Launch Your Author Brand and Platform – Donna Galanti


Each module includes rookie mistakes to avoid, myth busters, and how to go the extra mile in building your author brand and platform.



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What you'll learn

  • In this 10-step book marketing system you will learn exactly how to plan, create, and launch your successful author brand and platform even before your first book comes out.
  • Each module includes rookie mistakes to avoid, myth busters, and how to go the extra mile in building your author brand and platform.
  • PLUS 15+ bonuses on topics like: book club visits, social media, public speaking, audio book production, publicity, book launches and more.
  • PLUS a Meet the Experts section to learn from the Masters — experts in the publishing industry!


  • Students don't need any special materials or experience creating their author brand or platform. This course will recommend resources to use for no-cost or low-cost to build your author brand and platform. The course will also cover everything you need to get started – from coming up with your author persona and creating your author website to banding with other authors and building a social media following. Students who are dedicated beginners with a commitment to taking action to create their author brand and platform will benefit most from this course.


What’s included in Launch Your Author Brand & Platform

Access to:

  • 10 Step-By-Step Lessons
  • 15+ Awesome Bonuses
  • 7 “Bigger Than a Bonus” Meet the Experts (insider secrets to success from the Masters — other authors!) training on goodies like do’s and don’ts for new authors, agent advice, book club visits, and public speaking
  • Each lesson includes Rookie Mistakes to Avoid, Myth Busters, and How to Go the Extra Mile!



  • Organizations to join
  • How to best engage
  • In-person and online connections


  • Soul-Searching: Who am I?
  • Discover keywords, phrases that best fit you
  • Find like-minded people
  • Share your story to connect with readers!


  • What you need to get started
  • What content to include for best engagement
  • Recommended options
  • Best website practices
  • How to avoid overwhelm & get the darn thing done


  • Where and when to post
  • How to find best-fit followers
  • What to post for highest engagement
  • How to optimize your social media platforms


  • Name and platform
  • What to blog about
  • How to build readership
  • Band with other bloggers
  • Best practices


  • Why you (absolutely!) need an email list
  • Newsletter vs. blogging
  • What platform to use
  • How to build it
  • Content to include


  • How to conduct research
  • How to connect online and in-person
  • How to find other debut authors
  • Best practices to engage


  • How to conduct research
  • Create a profile of your reader
  • Where to find your readers
  • Look to your book’s themes for answers
  • How book bloggers are your friend


  • How to write for others with guest posts
  • Where to find ideal blogs
  • Presenting at in-person events
  • How to start small with public speaking
  • How to prepare to present with confidence


  • Keep promoting!
  • Grow your reviews
  • Book awards
  • Expand your social media
  • Paid advertising
  • New markets for your book
  • How to continue a focus on community building

Marketing Bonuses:

  • Book Launch Countdown
  • How to Best Run Book Ads
  • Making a Book Trailer 101
  • Launch a Book Trailer/Cover Reveal
  • The Awesome Resources Guide
  • The Awesome Course Planner

Networking Bonuses:

  • Prepare for Public Speaking
  • Writer Organizations by Genre and Region

Publicity Bonuses:

  • How to Write a Press Release
  • How to Write a Review Request
  • How to Write a Blurb Request
  • How to Write a Guest Post Pitch

Social Media Bonuses:

  • Goodreads 101
  • Instagram for Authors
  • Twitter 101
  • Rafflecopter 101

Meet the Experts: Guides

  • Literary Agent Q&A
  • Do’s and Don’ts for New Authors
  • Kick-Butt Debut Authors

Meet the Experts: Videos

  • Audiobook Production 101
  • Book Club Visits 101
  • Building Community
  • Public Speaking 101

Who this course is for:

  • This is a course that contains actionable advice to create a successful foundation of your author brand and platform and learn book marketing. This course is right for you if:
  • You have your first book coming out, or planning to publish, and no idea how to even start building your author platform.
  • Your first book is published, and you’ve been asking yourself that question: "How the heck do I reach readers and sell more books?"
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed because all this author marketing seems like a giant mountain of tasks to tackle!
  • You feel all alone with no writer community and wish you knew how to connect with people who can help your author career.
  • You are a committed beginner starting from scratch and are ready to create a successful author platform based on community building and not waste years and money trying to figure it out on your own.

Course content

12 sections • 83 lectures • 10h 6m total length


  • Module 1: Put Yourself Out There in Your Writing Community 
  • Module 2: Figure Out Your Author Persona
  • Module 3: Your Author Website
  • Module 4: Social Media Zone
  • Module 5: Blogging 
  • Module 6: Build Your Subscriber List 
  • Module 7: Band With Other Authors
  • Module 8: Connect with Readers
  • Module 9: Position Yourself as an Expert
  • Module 10: Now What? Keep It Rolling!

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