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Instagrizzle Masterclass – David Talas

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The most influential brands, artists, and personalities all have one thing in common:

An audience that knows, likes, and trusts them.

The people who are able to gather an audience and leverage on their attention, are the ones who make an impact in the world.

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Instagrizzle Masterclass

Go from anonymous to Authority by building an audience on Instagram

For Entrepreneurs, Creative Freelancers, and Artists with a message and passion.

With the right strategy, the right tools, and focused effort in the right direction.

The most influential brands, artists, and personalities all have one thing in common:

An audience that knows, likes, and trusts them.

The people who are able to gather an audience and leverage on their attention, are the ones who make an impact in the world.

Sounds simple enough. So where do we start?

In the 21st century, the answer is Instagram.

With access to around 500 million active users around the world at the palm of your hand, gaining a following has never been easier!

The question is how. And that’s the purpose of the Instagrizzle Masterclass.

It is a content-creation process I use to grow my own brand. And have since taught it to 200+ students from around the world.

Helping them reach a larger audience. Allowing them to spread their ideas and create an impact in the world.

Is this you?

  • You spend too much time trying to create “viral” content that don’t get huge engagement when you publish them
  • You post regular content but engagement is low and you don’t know what to do
  • You’re looking for a faster, smarter, and more sustainable way to grow your business and get inbound leads and sales
  • You’ve tried and realized “spammy” tactics don’t work (bots, follow/unfollow, engagement pods, buying likes and followers)
  • You feel that there must be a better way to build a real audience online

If any of the above resonates with you, you’re in the right place. I designed this training to help you start growing a following from scratch.

Even if you have no technical knowledge or business know-how.

Hi, I’m Dávid Tálas. Your Instagrizzle Masterclass instructor.

But some call me the Instagram Doctor.

Like many entrepreneurs, I wasn’t a marketing or business major. In fact, my passion back then was to become a space doctor.

Training astronauts, getting them space-ready, making sure they survive up there, and helping their rehabilitation once they return to Earth. Stuff like that.

I loved everything about space travel. I wanted to help people get to Mars and survive there. Problem was, in Hungary we didn’t have a space program or space medicine training. So I was stuck with this burning passion building up inside.

I thought to myself:

“Everyone is talking about making content. So what if I could build a community of like-minded individuals by sharing things about space that inspire me? What opportunities would it unlock, if I could gather an audience of people who are just as excited about space exploration as I am?”

I was worried my friends would judge me, if I posted on my personal account, so I created a brand new account on Instagram, Marstronauts, and started sharing my thoughts and ideas. With some luck, one of my first posts went “viral”.

It got 613 likes, 23 comments, and a few bigger pages shared it too, which got me to 1,000 followers in the first seven days (see screenshots). A huge deal back then, since it was the most I’ve ever gotten.

At that point, I thought I had the social media thing figured out.

“If I can keep creating viral content like this, I can grow my page in no time.”

Turns out, it wasn’t that easy.

I was posting content and checking the likes and engagement every minute like an addict. But none of them did as well as that first post.

That was my first lesson in social media marketing.

I realized growing a brand isn’t about going viral or getting a lot of likes. Those are vanity metrics.

The important thing is consistency with quality content.

As Gary Keller says in his book The One Thing,

“Success is built sequentially. It’s one thing at a time.”

Applying the same principle to building an audience. You build your audience one post at a time. That’s how you can build a loyal audience.

And as Chris Do, founder of The Futur says,

“Good companies have customers—Great companies have an audience.”

I expanded from learning principles to studying precisely how the most successful experts and influencers in the field grew their online audience.

Following not just what they did, but understanding why they did what they did (i.e., the thought process behind content creation). As someone who didn’t have a team, was in medical school, and had very limited time, I modified a process that worked within my packed schedule.

With my new process, I built the Marstronauts community to 10,000 people in 2 months. And 70,000 followers today (more than a year later)*.

*I can’t promise you’ll get the same results using my process. Your results may differ.

2,000 pieces of content and 250,000 followers later… I will teach you everything you need to know about growing your audience online.

The Instagrizzle Masterclass is 8 hours of video training on creating valuable content that attracts a following online.

Here’s what you’ll get:

1. The right mindset behind creating content. And how to find your people. Who is your audience and where do you go to put your message in front of them?

2. Demystifying the Algorithm. You’ll learn how to increase organic visibility by understanding what kind of content the platform favors and the logic behind going viral.

3. How to write engaging post captions, even if you’re not great with words.

4. The AIDA Principle that got me over 1,000 new followers with one single carousel post.

5. More than 4 hours of step-by-step “walkthrough” tutorials of industry-standard software (Keynote, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and more coming)

6. How to “hack” your time to maximize productivity without sacrificing quality.

7. My hands-off processes to automate the tedious parts of content creation so you can stay creative and inspired.

8. Hashtag secrets of the big players. Plus, how I leveraged on industry experts to gain 5,000 new fans in a week.

9. Discover the signs and symptoms of dead accounts and 3 steps to revive your account.

10. How to make sense of data and analytics of your content so you can improve and grow your account over time.

11. And finally, how to monetize your account and make an income from your online brand.

You can take a peek here:

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome to the Instagrizzle Masterclass (7:54)
  • Before we start: Set your baseline using this tutorial
  • How to set up your profile picture for Teachable in 2 minutes
  • How To Join The Alumni Group on Facebook
  • Where to send support requests (refunds)
  • The new age of marketing (7:12)
  • Warm-up quiz!
  • LIMITED OFFER: Join the Mentoring Group for the first month FREE! (0:49)

Find Your Audience

  • Minimum Viable Audience (3:51)
  • Three magic questions (+EXERCISE) (3:25)
  • Niching Down (3:53)
  • The Players (4:33)
  • Niche research (*GOOGLE SHEETS TEMPLATE INSIDE*) (2:56)
  • Who? What? Why? (+EXERCISE) (2:15)
  • 5 Steps to establish your expertise (10:59)
  • EXERCISE: Start preparing your post
  • Empathy In Content Marketing (3:39)
  • Sonder (2:51)
  • EXERCISE SUMMARY & QUIZ: Find Your Audience
  • BONUS: Q&A – Find Your Audience (60:18)

Instagram Overview

  • Module introduction (0:29)
  • The Home Feed & Messages (5:38)
  • The Explore Page (4:46)
  • The Posting Panel (4:43)
  • Notifications (1:07)
  • Your Profile & In-App Analytics (12:27)
  • The Stories Panel (1:49)

The Instagram Algorithm

  • Introduction To Algorithms (3:01)
  • The Big 3 Companies (2:12)
  • Dynamics of Home, Hashtags, Explore and “others” (3:17)
  • What Content Performs Well (2:52)
  • Algorithm Driven Content (2:44)
  • How The Explore Page Is Built With Machine Learning and A.I. (8:50)
  • Ranking Factors For Hashtag Visibility (2:26)
  • Summary – What Can You Do About It? (3:10)
  • BONUS: Q&A about the Instagram Algorithm (48:45)
  • Algorithm QUIZ

Writing Copy For Instagram

  • Make It All About Them (4:56)
  • How To Write Casual Copy (2:15)
  • Be Clear (0:48)
  • What Makes People Tune In? (1:38)
  • The AIDA Principle (5:12)
  • Know Your Market & Write Good Headlines (+EXERCISE) (1:16)
  • Be Short and Dumb (1:59)
  • Mood – Use It or Lose It (2:37)
  • Playing With Type and Breaking It Up (6:13)
  • Summary of Copywriting (1:55)
  • BONUS: Q&A Copywriting + BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS (55:25)
  • Copywriting QUIZ

Carousel Creation Principles

  • Intro & The 4 Principles (2:05)
  • Ease Them From Fast To Slow (10:00)
  • Example Post That Got Me Over 1,000 New Followers (3:40)
  • Add a Call To Action (CTA) (2:18)
  • Make It Satisfying to Swipe (5:18)
  • Carousel QUIZ

Keynote Tutorials

  • EXERCISE: Write your first carousel
  • EXERCISE: Create your carousel
  • Intro & Document Setup (2:35)
  • Setting up Master Slides in Keynote (15:05)
  • Paragraph Styles in Keynote (12:37)
  • Organizing Your Keynote Deck (4:50)
  • Customizing the Toolbar (3:38)
  • Typography: Basic Rules (11:58)
  • Typography: Gradient Fills for Text (4:53)
  • Typography: Visual Illusions by Layering Type (4:31)
  • Typography: Advanced Gradient Fill to Cut Edges of Text (5:50)
  • Typography: Roman Hanging Punctuation for Quotes (1:56)
  • Images: Stock Photos and Removing Backgrounds (5:23)
  • Images: Image Level Adjustments (2:18)
  • Images: Device Mockups and Image Placeholders (12:42)
  • Images: Seamless Image Alignment Across Two Slides (3:04)
  • Images: Crop an Image and Flip It (1:21)
  • Shapes: Manipulating Objects (7:03)
  • Shapes: Editing Shapes (1:54)
  • Shapes: Pixel Perfect Alignment for Objects (2:05)
  • Shapes: How To Import Vectors To Keynote (7:38)
  • Exporting Carousel as Images (for Instagram) and as PDF (for LinkedIn) (4:16)
  • Swipe Guides: Giant Arrows (3:03)
  • Swipe Guides: Background Gradients (4:30)
  • Swipe Guides: Pull Tabs (3:24)
  • Swipe Guides: A Line To Follow (4:31)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

  • Illustrator File Setup and Quick Overview (3:17)
  • Background Layer (2:29)
  • Creating The Mask Layer (2:58)
  • Pixel Perfect Transition in Illustrator (0:40)
  • Master Slides in Illustrator (5:17)
  • Saving As Template (1:01)
  • Pixel Perfect Panoramas in Illustrator (3:48)

Photo Editing

  • Smartphone or Professional Camera (3:17)
  • Pixel Perfect Panoramas in Photoshop (3:07)
  • Lightroom – Adjusting Lighting Settings (5:03)
  • Lightroom – Adjusting Color (1:01)
  • Lightroom – Color Specific Adjustments (2:06)
  • Lightroom – Adjusting Effects (2:28)
  • Lightroom – Editing Two More Images – Full Workflow (7:29)
  • Lightroom – Exporting Images (1:40)

Video Editing

  • EXERCISE: Let’s edit together
  • Video Folder Setup (1:57)
  • Setting Up Premiere Pro Sequence (5:27)
  • Adding Videos To Sequence (0:57)
  • Editing 1 – Chopping It Up (9:02)
  • Editing 2 – Framing Each Shot Appropriately (15:02)
  • Editing 3 – Cutting Out Unnecessary Parts & Ordering Subtitles From (4:21)
  • Editing 4 – Video Frame With Mask (4:21)
  • Editing 5 – Adding Catchy Title (4:14)
  • Editing 6 – Manipulating Captions (8:02)
  • Editing 7 – Easy Way To Add A Progress Bar (3:33)
  • Editing 8 – Picking The Best Thumbnail (8:55)
  • IGTV Export Settings (3:00)
  • Feed Video Export Settings (5:48)
  • Publishing to IGTV (2:30)

Productivity Tips for Creators

  • Intro & Productivity Sprints (4:11)
  • Getting New Ideas (2:59)
  • EXERCISE: Prioritizing Your Ideas (5:06)
  • Batch Creating Content (2:58)
  • The Importance of Mastering One Tool (1:22)
  • Thinking About Reusability (2:48)
  • My Folder Structure (4:31)
  • Using Text Replacements To Save Time (4:36)
  • Developing Bias Towards Action (3:25)
  • Productivity QUIZ

Scheduling & Automation

  • Posting Carousels From The Instagram App (2:41)
  • Posting Content From Creator Studio (2:39)
  • Content Management Systems (3:08)
  • What Is The Best Time To Post? (2:10)
  • A Few Thoughts On Automation (3:23)
  • Don’t Auto Comment-DM (5:27)
  • Don’t Follow-Unfollow (5:30)

Growth Hacking

  • 5 Principles For Hashtags (0:44)
  • How To Rank High On Hashtags (1:35)
  • How To Analyze Hashtag Competition (5:53)
  • How To Research Hashtags (EXTRA GOOGLE SHEETS TEMPLATE INSIDE) (18:23)
  • How To Organize Hashtags (10:33)
  • How To Use Hashtags (Notes App) (2:15)
  • How To Use Hashtags (SmartHash App) (3:04)
  • Optimizing Hashtags – Getting Impression From Hashtags (1:31)
  • Which Hashtags Are Working? (IQHashtags tutorial) (6:21)
  • Hashtags QUIZ
  • Shoutouts Introduction (5:30)
  • Finding Shoutout Prospects and My DM Strategy (8:06)
  • Organizing Shoutout Prices & Calculating CPM *(GOOGLE SHEETS TEMPLATE INSIDE)* (3:30)
  • Picking The Best Content For Shoutout (4:40)
  • Best Converting Copy For Shoutouts (2:27)
  • Just Send The Money (1:52)
  • When Should They Post Your Content? (1:34)
  • Tracking Shoutout Results (0:53)
  • Reasons Your Shoutout Might Fail (2:01)
  • Shoutouts QUIZ

Dead Accounts & Fixing Your Profile

  • How To Kill Your Account (10:11)
  • End-of-life Symptoms (6:12)
  • First Aid Kit For Dead Accounts (7:41)
  • Setup or Fix Your Profile (9:27)
  • Story Highlights (1:28)
  • Removing Ghost/Inactive Followers (10:33)
  • Dead Accounts QUIZ


  • Analytics Introduction & Feed Post Insights (6:36)
  • Story Insights (4:23)
  • Using Spreadsheet Software For Analytics *(GOOGLE SHEETS TEMPLATE INSIDE)* (7:41)
  • Audience Insights & Best Time To Post (4:13)
  • Third Party Software For Analytics (1:38)
  • How To Optimize Your Content (3:43)
  • Analytics QUIZ

Making Money From Instagram

  • What Is A Sales Funnel? (1:38)
  • Instagram DM To Sell Awareness (3:11)
  • Email Script To Sell Awareness (1:47)
  • The Best Strategies To Price Attention (1:40)
  • Beginner: How To Price Posts & Stories (1:30)
  • Advanced: How To Price Impressions (Posts) (2:18)
  • Advanced: How To Price Link Clicks (Stories) (3:01)
  • Expert: How To Price Sales As An Influencer (1:47)
  • Expert: How To Sell Follower Growth Services (3:28)
  • Guide To Building Your Sales Funnel (9:53)
  • How To Maximize Story Conversions (1:38)
  • Monetization Summary (1:25)
  • Monetization QUIZ

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs, influencers, creative freelancers, agency owners, marketers, speakers, artists, or anyone who wants to publish content on Instagram to grow their online following.

Specifically, if you:

  • Have specific expert knowledge to share with your audience
  • Want to create original or curated content around your expertise
  • Focus on steady, sustainable, long-term growth over short-term tricks
  • Have a business and want to position yourself as an industry-expert
  • Are willing to put in the effort and work hard to grow your business

Here’s what you’ll get in the Instagrizzle Masterclass:

  • 8 hours of video content
  • Secret Facebook Group for all Alumni members
  • Bonus Q&A live calls for every module & recording archive
  • Future course updates

When you enroll in the course, you’ll get access to the entire training. 100% lifetime access.

No hidden subscription costs. No endless upsell pages.

If you’re still considering, here’s my “action-takers” guarantee.

Join the program and go through the entire training. Join the community, ask questions, and take action to apply the lessons.

If at the end of 30 days, you find that it’s not what you’re looking for, you can get a full refund.

No hassle. No hoops to jump through. You send an email and we’ll get it done. No questions asked (other than optional feedback).

That’s how confident I am of this training. Check out what our Instagrizzle alumni have achieved.

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