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Coded For Money Flow and Fame – Katrina Ruth Programs

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Coded For Money Flow And Fame

4 Weeks of Deeply Immersive Frequency Work and Vibrational Recoding to Strip You of Your Bullshit, Return You to Highest Self, and Access Money Flow and Fame From the Quantum, NOW.

If you were already super fucking famous, and the whole world knew your name and also FOLLOWED you, how would you be showing up?

It's very very simple, isn't it?

Not like this.

Not in the way you still hide, cower, let your bullshit be bigger than your dreams.

Not in the way you keep thinking that the way to get BIGGER and SEEN more is to become fancier, and something you're not.

Not in the way you keep looking around at what everybody else is doing, certain that there's something they know that you don't, or that their path is yours.

And most of all, not in the way you just haven't fucking decided.

Here's the thing, okay?

Being seen FULLY, and having money flow like a boss, where it's just duh and of COURSE and the whole thing is also about you just having fun and being your best self???


When you expect it.

And you couldn't possibly imagine it being any other way even if you tried?

That's when it'll show up.

So the question which you already KNOW to ask and most likely HAVE already been asking is simple –

How in the actual fuck do you become that person?

And that my dear is exactly where I come in 


4 Weeks of Deeply Immersive Frequency Work and Vibrational Recoding to Strip You of Your Bullshit, Return You to Highest Self, and Access Money Flow and Fame From the Quantum, NOW.

  • Enough with the nonsense about trying to go next level by getting better at BIZ-niz
  • Enough with the 'I just gotta learn to do A B or C market-y thing that I don't know yet
  • Enough with worrying what anyone else is up to
  • And enough with not showing up as the version of you who is already wealthy as fuck and seen FULLY!

You know and you have ALWAYS known that the answer is simply and only to

Get Coded For Money Flow and Fame – Katrina Ruth Programs, Only Price $65 


And let's get real now –

You KNOW that it's not only YOU is bored with the surface bullshit, aware on the daily that THIS IS NOT WHERE RESULTS COME FROM.

Your people? Your soulmate peeps, the ones who will fall all over you and buy ALL your shit?

They feel the same fucking way. And then some.

They are SO DAMN OVER seeing you put out the same fiddly piddly stuff which is not about the DEEP work, the true work, the you work.

Or maybe they're not even over you at all because they haven't even yet NOTICED you!! Because you?

Repeatedly refuse to do the damn thing of being the damn thing.

So ANNOYING, really!!

Here is what else:


In fact there is ONLY a market for you being fully you!

When you do that, when you strip back, when you recode, when you BECOME that quantum self who is a POWERHOUSE of money flow and fame, you AUTOMATICALLY call in the people who you're meant to call in.

You don't have to do jack SHIT for this to happen!!

It's the you being you which makes them appear! Like magic! Out of the woodwork! Telling you they HAVE to work with you. Buying your stuff on repeat. Telling all their friends. Telling the WORLD!

Don't you get it?

  • When you refuse to be all of you
  • When you let your 'blocks' and bullshit handcuff you
  • When you don't clear the energetic CRUD
  • When you fail to understand and implement energetic and vibrational and FREQUENCY work … aka coding and recoding of who you ARE, causing you to therefore repeat the same cycles over and over again
  • When you continue to play ONLY in the physical realm and actually (laughably!!) think that that is where results come from


I want you to know:

  • That even though you gotta do the work and you WILL do the work, it is SUPPOSED to be easy, flow, fun
  • That the way people will see you, pay you, and follow you is by giving in to the pathway within!
  • That the more you ignore all of the stupid shit everyone says you gotta do to make money and go ALL IN ON JUST UNLEASHING YOU


  • Money starts to rain down in relentless and torrential and never-ending amounts
  • A RIVER of soul aligned peeps just keep on coming out of nowhere
  • The creativity and ideas and magic and knowledge of exactly what to do and exactly how to do it just ACTIVATES
  • Selling feels easy, natural, fun
  • Opportunities and fuck yes situations turn up daily


The way you always dreamed of.

The way you always knew of.

The way you've made such a FUSS of up until now, thinking that you have to get there through adding, doing, pushing, and climbing.

No baby.

You have to get there by giving in to what you always wanted, longed for.

The thing.

The truth.

The soul.

The all of you.

And that?

THAT is just a little bit of what Coded for Money Flow and Fame is about.

It's about stripping back to WHAT WAS ALWAYS THERE.

And it's about doing the DEEP quantum work, the energetic work, the frequency work, the vibrational freakin' recoding to GET YOU BACK TO THAT YOU.

We strip the shit.

And we recode on a core level.

Locking down a soul blueprint and PROGRAM of simply BEING.

That next level self.

That CERTAIN self.

That absolutely CONFIDENT self.

That self who owns her own badassery full and TAKES IT TO THE WORLD.

This is what it takes.

No more fucking around trying to play Business Barbie with your systems and strategy when a) you don't care about that shit and b) IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER, WHEN YOU'RE NOT BEING WHO YOU'RE MEANT TO BE ON A SOUL AND CELLULAR LEVEL.



Get Coded For Money Flow and Fame – Katrina Ruth, Only Price $65


The first live training JUST DROPPED! Literally we finished only an hour or so ago!


This training wasn’t part of the initial download for Coded but I was chatting to my brother the other day and it just started to come through me.

Once I tuned in further the vision I had was like there was this blanket, like a cloak and a hold which was happening and moving through and over this community.

The cloak was a fear, an anxiety people were feeling and experiencing around money.

I knew this was a CRITICAL additional pre-work we had to do BEFORE we begin our 4 week immersion together in Coded.

The replay is now available NOW for anyone who joins!!

You will have access to the training AS SOON AS YOU SAY YES to Coded for Money Flow and Fame:

4 Weeks of Deeply Immersive Frequency Work and Vibrational Recoding to Strip You of Your Bullshit, Return You to Highest Self, and Access Money Flow and Fame From the Quantum, NOW.

Thank you to all the badass who joined me on this training!

“yes love this livestream and topic SO ON POINT”


“thanks lovely Kat, this was great!”

“totally resonate with this session – thank you so much Kat!”

“I suddenly understand that its actually a natural process and I don't really have to DO anything to receive more”

“Love this, thank you so much Kat!”

“So excited to finally catch you live! Especially for something as awesome as this!”

“I’m going to be aware of any self sabotaging behaviour & drop it ASAP”

“If I follow soul…write from soul, sell from soul (instead of fear) the money will just flow! And I get to receive!”

“My success is waiting, patiently, for me to get over myself and let go of my fear and self sabotage”.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“i understand now that i get to receive more than enough, not only to pay my bills”

“I release fear around not having enough when I need it, I release anxiety around choosing what is aligned purely due to money worries”

“Yup wow and I have just cried”

If you haven't already seen you'll ALSO be receiving TWO more bonuses in addition to this live training!

Bonus! Pre-Work Training Bonus!

Get IMMEDIATE access to pre-work training, previously ONLY released to private clients, on How to Collapse Time and Call In Your Soulmate Clients Now! This is one of the most powerful trainings I've ever done and teaches instant manifestation, time collapsing, and how to pull on the energetic chord which already attaches you to your soulmate tribe and gets them in your space right away!!

This BONUS program will be delivered in home-study format on your members dashboard minutes after you sign up and will be yours to keep FOR LIFE!!!

Need to Know More About Our Work Here? No Problem!!

Here is just a little of what we will be specifically going into in our work together in Coded For Money Flow and Fame.

Please know that this is just the 'for now' overview!! The FULL download of all I will be creating for you always comes through as I DO the work. And always goes far beyond what I ever know in advance.

For now, this is what has been shown:

– We need to look firstly at clearing out faulty patterns.

Like a computer running old and NOT good shiz, that stuff has gotta go. This is where energetic clearing work comes in, as we identify and SHRED bits and pieces and big ole chunks of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, soul contracts, chords, energies, frequencies, etc, which are NO LONGER NEEDED.

The stuff that has you bound, and trapped in a cycle of repeatedly being the you who is NOT the you who you know you are meant to be!

– We need to break the damn habit of TRYING.

The trying does not serve you.

The trying will not get you there.

The trying reinforces that you ARE not there!!

You know this 

And it's part of the clearing work to BRUTALLY and forcefully break that habit, so that's what we're going to do.

– Planting in and activating new codes

What it says. ^^^

Wealth codes.

Receiving codes.

EASE and flow and fun codes.

Safe to be SEEN codes.

All the damn codes which would be running if you were naturally being the thing.

(This is my favourite part. And really I'm just teasing you with it here, because it goes HELLA deep. As you can imagine :))

– Collapsing time, and time manifestation

It's a thing.

It's a thing you're kinda crazy to not be using.

It's also the exact thing which allows me to create so rapidly (content, but also my LIFE) and meanwhile HAVE IT ALL in terms of time and space and energy and me-ness for everything that matters to me.

– Instant manifestation

Also one of my favourite things to teach!! So good! I LOVE when someone 'gets' how everything already exists in the quantum, and it's NOT in the physical realm we need to do shit or make it happen!

I am so excited to show you how to make this your NORMAL, and also how accessible it is!

– Frequency and Vibrational Work

To get you operating all day 'err day on the plane of receiving, whilst also having ACCESS to what is needed for you. This has to do with money flow and being seen, of course, but also is very specific to continual ideas / creativity / magic flow.

Aka: what you need to sell shit with ease, and always know exactly how to market!!

– Certainty of Message and Highest Self

Locking down ABSOLUTE belief around who you're here to be, and how to unapologetically show up as that person.

Side note: we will be doing deep into belief work. Without it EVERYTHING is hard, so self-belief out the wazoo is a BIG focus.

– Full Life Integrity and Upgrade

You were designed to be programmed to upgrade on repeat, automatic upgrades are the NORM when you are functioning as the self who you are on a core level.

This is where we strip back the bullshit and the pretending around ALL the areas of your life, not just business. Because you KNOW that living out of alignment in one area (and also not just using instant manifestation and clearing across all areas) limits you in EVERY area.

– Showing Up Smackdown

It's not all quantum and energetic shit here 

You KNOW I gotta do some straight up asskicking for it to be a complete Katrina Ruth course!!! Of course the truth is the asskickin' comes straight out of that higher level self … YOURS. As in –

If you were already the damn person you'd be being the damn person, so I'm going to take you by the hand and simultaneously kick your butt to show you how to do that.

The energetic AND practical side of it.

– Hot Ass Vibes

I mean, really … let's be honest here … you KNOW that #HOTAF is your birthright, accessible, and also (of course!) a natural freaking outcome of you being all of you!

That droopy pasty sad vibe only belongs to people who operate fully in the physical.

So yeah … you can bet your (hot ass!) that as part of our work in #CodedForMoneyFlowAndFame we will also be recoding BODY shit … ENERGY shit (as in, physical and emotional energy!) … LIBIDO shit … sensual and sexual energy … and that's just for starters!!

Of course.

Also by the way, people buy more of your shit when you exude hotness and badassery.

It's a thing, let's not pretend otherwise. Let's do what we are MEANT to do, and OWN it and also LET IT THE FUCK IN! It wants in. The world wants it in! Let it in!!

– FUNNNNNNNNNN baby, all the fun!

The most important missing piece of all perhaps!

The thing which unlocks so MANY of the other things! Yes, even access TO the quantum itself! Did you know that dropping in to playfulness, unselfconsciousness, not giving-a-fuck-ness is one of THE most effective ways to let life give you EVERYTHING it's been waiting to give you?

Let's make THAT a thing!!

And finally –

– Allowing life to step up for you.

It's time to stop holding the whole damn world up yourself.

It was never meant to be that way.

The conditioning is old, it's lame, it's boring, and it is BROKEN.

And now?


It gets to be #CodedForMoneyFlowAndFame baby.

And that's all there is to say about THAT!

Oh wait.

There's more

Exhale …

It's time girlfriend.

It's ALWAYS been time.

Stop playing so damn physical when it's not even 10% of the actual fucking game.

Say yes to #CodedForMoneyFlowAndFame.

Say yes to energetic clearing.

Say yes to frequency recoding.

Say yes to vibrational upleveling, and AUTOMATIC upgrades.

Say yes to shedding the damn BULLSHIT.

Say yes to soul.


And join me, in Coded For Money Flow and Fame.

I made this for you.

Remember –

Life Is NOW! Press Play!

Get Coded For Money Flow and Fame – Katrina Ruth, Only Price $65 

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