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Cracking The VA Code – Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan

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Turnover can crush a business and slow it down really fast. We know from experience. When we were scaling and hiring for our first eCommerce business, we spent years hiring the wrong person. Time and time again, we would hire someone, they’d get started, and then they’d disappear. Or their attitude as awful. Or the work quality just wasn’t there. Hours of work down the drain. Each time it happened, it set our business back. We hated it. Has this ever happened to you? 

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Are you sick of hiring the wrong person?

Turnover can crush a business and slow it down really fast. We know from experience. When we were scaling and hiring for our first eCommerce business, we spent years hiring the wrong person. Time and time again, we would hire someone, they’d get started, and then they’d disappear. Or their attitude as awful. Or the work quality just wasn’t there. Hours of work down the drain. Each time it happened, it set our business back. We hated it. Has this ever happened to you? 

Do you lack an effective hiring system?

Hiring is complex. It’s not a simple task to take on as a business owner and it requires the right playbook to get you A+ hires. If you’re struggling to hire the right people, it may very well be because you don’t have the right hiring system in place yet. That’s 100% okay. We went years hiring without a good system in place…and we paid for it. Through taking this course, you’re going to get our exact hiring playbook so you have a strong foundation moving forward. Hiring without an effective system can and will lead to bad hires. Don’t make that mistake again. 

Do you dream of passing tasks off to a VA?

How many tasks do you have on your plate right now? Probably too many to even count, right?! Scaling a business requires constant delegation. If you don’t, you end up working 10+ hours per day IN the business on menial and repetitive tasks. You never have time to work ON the business thinking about strategy, growth, and scale. A reliable VA can turn the tables. A reliable VA can take small, time consuming tasks off your plate so you can focus on the bigger picture. They can communicate with you each day regarding their tasks, they can take on new projects as you have them, and they can be a strong backbone to your business. 

When we started building our first business, we did EVERYTHING. Bookkeeping, inventory management, customer service, product listing, sales, marketing, design…you name it and one of us did it. We loved setting everything up, but then we were stuck. We couldn’t think of how to grow because we were so wrapped up in the operations and nitty-gritty of the business. Sound familiar? We knew something had to change and that’s when we were introduced to the idea of virtual assistants. It would be one of the most game changing discoveries we ever made. And it set us on a new path towards being actual business owners and not just business doers

Get Cracking The VA Code – Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan , Only Price $127

Even more, do you wish you had a rock star team of VAs?

Imagine a team of 10+ VAs working seamlessly together running the entire operations of your business. Is that a dream or what?! Once you have the system to hire and onboard the first VA, you have the power and knowledge to build a reliable team of VAs to manage your entire business. Instead of being the one that creates new processes and gets stuck within them, you become the owner who quickly passes the new process off to one of your VAs. Over time, you even set up levels of leadership within your team of VAs so even less depends on you. 

If you have a team, do you struggle to communicate with them?

Communication is everything when managing people. Whether in an office or remote, a team can’t reach their highest potential without effective communication. Without set communication channels and check ins set up, teams can disconnect and lose focus on growing the business. We’ve seen it happen plenty of times with our companies and with clients we’ve worked with. It absolutely cannot be something that you overlook. It can make or break the future growth of your business. We’re here to make sure that you don’t make that vital mistake and that you have a proven communication playbook for managing your team. You ready?

Could you scale faster with a better team?

Is your team all A players? Is there anyone on the team that holds the entire team back? One bad egg can poison the entire team and slow growth. In our 10+ years of hiring, we’ve seen plenty of bad eggs and their immediate impact on the rest of the team. If you’re dreaming of growing a dream team and scaling faster, you need to be critical in your interview and onboarding processes. Looking at just one’s resume and skills isn’t enough. You need to look at their cultural fit, their communication habits, and their overall attitude. With these criteria, you can pick the A players out of the haystack and build a team focused on driving growth for your business. Don’t you wish you had all A players?

Could you use someone for even 10 hours per week?

Hiring a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be full time. I repeat, you do not have to hire a virtual assistant for 40 hours per week. Virtual assistants are amazing hires because you can start them at 5 or 10 hours per week then slowly increase their hours as your business grows and you can afford them for more time. If you’re thinking that this course is only for people hiring full time VAs, please know that you can hire virtual assistants for as little as 5 to 10 hours per week and still utilize the systems and processes from the course. 

Are virtual assistants capable for your business?

100%. Virtual assistants don’t only work for one type of business. They can work with Amazon sellers, Shopify store owners, real estate agents, SASS companies, agencies, restaurants, coaches, and tons of other businesses. If you have repetitive tasks that you need to take off your plate so you can focus on more important things in your business, a virtual assistant is exactly what you need. In the course, you’ll learn all about the systems and strategies that you can apply to your business (no matter what it is) so you can save more time and money on a daily basis. 

What can you expect to pay for a virtual assistant?

Great question! We get this one all of the time. Virtual assistants range between $5 to $10 per hour depending on their experience and the skill set that you’re looking to hire them for. We go into this in more depth in the course as well giving you a good baseline for what to expect when it comes to pricing for virtual assistants and how it can change slightly when you’re looking to hire someone more specialized like a web developer or expert copywriter. 

Is this course for you?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, this course is perfect for you. We’ve spent 10+ years recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and managing hundreds of virtual assistants while scaling our 2 businesses, one which was sold with a team of 45+ VAs. We had the same exact struggles hiring and we never could find a reliable source of information online that could give us the playbook we needed. So we went out and built it ourself. This course will give you the exact steps you can take to build your dream business with a reliable and skilled team of VAs. You owe it to yourself to take this course so you can truly scale your business how you want to. 

Should you buy the course if you're thinking about hiring later on?

Definitely! The systems and processes that are outlined in the course are skills that you’ll need while growing your business now and in the future. The crazy thing…you’ll probably need these skills faster than you can imagine right now. The day that you get run down with too many repetitive tasks is the time that you’ll want this information so you can easily and quickly pass it off to a virtual assistant. Wouldn’t you rather gain the skills now rather than scramble to learn them once you’re already overwhelmed with work?

What will you get out of the course?

By the end of the course, you’ll have a system and set of processes that you can use time and time again to remove work from your plate and pass it off to a reliable virtual assistant. You’ll gain the freedom to work on what is most important in your business so that you can keep growing without pausing because of too much work on your plate. 

Introducing Cracking the VA Code 1.0

All the knowledge you’ll need to scale your business with VAs. A proven hiring system. An interview process. An onboarding method. A detailed training guide. Tested management strategies. And so much more. All available with a 30 day guarantee. 

1 Year Membership and 1 Year Support with purchase!

Here's what you'll master


A Proven Process to Hire the Best VAs

The CARE Interview Process gives you the secrets to hiring the best VAs for your business. Proven from 10+ years of practice. 


A Step by Step Method to Onboard your VAs

Take control early. Learn to set clear expectations with the SICC Method: schedule, Internet, communication, and culture. Never take a step back once you get started.


A Clear Technique to Optimize Training VAs

Invest the time for training and avoid work related issues. Follow the tested SSS Training Technique to sample, show, and submit with all VAs you hire and you’ll have SOPs ready for training at all times. 


Strategies to Master the Art of Management

Tap into the BARF Method for managing your VAs. Learn to choose a communication stack, set up daily updates, hold weekly meetings, and conduct quarterly 1 on 1’s with your VAs. 


Get actionable steps and systems to implement into your business as you complete the course.


Dedicated email support to help you apply the strategies and answer questions as you’re hiring your VA.


Make connections, share ideas, and make friends with other entrepreneurs and business owners as your hire.


Gain skills directly from the pros that you can use while hiring, training, and managing your dream team of VAs.

Get Cracking The VA Code – Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan , Only Price $127

A Proven System for Hiring and Scaling with VAs

Section 1: The Introduction

  • Module 1: Meet your instructors for the course, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan. 
    • Learn how the course will change your outlook on hiring and business. 
  • Module 2: Get introduced to the IOTM System 
  • Module 3: Complete an activity evaluating your business and setting goals for where you want it to be by the end of the course.

Section 2: Interviewing (The CARE Interview Process)

  • Module 1: What is a virtual assistant and what traits make a really good one? 
    • Cheat sheet: Traits to Looks for & Traits to Avoid
  • Module 2: Where can you hire VAs from and important things to know about hiring from the Philippines.
    • Cheat sheet: Things to Remember about Filipinos 
  • Module 3: How to decide what task to hire for first in your business. 
    • Activity: Decide which task that you’re going to hire for first.
  • Module 4: How to conduct an interview using just chat (Skype/Slack) and the CARE Interview Process. 
    • Activity: Find and interview at least 2 virtual assistants for the task you want to take off your plate using our unique CARE Interview Process. 

Section 3: Onboarding (The SICC Method)

  • Module 1: How to set up a working schedule with your VA
    • Activity: Create a schedule with the VA that you’re hiring for your first task
  • Module 2: How to deal with Internet issues, power outages, and disappearing VAs
    • Cheat sheet: Questions to Ask to Identify Possible Red Flags 
  • Module 3: How to Set Up Communication Channels with your VA
    • Activity: Download the communication apps you’re going to use.
  • Module 4: How to onboard for company goals and culture
    • Activity: Create your own company culture doc 
  • Full Section Activity: Hold a meeting with the VA to go over monetary compensation and all parts of the SICC Onboarding Method. 

Section 4: Training (The SSS Technique)

  • Module 1: What is a SOP and how do you build your own? 
    • Cheat sheet: SOP examples
    • Activity: Make your own SOP for the task that you’re hiring the VA for
  • Module 2: How to train with a SOP using the SSS Training Technique. SSS stands for study, sample, show. 
    • Activity: Set up a meeting and train your newly hired VA on the task’s SOP  

Section 5: Managing your VA (The BARF Method)

  • Module 1: The BARF Method (Buying in, Appreciation, Relationship, Family)
    • Cheat sheet: 1 Activity to Perform Each Week from the BARF Method 
  • Module 2: How to manage your VA on a weekly basis with daily checkins, weekly meetings, and quarterly check-ins. 
    • Activity: Set up the meetings in your calendar and invite the VA to them. Clearly explain your expectations for daily checkins to the VA. 
  • Module 3: How to use a task management system like Trello to manage your VA
  • Module 4: How to set up bonus and raise policies
    • Activity: Create your own bonus and raise policies and share them with your VA
  • Module 5: How to fire someone when it’s not working out
  • Module 6: How to scale your team past 1 VA, 5 VAs, 10 VAs.
    • Cheat sheet: Organizational charts for each level of scaling a business with VAs.

Section 6: Outro

  • Module 1: Special thanks from Nathan and Connor.
  • Module 2: Give your feedback on how the course was and where it can be improved.

When you enroll today, you'll also receive…

1 Year Membership to ALL Courses

That’s right. Purchase Cracking the VA Code 1.0 today and get 1 full year access to all courses that we release at Outsource School.

That includes 5+ courses, expert workshops, and playbooks that we plan on launching in the next 6 months. 

Podcast Outreach Formula, Lead Generation Formula, Partner Playbook, VA Mastery Expert Workshop, and the Bookkeeping VA Formula. Among others!

All together, that’s a $3,020 value!

1 Full Year of Support

As a part of the course, you’ll receive 1 full year of email support with us where you can ask any questions you have about hiring. 

We thought about it and decided we want to add as much value as possible. That’s why you’re getting access to us for 1 full year as a part of this amazing course. 

Yes, that’s right. If you have questions about VAs, hiring, interviewing, or anything that you come across in the Cracking the VA Code course, you can reach out and get answers directly from us. 

Private Facebook Group

In addition to our full year of support, you’ll be invited to join the Outsource School Alumni group where you can ask questions, interact with us, and meet other business owners scaling with virtual talent. 

Only Outsource School alumni will be invited into the group and we’ll regularly share tips and advice on scaling your business faster with virtual assistants. 

A $50 Credit to FreeUp

We started FreeUp with the goal of making hiring online simpler for entrepreneurs and business owners. 

As a part of our ongoing relationship with FreeUp, we’ve arranged a special $50 credit for you to use when hiring for your first VA. 

If you hire a VA that’s $7/hour, that’s over 7 hours of work that you’re receiving as you get started with your new VA.  

Get Cracking The VA Code – Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan , Only Price $127

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