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Digital Immersion Speakers Program – Les Brown

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Use the same secrets Les Brown used to get 150-200 speaking inquiry calls per day. You won’t find these in marketing books or courses!

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Please Review What You Get In Les Brown’s Digital Speakers Training, Then Enter Your Information Below To Get Started: 

Speak Your Way To Unlimited Wealth Two Volume 12 Disc Digital Training ($497 Value)

Discover The Ins & Outs of the “Income-Producing Side” of the Speaking Business… 

Use the same secrets Les Brown used to get 150-200 speaking inquiry calls per day. You won’t find these in marketing books or courses!

  • Create Demand. Raise Fees. Repeat. Discover the “3 R’s” that Govern All Business – Focus intently on these and people will start seeking you out. This is the key to positioning yourself so you must keep raising your fees to keep up with demand.
  • How to Find Your Niche Workshop: Answer these simple questions to discover the niche where you’re most comfortable and where you can be outstanding right now. Know that where you start is just the beginning. Les went from speaking to children in schools to earning tens of thousands speaking for corporations.
  • How to Earn Money and Get Paid: Discover the brilliant 5-word question (and follow-up statement) that flushes out the client’s budget, earns you top dollar, and creates the perception that there’s an enormous demand for your time.
  • The Zero-Cost Referral Machine: Learn 5 ways to tap into the wealth-geyser of personal recommendations… the source of 95% of all speaking gigs. Allow this to snowball your business even if you cannot afford to print business cards.
  • The Top 2 Business Building Alliances: Ignite a fire under your career with the same two alliances that helped Les Brown and many other speakers explode their speaking skills, relationships and entire careers.
  • The $0 Vs. $5,000 Phenomenon: How compete against speakers who charge nothing, and still get hired to speak for thousands. This one technique alone makes you impossible to ignore in your niche.
  • No-Risk Marketing: The simple win/win methods that gets top marketing talent to help you scale your speaking business without risking a penny of your own money. This can easily save you from throwing away tens of thousands of dollars in marketing.
  • What Les did before he had a reputation. The unconventional Guerilla marketing tactic that often gets people to move things around to book you as a speaker. Les used this to get booked at the LAST MINUTE to speak at Success Magazine’s first convention.
  • The Push-Pull Strategy that gets others to fight to get you hired.
  • How to be sure every speech you deliver is more powerful than the last.
  • Invisible Marketing: How to deliver your presentation in a way that gets you more speaking engagements (without anyone knowing you’re doing it).
  • The sure-fire way to never pigeonhole yourself into one limiting niche.
  • The TTMP method that has never failed to generate more speaking business, even in desperate times .
  • How to earn over $100,000 a year doing FREE speeches.
  • Plus Much, Much More….

 Increasing Your Presentation Power 12 Disc Digital Training ($497 Value)

You’ll Discover How To Overcome Every Stubborn Fear, Jitter, and Stutter. You’ll learn to calm every tense and anxious nerve in your body to deliver a smooth, relaxed presentation that looks (and feels) like you’ve been speaking for years!

  • 17 points for delivering a dynamic presentation. Blow your audience away by reaching deep into their hearts, minds and souls and NEVER punish them with a dry, memorized speech again!
  • The Speaking ‘Template’ that lets you modify your presentations on the fly. With this simple format, you can give a presentation at a moment’s notice, and your audience will believe you had months to prepare.
  • How Les increased his fees by $25,000 during so-called “down times” when other speakers were struggling for work.
  • Les reveals his invaluable tool for customizing your speech for any audience. Learn how to get your client to hand over the recipe for the ideal customized presentation. Exposes taboo topics that lead to embarrassment or failure, and much more.
  • How to turn nervousness into positive energy so your audience only sees you as a charismatic.
  • How to read your audience before and during your presentation, so you can soften the most difficult audiences you’ll ever encounter.
  • How to control your own emotions on stage, like the time Les’s brother was deployed to serve in the Persian Gulf war. Seconds before Les stepped on stage, he was told the war had just started. You’ll discover how Les maintained his composure under emotional stress, and how you can too.
  • The Bracket Formula that eliminates your need for notesduring your presentation. It works even when you have to modify your presentation for completely different audiences.
  • How to calm fear, a pounding heart and pouring sweat.
  • The James Brown secret to dealing with the rapid rise to fame… removes the stress and anxiety of the growth you’ll soon encounter.
  • The exact moment in your speech when you can tell a heavy or depressing story (and when you’ll never pull it off).
  • How to deal with hecklers and avoid the humiliating mistakes Les had to deal with.
  • Plus Much, Much More…

Get Digital Immersion Speakers Program – Les Brown, Only Price $59

 How To Tell Your Story Two Volume Video Training Program ($197 Value)

Discover How To Tell Stories that Keep Your Audience in the Palm of Your Hand

Every great speaker knows storytelling is the secret sauce that dissolves fear, doubt and hesitation… massages emotions… and allows you to change how people think, feel and behave.

When you tell stories as Les teaches, you’ll open up vast reservoirs of opportunity to create a loyal following, increase sales from the platform, and enjoy a rich and satisfying career.

You’ll discover:

  • Story Strategy Break-downs: Watch Les Brown tell you some of his stories… reveal the techniques he’s using… then break down the details, so you can copy his proven storytelling template to captivate and inspire your own audiences with ease.
  • How to tap into a limitless supply of story material – discover how Les mesmerizes audiences with the stories of other people and how you can do the same.
  • 6 questions that make your stories come alive and skyrocket your engagement with each unique audience (Hint: don’t risk underwhelming your audience by telling your stories the same way every time).
  • How to use pictures, illustrations and humor to magnify your story’s emotional wallop and burn a lasting imprint of you and your message within the minds and hearts of your audience.
  • The 3 questions your stories must answer in every presentation you give. Plus watch Les follow his own advice with a live example, so you easily inject them into your stories to develop and strengthen audience rapport.
  • And much, much more!

Learn by Example: Some of the Stories Your Hear…

  • Watch as Les tells you the hilarious story of how he turned an embarrassing misfortune into a humorous uproar by poking fun at himself (keep this one in your back pocket to save yourself from humiliation).
  • The earie childhood story of Les Brown’s mother, the ghost appearance and why it caused her to leave home to live on her own at age 13.
  • The story of Tawana Williams, a woman born with no arms, and how she inspires people to abandon their most stubborn excuses and go live their dreams.

Speakers Manual Digital Access ($97)

Les Brown’s 50 page Speakers Manual with the tools, techniques and templates to develop your speech and inspire others to greatness with your message.

This is the same manual others paid thousands to receive with their attendance to Les’s live speaker training events. And it’s included with this robust package at a fraction of the price they paid.

Four Stages To Greatness Digital Training 4 Volume Course ($197)

Powerful training designed to give you the keys to know yourself, your potential, and your limits so you can confront those boundaries and claim victory in the quest for your personal greatness.

Discover the secrets to self awareness, self-approval, self commitment, self fulfillment in the four stages to greatness program.

Les says, “It’s not the words you say, it’s who you are behind the words that matters.”

This series will help you become a much greater version of yourself, so you continually grow as a person and a speaker.

1/2 Price Access To Live Discover Your Power Voice Speakers Event ($1497 Value)

2 Full Days of Training with Les Brown! Meet and connect LIVE with Les and the network of speakers, and achievement driven individuals at this half price special discount when you become part of this digital immersion program.

This incredible event allows you to put what you learn to use and get direct feedback, so you return home a much more effective and polished speaker than when you arrived.

You’ll be astonished at how quickly you develop at this hands-on training event.

Speakers Immersion Inner Circle 

Welcome to Les Brown’s exclusive inner circle! You’ll be part of an elite group who receive exclusive ongoing content and special opportunities not revealed to anyone else.

And when Les looks for new speaking talent, he will turn to this group to find it. So if you ever wanted the opportunity to potentially join Les Brown on stage, you want to be part of this inner circle.

Total Value of The Les Brown Digital Immersion Speakers Toolkit is: $3,082

Take Advantage Of This Opportunity And Get Complete Digital Immersion Access For Just One Time Payment $495 Tuition Investment

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