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CourseMinded – Tommy Griffith

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Validating Your Idea

How to evaluate demand before putting time & effort into creating your course.

Content Mediums

An overview of all the different ways you can create and delivery content.

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Purchase CourseMinded – Tommy Griffith Course at eBokly. We actively participate in group buys and are committed to sharing knowledge with a wider audience. What's more, our courses maintain the same quality as the original sale page. You have the option to buy directly from the sale page at the full price (sale page link is provided within the post).


Make your first $10,000 with this step-by-step guide on how to create an online course.

Monetize Your Knowledge.

Make your first $10,000 with this step-by-step guide on how to create an incredible online course.

Validating Your Idea

How to evaluate demand before putting time & effort into creating your course.

Content Mediums

An overview of all the different ways you can create and delivery content.

Shooting High-Quality Video

The exact process we use to shoot super high quality video content courses.

ScreenFlow Walkthrough

A comprehensive walkthrough of ScreenFlow – the industry standard screencast software.

Marketplace and LMS Reviews

Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, Sensei, Gumroad and other learning management systems.

Hosting & Selling Your Course

An analysis of the different options related to hosting your course and payment processing.

Pricing & Discounts

How to price your course, when to offer discounts and subscription revenue models.

Multiple Products & Bundling

Offering multiple courses, bundling different products and managing upsells.

Internet Marketing & Promotion

The strategy and tactics we use to sign up more students and drive more revenue.

Get CourseMinded – Tommy Griffith, Only Price $32

Course Curriculum


  • How To Use This Course
  • Course Overview (0:47)
  • How We Created a Successful Online Course: The ClickMinded Story (4:49)
  • Before You Start: Validate Your Course (4:03)

Creating Content & Content Mediums

  • Developing an Outline (1:43)
  • Creating Slides (0:44)
  • Stock Photography & Video (0:51)
  • Developing Video Courses (1:29)
  • Using (3:48)
  • Fast, Cost-Effective Video Courses (7:04)
  • Additional Content Mediums (1:06)
  • Interjections (1:32)

Course Marketplaces & MOOCs

  • Course Marketplaces (1:45)
  • Udemy (5:13)
  • Skillshare (3:04)
  • Learning and Teaching Ecosystems (2:46)
  • Additional Course Marketplaces (1:32)
  • MOOCs (2:54)

Learning Management Systems

  • Introduction to WordPress (1:17)
  • Learning Management Systems (2:07)
  • Teachable (Previously Known as Fedora) (2:13)
  • Sensei (2:19)
  • WP Courseware (1:26)
  • LearnDash (1:12)
  • Gumroad (4:03)
  • Even More Learning Management Systems (1:16)


  • Pricing Your Course (2:39)
  • Discounts (1:46)
  • Subscriptions (1:45)
  • Multiple Products & Bundling (1:04)

Student Management

  • Email Response Time (1:03)
  • Lecture Comments (1:11)
  • Facebook Community & Forums (0:51)

Internet Marketing & User Growth

  • Launching Your Course (0:58)
  • Collecting Email Addresses (0:52)
  • SlideShare (0:53)
  • Certificates (2:40)
  • Video Hosting (1:04)
  • Promo Videos (4:52)

Recording Audio

  • Recording Audio with the Blue Yeti Microphone (0:57)
  • Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB Microphone
  • Blue Yeti Settings – Optimizing the Gain (0:57)
  • Blue Yeti Settings – Cardioid Mode (0:43)
  • Blue Yeti Settings – Bidirectional Mode (0:51)
  • Blue Yetti Settings – Omnidirectional Mode (0:39)
  • Blue Yeti Settings – Stereo Mode (0:43)
  • Picking the Right Room to Capture Audio From

ScreenFlow Walkthrough

  • Downloading ScreenFlow and Screen Capture Alternatives
  • How These ScreenFlow Lectures Work
  • ScreenFlow Hotkeys (0:34)
  • Starting a New ScreenFlow Project (1:11)
  • Importing Media to ScreenFlow (0:42)
  • Using the playhead (1:00)
  • Basic Editing Tactics in ScreenFlow (3:13)
  • Screencasting in Screenflow (1:49)
  • Audio Over Slides in ScreenFlow (1/2) (1:14)
  • Audio Over Slides in ScreenFlow (2/2) (1:41)
  • Adding Text to ScreenFlow (0:50)
  • Zooming in ScreenFlow (2:19)
  • Callouts in ScreenFlow (2:35)
  • Mouse Pointer Callouts in ScreenFlow (3:07)
  • Exporting Files in ScreenFlow (1:54)

Start a New Website & Course From Scratch

  • Start a New Course From Scratch
  • New Course From Scratch – Introduction (1:44)
  • New Course From Scratch – Picking a Domain Name (3:00)
  • New Course From Scratch – Hosting Your Site (5:42)
  • New Course From Scratch – Installing WordPress (7:05)
  • New Course from Scratch – Installing Teachable on a Subdomain (6:04)
  • New Course From Scratch – Teachable Course Setup (2:03)
  • New Course From Scratch – Teachable Design Changes (5:20)
  • New Course From Scratch – Teachable Course Curriculum (5:29)
  • New Course From Scratch – Teachable Pricing (1:37)
  • New Course From Scratch – Launching a Teachable School & Course (3:07)
  • New Course From Scratch – Teachable Landing Pages (4:36)
  • New Course From Scratch – Teachable Coupon Codes (5:37)
  • New Course From Scratch – Bundled Content & Thank You Page (1:29)
  • New Course From Scratch – Teachable Basic Settings (1:57)
  • New Course From Scratch – Teachable Miscellaneous Settings (3:18)
  • New Course From Scratch – The ClickMinded Blueprint (9:25)

(Bonus) Start a Brand New Site From Scratch

  • WordPress & Website Hosting (2:01)
  • Doing Keyword Research (8:25)
  • Creating a Keyword Blueprint (17:36)
  • Choosing a Domain Name (1:57)
  • Using DreamHost and Installing WordPress (4:31)
  • Optimizing WordPress (11:32)

(Bonus) Using Google Adwords & Facebook Ads

  • Quick Heads Up
  • Introduction to Adwords (7:06)
  • Match Types (7:46)
  • Quality Score (4:26)
  • Ad Extensions (2:43)
  • Landing Pages & CTAs (3:27)
  • Google Keyword Planner (5:01)
  • Auto Tagging (0:18)
  • Google Analytics (2:12)
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads (4:26)
  • Facebook Ad Audiences (3:18)
  • Facebook Ad Goals (2:37)
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Structure (2:43)
  • Facebook Custom Audiences (1:37)

Get CourseMinded – Tommy Griffith, Only Price $32

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