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The only content marketing system designed specifically to help B2B companies create standout content and generate qualified leads in a predictable and measurable way.

This system is designed exclusively for B2B companies to help them build consistent traffic that generates highly qualified leads, and positions your company as a thought leader in your industry in a predictable, measurable way.

We’ve personally applied this system at three different B2B companies, growing their traffic from 0 to 20,000 – 35,000 unique monthly visitors (in a year or less), and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue directly attributable to content. Now, over the past 18 months, through Grow and Convert, we’ve taught the same system to dozens of B2B companies via in person workshops and over the phone multi-month programs, and helped them achieve results like this:


We’ve assembled our system into a video and action based online training program, with options to work 1-on-1 with us in person or over the phone, so any B2B content marketer, marketing team, agency, or entrepreneur can apply it to their own business to:

  • Generate tens (or hundreds) of thousands of views every month to their blog.
  • Get better qualified traffic, so your content gets in front of your target customers.
  • Use tested conversion techniques to convert that traffic into qualified leads.
  • Build a writing team to scale content production with limited resources.

Done right, high-quality B2B content marketing can generate leads at extremely competitive customer acquisition costs (CAC), and our system will show you:

  • How to measure leads generated from content marketing so you can take the blindfolds off and know exactly what you’re getting in return from content efforts.
  • How to calculate content marketing CAC and compare it to acquisition costs from other channels like outbound sales and paid ads.


Over the past 18 months, we’ve talked to hundreds of marketers inside different companies who’ve told us about the unique challenges they face in running content marketing for B2B businesses (e.g., software, service, agencies):


Yes, of course B2B content marketers want traffic, but they have a unique challenge we hear about over and over again: Getting higher quality, more qualified traffic. If you’re a B2B marketer, in the end, you’re not after pageviews, you don’t sell ads and you don’t really care about the size of your email list. You want leads: a high quality, consistent stream of leads.


To produce qualified leads, the marketers we’ve talked to know they need to create extremely targeted, relevant, high-quality content on a consistent basis.The question is how.

You may sell to specific roles inside of companies, such as: C-level executives, directors, or busy small business owners. In all cases, these B2B customers have tons of experience in your field. They aren’t impressed by “Top 10” posts and listicles.

Buzz Feed

Buzzfeed monetizes any pageview. You need qualified leads.

Buzzfeed can produce listicles all day and get clicks by the thousands from an untargeted, indistinguishable heap of bored workers on their lunch break, and it’s fine for them because all pageviews are the same, all pageviews lead to ad impressions.

You don’t have that luxury. Site visits are worth nothing to your company if they aren’t coming from your target audience.

One visit from a C-level executive that is looking to buy your enterprise software or hire an agency just like yours is worth immeasurably more than 1,000 visits from random consumers. So you can’t produce clickbait, you need to produce high quality content that will make them read on, subscribe, request a meeting or at least be impressed by your brand.

And you need to do it consistently. But how?

Here are quotes from marketers who have emailed us about producing better content:

“I can come up with some good surface level topics, but I can’t propose any ground breaking topics like I know some people in the industry can.”

“with finite resources we struggle to put out the level of content I would like”

“…identifying topics for articles that drive the right kind of customers.”


If you’re a B2B marketer, agency owner, or entrepreneur we know you’re wearing many hats, so time is tight. And for many growing businesses, budget is also tight.

So it’s no surprise that many marketers we’ve talked to tell us they know they need to create better quality content to get more qualified traffic, but they don’t have time. Writing takes a lot of time, and they’re also managing social media, drip campaigns, landing pages, and more.

If you run your own B2B business (agency, early stage startup, etc.), it’s even worse, you’re also talking to clients, doing customer support, or just running the whole businesses. You have even less time.

How do you produce quality content at scale without having time for anything else or spending a fortune?

Here’s what a few marketers with limited resources have written to us over email:

“Our biggest challenge at the moment is trying to determine where to allocate resources while still trying to fill out resources (essentially, where will we get the most bang for our buck).”

“We’re a small team so I think for now less often and higher quality could be the way forward.”


Even the companies that are confident they are already producing high quality content have this challenge. How do you get your content seen by your target market?

Sharing your posts on social media is not enough. It doesn’t drive consistent leads or qualified traffic (or, often, any traffic at all) to your content.

Promotion is hard for any company, but for a B2B business that is looking to attract busy executives or managers in highly specific roles, it’s even more of a challenge. You need to be extremely strategic in where and how you promote.

Without figuring this promotion and distribution piece out, it’s hard to make B2B content marketing work.

Here’s what B2B marketers struggling with content promotion have said to us:

“Our #1 content marketing challenge is getting our content in front of our prospect audience. Typically we target the owner who is busy running a £5-10M businesses, are unlikely to read our blogs.”

“How to get my content to move past my friends in the social spheres [to] get more traffic…. I’m working now on a blog post with a much better more attractive headline.”


Finally, if you’ve done everything else right, you need to know how to convert traffic into leads, and you need to measure how well you’re doing. Without those two pieces, content will always take a backseat to sales because no one in the company will know how much business it’s really bringing in.

The sales team shows numbers, does your marketing team? Readers of Grow and Convert that have been in sales driven organizations know this:

piltdownman 8 months ago

I’ll make a couple of quick notes. Most C-level people come out of sales. They truly believe it’s what drives their companies Look at job postings for Marketing people and you’ll see; “1-2 years of experience. $13/hr.” This is how much they believe in marketing.

How do you measure lead generation from content when it can help in so many different ways, at so many different stages of the funnel?

Is it best to just not try to measure it, count social followers or email list size and say that content is helping build “brand awareness”?

These are real questions B2B content marketers and CMOs have when thinking about the ROI of content marketing.

Here are a few quotes from marketers that wrote to us about this:

“We have the content and the eyeballs – we struggle with capturing, nurturing (nothing in-place currently) and conversion.”

“My number one challenge is understanding how to back into a content / digital marketing plan that will deliver X amount of leads in a given month…it’s hard to know in advance if getting to X amount of leads / month is even a possibility prior to starting, as well as the capital & people requirements to accomplish that aim.”


To solve these challenges, you need to change the way you’re doing content marketing, and you can start by avoiding 3 of the most common mistakes we see…


Traffic is great, but as the first challenge states, what matters to your business isleads — qualified leads.

To get them, and conquer many of the B2B challenges mentioned above, you need to reframe your goals. Traffic can’t be the end goal. You can get some traffic with listicles and high-level “me too” content that is indistinguishable from what your competitors are producing. But will the traffic from those pieces include your target customers? Will the c-level executives, directors, or business owners you’re selling with decades of experience in your industry read yet another list of top tips on their own industry? Or will that content only attract beginners?

Don’t get us wrong, we focus on promotion and distribution extensively in this system and without a baseline of traffic, you can’t even hope to get leads.

But to make it work, you need to start at the beginning and define who you’re targeting, research them extensively, dissect what works and what doesn’t, understand what they’re thinking at different stages of the buying funnel, and then strategically craft a content plan that includes specific content for different types (such as the 6 B2B Content Frameworks we outline in our system), for buyers at different stages of the funnel, with specific calls to action, and promoted in specific ways.

This is how you solve the 5 challenges above, not by simply opening Google Analytics and staring at your traffic numbers every week.


You would be shocked how many times we’ve walked into a company, projected one of their latest blog posts on the wall, and asked “Has anyone in here talked to an actual customer who told you they needed this exact information?” and not a single hand was raised. So why was that blog post written?

(Hint: Zero percent of your customers have actually asked for a list of 10 tips about your industry. Zero.)

Or, we’ve worked with a number of businesses that have a wide base of customers: “We sell to enterprise, SMBs, in finance, and healthcare, and travel.”

Then they try to satisfy all of these customers profiles with different content pieces and end up creating a hodgepodge of high level content on a wide range of topics.

Nothing is focused, nothing stands out.

The truth is, you need to nip this problem in the bud, before you write content. We never start a live workshop with a company with content, we start with their customers first. We spend hours on this step, and only then do we move on to content ideas.


The resources challenge mentioned above is real, and it’s a mistake to try to solve it by “just working harder.” Writing does take a ton of time, and at some point in the process (far earlier than you would think), it doesn’t make sense for the marketer to do the writing in addition to all of the other work to make content marketing work.


A B2B Content Marketing System

These challenges and mistakes for B2B marketers are real. We had to learn them the hard way. Over the years we’ve devised solutions to all of the mistakes and challenges B2B marketers face in regards to content marketing. That’s why we partnered together to join our years of experience building traffic and converting it to develop a complete system for B2B content marketing: Customers from Content.

Customers from Content is a complete system, which means it covers the entire process of generating steady, predictable leads from content marketing, whether you’re starting content marketing from scratch or growing an existing operation:













Over the past 18 months, while we’ve been writing blog posts under Grow and Convert in the foreground, we’ve been applying our system to over a dozen companies, having multiple phone calls and lessons over many weeks or spending full day intensive sessions with them in their office.

We’ve been tweaking and applying and tweaking and applying.

Now we’ve assembled all of the strategies we’ve tested on real companies into an online self-paced training program so that any B2B marketing team, individual marketer, agency owner, or entrepreneur can use it to grow traffic, leads, and sales from content.

The online program is like nothing we've produced before.

It includes:

  • 38 HD streaming videos that explain each module and lesson of our system in-depth (in 7-20 minute digestible videos)
  • Devesh or Benji narrating in each video, giving a personal feel through the entire program (screenshots below)
  • Detailed downloadable slides for each video that you can share with your team or reference at any time
  • Examples, case studies, and teardowns of multiple different B2B businesses in each module
  • A live, editable Working Document with action items and brainstorming ideas where you'll build your content strategy as you go
  • 2 custom spreadsheet models to calculate Cost of Acquisition and decide which conversion path is best for your business
  • 3 Live, recorded Q&A video calls with Benji and Devesh where you can ask detailed questions and get answers
  • Access to the private CFC Slack Group where you can network with and learn from the CFC community

When you apply this system, you’ll be able to:

  • Produce high quality, relevant content that attracts your company’s ideal customers.
  • Have a plan to promote each piece beyond just sharing on social media.
  • Know beforehand which posts will likely convert leads and which won’t.
  • Create tailored calls to action for key articles.
  • Know when to capture emails to nurture or when to go directly of the sale.
  • Calculate ROI & model the CAC of your content marketing (vs. sales and paid media CAC)
  • Build and manage a team of writers to scale your content operation


User Research

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 mistake B2B content marketers make (that makes it difficult for them to attract qualified leads.)
  • How to identify your absolute best customers (even if you serve multiple company sizes or verticals)
  • Our 3 layers of tactics to deeply understand the pain points of your target customers. Once you do this, solving Challenge #2 above becomes infinitely easier.
  • Crystal clear teardowns of specific content vs. mirage content
  • How and why the main problem stems from a lack of user research, not writing style or experience.

You’ll get an exact action plan in your working content strategy document to take action immediately.


Content Strategy

You’ll learn:

  • Our 6 B2B Content Frameworks.
  • How to produce focused, specific content that attracts the right audience.
  • How the 6 frameworks can be used to attract customers at different stages of the buyers’ journey (most content marketers don’t think of content in this way).
  • The right mix content frameworks for a good blend of leads and traffic.
  • Multiple teardowns of content in the 6 frameworks.

You’ll take action immediately by developing ideas for each framework in your working content strategy document. You can also get quick feedback from us and other members in our private Slack group.


Content Promotion

You’ll learn:

  • Why just “sharing on social” and “sending an email” isn’t enough to get your content seen by your ideal customers
  • How to flip your thinking about promotion from a list of channels to a deep understanding of your target customers’ online behaviors
  • Our Community Content Promotion Strategy
  • How to develop targeted partnerships with influential sites
  • How to “work your way up” with influencers and sites to slowly build credibility
  • When to have guest posts on your site vs. guesting posting on other sites
  • How to leverage certain content frameworks into PR opportunities that drive tons of traffic.

You’ll take action immediately by developing a list of promotion channels and communities in your content strategy working document and having a new process to promote your content before and after it’s published.



You’ll learn:

  • Why deciding between email newsletter (nurture) based CTAs and direct lead capture is the most important conversion decision you’ll make.
  • Pros and cons of 8 different call to action (CTA) placements.
  • Why thinking of CTAs and conversions on a post-by-post basis is critical (And how other content marketers just don’t think like this.)
  • When it makes sense to intentionally decrease conversion rates to improve lead quality.
  • When it makes sense to AB test so you’re not constantly feeling “AB testing guilt”.
  • See actual examples of content-based AB tests so you know where to focus.

You’ll take action immediately via a recommended starting point for your blog’s calls to action and a framework to customize and optimize from there.


Analytics & Cost Acquisition

You’ll learn:

  • Our model for computing customer acquisition cost (CAC) of content marketing
  • Our simple models for sales and paid ad CAC
  • How to compare content marketing CAC to sales and paid ad CAC
  • How to use the model to determine 1 month, 3 month, and longer term goals
  • How to decide which factors affect CAC a lot versus which don’t matter
  • Setting up Google Analytics goals to measure leads from content marketing
  • The handful of Google Analytics reports that matter for content marketers and which you can stop worrying about

You’ll take action by customizing the CAC model for your own business and using it to determine what your near term and long term goals for content marketing are. This will help focus your team (if you’re the manager) or your managers (if you’re the marketer) with actual numbers instead of just debates and opinions.


Hiring & Outsourcing

You’ll learn:

  • Why it doesn’t make sense to ask a single content marketer to also write all the content (and where this person should be focusing instead)
  • How to create high quality content using outsourced writers
  • How to find freelance writers (even if you’re in a technical niche)
  • How to evaluate freelance writers (easy, multi-filter process)
  • How much to pay freelance writers
  • How to manage freelance writers and integrate them on your team
  • Why using agencies to outsource writing (or all content marketing) doesn’t align incentives (and therefore often leads to frustration on both sides)
  • When it makes sense to hire additional employees vs scale with freelance

You’ll take action by customizing the CAC model for your own business and using it to determine what your near term and long term goals for content marketing are. This will help focus your team (if you’re the manager) or your managers (if you’re the marketer) with actual numbers instead of just debates and opinions.


01 System Vs. Tactics

Most content marketing programs talk about content marketing in generalities or list a bunch of tactics that have worked for them. We’ve produced a full end-to-end system. Each company is different, but after you, or your employee(s) take this program, you’ll have a full process from build, measure, and scale a content marketing operation.

02 Exclusively for B2B companies

Content marketing for B2C and B2B is not the same. Period. Of course there are similarities, but there are huge differences (almost nobody discusses this). This system is exclusively for B2B. We don’t waste time going over making funny viral videos or leveraging Instagram celebrities. Everything is tailored to the unique challenges of B2B companies: attracting a smaller number of high value deals, marketing to busy executives and managers, long sales cycle, niche material, technical material, computing CAC, interfacing between sales and marketing, etc.

03 Multiple Years

The instructors, Benji and Devesh, didn’t stumble upon these methods last month. We’ve worked with companies over the last 18 months teaching this system. They’ve implemented the system in real B2B companies over the last 7 years. They have a decade of combined experience on these exact systems. They’ve grown blogs to 20,000 and 35,000 unique monthly visitors and have driven hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue.

04 Multiple Companies

A lot of people have one success in content marketing and decide that they now have the knowledge to teach it to others. But there’s nuances in the approach to different types of companies and industries that people who’ve done it once don’t understand. Benji has grown content traffic for multiple companies (Vistage, ThinkApps, Everwise, and of course Grow and Convert) across different verticals. Each has it’s own quirks, he’s dealt with them. Devesh has run AB tests on content for multiple companies (When I Work, Backlinko, ValueWalk, Videofruit) of different sizes and in different verticals. We’ve taken our combined learnings and formulated this program.

05 Multiple Current Customers

We’ve tested this exact system for the past 18 months across over a dozen companies listed on this page, in all different industries. We spent time doing this for the past year and a half to make sure our system was teachable and could be implemented by real companies without us being there every day.

06 Designed to Scale

Our system isn’t just a buffet of tactics that someone (anyone!) could use to “grow”. We teach the strategy and how to execute on it. We know that a single person cannot do everything at once. Benji has lived it. So we have an entire section on outsourcing and scaling content production. We haven’t seen any other program online or offline that teaches this.

07 Networking with Other B2B Marketers

One of the benefits that past workshop participants have cited is networking with other marketers in similar roles. Everyone taking this program will be part of a private Slack Group where you can ask questions, get feedback, post content, get promotion help and interact directly with us an marketers across many different companies.

08 Conversion Focused

Because this system is built exclusively for B2B companies, it's focus is 100% on lead generation. Not traffic for traffic sake, or growing social followings. Everything we teach from user research to content to promotion and beyond is focused on getting as many leads for your business as possible.

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