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Dating Accelerator – James Marshall

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Learn the fundamentals of approaching, getting numbers and going on dates in a practical 3 week course.

  • Even if you’re a complete beginner
  • Even if you’ve never cold-approached before
  • Even if you have no idea where to start

This field-tested course will guide you step-by-step on how to start approaching and meeting women in your everyday life.

Why Most Guys Who Discover Seduction Never See Any Results And What To Do About It

If you’ve just started out on your seduction journey, it’s perfectly normal to be completely confused about how to seduce beautiful women.

The Dating Accelerator – a comprehensive online video course by James Marshall is the perfect place to start.

In this 3-week program you’ll learn the fundamentals of approaching beautiful women, getting numbers and going on dates, with lifetime access to all video modules to return to as you develop in skill and results.


Before I explain the course, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that men don’t talk about.

Most men spend their lives living with ‘oneitis’, an obsession with one girl they know (and often repeating this pattern with another girl every year or so)

They have their eye on a girl who’s ‘special’. Which means she’s not like the rest, in fact she’s better than any other girl out there. He hopes that one day he’s going to finally confess his love for her, and she’ll fall head over heels in love with them.

Get Dating Accelerator – James Marshall, Only Price $52

Happily ever after, right?

Not likely. Most of the time the girl thought of them only as friends, is completely taken off guard by the sudden confession and gently but firmly makes it clear that he needs to stay where he belongs..
That’s right.

In the Friendzone.


Meanwhile, some guys have managed to convince themselves that they’ve got their dating life ‘under control’. Things are going ‘according to plan’.

Girls sometimes check them out when they’re at a bar with friends, they have a couple of options they could ‘make a move on’ in their social circle, and of course, the ace up their sleeve – Tinder.

Which to be brutally honest are just distraction strategies to ignore the cold, hard fact that most of their single life is spent, alone, frustrated and horny.

Last but not least is the guy who has retreated almost completely from women and dating. Faced with the prospect of having to take responsibility for meeting women, he’s decided to burrow down in a bunker, to hide away from the world and focus on his studies, career, or worse, video games… hoping that one day the right girl will come along.

Starting to sound familiar?

I get it. After all, this whole puzzle of dating and meeting women can seem incredibly confusing.

It’s not like they taught it to you in school, and unless you had an alpha guy around to show you the ropes when you were growing up how were you supposed to figure it out?

As someone who has been through this phase, what I call ‘Beginner’s Hell’, I can tell you right away that unless you start taking responsibility and make something happen, it’s never going to change.

I can count on one hand the amount of times girls have asked me out on a date.

I don’t even need hands to count the amount of times I’ve had girls initiate sex with me.

The illusion that you either ‘have it’ or you don’t, that you’re either ‘good with women’ or a total lost case is just that: an illusion.

But right now, if you’ve just found out about seduction, you’re sitting somewhere in between. If you’ve never been coached by someone who knows what they’re doing, never taken a workshop and aren’t out approaching women every day, you’re in ‘Beginner’s Hell’.

This means that you’re convincing yourself that what you’re doing is working, when really it’s the seduction equivalent of running on a hamster wheel.

Waiting around and hoping that life will present you the perfect opportunity so you don’t have to try, don’t have to take any risks and most importantly…

You don’t have to get rejected.


Maybe you occasionally stumble into a conversation with a girl at a bar, party, or even the odd cold approach on the street and it can be easy to think you’re getting somewhere. In truth that level of effort is like going to the gym and doing one bicep curl a week.

Sure, you can lull yourself to sleep at night justifying that you’re going to the gym.

But you’re not really putting the work in.

And you’re not going to see any gains.

Now, maybe you’re happy to play it safe. Maybe you’re fine with the slow results you’re getting so far and have convinced yourself there’s no need to do any more.

If that’s you, I’d suggest you just stop reading right here.

Because what I’m about to reveal to you is going to change the way that you think about dating and seduction. 


I Know How You Feel

Up until now you may have believed that you’re doing everything you can to get the women you really want.

That working on your career, or improving your physique, or trying to fill your life with nice suits, fancy cars and a slick apartment that will one one day, eventually, sometime in the future, land you your dream girl.

Trust me, I know the feeling. I used to be a musician with dreams of making it big and having women throwing themselves at me, just BEGGING for a chance to share the limelight with a famous rock star, even if just for a moment.

Yet this never happened. I’d walk away utterly disappointed having played my heart out to another tiny audience, settling for the same few groupies who were into me but weren’t exactly the amazing quality women I had in mind in my rock star fantasy.

I had everything banking on this. I believed that if I didn’t hit the bigtime, I was never going to get the women I dreamed about.

I was terrified I’d spend the rest of my life jealous of other guys who made it seem so easy, who had hot girls hanging off them and acted like it was no big deal.

Until I realized that seduction isn’t some elusive skill reserved for the Don Juan’s of the world.

It’s a skill you can learn.


Within months of learning how to approach women on the streets and out at night, I was dating the kinds of women I’d fantasized about and who NEVER turned up to my shows. It was a bizarre wakeup call to realize that all that complicated, time consuming effort I’d put into trying to win women over with status had been wasted and in fact…

…the solution was far simpler.

By now very likely you’ve been watching guys like me and other dating coaches online approaching women on the street.

You’ve wondered if that’s possible for you. If you could ever just walk up to a beautiful woman on the street, a complete stranger, and not only stop her dead in her tracks, but have a flirty fun conversation AND get her number.

Who knows, maybe you’ve even tried it, but haven’t seen the results you were expecting.

Either way, I’m sure the question that’s still on your mind is this:

” How do I go from being a complete beginner to being as good as these dating coaches? “

For me to answer that question, let me take you back to my early days as a young man, starting out as a martial artist…

Now, growing up as a kid, I wasn’t exactly part of the cool crowd. 

In fact, as someone who was into opera singing and playing the flute, I’d often get beaten up after school and have to walk home with bruises and cuts everywhere.

Masculinity in Australia in the 80’s didn’t really exist along a spectrum. It’s more just black and white. You’re either a beer drinking, sports loving ute driver (that’s like a pick-up truck, but easier for Australian men to pronounce when they’re drunk), which means you qualify as a man, or you’re a poofta (aka a homosexual), and definitely NOT a man.

Not exactly a lot of room in there for a young kid with artistic talent. I didn’t really like sports, or drinking beer, and I wasn’t old enough to drive a ute…in fact, none of the kids were. But they didn’t really need any more reasons to beat me up.

Now of course, my parents and teachers suggested I dealt with the savage bullying diplomatically: “Why don’t you just settle the argument with words?”. “Try reasoning with them!”. “Report them to the teachers!”. I tried that and ended up with more beatings.

Eventually I started looking for a way to defend myself…and as a kid I was fascinated by Kung-Fu movies.

You know, seeing Bruce Lee fend off 10 guys by himself, Jet Li effortlessly taking down a guy twice his size and Jackie Chan’s crazy moves.

And I thought to myself “man, I need to learn how to fight like those guys!”

So I pulled out a phonebook, since there was no google in those days (now I’m really showing my age!), and scouted out some martial arts schools nearby. 

That’s when I came across Shaolin Kung Fu.

From the moment I saw the instructors practicing I knew this was the style for me. They moved with such grace, yet wielded such power. Not to mention the amazing things they could do with their energy…

Excited, I signed up for lessons, only to find it nothing like I imagined. No swinging swords around or exotic looking White Crane combinations.

First, my master made me practice painful postures for hours on end.

Picture it. Me just standing there, moving from what I thought was basic boring pose to pose while the advanced students were doing super cool kung fu forms.

Then I had to strike a bag of sand over and over until my hands ached.

And when the bag of sand seemed to have been hit enough for one day, I’d have to hit it some more the next!

It started to feel less like “Enter The Dragon” and more like “Karate Kid”, waxing on and waxing off for the rest of time, eventually fading away and dying of old age…

I’ll be honest with you. Eventually I got fed up and was about to quit, when my master sat me down and said,

“James. Less than 1 in 10 guys who join this class last more than a year. The ones who stay and eventually reach mastery are the ones who fall in love with the first movement they were taught.

They return to it over and over, finding endless depth and grace in it until they see the whole system is help in that first movement.

I’ve given you the key to the kingdom, it’s your choice if you stay and explore its mystery.”

Get Dating Accelerator – James Marshall, Only Price $52

A light bulb went off in my head.

For the first time I was able to see that really learning Kung Fu, I mean actually becoming a master, wasn’t about being able to pull off some flashy moves.

It wasn’t going to be like those movies I had been watching where the hero learns some special killer move, or discovers the secret manual with the ancient technique that beats all of the others.

I didn’t care anymore about beating the bullies, or looking like an action star. I wanted to embody this artform and dedicate myself to this truth.

What makes the difference is learning the fundamentals, and mastering them.

Without going through that process, I had no hope of learning the impressive looking jump kicks and Eagle Claw techniques that had got me into Kung Fu in the first place. Even if I tried to mimic them, I wouldn’t understand the principles behind them and their combat applications.

The reason I was practicing these basics over and over again was to build a solid foundation which would then be the base for the more advanced moves.

That one key insight had relit the burning fire within me, and I was suddenly determined to do whatever it took to master the basics.

What did that look like you ask?




Awareness of what’s going on.

Meticulous attention to detail.

I applied myself to mastering every single nuance of the basics, no matter how insignificant it may have seemed.

And over time I saw the pieces coming together. I saw my form improving, the moves becoming more natural, and a sense of ease and relaxation whenever I went to train.

The biggest lesson I had learned was not how to throw a perfect punch, or how to do a flying kick.

It was that the old adage which we hear from our parents over and over again, but never truly take to heart, is true.

Practice makes perfect.

Actually, perfect practice makes perfect. 

That is, having the right teacher, a pure and effective method and then countless hours of perfect practice.

Now, you may be thinking:

“But James…what the hell does that have to do with meeting girls?”


Remember how I said that seduction isn’t something you’re just gifted with by fate, being good with women isn’t something you’re born with. It’s something you can learn. It’s not about memorising some snappy list of lines and tricks to impress women with.

Having seen the level of mastery I could achieve with Kung Fu simply by focusing on the basics, I knew that I could do the same thing with dating and meeting women.

Instead of expecting to pull off some super smooth James Bond banter with the first girl I approached, sweeping her off her feet and whisking her away to the bedroom, I went back to basics and focused on the fundamentals.

I went out and approached.

A lot.

And I got rejected.

A lot.

But all throughout this process I kept my focus on the longer game.

I realized this wasn’t about that one special girl who I was going finally get with, it was about many girls. Over many years.

It was about the rest of my life.

If I wanted to get good and this, and I mean, REALLY good, I needed to master the fundamentals first.

It wasn’t going to be some hit or miss process, hoping the girl I approached just happened to think I was handsome enough to sleep with me.

Nor was I going to wait around to be in some kind of peak ‘state’ in order to meet women.

When I was in ‘Beginner’s Hell’, all I was focused on was getting good at the fundamentals. 

And let me assure you, it wasn’t easy. But it was worth it. Within a year I was dating women I previously thought were well outside my league.

The year after that I had 5 incredible girlfriends who all knew about each other. Since then I’ve had a decade of sexual adventures that most rock stars would be envious of.

Looking back on those early years, it’s crystal cIear to me that the difference that made the difference, was about consistently working on those fundamentals.

Since becoming a dating coach, I recognize the same mistaken mindsets in students who come to me for help.

I know that somewhere deep inside they hope that I’m going to give them some hidden secret that would fix all of their problems.

Some of them even confessed to copying down word for word the openers they’d seen me use on YouTube, thinking that it was a magical pick-up line, only to find it didn’t get the same result.

So if you’re reading this, I know you’re probably wondering how you’re ever going to make the leap from watching videos of me approaching gorgeous women in the middle of the day to actually doing it yourself, AND getting the girl out on a date.

You could try to understand the basics by watching our videos, things like holding eye-contact, giving her a compliment, even posture and body language. Admittedly some guys see small success from doing this.

This is the equivalent of watching a Kung Fu movie and trying to dissect the moves you see and guess the principles behind them, pausing and rewinding back dozens of times to try to get it right.

But even if you mimic the moves and words, you’re never going to understand what you’re doing. You’ll never know why it works or doesn’t.

As soon as you get thrown a curveball, some unexpected situation that you haven’t seen in my videos, you’ll be clueless as to how to deal with it.

Eventually you’re going to end up confused and frustrated. You’ll be watching these women walk away from you completely helpless to change it.

That’s the first step on the road to burnout, and soon enough you’ll have quit for good. You’ll tell yourself that it doesn’t work, that those videos were faked, and that you will never get the girls you really want.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

There is a solution

If you really want to learn the exact steps you need to be taking when you’re approaching, the complete A-Z that will get the girl to stop, give you her attention, and agree to go on the date with you, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible for you this year.

I’ve released online courses before, like the 5 Principles of Natural Seduction which is designed to teach you the deeper underlying principles of how seduction works.

But before you even get to the stage where you can “see the matrix” and master your social and sexual world, it’s important that you move steadily through ‘Beginner’s Hell’. That you master the fundamentals you need to be ready for those deeper principles.

You need to know…

  • How to stop a girl
  • How to get her to relax and give you her attention
  • What to say
  • How to have an engaging conversation and..
  • How to get her number in a way that she will actually meet up with you and not flake. 

That’s why I’ve created this breakthrough course, designed to save you from wasting years on stuff that doesn’t work, and to avoid the harrowing trial and error that I had to go through.

Get Dating Accelerator – James Marshall, Only Price $52



The Dating Accelerator is a 3 week course that’s going to teach you everything you need to know about approaching and connecting with women in a confident, natural way that actually leads to real results.

It’s been designed to avoid any confusion about what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, and instead give you a step-by-step guide on how to start approaching women just like you see on my videos.

You may have bought seduction courses in the past, but from what I’ve seen there’s a lot of junk out there that promise the moon but are not based on any field tested methods. Most are the result of internet marketers figuring out what men search for on google and creating “secret techniques created by a team of CIA psy-ops scientists” and never give you any kind of practical steps to take.

Once you get past the hype these programs end up being a series of lame pick-up lines which promise to magically seduce every woman you meet, while never have to face your fears, get rejected or approach a lot of women.

I’m not some marketing wiz writing to you from his mother’s basement who pumps out phony e-books and who’s afraid to put his real face on his products.

I’ve coached thousands of students over the last 10 years both in-field and in online masterminds.

I know what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve decided that the best way for you to learn how to approach is to give you a complete breakdown of the steps you need to take, complete with structures that take you from approach to date, in-field breakdowns, and even weekly missions to ensure you’re taking action.

Over the course of 3 weeks you’ll gain access to a new modules to watch each week via a private membership site, building step by step into a coherent natural and simple to use system.

The modules contain a simplified theory breakdown, followed by practical guidance for how to implement this into your daily life when meeting women.

You’ll also have access to an exclusive private Facebook group where you can get accountability, ask questions and relate your experiences with other guys just like you.

Here’s a brief overview of what I’ll teach you in the course:


In the very first week we’ll be focusing on in-field and how to meet women, the key steps you need to take to get out there and start approaching women.

Yes, you read that correctly. No waiting until weeks into the course before you finally get to the good stuff. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The quickest, easiest way to break through your approach anxiety and start talking to women.
  • What NEVER to do when you first approach a woman.
  • The QUICKEST and EASIEST way to come up with an opener if you suddenly have to approach a woman and haven’t had time to think about it.
  • The most COMMON mistakes guys make when they’re talking to women (and how to avoid them!)
  • The amazing “QAC” conversational framework that will mean you never get stuck making small talk about the weather again.
  • Why at least 90% of the numbers you get will flake and the one thing you can do to prevent it.


Just as the outer game is important, what you say and do, so is the Inner Game, your internal mindsets and beliefs.

That’s why week 2 is focused on Inner Game and how you can use it to overcome approach anxiety and the nerves most men experience when speaking to a beautiful woman. You’ll learn all about:

  • Four CORE MINDSETS that will revolutionise your dating life from Shae Matthews, a master of Inner Game.
  • Two TRAPS that cause men the biggest PAIN in their lives!
  • How to overcome LIMITING BELIEFS that are holding you back from seduction success
  • The TRUTH about why you’re not living up to your full potential and how to change it!
  • If you want to have more beautiful women in your life, you should focus all of your energy on getting better at seduction, right? WRONG! Learn why this mindset is costing you dates and sex!

Week 3: DATING

And last but certainly not least, in Week 3 we’ll be covering dating. After you’ve approached the girl and gotten her number, it’s important to know how to follow up and get her out on a date.

Here’s what’s in store for week three:

  • Are you setting yourself up to fail before the date even starts? Learn why pre-planning an elaborate first date is always going to be a disaster.
  • A dire WARNING: The 3 worst types of dates you can take her on that will GUARANTEE you’ll never hear from her again.
  • What are the best ideas for a first date? The surprising answer will ensure you never have to sit through an awkward dinner date again.
  • Women will slot you into one of three categories within the first 10 minutes of the date. What are they? Learn all about them in week 3.
  • How to generate sexual tension through eye contact, touching and getting physical on a date
  • How to get a date off to a good start and continue this into a meeting that has the momentum of a crazy sexual adventure.
  • PLUS: The best way to follow up after a killer first date.


Let me put it like this. In just three weeks you’re getting access to knowledge that would take months, perhaps even years for you to uncover yourself.

(and that’s only after you work up the courage to start approaching!)

Think of all of those hours wasted, wandering around on the streets, trying to muster up the courage to even say hello to someone, eventually finding an old lady and asking her the time, if only to justify to yourself that you made some kind of progress.

Not to mention all of the time that has already passed you by before you discovered cold approach pick-up.

Lonely nights wishing you were out on a date with a hot girl.

Blowing your chances with the one cute girl at the bar and spending half of your weeks pay on booze or expensive club entry to make the night somewhat enjoyable.

Those opportunities that continue to pass you by that you’re powerless to take action on.

And all of those women you’ve pursued, thinking if you spend enough time being her friend, spending money on the dinner or buying her flowers she’ll come around and agree to a second date with you, but knowing deep down that it was never going to work, that no amount of money could ever change her mind.

Now if you think about one of those awful dinner dates, and how much you invested, then compare how things would have played out differently if you could approach new beautiful women whenever you see them, suddenly things look very different.

Firstly, there’s no need to go all out on that one girl after not having a date for months and months, because if things don’t work out, you can always go and approach another girl, right?

Secondly, the very fact that you have that level of abundance means that you’re already getting more points with her than the fanciest dinner could because you’re not desperate for things to go well. She can sense you’re a guy who isn’t just simply out to get laid which INSTANTLY creates more attraction.

And most importantly, you’ll have so much confidence in what you’re doing and how things are playing out that the pressure will be on HER to impress YOU!

So here’s the deal:

If you’re one of those guys who thinks if he watches enough videos, reads enough books and has enough dating apps, that you’ll eventually ‘crack the code’ to approaching and become an enlightened seduction master, this course isn’t for you.

No seriously, there’s no need to keep reading if you just want to find the ‘hack’ that’s going to instantly solve the problem.

But if you’re a guy who really wants to make a start on this, I mean someone who is motivated and ready to apply himself to the fundamentals, then I’m sure you’re already convinced this course is for you.

Right now, on this page only, you’re not going to have to pay a five-figure sum for the Dating Accelerator.

You won’t even pay a four figure sum, which is what we charge for our 4 Day live workshops.

And if you think back to those girls you’ve courted throughout the years, and add together the dinner dates, movies, popcorn, flowers and boxes of chocolates, you’ll be kicking yourself when you realize how much more cost efficient it would have been to learn what dating is REALLY about.”

For the Dating Accelerator 3 week course, along with the 3 free bonuses….

Get Dating Accelerator – James Marshall, Only Price $52

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