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DC2000 – Ross Jeffries

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Ignite Women’s Passions From The Deepest Level Of Their Minds… And By-Pass ALL Conditioning That Kept Them From Sleeping With You And Wildly Enjoying It!

Incredible DC 2000 Seminar Videos Teach You To By-Pass Women’s Social Programming And Unleash Their Deepest Erotic Potential And Response, From The Part Of Their Minds That Cannot Be Denied!

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Ignite Women’s Passions From The Deepest Level Of Their Minds… And By-Pass ALL Conditioning That Kept Them From Sleeping With You And Wildly Enjoying It!

Incredible DC 2000 Seminar Videos Teach You To By-Pass Women’s Social Programming And Unleash Their Deepest Erotic Potential And Response, From The Part Of Their Minds That Cannot Be Denied!

“Think of seduction as being about this: the process of opening and energizing a deeper level of a woman’s mind where she feels free; where she feels permission to respond outside of or even against the social rules for her responses and equally free to respond outside of what she herself used to find attractive.”… Ross Jeffries, Tape1 of this series…

Dear Friend,

What if seduction was about freeing women? What if it was about an enjoyable, elegant, fun process of opening and freeing a woman from her traditional ideas about what she found attractive and giving her full permission to respond to you in ways that would rock your world, starch the sheets and break the bed over and over again?

In short, how would you move, feel, and be differently, if you knew that you could awaken and pleasure women beyond anything they’d ever experienced or imagined… so that every molecule of who they are vibrated in gratitude…at just the slightest thought of your touch? And to do it in a way where even the possibility of resistance could not ever occur?

Well… if all this looks… sounds… and FEELS exciting… now…… this is the video set that will make this dream and MORE your everyday waking reality

Revealed At Last: The Secret Of Rapidly And Irresistibly By-Passing A Woman’s “Critical” Factor And Making Your Message Resonate In The Deepest Parts Of Her Mind

Listen; like any technology, Speed Seduction is evolving. And if all you’re doing is quoting memorized patterns without truly knowing how and where to aim your words, you’re still way ahead of the guys who don’t know this stuff. But compared to what we’re teaching in-depth in these videos…

You’re Living In The Speed Seduction Stone-Age!

So pay attention while I reveal to you an unbelievably powerful secret that you can use to dramatically increase the power of your persuasive communication in ANY field of endeavor; from the bedroom to the boardroom, for work or pleasure, with babes or with the boss. And here it is: beneath the ordinary, surface structures of the mind…the structures that sort for what is socially acceptable or what a person is used to believing or wanting, lays a much deeper, much more suggestible structure. When you can aim your communication at this structure… at what I call ” the sea of suggestibility”, what you say, regardless of content….

… Is Powerfully, Even Irresistibly Acted On And Accepted!!

In this video series, I will teach you how to skillfully incorporate and use the methods and forms (as opposed to content) of communication that AUTOMATICALLY by-pass the critical, social levels of her mind and go straight to the hyper-suggestible part that acts on and makes your patterning language HER reality. You’ll learn to seamlessly weave stories, metaphor, poems, guided visualizations and a single, powerful question into a seduction framework that not only makes the CONTENT of what you say 5 to 10 times more impactful, but also gives the women you seduce an incredibly broad range of erotic response, once you DO seduce them.

Reduce The Need For “Memorized Patterns” By Up To 83%

Ok… did you like THAT statistic? Actually, I’m not quite sure what the number is. But the beauty of this method is that once you understand it, you’ll be able to use the responses that SHE gives you in the moment to generate “patterns” on the fly and make sure you can aim them to the right part of her mind for absolute, panty-wetting, chest-heaving, thigh-burning, maximum effect!

In fact, what excites me most about this course, is that Tape 2 includes a half hour demonstration of me working with a woman and alternating skillfully back and forth between asking questions, re-incorporating her responses to build even deeper responses in her mind, using that place to get even deeper responses, and re-incorporating those….and so on and so on and so on until she is glowing so damn brightly you could use her to light up O’Hare airfield on a cold, winter night!

  • How To Fly Right Under Her “Social Approval” Radar *
  • How To Master Three Different Ways Of Opening And Energizing The Fourth Level Of Her Mind *
  • Detailed Demonstration Of The Questions Approach And Anchoring/Incorporating Answers *
  • Building Deep Rapport Through Demonstrating Understanding
  • SettingYourself Up As The Erotic Authority Of Her Life *
  • The Three Step Process Of Seductive Conditioning Over Time *
  • Fractionating Conversationally To Build Much Deeper Trance And Responsiveness! *
  • Continuing Conditioning WHEN YOU ARE NOT PHYSICALLY PRESENT! *
  • Setting Up Multi-Layered, Self-Replicating Sex-Thought Loops That Get Her To Rehearse Being With You Sexually…Thus Pre-Programming Her To Take Action With And JUMP ON YOU! *

Plus Major Mark takes you through some great inductions that:

  • Break Old Models Of Belief (Yours AND HERS!) *
  •  Build Your OWN Sense Of Possibility *
  • Change Your Fantasies Into Dreams *
  • Build Beliefs That Open New Opportunities Instead Of Structuring Rigid Outcomes *

Finally, this video contains some fantastic new confidence building exercises I created, including my Build A Command-Self drill as well as the Building a Magickal Self drill which I created for my Psychic Influence Seminars (yep… here’s a chance to get a sneak-peek preview of the next series of seminars I’ll be presenting world-wide!)

In short, I can honestly say that this video series represents the next logical leap above the LA. Seminar frame Control Videos and the highest and greatest evolution of Speed Seduction to date… light years beyond our first courses from 1993. So if you’ve got the Basic courses and/or the frame Control Videos, I can promise you these DC Seminar Videos will have you positively creaming in your pants at the possibilities for power, bliss, and erotic enjoyment they’ll bring to you and the women lucky enough to soon be in your life!

Hang On Just A Second… Because We Just MIGHT Not Sell This Course To You!

Look here; I’m not kidding or exaggerating when I say that after this seminar, Major Mark and I were both ecstatic and worried. Ecstatic because we had outdone ourselves and taught the very finest seminar we’d ever done together… even topping LA 99 which we THOUGHT was impossible.

But we, and especially Mark, were deeply concerned that we had skated right up to the edge of what was potentially borderline to teach. You see, what we show you on these videos won’t just get a woman temporarily turned on and horny. It holds the potential to change her very definitions of who she is, what she wants and enjoys, and how she moves through the world. And we’ve decided we will never, EVER skate that close to the line again; it’s on OUR heads and consciences if the material used on these videos from this seminar is ever used by some power-hungry sociopath to limit a woman’s choice to him, instead of EXPANDING her choices to include new possibilities.

So I can guarantee you, will we NEVER teach this kind of thing again, in ANY seminar. And I swear on my sweet kitty Tabby’s life, my money and on my pee-pee for that matter, these videos are your only chance to learn this material. But because the info they contain CAN be abused, we are going to put people through an interview process.


P.S. Really, I’m not kidding about the qualifying interview. Major Mark will kill me if we sell this to the wrong folks and I’d feel bad as well. This is a major leap above the traditional Speed Seduction stuff covered in the Basic and even Advanced courses. This is getting to and touching parts of her mind that define what is real, and it therefore gives YOU that power. And that is something to be taken with the awesome responsibility and power that comes with it.

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