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Hooked on Overages –

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Your Program Works!” And So We Did, With., Copies of Checks Recovered by Students!

Memo: HOO Students are Cashing in BIG Time

From: Bob Diamond

You wanted proof YOU GOT IT one check after another, recovered from county treasurers all across the country.

if you haven’t watched the checks video, be sure to click the “play” button to see what our students have been up to.

These checks are 100% real, from real Hooked On Overages students seeing real results in the tax sale overages business.


It just goes on and on and on

How’d they do it?

We showed them the “insider secrets” of the tax sale overage game, gave them everythingthey needed to be successful and turned ’em loose!

…why today’s biggest Real Estate Success Stories have nothing to do with Foreclosures or Short Sales….

Investing my money at a tax sale auction today is the last thing I’d do.

With interest rates still near zero in banks, money is trying to find its way ANYWHERE that can return at least several percent per year. And this includes tax sale auctions – big time. In fact I haven’t seen bidding this fierce in my 12 years in real estate.

On top of it all, the price of real estate is rebounding – leading to about zero chance of getting a deal on a house at auction.

I’m an experienced invesfor…

If I wouldn’t touch one of these deals, why would you?

Gambling on property at a tax auction (which you’ve never inspected), against hedge fund managers (who have 10,000 times more money than you) is a “high risk” strategy that smart investors in this economy do not go anywhere near.

The truth is you can make even more money, without all that risk, by recovering unclaimed tax sale overages. Which are, ironically enough, created by these over-competitive investors in the first place!


Hooked On Overages

Attorney Bob Diamond and MBA Ed Diamond have joined forces to bring you the Real Estate strategy that takes you straight to the paycheck – and skips the house altogether! (and the auction, and the waiting, and the surprises)

It’s based on our 20+ years experience in the overages business (you learn from our mistakes, not your own).

Get up and running quickly with

  • Proven strategies and techniques that work (and not just on paper). Use these ideas to acquire lists of claims, find the rightful claim owners, and make contact – from your home or office
  • Expert advice from Pros in the found money business.
  • Every form or document you’ll ever need to start and operate an overages business of your own, all created or reviewed by Attorney Bob Diamond (and updated on a near-monthly basis).
  • A dozen individual training modules that break down every step in the found money game

“We Take You By The Hand And Walk You Through OurTraining STEP BY STEP… You Won’t Miss A Thing”

These 12 Training Modules Are Included…

Module # 1


Unclaimed tax sale overages are sitting at county Treasurers’ office all across the county (with more are being created every day).

Isn’t that last part great? Regularly scheduled tax sales create a never-ending flow of new overages taking the place of ones that you collect each month. And the tax sale bidders “do that for you”, with their own money!

In module #1 we’ll review the “found money biz,” show you what’s important to know, and help you to get up and running quickly.

(and on the right track)

Module #2


There are rules to the found money game, and we show you how to get and stay legal in Module #2. You’ll want to know

Does a particular area have overages and if so, who’s holding money?

Are the limitations on what can be charged as a fee?

Do I have to be licensed?

Those questions get answered in this module.

Module #3


There’s a real art to getting lists of unclaimed tax sale overages showing up in your inbox.

In Module #3 we’ll show you how the pro’s do It and give you everything you’ll need to start bringing in lists of your own.

Like who to ask, what to say, and how to respond when they say “no”(and they sometimes do)!

Working hot, fresh lists (and not working old, worn out lists) is key to your success.

Module #4


With unclaimed tax sale overages comes a tidal wave of info that must be managed.

No problem! We use an online service that handles “customer relationships” and keeps us on track.

We’ll show you the program we like and let you see how it works in our own businesses.

Module #5


You’ve got a list of claims and you’re ready to get to work. Now what? Time to “crush” that list!

You can’t just start at the top and work your way down. That’s a rookie mistake and it costs you money.

You don’t want to pick out the biggest claims and focus just on those, either.

We’ll show you what’s important and why we decide to choose one claim over another.

Module #6


We’ve included easy-to-use documents as samples to help you get started quickly.

These are the very same docs we’ve used for years and we know they work.

In Module #6 we go through the documents and show you how they work together to make successfully recovering tax sale overages possible.

Module #7


If you’re not credible you lose!

People checking you out won’t be convinced you’re “for real” and they’ll toss your letter In the trash without a second thought.

You must exude credibility every step of the way, and we’ll give you our checklist to make it easy.

Get credible instantly in Module #7.

Module #8


You’ve got a new list and it’s got a juicy claim or two, but there’s a problem Claimant cannot be found! Time to get busy tracking him down.

We use online services (both paid and free) and we’ll show you the ones we like best. And, we’ll show you the smart way to use them.

Module #9


What’s a shoulder tap?

It’s what needs to happen once that claimant has been found.

There are a few different ways to connect, (phone, mall, Facebook) and each has its own quirks.

You’ll discover what works best and the process we use to make that very first connection a good one.

Module # 10


Do you know what to say when the claimant answers the phone?

Module #10 includes the exact words to use so that first phone call leads to a recovered claim.

If no one answers, the message you leave can be the difference between getting paid or getting lost.

Use our voice mail script to deliver that message perfectly.

Module# 11


You’ve got a claimant who’s ready to go and it’s time to get that paperwork out the door.

When it comes back signed, you’ll want to get you claim processing started (and stay on top of it until it gets paid).

Claim processing is a critical part of the tax sale overage biz, and knowing how to get claims signed up and approved is the focus of Module #11.

Module #12


Yes, the details are important and if you’re like me, they really do matter.

But don’t let them slow you down in the meantime or keep you from actually making those overage claims happen.

“Good enough” really is good enough, and in Module #12 we’ll go through the system one last time so you’ll know you’re ready!

OK Guys….So How Much This Incredible System, and  Quick- Start Guides,Going to Cost Me?!?

promised this training would be affordable

So even though Hooked On Overages gives you all the tools and docs you’d normally pay an attorney thousands to get your hands on

and thousands more to keep updated

And even though the EXACT SAME training has already brought in dozens of dozens of claim checks (that easily total a million dollars and more)

we’ve priced this training so it’s within reach of anyone.

Did you see some of the checks above from new students? Numbers like that make this training worth at least $5,000. You’d make that back with your first big claim.

But you won’t pay $5,000…not $3.497…not even $1.997…

I’m pricing this in a way that makes it a great deal for anyone ready to take massive action right away.

So for a limited time you can get your hands on everything I’ve described here for just a one-time investment of $1497.

BUT WAIT to make it an absolute “no-brainer” pay just $597 today and two additional monthly payments of $597 down the road!

PLUS if you act now you’ll also receive your own “Credibility Site” (it’s a bonus that’s coming off the table very soon).

You need to move on this right now, though – the “Credibility Site” bonus is going to disappear fast

If you still haven’t clicked the “Add To Cart” button to get started yet

Think about this: the faster you get started recovering overage claims the EASIER it’s going to be to establish yourself as the “go-to” expert in your area – the kind of high-ground advantage that pays off year after year while any competitors struggle to keep up in your wake

And if you take action now you can make THIS the year you finally forget all about the usual “struggles” of “too much month at the end of the money – and all the pressure of “What market should I get into? What if it doesn’t work? What do I sell?” begins to feel like a distant memory.

You’re now one of the few real estate investors (so far) “in the know” about tax sale overages and now that you’re on the inside of this massive trend and know exactly how to profit from it what are you going to do about it?

The truth is you’ve only got three real options

  • OPTION #1Stay on the sidelines and do nothing in this crazy real estate market and miss out on the massive real estate cash wave that’s happening RIGHT NOW

  • OPTION #2: Try to tackle the tax sale overage business on your own – and hope the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours you put in pay off down the line (once you’ve figured the whole system out from scratch) or

  • OPTION #3Get started right now, from day one, with a UNIQUE training program (complete with quick-start training you won’t find anywhere else) that gets you to expert level (and the kind of cash flow most investors only dream about) faster than you ever thought possible.

Get Hooked on Overages – Rick Dawson and Bob Diamond, Only Price 152$

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