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Instant Bestseller Video Course – Tim Grahl and Jeff Goins

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Today I want to talk to you about the online course that draws on the real-life evidence I’ve gathered from working with more than 100 authors across all genres, both fiction and nonfiction. The course that’s helped those authors build platforms and successfully launch books that have sold tens of thousands of copies.

This is the proven, step-by-step system that can take an author from no-sales to predictable-and-growing-sales.

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What if you knew your next book would sell, even before you wrote the first word?

How would it change your writing career if you were already directly connected to your fans… fans that were excited to buy your books?

What kind of confidence would that give you? What kind of freedom would that provide?

What if your next book could become an Instant Bestseller?

Today I want to talk to you about the online course that draws on the real-life evidence I’ve gathered from working with more than 100 authors across all genres, both fiction and nonfiction. The course that’s helped those authors build platforms and successfully launch books that have sold tens of thousands of copies.

This is the proven, step-by-step system that can take an author from no-sales to predictable-and-growing-sales.

It’s the complete step-by-step course that just works – even if:

  • You’re still working on your first book
  • You hate marketing
  • You have almost no technology know-how

This is the course that will help you build your author platform, connect with readers, and sell thousands more books than you could imagine.

How do I know this information will work for you?

One day not long ago, I was sitting on a train heading in to DC, getting ready to share a crucial plan with my biggest client.

I was about to show him how we were going to take all the work we’d done for the previous three years and use it to launch his book as an instant bestseller.

There was a flipchart in the overhead space with my plan sketched out in black Sharpie. In front of me were my notes. I was going over them for the twelfth time, wondering if I’d missed anything.

I felt like all of my work for the previous three years had led up to this point, and I was scared that I would blow it.

Bestselling author Daniel Pink had told me that he was forgoing his usual book launch strategies. 

He was trusting my strategies alone to make his book a bestseller.

You see, for the three years leading up to that point, he’d entrusted me to build his connections with readers. Like many authors, he’d had success in the past, but there was no guarantee he’d repeat it.

He needed a way to ensure that all of his work would pay off, to guarantee a bestseller each time he launched something new.

So he had hired me.

At the time, I had some good ideas on what it would take to build a platform to the point where we could guarantee bestseller status, but didn’t know if any of those ideas would work.

For the next three years, I worked with Dan to build his author platform and connect directly to his readers. We worked hard, and when we launched his book To Sell Is Human, we saw that work pay off.

It quickly hit #1 on the New York TimesWall Street Journal and Washington Postbestseller lists – all at the same time.

All signs pointed to my campaign as the determining factor behind the book launching so high – higher than any of Dan’s previous books.

You’d think I’d be excited at the prospect of creating another gangbuster. And I was. For a little while.

Then I thought, “Well, maybe it was just a fluke. Just because I got lucky once doesn’t mean it actually works. Maybe his book would have hit #1 without my efforts.”

Thankfully, I got a chance to test my methods again a few months later, when I ran the book launch for Decisive by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.

Once again, they didn’t hire a publicist or any other outside firm. They just hired me.

The result? An instant #2 New York Times bestseller.

That same week I had not 1, not 2, but 5 clients sitting with bestsellers, at the same time

My clients Daniel PinkHugh HoweyCharles DuhiggChip and Dan Heath, and Michael Moss all had books on the New York Times bestseller list that week.

Finally, I let myself fully realize the truth: This stuff works!

After three years of work, I finally had real-world proof that the author platforms I was building produced real results! Validation is a wonderful thing.

What if I’m an author just getting started?

“But,” you’re saying, “of course it works for traditionally published authors getting big advances! But what about me – a no-name author just getting started?”

I was thinking the exact same thing 8 months ago, when I was about to launch my self-published book Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book.

I had a very small platform, because I’d spent all my time building my clients’ followings instead of my own.

I had less than 3% of the number of readers many of my clients had.

Understandably, I was even more nervous now. What if my book about book marketing was a flop? Could there be anything more embarrassing?

Once again, even small efforts to build my author platform paid off big time.

My book immediately jumped to #1 in all of its Amazon categories. 

This included the extremely competitive Business & Investing -> Marketing category.

Since then, my book has hit #1 in its categories dozens of times, and I’ve sold over 6,500 copies.

More validation.

Here’s what I’ve learned after launching dozens of books and working with more than 100 authors:

Building an author platform to launch an instant bestseller is something any author, in any category, with any level of fame can do.

But it takes knowing what to do and, more importantly, what not to do.

Book marketing advice: It’s just too noisy in here!

There’s an endless amount of advice swirling around out there about marketing via Twitter, blogging, podcasts, Pinterest, Facebook, forums, Pages, Tumblr and everything else.

The classic understatement for most authors is, It’s hard to know where to focus your time to get results.

After a while most of us just want to throw up our hands in exhaustion and frustration, and give up.

I’ve talked to so many authors who have tried so many tools and failed, that they decide failure is their natural destiny.

That stuff just breaks my heart.

It’s now easier than ever to publish your book and connect with readers, yet so many authors still feel hopeless and stranded, as if there were no successful tools or methods that could work for them.

Does the following story sound familiar?

You read an article about how every author should be on Twitter, so you set up or reactivate your account. You then Google around and find 3 or 4 blog posts on how to use Twitter to market and sell more books.

You follow their advice to the letter. But 2 weeks, 3 months or 6 months later, you’re once again frustrated that this is yet another tool that’s “just not working.”

But therein lies the problem: We tend to focus on the tools instead of the blueprint.

Would you go out and buy a hammer, watch a few YouTube videos on how to hammer, then start to build your new house — using no other tools, and no blueprint? Of course not!

Tools like Twitter, blogs, podcasts, Facebook and Pinterest work in exactly the same way — they’re just tools.

Before you can use any of them effectively, you must have a plan. A way for all of them to work together to build your author platform and to sell more books.

Before I explain how to do that, let’s point out two truths we’ve already established:

  1. Any author can build a platform that will launch an instant bestseller.
  2. Before you start grabbing tools, you have to have a plan — a design or blueprint for what you’re going to build.

Now, let’s take a look at what a plan looks like. There are three integrated pieces:

First, there’s Permission.

You need to have Permission to communicate with your readers in a way that gets their attention and drives them to action. You need to ensure you can talk to them, and to know that they’ll listen.

Second, there’s Content.

You have to spread your Content widely and freely. This gives people a chance to interact with your work, before they give you Permission to contact them or buy your book.

Third, there’s Outreach.

You need a way to ensure that people know you exist, so that new people are continuously hearing about you and your work on a regular basis.

That’s it. That’s the plan. When you tie them all together, it looks like this:

Every author needs to solve their Permission, Content and Outreach problems.

If you don’t solve all three, then you’re not going to reliably launch that book into instant bestsellerdom.

For example . . .

Case #1

When Rich came to me, he had a Permission problem. 

He was traveling all over the world speaking 60-plus times a year. He had no Outreachproblem — tens of thousands of people knew who Rich was.

But now that he was coming out with a book, he realized he had no way to communicate with all of those people he had spoken to.

Instead, he was starting from scratch.

If he had established Permission with all of those people, to speak to them via email, he would be ready to launch his book as a bestseller when it came out.

Case #2

Laura had the opposite problem. She had built a great website that naturally invited people to connect with her.

In fact, most people who came to her website ended up giving her Permission to stay in contact.

But Laura had an Outreach problem.

Not enough people knew she existed. She needed a plan to get more people to her website, so that more people would then give her Permission to stay in contact with them.

Once you understand how all of this works together, it’s a pretty simple process to start building your author platform.

It’s not a quick-fix  it can still be hard work. But it’s the right kind of work. And instead of wasting months and years spinning your wheels, you’ll get immediate traction and start selling more books.

These stories, plus the hundreds of others I regularly get from my readers, are why I’m writing this today.

Since my book came out last year, I’ve received hundreds of requests from authors wanting to work with me.

I’ve had to turn down the vast majority of them. I’ve stopped taking on new projects and am turning down 1 to 3 requests for new work every day.

At one point, I realized I would never be able to help every author 1-to-1, as I’d like to. It’s impossible for me to work with that many people individually every week.

I’ve also realized that there’s a much better, more affordable way for authors to get my help, other than my charging them thousands of dollars to talk to me personally.

So for the last four months, I’ve taken everything I know about building the author platform needed to launch an instant bestseller, and put it into an online course that you can take on your own.

I’ve taken what I know works — including answers to the hundreds of questions I’ve gotten from authors — and created something that will help you create your platform, so you can start selling a lot more books.

Introducing… the Instant Bestseller Course

Instant Bestseller is the only online course that has already been proven to work for hundreds of authors, enabling the sales of hundreds of thousands of copies of books in every genre, both fiction and nonfiction.

Five modules provide you with step-by-step lessons, walking you through every part of the process. You’ll learn the exact strategies, tools and systems that will help you establish your fan base, connect with them, continually grow that base, and predictably sell more books.

How is Instant Bestseller different from other courses?

There’s a glut of author advice out there. Most of it has two basic problems:

  1. It’s based on a method that worked for just one author, not many authors. Just because one author was successful with a method doesn’t mean you will be.
  2. It’s based on untested “expert theory” instead of real-world experience. The content in Instant Bestseller has been tested in real life numerous times, and has made instant bestsellers for authors across all genres and experience levels.

The course fully addresses vital issues such as how to use social media to build your platform. We explain our method using case studies and specific tests.

The course also addresses how to increase your fan base. We show you step-by-step how to find new people and connect them to your writing.

And so much more…

Inside Instant Bestseller

When I built out Instant Bestseller, I focused on making a system that any author could start implementing immediately. I broke it down into a step-by-step system, so that you can jump right in and start benefiting from this method as soon as you start using it.

Module 1

  • Redefine Marketing
  • Marketing & Writing
  • Systems
  • Know It’s Working

Module 2

  • Define Permission
  • Social Media & Email
  • Exact Systems
  • Exact Copy
  • Connect with Fans

Module 3

  • Create Content
  • Timely vs Evergree
  • Leverage Content
  • Content System

Module 4

  • Influencers
  • Find Your Fans
  • The Pitch
  • Get the Most Out of Opportunities
  • Exact copy

Module 5

  • Exact Systems
  • Case Studies
  • Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Final Call

All Modules

  • Workbooks
  • Checklists
  • Exact Copy
  • Tools & Services
  • Notes
  • Personal Plans

That’s in addition to what our clients are already saying about us:

“Tim Grahl is fast becoming a legend, almost single-handedly changing the way authors around the world spread ideas and connect with readers.”


I’m excited to see such success from these authors, after just a few weeks’ interaction with the course materials. It blows my mind to think of what will happen after they get more time to use these ideas!

Since I’m planning on inviting you to join me, let me tell you exactly what’s in the Instant Bestseller course.

I’ve put together three packages:


This includes:

  • More than 8 hours of video covering all the above topics (Foundation, Permission, Content, Outreach, Pulling It All Together)
  • Downloadable audios of each lesson
  • Customizable, downloadable worksheets for building your own plan
  • Online homework to ensure you get the most out of the lessons
  • On-page note-taking to help you save all the important points as you go through the lessons
  • The exact content, with the exact wording, that I use in emails and websites to get results
  • The exact spreadsheets I use for tracking my own efforts



This includes:

  • Everything in the Video Course, PLUS
  • Weekly email check-ins from me, to make sure you’re staying on track
  • Private Facebook Group so you can interact with other Instant Bestseller authors
  • Daily check-ins from me in the Facebook Group to answer questions



This includes:

  • Everything in the Video Course PLUS
  • Everything in the Study Group PLUS
  • Complete online platform audit and feedback by Tim Grahl, including:
    • Your website and blog
    • All of your social media pages
    • Your email marketing
    • Your Amazon book and author pages
  • Specific feedback and advice will include my personal recommendations for getting the most out of your platform
  • Delivered via video and voiceover, so you can refer to as often as needed

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