in front of you, she smiles… and looks at your face.

You reach a hand out to touch her arm. This time, the touch feels very unusual. You breathe deep. Your pulse begins to quicken. You can feel the hairs on your body stand up in waves.

You are so focused on the action that’s unfolding, that you don’t notice a rustling in the trees behind you.

All at once, you sense the presence of others. You spin your head around to see who is behind you.

And there stands the leader of your group, along with many other adults, including your mom and dad.

An instinctive sense of fear strikes deep into your stomach… your eyes widen… and your throat becomes constricted and dry. You feel as if you’re in great danger, even though you’ve done nothing wrong.

The leader of your group is looking directly at you, with a look that makes you fear for your life.

“The Boy Must Die!” he yells.

Your mother runs to him, protesting… “No, he’s just a boy, he’s done nothing wrong!”

But her cries fall on deaf ears.

The leader of your group, along with several other men, take you away from this beautiful girl, and drag you into the forest.

They blindfold you and take you to a hidden cave… a cave that you’ve only heard stories about.

Over the next couple days, four other young men are brought to the prison-like cave, too. It seems as if all of you have been sentenced to death.

The men from your group, including the leader, then come into the cave. They are painted with strange symbols on their faces and bodies.

They look sternly at you and the other young men… and the leader says “It is time for the boys to die.”

One-by-one, they take each of you and force you to eat some putrid vegetables. Next, they rub a sticky mixture of fruit pulp on all of you… from head to toe.

Then the painted men leave.

You are alone with the others, all preparing to die, in mortal fear.

You here the frightening sound of large logs being stacked across the front of the cave, sealing you and the other boys inside.

At this moment, you realize that you are going to die… without ever knowing what would’ve happened with that beautiful girl you were with yesterday…

You can feel the poison that the men gave you taking effect. Your stomach is beginning to hurt. As you become more and more afraid, your mind begins to create frightful nightmares you’ve never imagined before…

You don’t realize it, but in the mixture the men forced you to eat… was a drug that is now taking over your mind. It’s making the nightmares far worse that anything you could ever experience during normal sleep.

As you and your friends begin to cry and scream with fear, you begin to notice strange sensations all over your body.

You reach down feel something moving on your skin. You realize that large ants have been attracted by the fruit on your body and are coming in large numbers to feast…

You try to brush them away, but there are far too many of them. It seems like the more you swat at them, the more they tear away at your flesh.

And this is just the beginning.

After what seems like weeks of this insane torture, you begin to realize that you are probably dead. You and the other boys have cried and screamed for so long… and the ants have eaten so much of you… that there is no chance that you’re alive.


A hand pulls you up by the arm and wakes you. You open your eyes… and there is the leader of your group… pulling you up… standing over you… his face painted with a new and different design.

“Am I dead?” you ask.

“Yes”, he says.

“The boy is dead, and the man will now live.”

He explains that, in actuality, only one night had passed. But the drugs made it seem much longer.

Over the next several years, you are taught how to live as a man, how to take care of yourself and your group, and how to use your natural talents to attract a woman and live a fulfilled life.

The End.

…Were you able to find the secret?

If you missed it, fear not. It’s not easy to spot… both in the story, and in the “real world” where you can use it to meet and attract the women that you want.

But now… I’d like to spell it out for you… and show you how you can use it to dramatically improve your success with women, starting immediately…

Before I get to that in just a minute, I’d like to tell you one more story…

This one is about me… but it just might be about YOU, too…

While I’m a highly sought after dating coach featured in international media…

… if you think I was born that way, let me tell you what really happened.

When I turned 30, I was a social, romantic, and dating disaster.

You see, I grew up in a conservative Chinese Christian family. No one ever talked to me about dating, and I was never taught how to be social. In fact, I had a 6 PM curfew until I was 18 and wasn’t allowed to have a girlfriend until halfway through university.

After finishing my first graduate degree, I basically married the first nice Christian girl who came along. She picked me, and I never felt like I had any real options… And it wasn’t much of a surprise when everything fell apart just a few years later… And I suddenly found myself divorced, depressed, and alone.

I was a Ph.D. student, and I just locked myself away in my lonely grad student dorm room, eating ramen noodles at my desk every night while other people in the dorm were partying.

Even if I could get to the party, I didn’t have a clue what to do or say to fit in, so after nursing a beer, I’d just slink back to my little room… and feel sorry for my pathetic social life.

After several weeks of being in dating and social hell… I decided something…

I was going to study the subject just like I did in my rigorous Ph.D. research. I decided I was going to figure out exactly what it was that women truly wanted. And then I was going to devise a system I could teach myself to become the man they were looking for.

I figured, how hard could it be, and how long could it take?

Luckily, I found a few great mentors who were the best of the best at meeting and attracting women.

But it still turned out to be more work… and to take me almost more time… than it took me to get my Ph.D.!

But eventually, after thousands of hours of anguish and heartache…

I finally cracked the code.

I understood exactly what women around the world — from Singapore to New York — really want in a man. And I was able to teach myself how to show them I had it without changing anything who I really was as a person and…


I became almost drunk on my romantic, sexual, and relationship success and started dating a different beautiful woman virtually every night… including (a now rather embarrassing) number of Asia’s hottest women – that you might’ve seen on billboards and in magazines, and even on TV shows and in the movies…

And I decided to try to help out all the guys who could use what I’d learned.

I started writing weekly dating columns in the national newspaper… and appearing on television shows in multiple countries and had my own national radio show.

Guys from all over the world wanted to learn everything I knew about how to be successful with women…

But this wasn’t just something I could teach in an afternoon or package in a book.

That’s when I realized I was honor bound to share this gift… and organize everything I knew in a step-by-step complete system, walking guys through my process, and create…

…the most comprehensive, cutting edge program ever released…

The power to charm the women you want, quickly and easily

The freedom to choose pick whether you want a relationship with her, multiple girlfriends, or just a kick-ass social life

The confidence that draws women right to you… and it’s not just women, everyone will love you…

So you’ll never feel lonely or frustrated again

The only step-by-step system to getting complete control of your dating life… based on cutting edge, scientific research, proven over 10 years, in 43 countries, with 1,183 successful clients (and counting…)

What I learned from the Limitless process transformed me from being socially awkward and second guessing myself all the time. Now, women come to me. Frankly, my biggest problem right now is turning them down because I have too many mouthwatering offers.

– John C., Singapore

You’ll discover the proven, step-by-step formula that takes you from being a social “zero” to being “The Man” with women and cool people (and faster than you ever expected, you will make this formula your own)… and gives you complete control over your success with women, people, and life.

Finally, the “all-in-one” program that just works:

  • Even if… you think you’re too short, skinny, fat, or ugly to get girls
  • Even if… you don’t have loads of cash, a flashy car, or a fancy condo
  • Even if… you’re overwhelmed with no idea where to start

And yes… especially if you want to invest in yourself, getting the dating and other key social skills that will pay off for a lifetime. Suddenly, your buddies are going to be asking you for advice. And women are going to be asking you why there aren’t more men like you.

Plus, you won’t be learning some rehashed pick up artist material or anything that looks like “game.” You won’t have to wear a furry hat or funny goggles. You won’t have to do crazy dance moves or be the hyperactive club kid.

Why? Because you’ll have a step-by-step system of proven techniques based on the latest neuroscience research on the female mind.

Here’s what guys who’ve gone through the program have said…

Going through Limitless was the best decision of my life so far. In the past few months on Limitless, I’ve dated more girls than I have in my entire life! And now I’m happily seeing multiple girls who all know I see other women… and are totally cool about it. People at work have remarked how different I seem, and they definitely mean it in a good way. My boss said I’ve become a lot more confident lately. He wants to take credit for grooming me. But you and I know the real source–Limitless and Dr. David. Thank you, Doc!

– Ronald M., USA

Limitless was amazing, and not just for getting girls. With the skills I got from the curriculum, I charmed my work colleagues, my bosses, and the secretaries do me special favors. My review and ratings have been stellar, and I even got a big raise. I can’t thank you enough, Dr. David. My self-confidence at work and in social settings has skyrocketed.

– Ethan L., Singapore

When I started Limitless, I was a 30-year old virgin who’d only kissed five girls my whole life. A few weeks after finishing Limitless, I had my first ever threesome with two girls I met at the club. In fact, because of the effortless approach of Limitless, I almost didn’t even lift a finger. They picked me up! Looking back on how much my life has changed these past months, I’m just blown away. I’m a completely different man, a stronger man–in every way possible. I owe you my life, Dr. David.

– Terence C., China

The Step-By-Step Secrets to Getting ANY Woman to Like You… Love You… Or Have Her Do Whatever You Want Her To Do

How You Can Attract Women Out Of Your League, Demolish Your Insecurities, And Be Cool From The Inside Out… Immediately and Effortlessly… Through Activating Your Masculine Magnetism

In Limitless, you’ll learn what it takes to REALLY be a man… the qualities men possess that naturally attract women… and how to bring out these hidden qualities in yourself… quickly and easily.

Just as importantly… you’ll also learn the qualities that a Limitless Man LACKS… and how to rid yourself of the qualities that are sabotaging your success with women… and in life.

But most importantly, I am going to take you through the process of actuallybecoming a man… show you how to actually initiate YOURSELF into manhood… and unlock your own “internal compass” within your brain… that guides you to success in your interactions with women… every time.

All by using cutting edge neuroscience to hack into the female brain.

You’re not going to get a bunch of canned pick up lines, but you’ll know exactly what to say naturally… and it’ll work every time.


Because this powerful system of strategies — based on the latest advances in neuroscience and cognitive psychology research — communicates to a woman that you have exactly what herunconscious female mind is looking for on a subliminal, subconscious level.

… that you have the natural, Masculine Magnetism she craves for, is obsessed about, and wants deep within her body and soul… the kind of man who is in COMPLETE CONTROL… because that’s what her evolutionary heritage from over 10,000 years ago is forcing her to pursue.

The only step-by-step system that gives you total control over your dating life, based on cutting edge, empirically verified, scientific research, proved over 10 years, in 43 countries, with 1,183 successful clients (and counting…)

Yes, it really works. Yes, over 1,000 guys have put this to work and have changed their lives.

Because you’ll get these lessons in a 10-week, online video course that covers the ENTIRE process of becoming amazing with women.

You’ll learn the exact strategies, frameworks, tactics, and examples of how to meet almost any woman, attract her, escalate sexually with her if you like, turn her into your loving girlfriend if you want, and build a social life full of passion, pleasure, and cool friends.

And you won’t ever have to act goofy or look like a fool. In fact, no one around you will even think you’re doing anything unusual at all. Everything you do will be completely “under the radar.”

Instead, they’ll just think you exude “cool” … because you will be cool, from the inside out.

Limitless is the only step-by-step system that includes dozens of easy tricks, any one of which can completely change your dating life… and taken together, form a powerful system of neuropsychological hacks into the female mind, giving you complete control over your dating life.

Any of these super simple strategies, techniques, and tools can take you from a “total zero” to a“Complete Hero” with women.

I include every step of the transformation process — from obliterating social anxiety to sparking attraction to escalating sexually to succeeding in relationships to building a social life you can be proud of… effortlessly and rapidly… all by activating your Masculine Magnetism.

All without having to be a “pick up artist” or acting silly. Instead, like thousands of successful clients already, you’ll find yourself happier, more fulfilled, more centered, more CONFIDENT.

No other program includes coursework tested over 10 years, the exact step-by-step process I’ve used to bed over 30 women in just 2 short months, have threesomes and moresomes, enjoy passionate long-term relationships, and live a flourishing social life.

It also comes with an option for LIVE COACHING from me personally to make sure you get ongoing support.

And as you become more advanced, Limitless contains the right strategies to use at just the right time, whether you’re just overcoming your social anxiety, or looking to garner more sexual experiences, or aiming to succeed in a long-term relationship.

Limitless is…


I’ve invested several thousands of hours doing the research, conducting the field tests, and building the system…

So you can save time and avoid the untold pain and anguish. I already spent over 10 years of my life doing this, and now I can share the very best findings to get you the permanent success with women you’re looking for… in the fastest way possible.

This also means I have a ruthless focus on results.

I’m not interested in “kumbaya” self-help bullshit. I want you to find success.

That means every single strategy and tactic in Limitless works, because I’ve tested it (and tested it, and tested it) over 10 years in my own life and with thousands of clients. I’m committed to giving you…


No matter how comprehensive Limitless is, you’ll invariably get stuck. It’s just natural. The one thing that helped was being able to turn to more experience people and ask how they’d handled it.

That access is priceless and can literally save you years and tens of thousands of dollars of heartache.

Limitless includes a full support community where you can ask questions from other beginners, advanced students with more social experience, and our fully certified staff of dating coaches.

Imagine being surrounded by guys who want you to succeed, who are there to cheer you on, and who are eager to share what’s working for them.

I’ve also added built-in accountability through specific action steps in every module, benchmarks of when to proceed to the next lesson, and even live webinars in which you can ask your questions and get answers from me personally.

Finally, I included the deep psychological lessons of transforming yourself from a guy who’s “clueless about women” to a man who has his pick of beautiful, amazing women.

As you become more and more successful, it’s not the tactics that’ll hold you back — it’s the psychology.

I break down exactly how you can overcome your deepest insecurities and become your ultra-confident self, activating your Masculine Magnetism permanently.

No other course includes all these helping hands, perfectly integrated.

And because I’m not going to give you any canned pick up lines, but you’ll know exactly what to say naturally… and it’ll work every time.

While I know this may sound like a lot of work, actually it’s not. It’s very easy… because it’s natural. It just gets you to activate the Masculine Magnetism that’s already there.

With Limitless, you will…


If you’re interested in getting more dating experience and seeing what it’s like to date many different types of women, then Limitless will show you exactly how.

If you’ve decided to go “all in” and want to have the ability to attract almost any woman you’re interested in, enjoy threesomes with hot models, experience a few long-term relationships with amazing women, and look back on your life with no regrets… then Limitless will take you there and be with you every step of the way.

And you will learn from someone you trust. Not a shady internet marketer posing as a dating coach, or a long-retired and rusty dating coach who is now a full-time internet marketer, or some kid bartender who thinks he knows how to pick up chicks and sells himself as a coach…

But instead, a man who has his Ph.D. from a world-renowned university in the USA, and a former professor at one of the top research universities in Asia.

A man who was featured in major national and international newspapers, TV shows, magazines, and even co-hosted his own national radio show. A man who has dated women you might’ve seen on billboards, in major magazines and runways, on TV shows and even in the movies.

A man who has been coaching infield longer than virtually any current dating expert… and a veteran dating coach with fully international experience — from North America to Asia to Australia — who is still constantly coaching “in the field”… almost every day.

As your dating and social life transforms, I’ll still be there to support you, and you’ll find Limitless’s advanced sections grow more and more useful. Let me give you a sneak peek…

Limitless includes a beautifully organized set of video courses, vault videos and audio, worksheets, and lots of valuable surprises.

All recorded and viewable online, so you can access it anywhere, any time.

To create the material for Limitless, I dissected every major experience I’ve ever had with women — the best and worst — well over 10 years in total — and systematically analyzed and set out the entire fool-proof system.

Approaching attractive women you see on the street, in the mall, in bars and clubs, anywhere.

Attracting her and getting her chasing you.

Creating a deep connection with her rapidly so she becomes quickly obsessed with you.

Getting sexual in a smooth and natural manner and having her become addicted to you.

Proceeding into the exact type of relationship you want to enjoy with her.

Developing a social life and lifestyle surrounded high-value people, so that beautiful women seek you out and pursue YOU.

It’s interesting that when you go from “theory” to actually building an incredibly attractive life and personality, you discover subtle nuances that weren’t obvious in the beginning.

I include the psychological aspects of overcoming rejection, conquering your deepest insecurities… even how to handle becoming too successful with women.

And finally, I included benchmarks at every step of the program, so you’ll know if you’re on track (and if not, exactly what to fix).

Module 1: Masculine Magnetism In Attraction — Using the 80/20 Rule to Get Permanent Results with Women

  • I know you’ve heard that women go for “confident” men… but did you know that it’s possible to attract a woman with your confidence ALONE? Here’s a step-by-step formula for becoming one of those rare men who attracts stunningly beautiful women with CHARISMA and POWER instead of “techniques” and “lines.”
  • The qualities women are genetically pre-programmed to look for in a man… and how to convey to a woman that YOU possess these qualities when you first meet her (Show her just a few of these powerful traits and she’ll realize instantly that you’re a “catch” that she shouldn’t pass up…)
  • Every single thing you do or say can either increase or decrease attraction… learn how to always increase attraction and make the most of every communication, action, gesture, and situation
  • How to use your BODY and VOICE to “signal” a woman’s sexual selection mechanism so she always feels that you are her “type”… even if she has never been attracted to a man like you before
  • A body language secret that you can use to communicate MASCULINE POWER and SEXUAL ENERGY simply by WALKING
  • A “secret signal” rock stars send with their body language that makes women crazy for them… and not just during or after a show… this works even if the woman has NO CLUE who they are! (And YES… YOU can use it too)

Module 2: Masculine Magnetism In Your Image — Meet Women Easily and Naturally and Have Them Think of YOU as The “Hot Guy”

  • 3 little-known tricks to have women talk about you as the guy who’s really fun to hang out with. You’ll be amazed as they work really hard to prove they’re good enough for you, rather than the other way around, which is the case for most men now.
  • Do you ever get that stressed out feeling of needing to constantly impress a woman when you are with her? Here’s an easy way to get yourself to RELAX when you’re around a woman you like…so your real personality shines through… and builds her attraction for you without you worrying about it!
  • Ever noticed how you can be “cool and calm” around women that you’re not attracted to, but as soon as a truly attractive woman is in front of you…the fear and anxiety comes up ALL BY ITSELF? I’m going to teach you how to “keep your head together” and confidently avoid sabotaging yourself when you’re with a really hot woman.
  • How to come up with killer opening lines on the fly… even if you’re a novice at approaching women
  • A simple exercise that will allow you to SKIP THROUGH the frustration of learning how to approach women and start seeing yourself as a master of meeting women TODAY
  • Look around and talk about what you see. When you do it the way I’m going to show you, women will be amazed by every word you say.

Module 3: Masculine Magnetism In Your Identity — Deep Transformation… So That Girls Will Love You Just For Who You Are

  • 7 neuropsychological hacks that will have women obsessed about you just because of the way you naturally are
  • How to “clean up” every aspect of your life and create a positive aura around you that makes you stand out from other men
  • YOU, TRANSFORMED – One of the biggest and MOST IMPORTANT things you are going to learn in this program is how to actualize yourself as a better human being. Attracting a “Total 10” is a nice goal… but improving YOURSELF is where the biggest rewards lay, and once you do this you’ll find that the “Total 10” women come on their own.
  • When you have a vision to contribute to the world beyond yourself, your life becomes more fulfilling – and you attract higher quality women. Here’s how to use your natural talents to find and contribute to a project that inspires you, enriches your life, and makes a positive impact on the world.
  • How to become a master of conflict so you remain calm no matter how much the people around you are freaking out (This quality lets every woman around you know that you are a LEADER that can be depended on in a crisis situation – a quality that all woman are pre-programmed to look for in a man)
  • A way to use your insecurities in your favor to actually ATTRACT women

Module 4: Masculine Magnetism In Mind Control — Attract Women FAST Using Secret Insights Into Female Psychology

  • How attractive women think, feel, and experience the world, and how to stack the deck in your favour so they automatically feel ATTRACTION for you
  • A simple, step-by-step method for cultivating a “secret quality” that triggers INSTANT ATTRACTION in a woman… often before a guy even opens his mouth (If you’ve ever wondered how some men seem to be able to get any woman’s attention, it’s usually because they possess this biological attraction trigger)
  • The hidden link between your upbringing and the fears that are holding you back from attracting women (Whether you’re having trouble approaching women, making a move, or satisfying her in the bedroom… EVERYTHING is somehow connected to your development as a man. I’ll show you how to wipe your slate clean of this “internal B.S.” and reprogram yourself with mature, masculine confidence that “top quality” women look for)
  • How to train your mind to LEARN from your mistakes instead of dwelling on them… so you never again make the same mistake with a woman twice… but, more importantly, you aren’t STOPPED when you hit a “snag” – instead, you’ll be MOTIVATED
  • A secret to stop yourself from becoming intimidated by really beautiful women… so even “model-beautiful” women are no longer “out your league” (The best part is when you do this THE WOMAN will see you as one of few men who is “in her league” as well… and be open and receptive to meeting and dating you)
  • The secret “double lives” of women… I’ll show you my special way of knowing if she’s REALLY the angel she claims to be…

Module 5: Masculine Magnetism In Conversation — Charm Women In Conversation Anywhere, Any Time

  • A little-known technique to continue any conversation for as long as you want, without the crutch of routines, so you will never run out of things to say on your 1st date or your 91st date, and every woman will find you interesting whenever you want her to.
  • The 7 secrets to steering conversations in whatever direction you want whenever you want, AT WILL, so you never have to have a boring conversation ever again.
  • How to avoid the top 3 mistakes almost every guy makes that sabotage any chances of success you would have in meeting women.
  • How to get rid of your approach anxiety forever so you can approach attractive women with ease and confidence.

Module 6: Masculine Magnetism In Flirting — The Secret Methods To Have Her Chasing You, Obsessing Over You, And Working To Attract YOU

  • How to develop a “rock-solid” foundation of self-confidence so you will always be attractive to women, no matter what tests or challenges they throw in your way.
  • How to use laughter (the “universal bonding tool”) to create a personal connection with a woman the INSTANT you meet her
  • Why the best way to avoid rejection is to BE THE ONE DOING THE REJECTING. Here’s a magical concept that opens the doors to having stimulating, funny conversations that ignite attraction and make women chase YOU…
  • Did you know that when you laugh and what you laugh at is one of the biggest things women use to “size you up?” I’ll share with you my simple system that you can use to let a woman know you’re a major “catch…” with ZERO work on your part! I can’t wait to share it with you…
  • The tests women use to disqualify men… how to pass every one BEFORE it comes up by doing just this one thing (Unfortunately no man ever discovers this on his own… and must endure one rejection after another)

Module 7: Masculine Magnetism In The Male-Female Polarity — How To Make Her Follow Your Lead, and Do What You Want, When You Want

  • A proven way to “keep the power” in a relationship with a woman and guarantee that YOU are in charge… and the ball is always in your court (This will also eliminate her desire to play “head games” with you… because she’ll fear that if she plays games that she’ll lose you)
  • The astonishing secret of master communicators that practically FORCES a woman to say “yes” to giving you her email, giving your her phone number… going on a date… or anything else (So easy to learn you’ll use it THE NIGHT YOU LEARN IT!)
  • An exact, word-for-word script to use when you call a woman for the first time that all but guarantees a date with her
  • 3 simple things you can do to make a woman chase you and work for your attention when you’re out on a date
  • A psychological “magic trick” that makes a woman feel comfortable coming back to your place the very first time you hang out

Module 8: Masculine Magnetism In Social Reality — Reading Her Mind and Making Your Male Competition Work For You, So That You Always Get What You Want

  • The simplest and fastest technique ever developed for reading women… and figuring out exactly what you need to do to flip her internal attraction switches
  • “Jedi Mind Tricks” of psychology you can use to blow a woman’s mind and make her want you BAD within the first 10 minutes of meeting her
  • How attractive women think, feel, and experience the world, and why you need to “get” this in order to make them feel ATTRACTION for you
  • Answers to the profound question: “How do you make a person want something?”
  • How to stop acting needy in the presence of women – and instead project a LACK OF INSECURITY that women are magnetically attracted to
  • Specific techniques for directly accessing the deeper, primitive part of women in a way that makes them automatically feel ATTRACTION for you

Module 9: Masculine Magnetism In Sexual Escalation — Get To Sex When You Want, and Have Her Addicted To You

  • Women are actually VERY attracted to men who are “sexually confident”. I’m going to teach you a step-by-step method for developing and projecting powerful SEXUAL CONFIDENCE that women can actually FEEL when you are near (Do this simple exercise once a day, and women will begin to get turned on just be being around you…)
  • The little-known psychological “trick” that makes women helplesslyaddicted to you… even when they know EXACTLY what you’re doing!
  • How to convey to a woman that you can give her an incredible sexual experience without actually saying anything
  • How to create powerful “sexual tension” that turns a woman on and makes her think about you day and night
  • The way to use “sexual” body language to turn a woman on without saying a word… even if she’s all the way across the room!
  • How to smoothly switch the conversation to the topic of sex and get a woman incredibly turned on… She’ll be silently BEGGING you to “have your way” with her!

Module 10: Permanent Masculine Magnetism — Riding Off Into The Sunset

  • The Formula Of “Cool” – After many years of studying, I’ve finally “cracked the code” of what exactly makes a guy “cool”… and in this program, I’m going to share with you the step-by-step system any guy can use to become the type of cool, charismatic man that men talk about and look up too… and women LOVE to be seen with (hint: most guys who are trying to “be cool” are actually projecting the OPPOSITE image to women… and women see it INSTANTLY. I’ll show you the ART of how to project this quality called “cool” in a NATURAL way that will make you feel confident and laid-back while you do it)
  • How to tap into your “animal instincts” and develop a strong masculine presence that makes women notice you instantly
  • How to project a powerful, magnetic confidence to women by seeing them as “guests in your reality” as opposed to people whose approval you need
  • A detailed explanation of the inner beliefs of men who are ULTRA successful with women, and how to cultivate these beliefs within yourself
  • Specific guided self-image exercises to improve your self esteem and confidence with women
  • Why your “Reference Group” (or those you choose to surround yourself with) will largely determine your success… and how to use this secret to skyrocket your success with women

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