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Escape Your Email Elite – Asian Efficiency

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Even if you’ve already tried to get to Inbox Zero, your only fallback is the delete-all nuclear option, and you’re expected to be on email all day.


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Finally a System to…

Spend 30 Minutes or Less a Day on Email, Never Miss Important Emails Again, and Give Your Focus to Your Real Work

Even if you’ve already tried to get to Inbox Zero, your only fallback is the delete-all nuclear option, and you’re expected to be on email all day.

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes on email (I used to spend up to 4 hours a day).

And I’m CEO of a company with team members, clients, and thousands of customers distributed around the globe. My business is thriving, and colleagues rely on me to get things done.

But only a few years ago, I was so bad at email that I lost business deals (costing me tens of thousands of dollars), screwed up client relationships, and damaged my reputation. I’d drop the ball with people I respected, and later when I’d meet them in person, it was so awkward.

It got so bad, I almost stopped attending conferences. That’s a huge problem in an industry where networking and relationships are everything.

I was embarrassed to meet people I’d let down.

Here’s what a normal day looked like for me:

  • … Wake up and check email (still in bed).
  • … Check email on the toilet.
  • … Check email all day, every day (but never get it under control).
  • … Use downtime to check email and make sure I’m not missing anything important (which I do, a lot).
  • … After 20 mins down the email rabbit hole, find it almost impossible to focus and get back to work.
  • … Get maybe 2–3 hours of real work done all day.
  • … Crash and lose all my energy mid-afternoon, even though I’m working out and trying to eat healthy.
  • … Try to power through my slump, all the while asking myself why I’m so tired all the time (hint: email was sucking away my energy and concentration, one distracting little notification ping at a time).
  • … Rinse and repeat the next day. Day after day.
  • Does any of that sound familiar?

How Much Time and Money Are YOU Losing to Email? Skip to the Bottom to Find Out.

Ask yourself this:

  • Do you check email within 15 minutes of waking up?
  • Do you nervously scan through your old, unread emails multiple times a day—because you might have missed something?
  • Are you expected to reply to emails instantly?
  • Have you ever been out and then your phone dies? (It’s probably because you’re checking email too much.)
  • Do things “just get lost” in your inbox?
  • Do you feel leashed to the sound of your email notifications pinging nearly every minute?
  • Do you read an email more than once, because you’ll “deal with it later,” but then it sits in your inbox for months?
  • Have you noticed that whenever you eat or whenever you’re in the elevator, you just can’t relax, because you have to check your email?
  • Are there days that are non-stop go from start to end—days when you can’t get even half an hour at your computer to process email?

Conquer Your Email Inbox and Reclaim Your Life

Hi, I’m Thanh Pham, and I used to be just like you… but fast forward a few years, and I’ve taught thousands of people how to better manage their email.

So what changed?

I’ll get to that in a minute, but first I’d like to share something interesting that I’ve learned helping people all over the world conquer their email inbox and reclaim their lives.

The funny thing I’ve noticed is: until they came to Asian Efficiency, nearly all the people I’ve helped with email felt completely alone in this problem. They thought that email caused them too much stress—that they should be able to handle it better, and that everyone else around them was a pro at it.

(Even though nothing in school or college prepared us for the email avalanche we all face every day.)

“A Toxic Source of Stress”

You don’t need me to tell you that email is stressful, but it may surprise you to learn that email and other interruptions cause:

  • Lost Money. The annual productivity cost of email interruptions is $5,200–$7,200 per employee (according to a report by Atlassian)
  • Chronic Exhaustion. Email has been shown to cause a 9% increased rate of exhaustion (as reported in The Wall Street Journal)
  • Decreased Productivity. Studies show that for every 5 days you work, you only get a little over 1 day of real, productive work done (The Washington Post)
  • Impaired Job Performance. This is so serious that it’s the equivalent of missing a full night’s sleep, every week. And that can make it harder to earn a good living for you and your loved ones (Atlassian)
  • Lowered Intelligence. Yup, the constant distraction of email actually lowers your IQ by 10 points (Atlassian)

So when you get to the end of the day run down and burnt out—even though you feel like all you did was email—is it any wonder?

Our bodies and brains didn’t evolve for a life of constant notifications, immediate replies, and endless email chains.

And if you already think it’s bad, check this out:

Americans receive an average of 88 emails a day. And we send an average of 34 emails a day. This means thatfor every 1 email you send out…you get 2 potential interruptions and emergencies. (The Radicati Group, Inc., Email Statistics Reports)

The average worker spends 6.5 hours each day (about 30 hours a week) just checking new emails. How are you supposed to get any real work done? (Adobe Systems study)

Every time you check email, you spend 25 minutes regaining focus and 15 minutes re-entering a “flow” state—40 minutes total are wasted (according to Tom DeMarco, a productivity expert)

Within 3 years, email users will receive an average of 115 emails every day. So if business keeps going like it is,your daily email workload will go up by nearly 150%… for no reason at all. (The Radicati Group, Inc., Email Statistics Reports)

And as the situation gets worse and worse, 99% of people will shrug their shoulders, say “That’s the way it is,” and gradually inch their way up to spending 50% of their waking hours on email (it’s already at 33%).

So What’s This  All About?

Well, hidden inside that brutal statistic is the key to your success:

If you’re willing to do something that 99% of people won’t do, then you’re going to stand out from the crowd… you’ll be seen as a winner… someone who gets things done.

First we need to get honest about what’s holding people back from conquering their email.

It’s this:

Most people feel guilty about how their email is making them look unreliable and inefficient in front of important customers and teammates. However, the truth is: the conventional way of managing email is the cause of all this stress and dysfunction.

It’s the system that’s broken. It’s actually not you, at all.

As one of our clients, Jeanie W. put it:

I want to be somebody who’s seen as responsive and reliable to the people who are communicating with me.

Wow, I can sure relate to that feeling!

6 years ago, email had become completely unmanageable for me. I thought everyone else out there—my colleagues and my competition—knew some secret that I didn’t, and I was too embarrassed to ask for help.

(Little did I know, all the people I thought were out there managing their email with no problems…were secretly in the same boat, spending unnecessary hours each day in their inboxes.)

And since I wasn’t taught email management in school, I searched for solutions on my own. I scoured books, podcasts, blog posts, and interviews looking for a system that would free me from email.

And what I found was that while there are bits and pieces of good ideas here and there, no system existed to help me manage email (instead of it managing me).

So I created that system myself.

Announcing the World’s Only  Inbox Mastery Course

At Asian Efficiency—the world’s leading productivity training company—we’ve taken my email management system and spent years improving it. We’ve researched, experimented, and refined it. We’ve crash-tested the system in our own lives, and we’ve implemented it with hundreds of clients.

And now, for the first time ever, we’re making it available outside of this elite group of team members, clients, and friends.

Our course is designed to put YOU in the driver’s seat of managing your time, energy, brain power, and productivity.

All while running your business and your life, without letting anything slip through the cracks—in less than 30 minutes a day.

In only 30 minutes, you’ll quickly and easily get more done than most people do all day.

You’ll effectively be adding 4 full days of productive time to your week… every single week.

Think about it:

  • How much more money could you make in that time?
  • How much earlier could you finish work every day?
  • Imagine the projects you’ve got waiting in your pipeline right now. How much faster could you launch those with an extra 4 days a week?
  • Which long-standing goal could you start to work toward with an 3 extra workweeks every month?
  • How much would your reputation increase—now that people know they can rely on you to get back to them reliably?

How to Achieve  “Inbox Nirvana”

The Escape Your Email system has changed the lives of hundreds of our clients, and now it can change yours, too.

Some of our clients say it feels like they’ve “achieved Inbox Nirvana”—a calm, peaceful state where email doesn’t rule your life or cause anxiety. Where your inbox is simply a tool that helps you live a well-run life, rather than a never-ending time suck keeping you stuck in your inbox for hours every day.

With our proprietary system, you’ll achieve “Inbox Nirvana”… possibly for the first time. And keep it that way, even if you’ve failed in the past.

Imagine this:

No more wasted time. You’ll spend less than 30 minutes a day on email.

No more worrying about email. You’ll be able to relax, knowing you haven’t forgotten to respond to important emails.

No more “lost” emails. You’ll never wonder whether an important task is buried in an email from weeks ago.

Less stress. You’ll no longer be afraid to open your inbox.

Time for the deep work you really want to do, rather than wasting valuable time managing email.

Confidence. You’ll know exactly what to do when you open your inbox: a simple, reliable series of steps that keeps everything under control.

Your life back. When your email is under control, the temptation to check, recheck, and triple check will vanish. You’ll check your inbox when you want and need to, not when you should be enjoying important events, taking some off-screen time, or focusing on other tasks. (The hours I used to spend on email, I now spend growing my business, strengthening my skills, and spending time with friends and family.)

And most importantly…

You’ll trust your email system, which will help you trust yourself.

Trust that people can rely on you.

Trust that you’re on top of things.

Trust that when you follow the system, you never need to worry about email again.

Is This for  You?

As life-changing as the Escape Your Email system is, it’s NOT for everyone.

Escape Your Email is perfect for you, if:

  • You have 50+ unread emails in your inbox, and know a good chunk of them are requesting action—and probably have deadlines that have already flown by
  • You’ve been able to clear emails in the past, but you find an empty inbox impossible to maintain, because it takes too much time and effort
  • You hate opening your email client—and feeling the stomach-twisting anxiety and guilt that comes from seeing the number of unread messages
  • You work in an environment that prevents you from focusing on important work, because instant replies are expected of you
  • You feel underpowered in handling all the meeting requests, project info, reminders, images, files, and more that come via email…despite your best efforts, your inbox has turned into a slush pile
  • You dream of Inbox Zero…but never quite get there…or stay there
  • You constantly play last-minute catch-up on Friday afternoon…or 5 minutes before that important meeting
  • You feel like email is flooding your inbox faster than you can respond
  • You work with people who dash off multiple, confusing email chains to discuss just one issue
  • You have customers and colleagues in multiple time zones, so you have to check email at all hours just to keep up
  • You live in fear you’ll miss something important, so you check email everywhere, constantly: in bed before you even kick off the covers, at important family gatherings…and even in the bathroom. (Nope, you’re not the only one.)

Sound familiar?

Then you’re in the right place.

Escape Your Email can quickly restore sanity to your crazy workload.

However, Escape Your Email is NOT for people who:

  • Already spend less than 30 minutes a day on email
  • Don’t receive very many emails in a day
  • Already have a structure for managing their email that they follow perfectly
  • Never miss important information or deadlines
  • Feel like they are calm, productive, and easy to reach by email

Of course, those people are few and far between…

Most of us are chained to our email inboxes every waking hour, our time is controlled by people who need things from us ASAP, and our weekends are haunted by what we’ll wake up to Monday morning.

If you think you could benefit from a system that lets you maintain Inbox Zero in only 30 minutes a day or less, read on…

Curious?  Here’s Exactly What You Get…

My team and I went all out when we built this course. Why? A few reasons.

First, because at Asian Efficiency, we noticed that email was THE BIGGEST PROBLEM our readers and clients had. I alone have answered millions of support tickets just on email problems.

When I met readers in person, they always asked me which email app I use and how I deal with so many emails. People asked us to write blog posts about email, so we did.

To this day, they’re our most popular posts. We knew we were onto something, but the support tickets kept piling up with more and more questions.

And when I looked around, there was nothing out there that helped people. It baffles me that email management isn’t taught in schools.

Second, email is crucial to your success at work. When you start a new job, it’s expected that you know how to handle email. In reality, every company handles it differently, which makes it more difficult to manage your email and meet expectations.

Time and again, people have come to us, totally overwhelmed with their work’s email system.

I know the feeling, because I used to be the same.

Before I started Asian Efficiency, I had an office job where everything was done over email. It was inefficient and annoying, but that’s just how it was. I knew it was part of the deal.

But within weeks of starting, I was drowning in email. I’d lie at meetings and to my boss, pretending I’d seen emails I hadn’t. My inbox was open all day, every day, but I still couldn’t handle email.

Eventually I got caught, and (what a surprise) I didn’t exactly get promoted.

Third, was my experience with an employee of ours (let’s call him John). John, on paper, was the perfect employee. He had a prestigious education and background. Great Kolbe score. He passed our interviews with flying colors.

But this guy just couldn’t work productively. It was weird. He did Pomodoros. He seemed to always understand what tasks were expected of him, and he was definitely talented. He did everything by the book.

It wasn’t until one day, at our team retreat, that I saw what the real problem was: he literally couldn’t go 10 minutes without checking his email.

Here’s what I couldn’t understand. The team wasn’t sending him emails, because all of us were with him at the retreat.

John had just created this habit where he was automatically checking email every few minutes… like a tic, always so afraid of missing out that he wasn’t paying attention to the real work happening around him.

He couldn’t focus because his brain was always thinking about email.

I realized I needed to train him on email workflows, and that’s when our system went from “in my head” to systemized. Our system was born out of necessity.

And once John got it, his productivity did a 180-degree turnaround. He got twice as much done, he never answered emails at 1am anymore, and his attitude was hugely boosted to everyone who worked with him.

All because he could concentrate, get his work done, and have more free time for his passions.

So I said,

“Screw it, let’s create a course. People need this, and it’ll help them more than a support ticket ever could.”

When we realized there was nothing out there teaching email management, we felt privileged to be the first to produce something. At Asian Efficiency, we love tech and productivity, and efficient email management fits that bill perfectly.

After launching several courses, we’ve already helped thousands of people. We get kudos emails every day and raving testimonials, but we’re just getting started.

Better email management will change the game for the whole productivity industry and the hundreds of thousands of people who read Asian Efficiency every month.

So we went all in.

We took the system I’ve spent 6 years developing, and then…

We spent hundreds of hours on market research.

We sent out surveys.

We spent hours on the phone with people (and recorded and transcribed every call, so the whole company could listen to and read them). I spent hours at Starbucks and drank gallons of green tea reading every single survey response and transcript. So did other team members.

That alone cost us tens of thousands of dollars in time and resources. But it had to be done. Our course had to be the best.

All that work gave us the hidden gems: we found what people needed, and we created practical, actionable solutions for people just like you.

People expect that from us. They know we don’t fluff around. We give you instant solutions.

So we tested our solutions, and once they worked in real people’s lives, we put them in the course.

Then we went back for more calls, just to make sure the solutions worked. If any side issues came up, we solved them. We kept refining strategies with our beta tester group until they got to Inbox Zero and stayed there with ease.

Everything in this course has been…

Proven to Work for Professionals  in Every Industry

After all that work, here’s exactly what you’ll get when you invest in Escape Your Email:

  • 35 quick and easy videos that walk you through our step-by-step system
  • Audio recordings of the complete course, so you can listen on your commute or at the gym
  • Written transcripts of the videos for easy reference and quick reminders
  • Action screencasts showing you exactly how to set up your email client and apps, menu-by-menu. (Useful, because getting all those apps to play nicely together can be tricky without some expert guidance.) ($199 value)
  • PDF worksheets to take your new knowledge from the videos and turn it into action ($29 value)
  • Lifetime access to the Escape Your Email vault, including case studies, examples, and other supplemental material ($199)
  • Our exclusive-to-this-course 10 Step Email Audit checklist ($19 value)

And if you’re ready to move to the next level in your productivity, Escape Your Email (Standard) includes all that, plus:

  • Our Gmail Masterclass that will give you the productive and powerful Gmail capabilities that 99% of the workforce doesn’t even know about
  • Our Outlook Masterclass that will save you hours a week (yep, even if you hate Outlook, it can save you time!)
  • Our Task Manager Integration Masterclass that will help you integrate your favorite task manager with your email via powerful automation tools that are quick to setup
  • 25 Proven Email Scripts for the most common situations that eat up your time

And if you want to take our system to the next level for your business, then Escape Your Email Elite contains all of the above, plus:

  • Slack Masterclass, so you can eliminate the time sink of email in your organization for good
  • HipChat Masterclass, complete with best practices for using HipChat and convincing others to as well
  • 6 Group Coaching Recordings that do a deep dive into advanced email productivity topics, including both strategies and psychology

What Do You Get with the Group Coaching Recordings?

In 6 sessions that we make available nowhere else, we go deep into the strategies and psychology of advanced email productivity.

In these recordings, we answered real students’ questions—questions you probably have—to take their email management to the next level.

In these 6 sessions, we cover:

  • Asian Efficiency Email System Deep Dive—includes our exclusive Advanced AE Email Workflow that we use within the company. (65:22 long)
  • Fomo and the Psychology of Inbox Zero—how to never worry about what you’re missing out on in your inbox again. (60:15 long)
  • Dealing with Other People—not everyone will be as efficient at email as you. Here’s how to deal with them. (56:51 long)
  • Advanced Strategies for Not Missing Emails—never stay up at night racking your brain for that email you missed again. (38:18 long)
  • Advanced Email Strategies to Free Up Hours More a Week—once you’ve mastered our system, you’ll want to tweak it for even more time savings. This is for you. (55:16 long)
  • How to Best Use Email on Mobile and On-the-Go (60:15 long)

All the Details on What You’ll Learn

And now, possibly my favorite part: the nitty gritty on what you’ll learn in Escape Your Email.

Remember all the time we spent talking to people about their email problems? All the details below come straight from what they told us they needed. And every single one of these action items has helped overwhelmed people like you conquer their inbox forever.

A few bedrock pieces of knowledge:

  • The 4 things Inbox Zero is NOT (plus the true definition of Inbox Zero—get this right, and you’ll be ahead of 99% of people who waste hours a day on email)
  • Why you can’t just nuke your inbox every once in awhile—and what you must do instead
  • The 4 elements of a good productivity system (and which tool to use to manage each…hint: it’s not email)

Secrets to an efficient archive folder:

  • A killer mistake to avoid: email expert Brooks Duncan used to manage email when he worked at a large corporation and received emails from clients, other departments, his staff, and project managers. He used to see nothing wrong with his method (and it worked pretty well 5+ years ago), yet it was costing him hours a day. Are you in the same boat?
  • Which do you think is more efficient: filing emails into different folders, or putting them all in an archive folder?Discover the surprising results of an IBM Research study and our #1 filing recommendation to save you time
  • Rid yourself of complicated folder systems. Why complicated folder hierarchies are doomed to fail and what to do instead (if you consistently lose track of to-dos buried in emails, you’ll want to see this)

The Asian Efficiency Email Workflow (this is the exact one we use inside the company):

  • Our proprietary AE Workflow and the 3 principles you must understand to implement it (we use our workflow tomanage thousands of emails and support tickets a month)
  • The Touch-It-Once Principle and the #1 mistake people make that brings them right back to email overload (if you feel the urge to read emails 2 or 3 times before acting on them, you’ll want to see this)
  • The procrastination-crushing 2-Minute Rule and the 1 question you must ask yourself to make sure you implement the Rule correctly
  • The 4 questions you must ask yourself to successfully implement our Email Workflow (Warning: this requires brutal honesty, but you’ll be amazed at the results you get)
  • How to make sure the most important tasks bubble up to the top and keep you at the peak of efficiency. Exactly how to set yourself up so tasks embedded in emails actually get done—and all the details are filled in for you when you sit down to start the task later, so you have everything you need to take action

Spam Search and Destroy (a.k.a. How to minimize death by a thousand paper cuts):

  • 3 techniques to drastically reduce the amount of spam you receive (so you can process real email faster)
  • The trick spammers use to find out if there’s a real person behind your email address, and how to unsubscribe from spam messages without accidentally clicking a fake unsubscribe link, so they don’t clog your inbox again

Get it done on autopilot:

  • The 2 types of Email Filters, how you can use each to save 1+ hour of time every day, and exactly how to set each up on both Mail on Mac and Microsoft Outlook on Windows (step-by-step videos)
  • How to set up Email Filters to ensure nothing important slips through and gets deleted without you seeing it
  • And if Email Filters are too time consuming for you…we show you a great way to get this done for you automatically

The Touch-It-Once Principle in depth:

  • The research on something called Attention Residue, why “just checking your email really quick” is so dangerous for your productivity and performance quality, and the simple solution you can implement TODAY
  • The productivity-killing daily habit you need to eliminate now, so your mornings are distraction-free and open for you to do the work that’s most important

Get Escape Your Email Elite – Asian Efficiency​​​​​​​, Only Price $89

Have multiple inboxes?

  • The 1 question you should ask yourself about every different Inbox you have—BEFORE you check the Inbox
  • How to use a Unified Inbox (a step-by-step video for Mail on Mac and Microsoft Outlook on Windows)
  • A Mac and Windows tool you can use with a Unified Inbox to make sure you don’t send work emails from a personal account (and vice versa)

Avoiding email ping pong:

  • 4 tips for writing clear, effective emails and how to eliminate unwieldy, confusing email chains before they start
  • 1 simple statement you can use to instantly reduce email ping pong by 50% or more

Our recommended apps & services:

  • The desktop, web, and mobile apps and services we personally use and recommend at Asian Efficiency to deal with email more efficiently (with recommendations for both beginning and power users)
  • The 3 key features we look for in apps and services…use #3 to ensure your emails don’t get lost forever if an app becomes unsupported

Overcoming email overwhelm:

  • 5 rock-solid tips for overcoming Email Overwhelm (including 1 short word to add to your task to break through your procrastination and get started)
  • The 1 question you need to ask yourself to reduce the amount of email you process (this will help you treat the “disease,” not just the symptoms)

Writing effective emails:

  • Why following the natural layout of most email clients is setting you up to send unfinished emails, and what to do instead (including the correct “write order” for composing emails, so you never send incomplete emails again)
  • 8 tips for writing effective emails that get read, responded to, and acted on, fast…so you can get on with your more important work
  • Our exclusive Email “Pre-Flight” Checklist…keep this handy in another window and refer to it before you send any email (Watch out: getting #5 wrong has cost some people their jobs)

Handling “email creep”:

  • Experts expect email volume to increase by 3% annually indefinitely. If you’re not vigilant, even the perfect email system won’t be enough. We’ll show you how to ensure that you retain your email freedom…forever
  • The anxiety-producing attitude that causes guilt, stress, and email overwhelm, unless you ruthlessly chip away at the inbox clutter that feeds it (we’ll show you 3 simple solutions that help)
  • The ongoing appointment you MUST make with yourself to keep email at bay (add this to your task management app and do it at least yearly, ideally every 6 months)

Gmail Masterclass

The secret Gmail hacks that 99% of people don’t know about ($199 value):

  • How to setup Gmail to make achieving Inbox Zero 2x as easy (this alone is worth the whole masterclass)
  • The 3-step declutter process to train Gmail to remove spam and unimportant emails from your inbox
  • The most efficient way to setup and use multiple email accounts in one Gmail interface
  • How to setup our 10 recommended filters in Gmail that will save you at least 45 minutes a day
  • How to integrate Chrome and Gmail for more efficient email handling (99% of people don’t know this workflow exists)
  • The Gmail Alias technique to prevent spammers from hitting your inbox
  • How to “mute” cc’ed email threads so they don’t clutter your inbox
  • The 8 search techniques that will make finding any email instant and easy
  • How to undo emails you just sent (for all those times you had typos or forgot attachments – here’s the solution!)
  • How to give other people access to your email inbox (without giving away your password) so they can manage emails on your behalf while you’re on vacation or away
  • The 5 most efficient keyboard shortcuts you need to know to make getting to Inbox Zero easy
  • How to send large attachments and pictures (over 25MB) in Gmail without running into the default size limitation
  • How to setup Gmail to able to read and send emails when you’re offline (really useful when you’re on the plane)
  • How to use the 5 most powerful Gmail Labs features (they are only for really advanced email users)

Outlook Masterclass

How to setup and use Outlook productively—yes, Outlook can be a productivity powerhouse ($199 value):

  • How to implement the Escape Your Email system in Outlook 2016 (and older versions)
  • How to setup VIP notifications so you only get notified when important people email you
  • How to setup our 10 recommended email filters that will save you at least 45 minutes a day
  • The 7 settings you need to make Outlook 150% more efficient (almost no one knows about these)
  • How to setup Custom Views that makes getting to Inbox Zero much easier
  • The best way to setup and order your folder system
  • How to automatically de-clutter your inbox of incoming, non-important emails
  • The 5 search techniques that will make finding any email instant and easy
  • The 1-click “Search Folder” strategy to quickly access commonly searched for emails
  • How to enable threaded emails (like Gmail) for greater efficiency
  • 19 Outlook productivity hacks that will speed up dealing with email (and most of it becomes automated once you install these hacks)
  • How to work around Exchange limitations to make getting to Inbox Zero easier

Task Manager Integration Masterclass for Standard and Elite members

How to setup popular task managers—including OmniFocus, Todoist, Trello, and Wunderlist—with your email, so they work together seamlessly ($99 value):

  • How to integrate emails from your iPhone/Android to your favorite task manager
  • 3 efficient ways to integrate OmniFocus with your email client
  • How to setup Todoist to work with your email client (no matter which platform you use)
  • How to use Todoist, Chrome, and Gmail together for efficient email handling
  • How to integrate Trello with your email client
  • How to use send any email into a specific Trello board with notes and assign it to a person at the same time
  • How to use IFTTT and Gmail with Trello to automatically turn emails into Trello cards
  • How to integrate Wunderlist with any email client
  • How to use Chrome and Gmail with Wunderlist for faster email processing
  • How to integrate Outlook with Wunderlist without needing the Office 365 subscription

How to Decide Which Package  Is Right for You

Listen, I know this course isn’t cheap. If it’s out of your budget, I respect that, and Asian Efficiency has plenty of free resources out there for you.

Escape Your Email is for the person who realizes how valuable their time is.

One thing I’ve realized over the years is that my time is the only resource I can’t multiply. This course lets you use your money to learn everything that took me 6 years to learn—and took my 11-person team over six months to turn into a course.

Escape Your Email is a permanent solution to your email problem for the rest of your life.

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You’ve been using email for over 10 years. And I’m pretty sure you’ve tried to improve things. But what’s truly changed?

Be honest with yourself.

What would it be worth to you to truly systemize your emails?

Only you know the answer to that.

But if you’re torn between Escape Your Email Standard and Escape Your Email Elite, here’s what I can tell you:

If you’re a business owner and want to 10x productivity by replacing email with Slack or HipChat in your organization, then I suggest Escape Your Email Elite.

If you invest in Elite today, your email problems could be ELIMINATED in a matter of days. You’ll get advanced training via our group coaching recordings, covering topics that will vault you and your team into the top .01% of email users. You’ll also learn how to seamlessly integrate Gmail and your task manager within our email system. And you’ll be able to write off Escape Your Email Elite as a business expense.

If, on the other hand, you work in an organization that will never realistically move away from email (as much as you wish they would), then Escape Your Email (Standard) is for you.

You’ll learn the hidden ways to make Gmail a productivity workhorse that saves you hours a week. You’ll also discover how to easily set up your task manager for tight integration with your email, so info from emails is sent straight to your to-do list (and you never have to go digging around in old emails for attachments ever again).

The Standard version will also teach you our time-tested tips to take Outlook for Windows to the next level (includingpowerful automation tools that are built into Outlook…but that almost no one knows about—jump to 06:11 of our Outlook video for our most powerful automation tip. You’re going to love it.)

Do you work in an office or for a company that runs on email, lives on Outlook, and has tight security restrictions that limit what sites or apps you can use? No problem. The standard version is built for the real world, and it will work for you.

Either Elite or Standard will serve you well, depending on your needs and work situation.

It’s completely up to you.

If you choose a monthly payment plan, you’ll be billed automatically every month for 3 months.

If you choose to invest in Elite upfront in full, you’ll save $48.

Will You Take Action Now, or Will You Just Look Back with Regret?

Right now, email is worse than a job.

You know that your income is directly tied to your productivity, and email is sinking your productivity more and more every year. How are you supposed to get ahead when you’re always barely keeping up?

Think back to the last time something fell through the cracks in your inbox…a deadline, a response you were supposed to send, a sale on your favorite brand, an event you wanted to go to.

Whatever it was, that hurt. You missed out. You messed up.

So what are you gonna do?

Because there are 2 types of people.

People who know they have an email problem and do nothing about it. Who shrug and say, “Oh, well. It happens. No biggie.” But 6 months or a year down the road, their problem’s even worse. More and more of their time is spent chained to their inbox.

Then there’s the person who knows it’s a big deal and takes action. The person who invests in this course and goes from 6+ hours a day on email to 30 minutes or less. Who checks their email once or twice a day at most.

Who, when they spend time with their kids, actually enjoys time with their kids—instead of checking email every 10 minutes.

Someone who doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night panicking, thinking, “Did I miss an email from a client again?”

A person who knows exactly what they need to do every time they go to their inbox, because they have a clear, step-by-step system they use every single time. A system that keeps everything under control, and that gives them hours a day they used to not have. Time they now have to invest in whatever they want.

I could save you 2.5 hours a day, what would you do with that time?

Personally, I pursue my passions and grow my business with that time.

But what you do with that extra time is up to you. Because I’m not about to tell you what to do with your time. Instead, I’m going to save you time and give you the freedom to choose whatever you want to do.

I’ve been teaching people how to become more productive for 5+ years. And you know what? I’ve seen a lot of people who know they have a problem and do nothing. And then a year or 2 later, they’re still stuck. They come back to me saying, “Thanh, what can I do? Nothing’s changed.”

Nothing’s changed because they didn’t change.

The system’s here for you. We’ve built it. All you have to do is take action.

Take what’s yours: the freedom to spend less time on email and more time on what you love.

So what are you going to choose?

Being a slave to your inbox, addicted to the “false high” dopamine hit of every single notification? Constantly distracted and anxious, worried you’re missing something important?

Or will you let me help you renovate your email system starting TODAY, so that 30 days from now (and for the rest of your life):

  • You only spend 30 minutes a day on email
  • When you open your email client, you feel calm. You know exactly what steps to take, and you take them nearly on autopilot
  • You respond promptly (but not instantly) to emails
  • People know they can rely on you to follow through
  • You have plenty of time for work that matters
  • You trust your system and you trust yourself

The decision’s yours.

Go for it!

You’re gonna love it.


Thanh Pham and the Asian Efficiency team

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