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Killer Copywriting Course – Tom Poland

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I have literally generated many millions of dollars in sales. And if you asked me to isolate THE ONE THING that has allowed me to achieve that it is my decision to learn how to write words, with integrity, that motivate people to give me their money.

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How You Can Instantly Increase Sales, Create A Regular Flow Of Qualified Leads And Convert Them Into Clients Faster And Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

Dear Potential Copywriter,

I have literally generated many millions of dollars in sales. And if you asked me to isolate THE ONE THING that has allowed me to achieve that it is my decision to learn how to write words, with integrity, that motivate people to give me their money.

This is a skill that everyone who wants to produce cash like turning on a tap, can and must learn.

Frankly, most of my competitors have higher IQs than me. And most of them work harder than me.

And yet they continue to scratch their heads trying to figure out how I can create consistently high sales volumes year in and year out with increasingly less time and with less stress and strain.

For 27 years I’ve closely guarded my secret strategies for turning words into money and for the first time ever, through the Killer Copy Course, I’m spilling the beans.

John Lennon once said “When we want a new swimming pool I just sit down and write one”.

How would your life transform if you had the same power?

It’s not just your business life that will be better. Imagine how the extra sense of security and freedom would enrich your family life and how their lifestyle would go up a couple of notches … and for you … more free time, more toys and the opportunity to support worthy causes.

But before I give you more information there is one obstacle that is probably stopping you right now from learning how to turn your keyboard into a cash-giving ATM. That one obstacle is the belief that you can’t master this skill.

For the sake of your future financial prosperity, please get this one message:

YOU can learn the skill of turning words into large, lovely piles of cash!

Please note the emphasis on the word “you”. If I can do it, anyone can. Here’s why I say that…

At age five I was not allowed to commence school for the simple reason that I could barely put a sentence together. And even though English was my first (and only) language I was so bad at it that I was routinely physically punished (educational theory was a little different 50 years ago) for incorrect choice of words and for generally speaking like the village idiot

And at high school I regularly finished at the bottom of the class for all subjects including language and took two years to fail my final year. That’s right: two years to fail a one year course.

So it’s not like I was born smart or with any ability with words – and that’s why I say that if I can learn this skill then YOU can.

And here’s the really beautiful thing about learning the secrets of turning your keyboard into an ATM…

You can learn this skill once, and then use it time and time again over many years to produce cash on demand…

… and multiply your earnings 3, 4, 5, 10 and even 20 times, simply because you opened up your mind to the possibility that you too can write words that influence others with integrity.

If you’ve worked with me before you know that I never exaggerate my claims.

But if we haven’t worked together (yet) you may want more “proof positive” about my track record so here goes (this is NOT to impress you about me, it’s to impress ON you the power of good copywriting).

Here’s a bit of an inside peek of just three instances from the last 18 months where copywriting helped me boost my earnings (please remember: I am not boasting about how good I am … us modest Kiwis don’t get off on that sort of thing; I simply want to demonstrate the power of this process)

  1. Last March I launched a brand new product, from scratch, using only 3 emails and took in $23,310 … but that was not just a one-off sale … the copywriting secured the $23,310 FOR EVERY SINGLE MONTH for 12 months…(I invite you to do the math on what that copywriting was worth to me)
  2. Then, early last November my brother emailed me from New Zealand (I live in Australia) and suggested we do a brotherly love motorcycle tour of Australia. I thought “now that’s a great idea!” … but the only problem was I didn’t have a motorbike.I had a look around and decided that I wanted to buy the fastest sports tourer on the planet … a Kawasaki 1400GTR … so I sat down and wrote a special promotional pre-Christmas special offer … here’s the result …
  1. Two days ago (this is pretty recent history!) I ran a webinar (an on-line seminar) and within the 48 hours since I’ve secured 4 new clients, each of whom has paid $1,790 with the promise of much more to come – that adds up to a MINIMUM of $7,160 for an email invitation that I wrote but that was sent out by someone else to their database (it wasn’t even my own list!)

In case you haven’t added it up that comes to a whole lot of dollars.

And the truth is that I could have done all the same marketing work but with poor copywriting and earned hardly even a fraction of the $304,870 that flowed in as a result of just these three examples.

In addition I have taken two of my own businesses international and have made very, very large sums of money from them … once again based on the power of persuasive copywriting.

And if you have worked with me in the past you will know that I have never, ever, in 27 years of helping business owners explode their earnings, revealed my own personal earnings results. So this is real.

And once again, please understand that I am not telling you this to impress you about me but rather to say this…

…if a kid who couldn’t speak well enough to get into Primary School and who then went on to fail miserably at high school, can learn a skill that easily brought in over $304,000 from three simple marketing exercises (and there were others over the last 18 months)…

… then what could YOU achieve with the same skill?

Anyhow, that’s enough about me. This is about you and your future…The reality is that you can learn the exact same skills that I leant as I sat at the feet of legendary masters – only it will cost you a fraction of what I paid.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover during the Killer Copy Course …

As you will see, this is not just a copy writing course. I’ll also let you in on many of my “insider” income-exploding secrets … in this exclusive and unique course you will discover …

  • My top seven all time favourite proven ways to find and attract new prospects and then to convert them into big money-paying clients and to sell to many of them time and time again
  • How to create a steady flow of regular income from clients who previously only purchased once or twice a year
  • How to tap into other people’s client bases and legally and ethically transfer money from their client’s bank accounts into your own
  • A 3 step formula for writing powerful headlines that attract interested buyers – this is so simple that a trained monkey could just about make it work!
  • 50 of the all time best-selling headlines – many that you can adapt and use to earn thousands
  • The two most powerful words to use in headlines and 21 other attention-grabbers
  • How to set up your web site so that you automatically “harvest” the contact details of ideal prospects
  • How to set your sales system onto “auto-pilot” so that orders come into your business without you even having to be there
  • How to make sure that you get the price right so you maximise your sales volume as well as your margins
  • How to put “iron bars” around your clients so they never want to go anywhere else
  • The idiot-proof 5 step formula for someone who’s never written a sales letter before
  • How to create guarantees that give buyers the peace of mind they need to part with their cash
  • How to increase on-linesales by 28 – 30% by changing only one simple thing
  • How to increase the readability of any sales letter or web page by 31 – 36% (and again, it is sooooooo easy to do)
  • The second most important element of any sales copy that causes an additional 19% of readers to take your recommended “next step”
  • How to create a “Special Report” – one of the most important hot lead generation weapons ever conceived – and how to have people eager to give you money once they have read it
  • How to increase your sales conversion rate by a staggering 32% by giving clients one simple cash-generating option
  • 12 words that will activate your ideal client’s desire to buy … now!
  • The 3 fatal mistakes that amateurs make when trying to sell through sales copy
  • Which are the absolute best days to send out emails and direct mail … if you don’t hit these days you’ll instantly lose 25% of your total sales
  • The five best ways to compel people to act immediately (this is where most people blow it)
  • How to dramatically increase your prices and your profit margins with very, very little extra work
  • Two methods for generating the highest quality testimonials in the shortest possible time – one of these methods is so fast you can harvest literally dozens of top quality money-making testimonials in less than 30 days
  • And much, much more…

The Killer Copy Course was recorded live at a closed door, client only, full two day workshop. When you order I will deliver the whole Killer Copy Course to your door.

And when you open the package I think you’ll be blown away by the size of it including…

  1. Two big manuals containing hundreds of pages of slides, samples, exhibits and “swipe files” (ideas that you can simply copy and paste into your own business to make more money in less time) … a veritable life time reference manual that you can dive into anytime you need inspiration and ideas for creating new cash flow (you’ll want to keep this near your desk for decades to come)
  2. 7 DVDs containing the entire content of the two day workshop
  3. 7 CDs containing the audio files from the workshop so you can drive and learn at the same time

Okay, you are probably thinking…

“Wow, this thing must be really, really expensive!”

Well, it’s certainly not going to be cheap and neither should it be. This is advanced information and how-to strategies that can drive tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars into your business bank account in the same way it has for me.

And yes, it’s a little pricey because it’s not just some cheapo bunch of random ideas … this has taken decades to put together and these strategies and tactics are time-tested and proven to drive sales sky high.

But by way of “price comparison”, this one course … two days of intense money creating systems – is worth far more than any MBA or management or leadership course.

Most MBA students spend tens of thousands of dollars and years of hard work in order to graduate with a certificate that can earn them only a small fraction of what a good copywriter can generate.

It’s true that the information on the two day “Killer Copy Course” is worth literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, in the right hands, it is potentially worth millions of dollars, especially when you think about the number of years you have left to continually turn words into money.

Others paid $2,745 to attend this course live but I have decided to charge a very reasonable fee of only US $1,595.

Now, you may still think that $1,595 is a lot of money (BTW: I offer a payment plan so you can cash-flow the investment … I’ll give you the details soon)

Frankly, if you’ve read the whole page up to now you’ll probably immediately jump at this bargain and order right away!

However, if you’ve skipped down to this part then it may seem like a stretch for you so let me just make four points…

  1. There’s no doubt that you will spend way more than $1,595 in your business over the next 12 months. I just spent almost $3,000 on a new laptop and that will be practically worthless in two years but copywriting is a skill that gives you year after year of new income and potentially a lifetime of freedom and competitive edge you can apply at any time to any business for potentially decades to come!
  2. If you spread the investment over the financial year it comes to just a lousy US $4.37 a day. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee and a muffin! Can you think of any better skill that you can invest in for a measly $4.37 a day that can reward you so very richly? I doubt it very much.
  3. In fact it’s very likely this investment is tax deductible for you which drops the price down to around $1,117 (depending where you live) which spread out over the financial year works out at $93.08 a month … that might buy you an assistant for 4 hours or maybe pay for a restaurant meal … or one nights accommodation in an average hotel … am I making my point OK?The investment in the Killer Copy Course is insignificant, particularly when you consider the return on investment compared to all of those other ways you could spend the money.
  4. I mentioned the payment plan … many people have a fixed budget and I want to accommodate you if you are one of them – so if you prefer you can pay in instalments … simply go to the link at the top of this page.

I mean really, you’d have to sleep through the whole two days in order not to get a return on your investment of literally 10 – 100 times within the 12 months after attending my Killer Copy Course.

My prediction is that you’ll quickly and easily make back the investment on your very first promotion following the course.

It only takes one idea from the dozens I am going to give you, to more than recover your investment.


  • Full unedited recording of the two day live workshop
  • 9 hours and 30 minutes of video on 7 DVDs
  • 9 hours and 30 minuts of audio on 7 CDs
  • Full course Manual binder
  • Full course Samples binder
  • Two certificates entitling you to two free copywriting critiques by Tom Poland

But keep reading because there’s more…


After you’ve invested in my course I will still be sitting (digitally) next to you ready to respond to your call for help … because as part of the course I will gift you 2 “Sales Copy Critique” certificates that you can use with me anytime over the following 24 months.

These certificates guarantee you that I will spend up to a full hour going through your sales letter, email, display ad or web page or whatever you need, whenever you need it!

All you have to do is post the copy to me and I will do the rest: I’ll tell you all about the good, the bad and the ugly of your copy and I’ll tell you what to change and make suggestions for same.

If you wanted me to write a sales letter for you I would charge you $10,000.00. But this way you get the next best thing: a critique complete with suggestions for improvement. Each critique is worth $500 so this bonus alone is worth $1,000 to you. I’ll be your personal copywriting genie that you can summon to pop out of the lamp any time you need a helping hand!

But wait, there’s more!!!!

You’ve probably heard of the risk-reward theory that goes something like this: the higher the possible return on an investment the bigger the risk that you will lose all your money.

And that’s where my Killer Copy Course is different.

You get all my income-exploding copywriting strategies (and much more) which offers to return you 10 – 100 times your investment … and yet you have absolutely zero risk and here’s why…

I offer a “365 Day No-Risk Guarantee” to all purchasers of my Killer Copy Course. Here’s how they work …


You have 12 months to put my ideas to the test and if they don’t deposit tens of thousands of dollars into your bank account I will buy the course off you … all you have to do is make an honest effort to try just five of my strategies and techniques and if you don’t make a minimum of $20,000 (that’s more than 10 times your investment!) then I will buy the course back off you.

All you have to do is send the course material back to me and write a short note to tell me the five things you tried and what the result was and I will, without question or hesitation or hassle immediately refund 100% of your tuition fee.

Am I stupid? Nope! I know that the material in the Killer Copy Course works and that it works dramatically well. So I have no problem in trusting both the integrity of my material – I simply want to make this an “I-can’t-lose-can-only-win no-brainer-I’d-be-stupid-not-to accept” offer!

In fact prior to the live course I offered all attendees this guarantee as well: “If at the end of the first day you don’t think the information I deliver isn’t worth at least ten times your investment simply let me know at the end of the last session and I will arrange an immediate refund of your entire fee PLUS I will pay your hotel bill AND your food bill for two nights.”

Guess how many took me up on my offer?

None – not one, zero, zip, nada.

So, if you’re ready to discover exactly what it takes to put words onto paper and onto a screen that create money on demand like pulling cash out of an ATM anytime you feel like it … then you must absolutely say yes to this limited-time offer.

If you are serious about earning more money in the same amount of time by discovering how to turn words into cash … there’s simply no reason to let this unique opportunity slip through your fingers ….

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