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Jump Start Your FB Marketing – Amy Porterfield

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Even if you’re allergic to tech, your email list & sales funnel is a “work in progress”, and the idea of having to sell has you stuttering your words.

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Even if you’re allergic to tech, your email list & sales funnel is a “work in progress”, and the idea of having to sell has you stuttering your words.

If you sell info products, digital courses, or coaching and consulting services online,  then you’ve SURELY at least considered the possibility of adding webinars  to your marketing strategy by now.

And perhaps they’ve been top of mind for awhile……lumped in with the millions of other things taunting you on your “someday to-do” list.

A nagging, lingering “should” that you could never quite bring yourself around to finally doing.

Perhaps you’ve even forgotten WHY you haven’t created and implemented a webinar strategy by now

Or, if you’re highly aware, perhaps you’ve identified the lack of action to be a murky cocktail of:

  • Not wanting to waste time or money on a complex tech set-up that’s all but guaranteed to be a glitchy disaster.
  • A lack of confidence in speaking to a live audience… and then having to sell to them.
  • A preoccupation with email list building, content marketing, or architecting a fancy, million-dollar sales funnel complete with upsells, downsells, tripwires, maximizers, tranquilizers, etc. (Okay, maybe not the last one.)
  • Setting up an awesome party (your webinar) only for nobody to show up. 🙁

Yet despite all of this, the thought of doing webinars has never slipped too far down the bottom of your to-do list, because deep down in your entrepreneurial heart, you KNOW that pulling off an effective webinar strategy is the KEY to scaling and automating your growth while FINALLY creating more profits, freedom, and fandom in your business.

And THAT is what I’m going to help you accomplish today.

So even if you think that you’re a bit behind the curve…

…that the opportunity has come and passed…

…that webinar attendance is fluttering – attention spans dwindling – conversions plummeting – and ad costs skyrocketing.

(And you wouldn’t be ENTIRELY wrong on any of these fronts, either.)


  • Build a highly engaged email list that hangs on every value-soaked word that spills from your lips.
  • Architect a simple yet massively profitable webinar funnel that allows you to quickly scale up and put your profit-generating machine on autopilot. (Hmm…so THAT’S the whole “passive income” thing marketing gurus have been so hot on for the last decade.)
  • Do MORE of what you love (creating and teaching new awesome material) and less of what kills your vibe (desperately trying to keep up with every marketing hack, trick or tactic that hits your inbox).

Well…look at you being all smart and stuff.

Why your decision to hold off on going ALL IN on  webinars up to now was likely a genius marketing move.

Okay…I realize that’s a bit of a crazy statement, but if you stick with me for a sec, I’ll show you why I’m sticking to my guns.

YES, it’s true that hundreds of online entrepreneurs are generating 5, 6 or even 7 figures every time they hit “play” on their webinar.

And YES, it’s also true that had you jumped on the webinar bandwagon sooner and spent thousands of hours tinkering around, testing and optimizing, you MAY have also been one of those success stories that “webinar experts” love raving about.

But here’s the thing…

Contrary to what you may have heard, most people who attempt webinars (and maybe you can relate) NEVER even break even.

In fact, my VERY first solo webinar resulted in a NEGATIVE RETURN of $1,500.

And the funny thing is – I actually did everything right. (My content was great, I had 100 people show up for the call, and my tech set up was triple-tested and held up like a champ.)

One tiny mistake…

But one tiny mistake on my end that nobody warned me about (Really? I’m supposed to include a purchase link?) sunk the whole thing in less than a millisecond.

And I know that my own epic fail may sound.. well.. uncommon and unlikely.

But if you’ve ever attempted a webinar yourself (or listened closely to the struggles of your entrepreneurial peers), then you’ll know that the horror show isn’t so far off from the typical webinar experience.

Here’s how most webinars go down… First, you reach out to your email list to get people signed up.

Or…if you don’t yet have a list, you whip up a few FB ads, tie it together with a registration landing page, and wait for the “magic” to unfold.

And maybe you actually DO get a solid number of registrants. Something you feel good about.

So you go to work on your content. You labor for hours wondering what you’ll share with your audience, and how you can somehow seamlessly steer the conversation into a natural sales pitch that doesn’t make you (or them) feel sick to your stomach.

But even as your write it, you can already feel how contrived it all sounds.

You worry about the balance.

Am I teaching too little? Selling too much? Should I just throw in the towel?

But you’re a bold-faced entrepreneur and you’ve already spent hundreds on ads and technology that you don’t even know how to use yet…so you plunge forward with a “screw it, let’s do it” mentality.

“It’s all in my head…I’ll feel better once I’m on the call”.

Sure…if you can even make it there.

Next, it’s time to unpack all that equipment and tech you just dropped a thousand bucks on.

But “it’s all good” you say…“I’ll make it back on my first webinar!”

So you take stock of it all – microphone, webcams, screenshares, recording app, broadcast software, registration forms, hosting, etc.

And breeze through the instructions – watch a few YouTube tutorials and “how to” guides, and desperately try to patch together multiple systems, programs and technologies that make assembling Ikea furniture feel like an walk in the park.

And let’s say you get lucky…maybe there’s a “tech guru” in your mastermind group who owes you a favor and steps up to the plate and delivers.

Phew. That was close 😉

Then the day of your big webinar comes…

You review your notes, make some edits to the slides (“What was I thinking with that outdated, uber-corporate template?”) and do a few vocal warm-ups to make sure you’re “projecting” properly…as if any of us really know what that means.

So you’re feeling good. Checkmarks. All systems go.

Minutes before you go live, you peek into the webinar room and only a HANDFUL of your registrants have made it (something like 15%… with most of them being your friends and family who showed up for moral support).

What happened to all those expensive, well-earned leads?? AHH.

And are the few that made it even the right TYPE of audience?

Do they care about you or your material, or are they waiting for ANY excuse to check out and get on with their day?

You’re worried…

But the show must go on – you can still salvage this if you convert the few people that actually DID show up, right?

So you fight the flinch, hide your disappointment, and jump into a scattered mix of slides, screen shares and sales pitches.

There is ZERO engagement from your audience. (What happened to all that “YES momentum” you were told would come so easy?)

And for a split second, you can swear you’re back on stage at your old middle school delivering your very first public speech to a bunch of disinterested teenagers.

You bravely give it your all and awkwardly transition into your “pitch.”

Your brain floods with negative self-talk:

“Who am I to sell?”

“I don’t want to sound sleazy or pushy!”

“My audience will hate me and never trust me again…the few people I have will unsubscribe…”

But once again, you push through it and sputter off a few words.

A Hail Mary.



Close the curtain.

Exit stage right.

You curse the so-called “webinar training” course you bought that covered only one piece of a large, intricate puzzle…and cast-off webinars as an expensive, complicated, ineffective system that has no place in your business.

You pat yourself on the back, lick your wounds and learn to live another day while waiting and hoping for webinars to die a slow, painful death. (Not like you’re spiteful or anything…)

Yet despite all these webinar horror stories,  you STILL hang on to the idea of “someday” doing them.

Because despite EVERYTHING that can (and usually does) go wrong with a webinar…

There is still NOTHING more powerful, leverageable or exponentially more profitable for you and your business than a well executed webinar strategy.


  • our digital products and online courses sell out with ease…without having to pressure your audience with scarcity tactics and ninja “influence” tricks.
  • Your email list gets routinely pumped full of quality, highly engaged leads (who like and trust you quicker than any autoresponder sequence could ever achieve).
  • Partners and affiliates line up to share your awesome, high-converting and valuable presentations with their audiences, creating a MULTIPLIER effect for your income.
  • Your BEST webinar presentations get recorded and placed into an automated, evergreen system acting like a top-performing, 24/7 salesman for your business.
  • And your time and resources are leveraged to envision new breakthrough strategies, create more blockbuster products, and yes…even take that much needed vacation that you promised your family you would take…all while your automated webinars pull in the sales.

And when I FINALLY got past my initial failures and learned how to do things the right way – my business shifted overnight.

It started with my first $30K day with a single webinar… (Totally within your reach, by the way.)

And then with more tweaks and refinements over the next few months, I started to hit high six-figure webinars with increasing regularity…

…and then finally, just this past spring I busted yet another plateau and came within pennies of hitting the 7-figure mark!

Now, I’m not saying you’re going to have a million dollar payday right out of the gate.

But what would it mean to you and your business if the next time you hit “play” on a webinar…even if it’s your very first, you walked away with $30K of profit  and dozens of happy new customers?

What if it was even half of that…

…would that still be a game changer for you and your business?

Well that’s a very realistic milestone I want to put in your head right now.

Boom! Tattoo it this second.

Because I KNOW that as long as you have a strong product to sell, the ONLY thing standing in the way of you achieving a five-figure webinar (with the strong possibility of scaling up FAST), is the right strategy and step-by-step guidance to nail it with confidence.

Because with the right strategy and step-by-step training, you’ll be able to:

  • String together your tech and software with ease, knowing that you’ve taken all the necessary steps to avoid the glitched-up horror stories that people love to vent about on Facebook.
  • Never waste hundreds of dollars on leads and registrants that never show up – instead, you’ll take your final sips of pre-webinar tea (I prefer  oolong), knowing that the room is JAM PACKED full of dozens or hundreds of new fans eager to hear your message.
  • Anticipate your first 5-figure payday, knowing that the next one is simply a matter of repeating the process you’ve already mastered.
  • Never worry about striking the right balance between teaching and selling on your presentations – and instead be able to expertly weave the two together in a harmonious way that delivers VALUE to your audience and compels them to hit “Buy.”


  • Be assured that NO effort is wasted. That every bit of energy you put into your webinar strategy will pay off a hundredfold. That webinar creation and delivery has become a $1,000/hour activity, because every action you take is going into a highly-refined system that is PROVEN to churn out profits.


That’s what kept ME in the game – even after my first epic failure that left me red (in the face and the bottom line).

And it’s this gap between horror show and happy ending that I want to help you confidently traverse in the coming weeks.

But you might be wondering, who am I to lead you on this journey?


Now, one of the great things about being counted on to train thousands of entrepreneurs on a quickly evolving platform like Facebook is the need for absolute meticulousness.

To stay up-to-date on best practices, and teach them in a clear, step-by-step manner that leaves absolutely NOTHING to chance. (There are enough risks in running a business, don’t ya think?)

But sometimes, that meticulousness (okay, fine, let’s call it perfectionism) gets you into trouble…

As my students and peers witnessed my company’s exponential growth, many of them connected the dots and linked my success to webinars.

Sure, I was doing all the other things we’re taught to do in marketing, like guest posting, networking with affiliates, podcasting, email marketing, etc.





So when I had my first $30K webinar, some people started taking notice.

“Hey, that’s awesome Amy, Congrats!”

But when I started to routinely hit high 6 figures on each campaign…and then almost 7 figures with my last launch, that’s when the conversation went from flattery and fist bumps to:

But outside of a few private chats, I wasn’t ready to…

Not because I stumbled upon my success “by chance” and wouldn’t know how to teach others how to replicate it.

But because I knew from experience that webinars, more than ANY other marketing activity, were the most delicate, intricate system that required extreme care and attention to detail in order to execute successfully.

So I held off.

Now I’ve always been one to jump into action – to “burn the boats” and not look back, as my friend Tony Robbins would say.

But when it comes to creating and developing the strategies and systems that MAXIMIZE results and return-on-effort (R.O.E.) of my students, I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

Better Done Than Perfect!? Um…No Thanks

Sure, the “better done than perfect” battle cry might work well for a cheap coffee mug, but it has no place in the real world where thousands of hardworking online entrepreneurs are counting on me to deliver a TOP quality training that leaves no stone unturned and no questions unanswered.

Because in the world of webinars, “better done than perfect” leaves you with:

  • Inflated ad costs (and non-targeted leads)
  • Empty webinar rooms (Digital tumbleweed, anybody?)
  • Awkward presentations
  • Flatlined conversions

And that’s why, despite hundreds of my students practically begging me to create a webinar course, I made the decision to hold back until my strategies were refined, tested, optimized, and delivered in the patented “Amy Style” that holds your hand through every step of the way and NEVER leaves you wondering what to do next.

And today, I’m proud to say…the wait for that type of training is OVER 🙂

But before I introduce you to it, it’s important we do some important unlearning and prepare the ground for your success.And more importantly…are you ready to learn how to sidestep the countless traps that make most webinars epic disasters, and instead learn and implement the COMPLETE step-by-step system that I’ve personally used to generate over $5M in my business?

So, are you ready to learn more?

And more importantly…are you ready to learn how to sidestep the countless traps that make most webinars epic disasters, and instead learn and implement the COMPLETE step-by-step system that I’ve personally used to generate over $5M in my business?

A webinar success system that makes you look like a marketing genius even if:

  • The idea of stringing together your tech gives you panic attacks
  • You’re still working on building an email list or architecting your sales funnel
  • Your confidence pulls a disappearing act whenever it comes to presenting on a live call
  • You couldn’t sell a bucket of water to a person whose feet are on fire
  • And you don’t have a SECOND to waste in your business that isn’t linked to profit


The result is 5 CORE MODULES and a treasure trove of checklists, cheat sheets and templates that hold your hand through every step needed to achieve your first wildly profitable live webinar…

…and then put it on autopilot.

How your FIRST Profitable Webinar Changes Everything

While it’s true that some students hit 5 figures their first time out, and others have built upon smaller initial successes before hitting 6 figures a few months later…

The goal here is to get you in the game with your first PROFITABLE webinar.


Because it’s a realistic and highly achievable tipping point.

Your first profitable webinar puts you on a whole new entrepreneurial playing field where new doors open up VERY fast.

You have leverage…you have momentum…and you finally have confidence that this business you’ve poured your heart and soul into for so long (and had all but given up on) actually DOES have the legs to take you as far along the entrepreneurial path as you’re willing to go.


  • Treats webinars as a complete profit-generating system instead of an isolated, bottom funnel tactic.
  • Leverages and synergizes your list-building, email marketing, and audience engagement ALL within a single efficient system so that NO marketing effort is wasted or executed out of context.
  • Assumes nothing. Quickly takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about webinars, to running a highly profitable (and automatable) webinar funnel that floods your email list with new, engaged leads and converts them into profits.
  • Holds your hand through the tech set-up and all the other icky bits that we technophobes like to ignore until the very last minute

Here’s How It All Breaks Down…

  • 01 You’ll internalize the “big picture” lessons and strategies needed to execute a profitable webinar funnel.
  • 02 Live Webinars vs. Automated Webinars: We’ll demystify the debate, and set you on a path that synergizes BOTH to maximize the profits you generate from your webinar strategy. (Hint: Most people jump straight into automated webinars. In this module, I’ll show you why this is a critical mistake.)
  • 03 How to Choose a Webinar Topic that Converts: There’s a VERY exact science in choosing a webinar topic that leads to the sale. You can deliver an amazing webinar that everyone on the call praises you for, yet STILL not pull in any sales once you direct people to the “Buy Now” button. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to craft the perfect topic that leaves your audience delighted AND makes buying your product the natural next step.
  • 04 Tech Made Easy: How to quickly choose, assemble and TEST out your tech and webinar platform in order to ensure a glitch-free experience once you go live. Once you get this right, a tremendous weight is lifted, and you’ll feel more confident and ready to deliver a stellar presentation. We’ll explore popular options like LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Hangouts, GoToWebinar…as well as some under-the-radar options that may prove to be an ideal fit for your biz.
  • 05 The Golden Rules of High-Converting Presentations: Ever wonder how your content should flow? How much pure content vs. how much selling you should do on the webinar? How many slides you should include, and the amount of time you should spend on each? How about fonts, colors, images and animations?
  • After delivering over 220 LIVE webinars, I’ve tested them ALL and pinpointed the best practices for EACH of these elements. As a student of Webinars That Convert, you’ll bypass years of testing and optimizing and implement only the MOST EFFECTIVE methods right out of the gate.
  • 06 Master the 3-Phase Webinar: High-converting webinar presentations all include 3 distinct phases – The Emotional Why, Teaching, and Selling.

In this section you’ll learn how to tell engaging stories, craft emotionally gripping hooks, and naturally transition into a high-converting sales offer that addresses your prospects’ deep desires and motivates them into action!

So what would it be worth to you and your business if…

  • You didn’t have to spend dozens of hours and thousands of dollars patching together your systems and tech, only to STILL rely on a hope and prayer that it all goes smooth.
  • You could learn how to set up, execute, and maximize your webinar funnel all from a single step-by-step program, instead of jumping between multiple overpriced trainings that give you only a single piece of the puzzle and leave you with NO IDEA on how to complete the picture.
  • Your email list building strategy wasn’t treated as separate, time-consuming marketing activity, but FULLY integrated (and maximized) into your profitable webinar system.
  • You could stop “thinking” about doing webinars… stop “talking” about doing webinars… and definitely stop trying to remember why it is you passed them off to begin with. But instead, you can confidently and consistently execute profitable webinars while jumping to the front of the line in your industry.


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