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Etsy + Print On Demand = Magic – Kristie Chiles

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A few years ago when I was going through a really difficult divorce, I had lots of time on my hands late at night. I had a dream to work online from my laptop anywhere my future could take me…knowing that one day my teen-aged children would have lives and children of their own.

Plus, after working in stuffy law offices and then teaching school for a short time, I knew two things: I loved to teach. I wanted to teach online.

That's when I began in earnest, although in reality I had been searching for months to find something "that worked" online.

I had a few sales here and there, but I wanted MORE. I wanted a full-time income. Now, lots of events transpired between then and now, but it eventually led me to Print on Demand, Gearbubble and Etsy.

My daughter-in-law had a huge impact on my life a couple of years ago. She is also a teacher and was expecting our third grandchild and desperately longed to stay home with the baby. Her Etsy shop had begun to pick up momentum, and I was amazed at her progress. Her sales would trickle in one here and one there, but when she began to see up to 10 sales a DAY, I sat up and took notice. Every time I was with her, her cell phone was doing that cash register sound each time she got a sale.

Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching!

And get this, it was all from ONE item that she customized…one item!

I began to study Etsy and soon discovered that Etsy, like Google and Youtube, is a search engine within itself. More importantly, I began to realize that Etsy is a great place to set up an online shop, because it is a buyer's market.

Unlike Google where people go to search for general items, unless you are promoting a SPECIFIC product, Etsy is where mostly women (including me), go to BUY. And we do it weekly.

So, I began to apply the keyword techniques I had already learned ranking videos and websites on Google to my Etsy shop and I began to increase my sales.

It has been a wild ride learning what sells and what doesn't.

Unlike Britt's shop, my sales have come from a variety of items and a myriad of different niches. So, you may be thinking, how do I know what to sell on Etsy? The answer is: You have to research and test. You need some free tools for that that tell you WHAT is selling today. You will see those in the course. These keyword tools tell you how many people a month are looking for that particular item. Then, you take those keywords and go into Etsy to check out your competition. Each time I do this, it's amazing. I discover MORE niches than I could handle in a lifetime.

However, most people open their shops and close them. And most of the Etsy shops make very few sales, or not enough to stay open. I began to realize that there are a few topics that people regularly buy from, and I'm enjoying teaching what I've discovered.

I've put together a step-by-step video training course to show you how all of this works, and fits together.

Come and join us. The water is warm, and I promise you won't gulp too much "water" too fast.

If you enroll, I also offer complimentary Coaching for 90 days (or unless I get swamped it will be for at least 30 days), to hold your hand and gude you through setting up your shop.

Just click the Enroll Me button and we'll get this party started – Kristie

I never even KNEW this was possible until 2017. Print on Demand items such as coffee mugs, tshirts, hoodies, tote bags and phone cases with graphics or just plain TEXT sales are increasing monthly online as more and more people become online shoppers.

Did you know that you can list on Etsy without having a handmade product? Yep!

And to make it simple, did you know that you don’t need any inventory, any large investments or anywhere to store and ship your products yourself. What if you could ONLY pay for the items printed, so you ONLY pay if you sell something even if it's only ONE item?


Hi there, my name is Kristie Chiles, former elementary schoolteacher and College Professor, and while I LOVE teaching, I'm certainly NOT crafty by any means…and my idea of drawing is an UGLY stick figure.

So, when you hear about "handmade goods" on a marketplace like Etsy, your mind (mine did) just shuts down and says…."Oh well, if only I had more craft skills or talented graphic design knowledge…Then…MAYBE I could do something like mugs or t-shirts…"

But what IF you could simply :

#1 Find an image already done-for-you

#2 Load that image up to a website that gives you a picture to advertise

#3 Put that image on your Etsy Shop with your Price TAG!

What is REALLY stopping you from just taking the plunge and opening up a shop online?

Did you know that within minutes you could have your own gorgeous Etsy shop up and running?

Did you know that now you don't have to be able be "crafty" or even stock ANYthing in your already stuffed garage?

Did you know that someone can order an item from your beautiful online shop, and you just go to a website and fill out a mailing form and for $1 they will ship it out for you? (plus the wholesale price of the item)

What? It's that E A S Y? Yep!

What if I show you exactly how to to set up your Etsy Shop for free tonight?

Imagine what it would feel like if you had your own online "boutique"?

In this video course, I will show you how to take a simple image like this one, and create a quick mock-up on a coffee mug, tshirt or a pillowcase!

You'll be able to follow along with me step-by-step as my Etsy™ business grows (up by 512% in the last 60 days and growing by leaps and bounds).

As I discover tips and strategies that bring in more sales, you'll be the very first person to know as I add ongoing video training (sweet!).

Plus, you'll also get Free Coaching inside our Exclusive

Member's Only site where you can ask me questions under

each module as you go along, so you won't get STUCK.

Print Bubble ?Etsy™ + Print On Demand = Magic!

Everything you need to know about setting up your own Etsy™ Shop to Fill up & Ship with Print On Demand Items!

Enroll in Course for $397

What You'll Learn In This Video Course:

Watch me set up my Free Etsy™ store

  1. How I found the strategies to get more sales
  2. How I do keyword research to squeeze the most “free” juice out of the search engines
  3. Watch me research to find a hot selling item
  4. Watch me order a unique design
  5. Watch me create a design with Canva
  6. Watch me create a t-shirt
  7. Watch me add a listing with all the details
  8. Watch me order the listing
  9. What is missing in your plan?

Example: In one of over-the-shoulder video training you'll

Watch Me Rank the Shirt in 15 Minutes Flat!!

Class Curriculum

Welcome & Sneak Peek Preview

  • First Things First 🙂 (5:04)
  • When you complete ALL the modules you will get a Certificate?
  • Why Etsy Marketplace? Examples of Shops Making Hundreds of Sales Per Day (Total Inspirational When You Just Don't Feel Like it?)
  • Amazing, Gorgeous Graphics (one free every Wednesday) to get you totally INSPIRED!
  • Quick Start Video (19:43)
  • Bonus PDF – Etsy + Print On Demand – Your Overview PDF called Print Bubble Start Here

Where Do You Get Your PNGS Images?

  • PNG Images You Can Buy – Amazing Resources Mentioned In MasterClass
  • Etsy Shops Where I Buy My Images – My Personal FAVS List
  • Valentine PNGs I found on Etsy for Cheap!

Let's Start With the About Me Section in Etsy

  • About Me Section and How To Add A Welcome Video Part 1
  • About Me Section and How To Add A Welcome Video Part 2
  • About Me Part 3 – Set Up Manufacturer in 5 Minutes
  • How To Create Sections For Your Listings (1:39)
  • How To Upload Your Etsy Shop Cover & Where To Have It Created for $5 (2:23)
  • How To Choose & Manage 4 Top Listings To Feature At The Top of Your Shop (1:52)

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