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Email Copywriting – Copy Hackers [Joanna Wiebe]

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Drip campaigns, triggered emails, cleverly crafted automated sequences, sales emails that actually sell – they’re at the core of every single growing business. They can put your business on autopilot, and one sales email can cover payroll.

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When people talk about businesses that are like “cash machines”…they’re talking about email marketing.

Drip campaigns, triggered emails, cleverly crafted automated sequences, sales emails that actually sell – they’re at the core of every single growing business. They can put your business on autopilot, and one sales email can cover payroll.

So, how are emails working for your business?

You already have a strong inkling that you could make more money – 2x… 3x… 10x? – if you dedicated more time to writing great emails. But when it comes time to sit down and actually write a new, say, drip campaign, do you have a clue where to start? Do you know what the point is? Do you feel like people will just unsubscribe… so it’s better not to email at all?

You need to write better emails. We can help.

Introducing the Email Copywriting Course, the first copywriting course by Copy Hackers that’s 100% dedicated to helping you plan and write emails you can confidently send. So you can realize that whole cash machine dream. Which doesn’t have to be a dream at all.

  • Go at your own pace! Watch any video any time you need it
  • Includes transcripts
  • Includes closed captioning (which is like a transcript on the video)
  • Includes blueprints, the secret to pulling all the pieces together
  • Includes 30+ HD videos to teach you the “lesson”… plus 20+ over-the-shoulder tutorials
  • Unlimited, forever online access

Product Description

If You’ve Become Accustomed To A  Certain Standard Of Quality From Copy Hackers, This Course Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Maybe you’re used to courses where the speaker is giving a voice-over only.

That’s not the case here.

Sure, we’ve got voiceovers for over-the-shoulder tutorials, where you need to see exactly what to do – not my face.

But for all the other videos, I’m right there, on camera – in HD.

So you can see the whites of my eyes and know that everything I’m telling you is legitimately how I’d write your emails if I were you.

Here’s what you can expect to see for any given lesson:

Plus, we’ve included closed captioning to help with some of the more complex subjects…

…because seeing the words on the screen can allow new thoughts to sink in better.

(You’ll click the little CC in the top of the video, like below.)

There are 34 lessons so far. More to come.

Each lesson is focused on one topic – whether planning / strategy or writing.

The shortest lesson is 2 minutes; the longest is 12.

Most lessons include an “over the shoulder” tutorial video, as well.

In these videos, I teardown and rewrite email copy using the technique discussed in the lesson.

So between the HD video lesson and the over-the-shoulder tutorial, you should have no problem implementing every single technique you learn.

Your Writing Will Get Better – And So Will Your Entire Approach To Email Copywriting

We’ve divided the lessons into 3 categories, which you’re free to move through at your own pace.

The course isn’t dripped out to you, and you don’t have to finish one series of videos before you start the next.

It’s truly on-demand and at your own pace.

You’ll get access to intense lessons in these categories:

If you wanna write better and faster with sicker results, you need to start by planning.

That’s a no-brainer.

We’ll show you how to make it Extra No-Brainer – as in zombies would flee the scene.

No. Brainer.

This is the gist of what’s in Planning:

But it’s really the Write Better Emails section that I love so much – and that will totally transform how you write emails.

It’s divided into 2 sections: essentials, and “bag of tricks”.

This is the stuff great emails are made of:

But perhaps what’s most interesting – and the real game-changer in the world of online courses – is this: the blueprints.

Y’know how sometimes you watch a bunch of videos… but then you’re still not quite sure WTF to do?

Blueprints take care of that.

Let’s say you’ve blocked off 2 hours one afternoon to write a sales campaign.

Where do you start?

What’s the first thing you should do?

…Blueprints have you covered:

Click the blueprint that matches what you’re trying to do.

And then do what I tell you to on the next page.

So writing your next campaign actually becomes as simple as:

It doesn’t have to be harder than that.

  1. Plan Better Emails
  2. Write Better Emails
  3. Optimize Your Emails
  4. clicking on a blueprint and
  5. watching the videos we recommend in the order we recommend them.

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