Convert HEX to Decimal in under 30 seconds! – Lazaro Diaz


If you need to learn conversions, then this is the course you ned! Learn how to convert from binary to hex, to decimal and visa-versa.



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This course is over 60 minutes long and will give you the knowledge and understanding of how to convert hex to decimal, decimal to hex anbinary to hex or decimal.                                                                                                                        

You will become familiar with the format of hexadecimal numbers, their use and their bit values. This course is mostly lecture based using a whiteboard. This method will make you feel like you are sitting in a classroom environment.

Handouts will be available for students to facilitate

learning and practice.

This course will help you in becoming comfortable with, not only conversions, but it will also help you in preparing for the CCNA certification and Computer Science Degrees; not to mention the fact that for those that are already working in the field, it will help you in calculating the conversions without a calculator. This method should expedite the way you convert in order to make you faster, better and stronger.

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Course Curriculum

Intro to Hex Course

  • S1L1 Introduction to Hex Course (0:44)

Hexadecimal Numbers and their uses

  • S2L2 Intro to Section 2 (0:32)
  • S2L3 What are HEX numbers? (3:10)
  • S2L4 MAC Addresses are in HEX (4:26)
  • S2L5 IPv6 Addresses (5:06)
  • S2L6 MAC Filtering (3:32)
  • S2L7 Summary of Section (1:44)

How to Convert hex to Decimal

  • S3L8 Intro to Section 3 (0:46)
  • S3L9 Converting Hex to Decimal (7:09)
  • S3L10 Summary of section 3 (0:57)

How to Convert Decimal to Hex

  • S4L11 Intro to Section 4 (1:41)
  • S4L12 Converting Decimal to HEX (8:08)
  • S4L13 Summary to Section 4 (2:13)

How to Convert Binary to Decimal or Hex

  • S5L14 Intro to Section 5 (1:19)
  • S5L15 Converting Binary to Decimal or HEX (5:17)
  • S5L16 Summary of Section 5 (1:40)

Practice Problems

  • S6L17 Intro to Section 6 (0:52)
  • S6L18 Practice Problems (19:17)
  • S6L19 Summary of Section 6 (1:15)

Summary of the Entire Course

  • S7L20 Summary of Course (3:09)

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