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Launch Your Signature Course – Mariah Coz

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A “signature” course is a hugely valuable, well-positioned course that you can launch again and again. Your signature course establishes YOU as the expert in your industry.

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We’ll help you build an asset you can sell again and again.


There are 8 Core Modules, plus bonus modules and more, in the proven step by step system for creating and launching your signature course.

A “signature” course is a hugely valuable, well-positioned course that you can launch again and again. Your signature course establishes YOU as the expert in your industry.


  • Course Welcome (tour, goals, overview)
  • Teacher profile exercise
  • Course “math”: an inside look at a six figure course business
  • Course Ethics
  • Course Prep! Get organized with my 5 course creation must-haves
  • Creating a course budget and an overview of the equipment and software you will be using to create and launch your course


  • Brainstorm and choose your profitable course idea using our proven system
  • Creating your ideal student profile (so you can craft magnetic copy)
  • How to use my favorite project management tool to plan your course creation and launch from start to finish (complete video walkthrough and template you can steal)
  • How to outline your course content using a lesson plan that works (including how long to make your modules, lessons, and what material to include)
  • Name, hook, and headline: the three-part formula for a perfect course title and hook.
  • Goal setting and revenue planning
  • 3 ways to validate your course idea (so you know it will be profitable)


  • How to brand your course and course site (photography, fonts, colors)
  • How to position your course and why this is so important
  • How to calculate the perfect price for your course (hint: you can charge more than you think you can).
  • Payment plans, pricing tiers, and packages explained
  • Sales Pages masterclass: everything you need to know about structure, the anatomy of a sales page, and the 5 must-have elements of a high-converting sales page
  • Sales Pages tech training: How to create amazing sales pages with our favorite platforms


  • How to figure out how many people you need on your list in order to launch, and how to get there as quickly as possible using 3 highly leveraged strategies over 30 days
  • The “Option B” to list-building if you’re ready to launch, and don’t want to do the pre-launch list-building
  • Landing pages and opt-ins: How to create a lead magnet for your course
  • Exactly what your free lead magnet needs to include (it’s not just whatever content you want to put together)
  • How to grow your pre-launch list with a series of strategic guest posts, webinars, and promotions (we go into detail of every single one of these strategies, and how to use them together in a cohesive action plan).


  • How to create course slides that your students will love
  • How to record professional, confident course videos without high-end equipment (my own DIY course set up)
  • Tech training on how to create, record, and edit your videos (super simple!)
  • How to create your course workbooks, PDFs, and checklists and other materials for your course
  • 4 things to do before you record your course videos
  • Setting up your course community

*You do not NEED to create videos for your course – you can create text lessons with audios, technical trainings, etc – it’s up to you. You don’t need to show your face on videos, just a slide show presentation.


  • How to get paid to create your content
  • Why pre-selling is essential and why I don’t make courses before I’ve made sales
  • The 3 absolutely essential things you need to have in order to pre-sell
  • The 3 small tweaks your pre-selling sales page needs to include
  • How to build up your pre-launch hype 30 days before your launch (3 unique strategies you can use)


  • The platform I use to create professional course sites on any platform (doesn’t matter what blog you use) plus a $300 credit towards this software.
  • How to set up your “school” and your course – and what the difference is
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes when choosing a course platform (don’t do what I did!)
  • How to set up your lessons, import your videos, structure your course content, and more


  • Everything you need to know about partnering with affiliates and doing joint ventures for your course launch
  • What percentages to pay out, how to manage an affiliate launch, and how to give the affiliates their materials
  • The 5 things you need to give each affiliate so that they can successfully promote you
  • The one thing EVERYONE gets wrong about affiliate launches and joint ventures and how to not be “that guy”.
  • Exactly how to find, approach, and pitch your affiliates


  • Introduction to launching: 3 types of launches, the pros and cons, and launch planning like a pro (so you can stay sane and organized)
  • Day by day guide and calendar so you know exactly what to do on each day during your launch (when to send emails, when to post a blog post, when to open and close your launch, every single detail).
  • The three parts of your launch and how to orchestrate the three phases like a boss
  • How to optimize your site during launch: the 5 tweaks you must make to your site during your launch
  • How to budget for your launch (where to spend money and where to go DIY)
  • How to launch with webinars (this is a unique webinar strategy that is specific to launching your signature course)
  • The exact email sequence that has been proven and tested, that you can adapt into any course topic and industry
  • 4 types of urgency for your launch – and which one you should use
  • The 0-10 Bonus strategy that increases your sales and conversions
  • Your complete plug and play social media strategy for your launch (and how to automate this entire thing)


  • How to deal with your refunds, policies, and discounts (all the touchy stuff) including why I love refunds and how to use them to your advantage (yes really)
  • Looking at your stats and reflecting on your launch
  • The 4 things you must do after your course launch (no, launching is not “the end!”) in order to improve your course and amplify your profit
  • How to manage your course community effectively
  • The answer to the “What now?” question after you launch


  • Launch Your Signature Course
  • Coaching Calls
  • Find Your Niche Masterclass
  • Course Graphics Kit
  • Website in a Box
  • Fuck Yeah Funnels
  • Evergreen Sales Strategy Masterclass

and more…..

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