CompTIA Security + (SY0-401): The Complete Course – Lazaro Diaz


This CompTIA Security+ course will show you to harden, protect and enhance your network to where it would lessen the possibility of a bridge in security and allow you to recover your network promptly.



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The Security+ certification from CompTIA is highly sought and it qualifies for a letter from the DoD.

This CompTIA Security+ course will show you to harden, protect and enhance your network to where it would lessen the possibility of a bridge in security and allow you to recover your network promptly.

The course will also prepare the student to take and pass the Security+ certification.

For those already in the field, this Security+ course will enhance your knowledge of security within your network.

Those taking this course will become familiar with the terminology for this certification and will allow the student to implement security features.

Once the student passes the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, they will also receive a letter from the US Department of Defence (DoD) certifying that he/she meets and fulfills Directive 8570.01-M requirements. Having this certification is compliant with government regulations under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

Security+ is a foundational, vendor-neutral IT security knowledge and skills certification that is also government approved and is globally recognized.

Aquiring the Security+ certification will validate the holder's security expertice credentials and can provide substantial earnings that can run up to 6 figures.

~ "According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Security Specialists, Administrators and Managers"

As you can imagine, the Security+ certification can open doors and new opportunities in the IT world and can only enhance your knowledge, career and financial status.

Please note: In the coming weeks new lectures will continously be added to this course, so look out for announcements on these new lectures.


GNS3 Academy Curriculum

introduction to the Security + Course

  • Introduction to the Security + Course (1:28)

Risk Assesment

  • Risk Assesment (22:31)
  • Computing risk Assesment (17:50)
  • Additional Risk Terminology (11:33)
  • Acting on your risk assesment (11:12)
  • Risk associated with cloud computing (8:11)
  • Risk Associated with virtualization (4:33)
  • Summary of Section (3:29)

Understanding the Guidelines and Standards of Networking

  • Developing Policies, Standards and Guidelines (5:30)
  • Implementing Policies (12:26)
  • Understanding False Positves/Negatives (8:02)
  • Undertaking Business Impact Analysis (13:11)
  • Disaster Recovery (9:51)
  • Summary of Section (4:21)

Actively monitoring and servicing your network

  • Network Monitors (5:19)
  • Monitoring System Logs (4:47)
  • Understanding Hardening (5:55)
  • Working with Services (11:51)
  • Summary of Section (3:14)

Tools and Services to secure your Network

  • Securing the network (5:46)
  • Security Posture (12:46)
  • Reporting Security Issues (8:25)
  • Detection Controls vs. Prevention Controls (5:31)
  • Summary of Section (4:22)

The TCP/IP Suite and it's Protocols

  • Mastering TCP/IP (25:59)
  • protocols and Services (8:04)
  • Summary of Section (4:42)


  • Designing a Secure Network (38:38)
  • Understanding the various network infrastructure Devices (23:44)
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (24:07)
  • Network Based IDS (9:11)
  • NIPS (13:07)
  • Summary of Section (9:52)

Access, Control, Authentication and Authorization

  • Working with RADIUS (13:52)
  • Understanding Access Control Basics (20:32)

Protecting Wireless Networks

  • Wireless Vulnerabilities you need to know (20:47)
  • Working With Wireless Systems (16:47)

Working with Cloud Computing and Virtualization

  • Working With Cloud Computing (15:37)
  • Working With Virtualization (16:12)


  • Application Security (22:16)
  • Best practices for security (8:58)

Malware Vulnerabilities and Threats

  • S12 Malware (29:25)

Summary of Course

  • Summary of Course (7:21)

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