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Deep Conversion Game System – Christian McQueen

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I’m Christian McQueen and I’ll be your host throughout the entire system.

1. Throughout many of the modules, there will be written information on the video that I will not narrate. I narrate most of it, but doing it all would take up a ton of time and I know you want to get converting ASAP! When this happens, simply hit ‘PAUSE’ on the video, read the information on the screen and then hit ‘Play’ when you’re ready. There is a TON of information in this course, so reading it will definitely increase your chances for success.

2. Almost done! This is an all-encompassing system. Meaning, if you were to just watch one module and try it out, it wouldn’t make sense. You need to watch the ENTIRE system for all of the puzzle pieces to fit. This system is very thorough and each module is designed to work with the others.

3. Have fun! This is some intense game knowledge I’ve laid out for you, but remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

Module 01 – Deep Conversion Overview

In this video, I explain what Deep Conversion is and take you into the world of Lust, Infatuation, Love and Obsession, backing my real world experience with science.  I also dive into the world of the famous seducer Casanova to explain his mindset with women and how it will help you during your conversions.

Module Time Length: 28:37

Module 02 – The Types of Conversions

In this module, I explain step-by-step the different types of the most common conversions and give you practical steps to implement each one.

Module Time Length: 28:44

Module 03 – Selecting the Girl

In this module I break-down which girls are the best types to convert and which ones to avoid. Choosing the right girl is integral to your success.

Module Time Length: 29:08

Module 04 – Selecting Your Convert Profile

In this module, I show you the 5 main archetypes of guys who get laid and the 5 main archetypes of guys who don’t. I also show you which guys match up best with the 4 main types of girls to convert.

Module Time Length: 21:21

Module 05 – Timeline of Deep Conversion

In this module, I show you exactly what to do and when to do it during the entire process, from meeting the girl to her successful conversion.

Get Deep Conversion Game System – Christian McQueen, Only Price $42

Module Time Length: 41:51

Module 06 – Kink in the Pink (Sexual Mastery) Part 1

In this module, Part 1 of Kink In The Pink (Sexual Mastery), I show you how to have mind-blowing sex with your girl, cover dealing with premature ejaculation, what to do if you can’t get hard and a ton of other stuff.

Module Time Length: 31:05

Module 07 – Kink in the Pink (Sexual Mastery) Part 2

In this module, Part 2 of Kink In The Pink (Sexual Mastery), I show you how to turn on her mind, the most important aspect of the sex.

Module Time Length: 22:20

Module 08 – Kink in the Pink (Sexual Mastery) Part 3

In this module, Part 3 of Kink In The Pink (Sexual Mastery), I teach you how to make her cum. Short and sweet, this technique will have you making girls squirt like Niagara Falls.

Module Time Length: 12:12

Module 09 – The Withdrawl and Pleasure Method

In this module, I show you how to take your girl on an emotional roller-coaster, a key aspect of keeping her addicted to your presence.

Module Time Length: 14:17

Module 10 – Behavioural Consequences

In this module, I explain and give you specific techniques to use when she acts out and when she acts good.

Module Time Length: 10:03

Module 11 – Creating a Bubble

In this module, I explain how to Create A Bubble, walking you through a real-life example and breaking it down step-by-step.

Module Time Length: 19:58

Module 12 – Fools Paradise Paradox

In this module, I show you a technique using something you already have to get her to open up to you and create more intimacy.

Module Time Length: 16:46

Module 13 – Dealing with False Accusations and Rape Charges

In this module, I dive into a topic that no one wants to address, but is necessary for men to avoid a potentially disastrous situation.

Module Time Length: 12:11

Module 14 – Convert Conclusion

In the final module, I share some more tips and wrap up the system.

Module Time Length: 6:39

Bonus Module 01 – A Man in Demand Academy – Module 01

Welcome to Module 1 of A Man In Demand Academy!

In this module, I breakdown the key aspects to success with women and how to get them.

Module Video Length: 46:42 (includes videos, PowerPoint and Voice-Over)

Bonus Module 02 – A Man in Demand Academy – Module 02

Welcome to Module 2 of A Man In Demand Academy!

In this module, I breakdown Body Language of An Alpha Male showing you exactly what to do.

Module Video Length: 39:14 (includes videos, PowerPoint and Voice-Over)

Get Deep Conversion Game System – Christian McQueen, Only Price $42

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