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Client-Getting Sales-Boosting Ad Writing Workshop – Craig Garber

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Which is exactly why, emotionally compelling copywriting, is “the Swiss Army knife” of selling. Keeping people interested in what you have to say, is the single most important and most reliableselling skill you can possibly have. This, above everything else, is what allows you to consistently generate the greatest amount of cash-flow, with the least amount of effort.

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An IMPORTANT announcement for anyone who wants to lower sales resistance from their buyers:

Increase Your Response Rates As Much As 1,500%!

Write WINNING Display Ads, Websites, Sales Letters, Lead-Generation Ads, And e-Mails… No Matter WHAT You’re Selling!

Sales and marketing response rates increased over 1,500% for people who came to my Client-Getting Sales-Boosting Advertising Workshop, which cost $5,000 to attend. Now YOU can attend, but you won’t have to pay anything CLOSE to that, and here’s why:

As you know, the fastest and surest way to get your prospects to buy, is by pushing their “emotional buy-buttons,” which we covered from head-to-toe, at this workshop. For instance…

  • Want to know how to write magic bullets that make people buy?  We’ll go over them…
  • Special “hot words” that stop people dead in their tracks?  You’ll get ’em…
  • Making your prospects well up with optimism and hope for a better tomorrow because of what you have to sell them?  Yes — THIS is what selling is all about!

On these audio recordings:

  1. I’ll take you by the hand and show you, step-by-step, exactly how to write more effective, and much more emotionally compelling sales copy , using the exact same easy and systematic sales-letter writing process I use, to write literally EVERYTHING.  One that’s been proven and field-tested to work since March of 2000… with more than 300 clients in over 102 different industries: in sales letters (online and offline)… e-mails… advertorials, and direct mail pieces… all over the world!When you’re writing from a proven system like this, you never start with a blank page.  This systemminimizes the amount of time it takes you to write anything… and maximizes your results.
  2. This was a ONE-TIME ONLY event!  It is NOT a workshop I will be running ever again!  With so many projects, new developments, and new businesses I’m working on, I thrive on change and on new challenges.  This was a one-shot deal only, where I revealed all the behind the scenes secrets to writing clean, clear, conversational, and emotionally compelling sales copy that completely eliminates buying resistance
  3. In a nutshell, this program takes the “headache” out of writing, and the uncertainty out of your results! When you have a step-by-step process of doing things, all you do is follow these steps in order, and then you’re done.  It’s like going to the grocery store — you look at your checklist: Do you need butter this week?  Yep.  How about milk?  Sure, just ran out.  How about cookies?  No, not this week.  With your writing checklist, writing winning sales letters and powerful ads is just as easy. You’ll know exactly what to include — and… maybe even more important — what NOT to include.
  4. I also revealed the 15 most important secrets Gary Halbert taught me, when I worked with him back in 2003.  These secrets have functioned as the foundation of basically every marketing strategy I’ve ever used! Every selling decision… all the social engineering of every marketing campaign I’ve worked on… and every piece of copy I’ve ever written.  I’ve never discussed these things before, and do NOT plan on discussing them again!

Lutz, Florida

Thursday, 11:47 AM

Dear Friend,

“Nobody reads ads.”

That was my candid response to his question.

You see, people read what interests them, and sometimes it might happen to be an ad.

Which is exactly why, emotionally compelling copywriting, is “the Swiss Army knife” of selling. Keeping people interested in what you have to say, is the single most important and most reliableselling skill you can possibly have. This, above everything else, is what allows you to consistently generate the greatest amount of cash-flow, with the least amount of effort.

Take me, for instance. Back in the 1990’s, prior to getting involved with writing copy, and before I understood how to leverage emotional direct-response marketing strategies… I was just another average dead-broke financial planner. I had no idea how to get my next client, and I spent most of my time riddled with anxiety, hoping something would change in my business.

But as you and I both know, “hope” is not a very good business strategy, is it?

No, it’s not.

Today however, things are very different. If you’ve read my book, then you know I made a hair north of $578,000, with a small list of less than 5,000 names, while working out of my lake- house. With no employees, other than my wife (part-time), and a web guy.   And in case you want proof of that, here it is:

(The balance of what I made, came from consulting and copywriting fees not processed through my shopping cart. I have copies of canceled checks for this balance, in my office, if you want to see them.)

And here’s proof of the size of my list. This was the GROSS number of people on my list, at that time, including 700-800 unsubscribes, and including 816 new people my friend (the late) Christian Godefroy had just referred over to me, a few days earlier. So in reality, my list was actually much closer to 4,000 names than 5,000.

But in any case, what I accomplished is almost unheard of.  And by the way – I had NO “celebrity guru” joint ventures, no big-time launches… and pretty close to zero affiliate income.  I have virtually NO social media presence, and iIn fact, I don’t network with ANY other marketers — big name or small.

I have a few close friends, and that’s it. The truth is — when it comes to business, I’m a bit of a recluse.

I prefer to spend most of my time with my wife and kids… or bass fishing here on my lake, or working out, or enjoying one of my many other non-business related hobbies.  I play the guitar, enjoy traveling and photography, music, reading, and other creative activities like drawing and art.  This may sound boring for most people, but a great morning for me, is one where I sit out back overlooking my lake, with a good book and a warm cup of strong coffee.

In spite of this, I have no problem consistently putting up numbers like this.  And the ONLY reason why, is because of my ability to crank out an abundance of sales copy that’s not only effective, but it’s also far more emotionally compelling and more persuasive, than virtually anything else out there.

Today I am one of the highest-paid freelance copywriters and direct-marketing consultants here in America. I see clients only in my home office here in Tampa (or on Skype), at $7,500 a day, helping entrepreneurs from all around the world.  And clients regularly pay up to $60,000 plus ongoing royalties, to have me create turn-key marketing campaigns for them, from scratch.

In many cases, I am putting people into brand new businesses that do very well.  But don’t believe me, instead… listen to what a few other people have to say:

“You CAN teach an old dog, new tricks!”

“Craig, using only two of the ideas you gave me last year, I pulled in $304,044.82 in the last 7 days alone.  The two strategies were, incorporating continuity into my business, the way you showed me… and sharing personal information in my emails – personal stories, even weaknesses, the same way you do.  I have never earned so much cash, so fast.  At 90% profit, I am in debt to you, forever.”  Christian Godefroy – Chesieres, Switzerland (Christian, who sadly, recently passed away, had been selling using direct marketing strategies, for over 35 years, and sold in excess of $300 Million worth of goods and services.)

A lead-generation piece I wrote for Chet Rowland, the owner of one of the largest independent service companies here in Florida, produced a 7.5% lead-generation response, when mailed out to an ice-cold list.  Prior to me working with him, this marketplace had been “completely unresponsive!”   In fact, we split-test no less than THREE different versions of letters I created, and all three of them came within a .7% response rate of each other!

“Millions more!”

“All I can say is, I wish I found Craig Garber ten years ago.  That would’ve saved me a lot of frustration and headaches, not to mention I could have made even millions more dollars than what I already have. On top of all the money I wouldn’t have wasted on guys far less talented and capable than Craig. And if you wants to speak to me in person about Craig, you can call me at 813-451-6466.” Chet Rowland – Tampa, Florida

I suggested to a private consulting client, Brian Deacon, from Asheville, North Carolina that he dump his current, non-performing business, which was draining the life out of him.  And instead get into one that would leverage his talents and relationships more effectively.

To Brian’s credit, he accepted my comments and did as I advised. He also hired me to write his first mailer for this new business. Result: AN UNHEARD of 42.7% Response on his FIRST mailing, and $152,751 in sales!(And no, you are NOT misreading this.) Oh, and by-the-way, Brian (a former VP of Global Marketing at Microsoft – who worked side by side with Bill Gates) recently told me he expects this new business to bring him in over $3.5 Million Dollars in revenue over the next 12 months.

I’d say that’s pretty good, for a guy who at the time… was drowning in debt and just a few months away from having to abandon his dream of running his own business.

Craig said NO.”

“Craig is awesome…I did a day of consulting with him a while back and it was worth every penny I paid him!   After spending time with Craig it was obvious my current business was not getting me where I wanted to be…he really helped me reinvent a new business.

Additionally, I wanted to hire him to write copy for my old business and he told me that he wouldn’t do it because he didn’t see how it was going to improve my current business situation. When any other copywriter would agree, Craig said no because his reputation was on the line!

I have found Craig to be very straight-forward…he is not going to BS you or tell you what you want to hear.”  Sincerely, Brian Deacon – Asheville, NC

  • And here’s what happened, when I started a niche business, with a former client of mine. Before even lifting a finger to develop the marketing systems for our initial clients, I was able to collect $84,000 in fees, aheadof time — before doing ANY work!  We earned over $116,000 on this project, in the first 4 months alone. But what made this particularly rewarding, was that 3 weeks prior to getting paid… NONE of our clients (who paid me an average of $6,000 each), had ever even so much as heard my name before!This happened solely because of my ability to sell in print. (Oh, and by the way, this was the second time I did this. The first time, I collected $45,000 in advance.)

And because I understand how much more powerful great sales copy makes you… I didn’t think anything of this.  THIS is simply what killer marketing strategies and GREAT sales copy does for you — it provides you with HUGE sums of money when you need it, simple as that.

And now,YOU can copy my exact formula for success!

Here’s how: back in 2009, I put on an intimate, very thorough, 2 1/2 day Client-Getting Sales-Boosting Emotional Copywriting Seminar And Ad-Writing Workshop.  The workshop was designed specifically to help people write better, and faster… and to take the “headache” out of writing sales letters.

I recorded this workshop, and up until recently, I thought these recordings (direct to microphone, with GREAT audio quality) had been lost.  I happened to find them on an old hard drive we were about to throw away… and now, I am going to release 25 sets of this program.  The program includes:

  1. 20 Audio CD’s: over 17 hours of copywriting secrets NEVER revealed or released before!
  2. Manual #1: 110 Pages of actual workshop content material, including the never before revealed 17 Components Of A Sales Letter & How To Create Them, with LOADS of specific examples, and…
  3. Manual #2: A COMPLETE Swipe File that will last you forever – 212 Pages Of Classic Ads from as far back as the early 1900’s, through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  This is the most useful and practical Swipe File ever assembled, because of all the SPECIFIC references to each one of the 17 Components Of A Sales Letter.

I’ll uncover examples of compelling copy that sells, in dozens of different industries and across a wide variety of niched marketplaces. (Includes Classic ads from Schwartz, Ogilvy, Famous Writers School, Vic Schwab, Maxwell Sackheim, Joe Karbo, Joe Sugarman, Halbert, myself, and others -­- includes space ads, sales letters, order forms and more.)

By showing you the exact same formula I use, you too, will write winning sales letters, ads, and e-mails. You get to see how ALL ads are laid out and set-up, from the inside-out.  It’s like discovering Coca-Cola’s recipe for their winning soda pop… only YOU get to profit from this recipe, forever.

I have never revealed this formula before, and I’ve certainly never gone into it in such detail, the way I did on these recordings. In fact, there is literally NO other way on earth you will ever be able to get this information, simply because this isn’t something someone taught me.

It is a systematic, and incredibly effective step-by-step process I developed myself, the same way Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine, or the same way Bill Gates developed Microsoft’s Operating System.  After thousands of hours of painstakingly hacking away at it, desperately seeking a better way of doing something — I finally cracked the code and made it mine.

With that in mind, let me tell you what this workshop was all about, and then I’ll also tell you what this workshop was absolutely NOT about:

The Greatest Selling And Marketing Secrets Of The Ages… Are Now Yours:

  1. You’ll get a simple checklist breaking down an effective sales letter into 17 easy-to-understand one and two-word concepts.  The good news is, you generally only need 8 or 9 of these in any one piece, but I will lay them all out for you in plain and simple English, in a grocery store-like checklist format.
    Without this pre-launch checklist, you simply can NOT put a winning sales letter together, any more than you can fly an airplane without going through a pre-flight checklist.  See, there really is a systematic and orderly way of doing things, that makes writing compelling copy MUCH easier, and much more profitable for you. Bottom line: if you can fall off a log, you can use this checklist and make money with it. 
  2. Oh, and by the way, I often get asked, “How can I write so much and so fast?”  With this checklist… it’s actually quite easy to be so prolific — it has to do with HOW you write and the ORDER you write things in. And as you’ll see on these recordings, it takes about 5 minutes for me to show you both of these things.
  3. How To Overcome “Weak Closing Syndrome!”  Listen, closing isn’t easy — and in fact, more often than not… a weak close destroys an otherwise, really good sales pitch.  Sadly, many people can’t close at all. For example, some people list the benefits of what they’re selling too late… and others don’t offer enough benefits. You’ll discover exactly when to close, and how to close, so you’ll never feel “awkward” or unsure about how to ask for money… ever again! 
  4. How To Write EXPLOSIVE Benefits!:  The REAL truth about presenting the benefits of your goods and services, that make your prospects salivate!
    This one’s so easy, I’ll explain the lion’s share of it to you right now.  First, you need to understand the difference between features and benefits.  A feature is what something is… and a benefit is what something does for you. So let’s take something as simple as a hammock, for example.  Most people will tell you how strong and sturdy the wood is, and how it’s a new model that just came in.  But those are just features (what the thing is), not benefits (what it does for you).  No one’s going to give you money because the wood is sturdy.  Think about it, it’s a hammock, the wood is supposed to be sturdy.  That’s like saying “This toothpaste is so wonderful because you can use it on your teeth.”  Duh…
    The benefits to having that hammock, are that it’s guaranteed to be the most comfortable hammock you’ve ever laid down in… it’s guaranteed to last at least 10 years, no matter what kind of weather conditions you subject it to… it’s got a special balancing mechanism that won’t let it tip over if someone comes along and sits down in it with you… and when you want to clean it, all you need to do is hose it down with water.
    Now those are benefits.  See the difference?
  5. Good… because once you combine this simple concept, with my uniuqe way of presenting benefits to your prospects, there won’t be a single question in your prospect’s mind about what you’re really selling… about how it can change their life… or about why they need to buy your goods and services… right NOW! 
  6. How to make irresistible emotional offers that sell! Next to your headline, your offer is the most important part of your marketing. I’ll show you, a very easy and formulaic approach to making your offers as appealing, and as mouth-wateringly irresistible, as possible!
  7. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot — what about headlines?   When it comes to headlines, you need to whack your prospect over the head, while being as subtle as a whisper about it, and this is where using emotional copy that hits ’em in the “gut,” really counts!  See, above and beyond anything else, your headline is the most important part of your marketing. I’ve made two-word changes to headlines that resulted in a five times increase in response!  In fact, I recently gave a client of mine who is selling consumer products, a headline for a banner ad that lowered his customer acquisition costs, by 700%!  So you do NOT want to dick around here — you have to be as selective in choosing your headline as you are in choosing your spouse!  I’ll give you over 50 different “fill-in-the-blank” headline formula templates to choose from, and… I’ll explain the psychology behind headlines, as well as, how to test your headlines out.
  8. What about increasing demand?  Did you know, there’s an old adage, that if applied correctly to your promotion, creates a burning desire for what you’re selling, that’s unlike anything else?  The problem is, most of the time people try to use this “strategy,” they wind up looking completely unbelievable.  Which actually winds up costing you money instead of making you money.   I’ll show you the “Penthouse Centerfold ” technique, that works as reliably as a Swiss watch, and creates the kind of surge in demand you want — at least… if you want the kind of surge in demand that makes you a LOT more money!
  9. Most marketers mistakenly believe being empathetic means telling your prospect “I’m just like you.”But in fact, NOTHING could be further from the truth.   You’ll discover the ONLY way you can possibly get your buyers to respond to your empathy — which is THE most important emotional buy-button to push.(Screw this one up and your sales material is headed for the trash bin!)
    Look, being REAL is what makes you a small fortune and I’ll show you how to sell in print, so you’re as real as the smile on your buyer’s face.
  10. How about introducing your product or services in your sales letter — when’s the best time to do this? If you do it too early, you alienate your buyer.  But if you do it too late, you blow the sale and they lose interest. Discover exactly when to introduce your product and what you’d better follow it up with!
  11. What about making irresistible guarantees?   When should you give them and what kind of guarantees should you give? I’ll GIVE you over one-dozen different examples of “clean,” ethical, profit-boosting guarantees you should be making, and I’ll show you when and where to use them (there are three places, actually).
  12. The opening line of your sales letter is like the initial eye contact you make with someone, just as you finish shaking their hand: if it feels even slightly “off”… you will lose your prospect, forever.   You see, this is a critical point in your selling process. Since you’ve gotten them past the headline, it means they’re interested — so you don’t want to mess this one up. But don’t worry — I’ll give you a “safety net” of over two-dozen ways to start your sales letter or ad, so you can sell anything!
  13. Destroy “The Competition Myth:” Contrary to conventional wisdom, you almost never need to consider your competition, and yet… most people waste loads of time worrying about, and trying to eliminate their competition in their sales letters and ads. You’ll discover the one sure-fire way to make sure your competition never even enters your buyer’s mind!  (Wouldn’t it be nice never to have to deal with thatagain?)
  14. You’ve probably heard something that says you always have to give your prospects a “reason why” you’re doing something.  Right?  Well, unfortunately, this has been misunderstood and misused to the point where it makes absolutely NO sense at all.  On these recordings, I’ll reveal why, with one exception, telling your buyers the “reason why” you’re making your offer, or why you’re selling your product or service… is an absolute waste of your time and won’t put one thin dime into your pockets!  This completely flies in the face of conventional wisdom, however… knowing this saves you countless hours burning the midnight oil, writing useless and unnecessary sales copy that simply isn’t needed.
  15. I’ll also reveal the one single reason why most lead generation ads never have even the slightest chance of selling anything.  (Hint: if you had any questions about 2-step lead generation before… you won’t have them after this!)
  16. And speaking of this… for most people, 2-step lead generation is critical to your success. You MUST understand the four selling situations when using two-step lead generation is mandatory — and I go into this is in great detail, on these recordings.  This makes the entire “emotional buy-button” concept crystal clear. Without this, there is virtually NO marketing… and NO money to be made.   (This takes approximately 15 minutes, yet it will change your life, forever.)
  17. You’ll also get a big, fat, important swipe file, filled with a stable of proven, emotionally compelling ads — over 200 pages!   There is enough fodder in here, to give you ideas for every marketing campaign you’ll ever work on, for the rest of your life.
  18. We’ll dig deep into the psychology of what makes your buyers “tick” and how to identify these emotional buying triggers in YOUR marketplace. Unless you understand why your prospects buy and what their REAL motivation is, you simply will never be able to sell things to them with any kind of consistency or predictability.  I will give you the ONE brain-dead question, to figure out your prospects REAL motivation, no matter what you’re selling. 
  19. Why you often MUST understate things to make yourself more credible. Most people over-exaggerate every single claim they can possibly make.  On the other hand… I tend to understate my claims — which is actually MUCH more effective.  I’ll show you live examples of this almost always overlooked glaring mistake, that completely blows your credibility.
  20. You’ll uncover at least 21 of the most important emotional buy-buttons, and find out how to push them and when!   Discover how to tap into the inner emotional recesses of your buyer’s mind, using compelling sales copy that attracts only those prospects you want to deal with and sell to.  Save hundreds of hours ofendless frustration, by eliminating all the looky-loos and tire-kickers who are only “shopping around,” for the lowest prices in town and online… and who insist on doing nothing but wasting your precious time without parting with a penny! 
  21. As you know, the MOST important thing you need to communicate to your buyers, is why they should buy from YOU, instead of someone else.  To make sure you can do this, you’ll get my 4-step “Big Bang Theory.”  This instantly shows you the BEST “differential” to use, that easily separates you from your competition.  This secret formula is how I came up with the spin in my one consulting business, that allowed me to collect $84,000 before I even wrote a headline!  (And I swear under oath, this took me a whopping 10 minutes to come up with.)
  22. One of the most frequent comments I hear once people meet me in person, is “Wow, you’re so much nicer than I thought!”  This is by design, and it’s called… “Positioning.” You must position yourself effectively if YOUwant to control how your clients interact with you, as opposed to having your clients calling the shots. I’ll give you the FIVE key secrets of positioning, and explain how to use them so you will never have to cow-tow to anyone, ever again.  (And by-the-way, this is one of those necessary evils of business, but I’ll reveal a few secrets no one’s ever told you, which makes this hassle-free and much easier to implement, than you’re probably thinking.)
  23. I also revealed the 15 most important secrets Gary Halbert taught me, when I worked with him back in 2003, that I’ve never revealed before, and do NOT plan on discussing again!  I learned more valuable, cash-producing information from Gary in the 6 months I worked with him, then I learned from everyone else I’ve ever worked with, combinedAnd you get the top 15 takeaways in this program!
  24. Self-development has been one of the things most responsible for my success. So I’ll share with you what I’ve observed in myself, and in working with over 300 clients in more than 97 different industries… and what actual scientific tests have verified… to be the ONE personality trait most responsible for the degree of your success or failure!   And by the way, it’s not persistence… optimism… or believing in yourself. Most entrepreneurs are all three of these things, and yet few of them ever reach their potential. This trait is FAR more basic than any of these things, and it’s identifiable in young children as well as adults. This’ll be engaging and provocative — ’nuff said.
  25. And lastly, I’ll tell you the real reason why Social Media is so popular and how to leverage this in your business, and in your dealings with your prospects and customers. And “No,” it has nothing to do with making money… with communication… or with any other silly thing academics and “Social Media Gurus” tell you. It has to do with something much simpler than that, and it’s actually the reason why most cheating spouses become unfaithful in the first place.

Holy smokes, that’s a TON of good stuff, isn’t it?!

It sure is, and I assure you… this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As you’d imagine, this program allows you to make tens of thousands of dollars in extra revenue. And make no mistake — this is revenue you WILL be missing out on, otherwise. PLUS… you’ll have so many NEW ways of making all this extra money, your bigger problem will be figuring out which project you want to do, first!  So now that you know what this event is all about…

Let Me Briefly Tell You What This Event Was NOT

It was NOT a big giant free-for-all! I was very hands on with everyone in the audience, to the point where… frankly, outside of having a day of consulting, no one else has ever worked this closely with me for this much time, including my private copywriting clients. Point being, you’re going to hear me working on each person’s business… giving them specific suggestions and improvements. Strategies that will NO DOUBT make you money.

Here’s just a small sampling of just some of the industries we talked about:

  • Real Estate Investing
  • Guru and “Information” Businesses
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online and “Internet” Marketing
  • Hard Asset Brokerage
  • Financial Services
  • Security, Protection Businesses
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Loan Officer Marketing
  • Consumer Services
  • Investment Marketing
  • Computer & High-Tech Services
  • Private, Public, and Government Sectors
  • And more…

This also wasn’t a pitch-a-thon! Outside of me and the attendees, you’ll hear from no one else. You’re getting solid information and literally HUNDREDS of examples of marketing strategies and sales copy “tricks,” with NO sales pitches — from minute “one”… straight through to the last minute,over 17 hours and 20 Audio CD’s later

A client of mine once said, “Craig, you’re all about the content.” And if you are one of the first 25 people to order this program, you’ll get to profit and benefit from this, for yourself.

I can assure you, it would be impossible for you to ever learn what I revealed at this event, on your own.   And here’s why:   There are three reasons, actually.

  1. One, over the last 7 years of my career, I’ve probably spent an average of no less than 6 to 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, writing sales copy and creating breakthrough marketing strategies!For the first six or seven years of my career in marketing, I worked closer (conservatively) to 11 or 12 hours a day, at writing. That means, over the last 14 years, I’ve spent close to 40,000 hours doing this one thing alone. And “Yes,” I really do work that much.  In fact, if you ask anyone who knows me personally, they’ll probably vouch for my work ethic first, above anything else.

    So unless you have an extra thirty-four thousand hours to spare (the average person actually “works” less than 2,000 hours per year), you simply have no way of gaining this kind of experience.

    You can NOT possibly get a short-cut to this kind of wisdom, laid out in such a practical, easy and “common sense” format — so easy, you can start using these strategies, immediately.

  2. Two, I had a pretty crazy childhood that forced me to hone my “radar” and sharpen my ability to understand and anticipate people, pretty early in life.   See, my father was a violent man, so I tended to walk around on eggshells quite a lot. And as Malcolm Gladwell said in his best-selling book, “Blink,” “People who have had highly abusive childhoods… have had to practice the difficult art of reading minds. In their case, the minds of violent parents.”  So I had to know what makes people tick, from an early age — just to survive and get through the day.I excelled at this when I was a kid, in order to make it through each day. However… I excel at this now, not to survive, but to prosper. Add to this the fact that I grew up in The Bronx, and you’ve got a very unusual combination of street-smarts and intuition, you simply cannot replicate at this point, any more than you can replicate Tiger Woods’ golf swing.
  3. And lastly, add to the mix, the exposure to Halbert and the unique insight he added…and you can see, there’s a reason why I can easily do things marketing and copy-wise, few other people can do.

O.K. Craig… I want these  recordings, for sure. How much?

That’s a good question, and I’ll answer it in just a second. But first… let’s take a REALISTIC look at some other options you have, in case you feel this program is too expensive to invest in.

One option is… to spend three days with me, down here in Tampa… and I can do my best to deliver this same information to you. At my daily consulting rate of $7,500 alone, that’s going to run you north of $20,000 dollars —not including plane fare, hotels, lost time, and the inconveience of having to leave home for almost a week.

The second choice you have, is… you can work your ass off, writing copy by yourself. And, assuming you have natural aptitude… and assuming you can devote the time you need, to do this… and assuming you can sit through the same 75 to 100 books, tapes, DVDs, and CD programs I’ve sat through… you can gain all this knowledge on your own.

And, the truth is, you won’t need to spend over 33,000 hours on this — you’ll probably be pretty darned good after only 10,000 to 15,000 hours. That’s how much time it typically takes to become an “expert” in almost anything.

Or lastly, you can sit around and hope I run this workshop again — which… if you were sitting here right in front of me, right now… I’d look you straight in the eye and swear on a stack of bibles, and tell you “This will NEVER happen.” I just have too much going on right now, and in fact, I’m not likely to put on ANY kind of workshop, EVER again.

This was a one-shot deal, only. It was like seeing Pink Floyd play “The Wall,” live in concert. If you didn’t get to see the show duing the few days they toured… you missed out, forever. There was NO second chance at this — they simply never repeated the program, no matter how great the demand was.

So assuming you agree that three days of consulting at over $20,000 and putting in over 10,000 trying to hack away at this on your own… aren’t smart options, let me tell you what you’re going to have to invest to get this program.

Attendees paid $5,000 to attend this 2 1/2 day workshop — which you are getting the complete and full recordings of. But you’re not going to have to pay $5,000 for this.

In fact, you’re not going to have to pay $4,000 for it… and you’re not even going to have to pay $3,000 for it. You’re going to get this exact same workshop attendees paid $5,000 to attend… for only $2,497 or, you can also make payments as follows:

  • 1 payment of $2,497 (Includes FREE Shipping, normally $29.95 USA/$79.95 outside of America), or…
  • 5 installments of $597 every 30 days

You will receive ALL of the following items:

  1. The Complete Lead-Getting Profit-Boosting Ad Writing Workshop, 20 Audio CD’s: over 17 hours of copywriting and marketing secrets NEVER revealed or released before!
  2. Manual #1: 110 Pages of actual workshop content material, including the never before revealed 17 Components Of A Sales Letter & How To Create Them, with LOADS of specific examples you can use, over and over and over again
  3. Manual #2: A COMPLETE 212 Page Swipe File that will last you forever: Pages and pages of Classic Ads from as far back as the early 1900’s, through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  This is the most useful and practical Swipe File ever assembled, because of all the SPECIFIC references to each one of the 17 Components Of A Sales Letter and to all the material in the program. You’ll uncover examples of compelling copy that sells, in dozens of different industries and across a wide variety of niched marketplaces. (Includes Classic ads from Schwartz, Ogilvy, Famous Writers School, Vic Schwab, Maxwell Sackheim, Joe Karbo, Joe Sugarman, Halbert, Garber, and others – includes space ads, sales letters, order forms and more)

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