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Build Attraction Secrets – Cameron Teone

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Radical Pickup Artist Thumbs Nose At Phony “Seduction Experts” Who Earn Fortunes Preying On The Hopes And Dreams Of Men Worldwide And Finally Reveals… The Only Field-Tested, Battle-Proven Roadmap for Consistently Attracting Women… Without Lines, Without Routines, And Without Cheesy Gimmicks Read On To Discover How For the First Time Ever…

You Can Possess The Black Belt Level Knowledge Of The Most Powerful Natural Attraction System In The World, That Will Dramatically Change Your Life…

Starting Tonight

If you’re fed up because you can’t get the kind of women that you really desire, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Because if you just trust me (even a little bit) for the next couple of minutes, I’m going to show you the foundation to having a level of sexual power (and choice) that until now you thought was reserved only for the “Abercrombie models” and “rich jerks” of the world.

Did you know that YOU could have…

– Desirable Women –

– The Power Of Choice –

– And Respect! –

…They’re All So Close You Can Taste It…

So just stay with me here.  I know you’re skeptical – who wouldn’t be?

There are so many snake oil marketers and flavor-of-the-month “gurus” trying to make a quick buck that it’s hard to sort out the “good stuff” from the CRAP.

So let me tell you something.  The journey stops here because you’ve found the “good stuff”.

And you need to listen to me because

This Is Different

What I’m telling you is the truth, and it’s something you’ve gotta hear about because what you are doing right now with women (especially if you are listening to a lot of the advice in the pickup community) is dead wrong.

In fact, the cold-hard truth is that it’s actually murdering your game

And I’ll tell you why in just a second…

But first I want you to know that there’s a better way.  In fact, there are 1,000s of guys worldwide who are familiar with my teachings and they’d be the first to tell you how much my advice and information has helped them.

Guys who couldn’t even work up the courage to say “hi” to that cute girl in their chemistry class in high school are now traveling the world having sex with the type of women they find desirable.  But it goes beyond that!  There are clients of mine who write me testimonials after having gotten engaged to the type of woman they always desired but never thought they could get.

There are former clients of mine who are now happily married to the type of woman they envisioned themselves to be with. What I am telling you that is: My stuff is designed to get you lasting results.

My name is Cameron Teone.  I’m known in the “seduction community” as probably the BEST teacher of easy to understand, mega-effective methodologies that will kick the “old you” to the curb and unlock a lifetime of success and mastery with women, literally overnight.

So that you can go from shy, nervous and anxious – to bold, assertive, and confident – and finally have the power to get the type of girls you want, when you want, how you want.

Sounds like a big claim?

You bet it is.

But look man, I’m the real deal.

My background combines real-blood experience as a pro pickup artist – as chronicled in the book, The Game – with a certification in advanced hypnotherapy and over a half a decade of running LIVE bootcamp-style programs where results were the only thing that mattered.

Let’s just put it this way…

My number is on the speed dial of top-level pickup artists worldwide. And that’s because I’ve earned their trust and because what I teach WORKS.

I’m the guy who they call when a guy are fed up, dejected and he’s about to give up and throw in the towel.


Because I teach…

Get Build Attraction Secrets – Cameron Teone, Only Price $42

A Step-By-Step Proven Scientific System That You Can Rely On To Get You To Become The Type of MAN Who Attracts Desirable WOMEN With Consistency

Now look, originally, I approached pickup like most of the guys did.  I learned the skills, techniques and systems.  I went out with all the guys who were deemed as “The Best” in the “pickup community.”

Mystery, Neil Strauss/”Style,” DeAngelo, all of those guys.

I studied and hung out with them all.

I tried it all!  I even dressed like an idiot to show I was “Peacocking.”  Why do I tell you this?  Because I have been where you are!  I have done it!

I’ve lived it.

You name the method, I mastered it – from 14 step algorithms to having memorized stacks of routines with to dressing like a bumblebee.  (OK, I never dressed like a bumblebee for the record!  I am not that crazy!)

I tried it, practiced it and mastered it.

While having my own full time job, I even volunteered to work for David DeAngelo for free on the side just so I could learn everything I could from people whom I perceived to be “Experts.”  That’s how dedicated I was to learning this stuff.

Like you, I thought those guys had all the answers.

And you know what?  Some of the methods worked pretty well.

But here’s the thing…

Every seduction system that I was exposed to was just too damn complicated to master in a reasonable amount of time.  But more importantly, it didn’t get long lasting results.  It was incomplete.

It was a short term fix to a bigger issue.

It would take me 3 months of hardcore practice to get good at a method, and I’d make it work and get some success out of it.  It didn’t get me the results I wanted consistently.  They were massively incomplete systems that just solved a small piece of the puzzle.

The Dark Secret In The Hidden Underbelly Of The Seduction Community Exposed

But there was a deep dark secret going on. Something disturbing, and ugly.  Everyone knew it, but no one talked about it.  Everyone saw it around them, but no one dared talk about it because they didn’t want to undermine their credibility of being such a “Great Pick-Up-Artist.”

What was even worse was that when the [Project Hollywood] guys were running around like dancing monkeys, there were totally normal looking guys were have much more success with girls than these pro pick up artists…. and these guys didn’t peacock, wear fuzzy hats, or have to act like dancing monkeys …. They were the proverbial “Cool Guys” we wanted to be like in high school.

You can imagine the frustration of spending months on end trying to get this shit handled, and then having normal guys who couldn’t care less attract women effortlessly, without peacocking, without memorized scripts, and without bumblebee outfits.

Worse yet, these guys seem to be have women who wanted to be around them.

After visiting Project Hollywood, the women ran for the hills, never wanting to come back to the creepy mansion.

So you can see why it became my burning obsession to find a natural seduction system that was easy to master (not just learn)… that I could count on “in the field” to get me a TRANSFORMATION…. and one that wouldn’t rely on outlandish clothing, stupid cocky lines that just insulted women and memorized scripts that made you feel like you were doing Shakespeare.

  • I wanted to be like the naturals.
  • I didn’t want to dress in outlandish clothing.
  • I didn’t want to spew cocky insulting lines that weren’t coming from me, but rather, were coming from so-called “experts”

I wanted a natural style that would help me meet desirable women and have them naturally attracted to me, so that they chose to be with me because they liked me for me!

I searched high and low.  I went to self-proclaimed “master” after “master”, but no one was getting results that could match the power and consistency of the methods that were already being used by myself and my pickup compadres.

So I went back to the drawing board, and started from scratch.

Really, I had no choice.  I was forced to create an entirely NEW seduction paradigm… one that took the simplest moves of the best styles… and “blended” them with the latest scientific insights… the most cutting edge work in creating a transformation… and my own field experience to formulate a new approach that

Renders Other Methods Obsolete

What I discovered was this: Even the perceived cutting-edge seduction styles (like the ones being used by the guys at Project Hollywood) were still shackled by rules popularized by certain “gurus” of the early days of seduction.  So even though the methods seemed “cutting edge” they were based upon outdated and incorrect principles that SEVERELY limited your natural abilities as a man by up to 90%.

They could get you short term success.  Heck, they may even help you bring a girl back home every so often, but they didn’t result in everlasting success.

And after years of research and study – both in “the field” and in my personal pickup laboratory – I finally “broke the code” on how to translate the routine and tactic based game that so many guys were relying on into an easy to use NATURAL system that I could use night, after night to get results.

And that’s when it happened…

Enter A New Paradigm Shift In Thinking That Would Revolutionize The Industry

These days, you hear words and phrases like “Attribute Based Training“, “Natural Game“, and “Transformation” thrown around like darts in an English Pub.

Truth of the matter is, back in the day, I was chastised for going against the grain and rebelling against the crazy insane “Routine-Stacked” methods.  So-called experts ridiculed that such a system could work.

Then I released a body of work originally called The Attributes™ and that’s when every thing changed.

Not only was this system working like crazy, and getting me Far Better Results without any of the nonsense…but the results that my students were getting were like nothing the pickup community had ever seen before.

Not only was my new system getting me better results, but it also made me feel like a happier and more well balanced person.  On top of that, I had women who actually called me to want to spend time, instead of me having to chase them!

Even crazier was that my students were the most satisfied clients of any seduction workshop.  While other dating workshops had angry clients filling out rip-off reports on the Internet, my students were sending me praise and blessings.

They were getting long lasting results.  They enjoyed their lasting success.  They would send me updates regarding their new life.

4 years LATER, I STILL receive updates from clients who want to share how their lives have changed.  A few of them have even gotten married and settled down with a woman of their choice, the TYPE OF WOMAN They did not think they could get before….

It was wild.

The results were freaky fast and freaky effective.

And that’s because learning this style of seduction is like loading a computer with raw data… so, without conscious effort, you can “download” amazingly advanced skills straight into your body’s physiology in an incredibly short
amount of time.

That’s what happens when you build a solid foundation. When you can improve your attributes, then you experience Transformation!  One that lasts forever.

Weekend after weekend seminars filled up.

I was charging guys up to $4,000 a weekend to learn this stuff and they were gladly willing to pay for results.

Because they had heard from friends what happened when you work with me.

The secret was out and the game was forever changed.

Fast forward to 2008…

Success Brings Cheap Imitators

Since my breakthrough in 2005, my ideas have been stolen and repackaged by former students who studied my introductory level materials and have gone on to label themselves as “gurus’.

Remember the game of telephone from when you were a child?

In the game, one person starts with a message and passes it on to another.  By the time it gets to the end of the line it’s unrecognizable.

Well that’s what’s going on now.

When I first heard one of these sets, I was horrified to hear my teachings so distorted and so off the mark.

And the guy teaching on this DVD set was claiming that he discovered and formulated these techniques by himself!

Incredibly, the stuff I created is so powerful that even though these rip-off artists have mangled my teachings… guys are still getting some results.  The material is that powerful.

Those guys who were mocking natural-style game and foundational training are now running around jumping on the bandwagon.

In fact, everyone these days likes to call himself a “Natural.”  Many of these guys even give themselves nicknames with the word natural in front of it.

There is one huge problem!

They cannot teach what I teach.

Their understanding of natural game is to just pretend to feel good about yourself and be in a magically happy state all the time.

They’ve bastardized my original findings and are teaching a version that is useless in the real World.  They sell pipe dreams to unsuspecting men.  I wish such magical elixirs existed, but you and I know better.

So I went back and decided to record all of my original findings, observations, and discoveries into an audio course that you could listen to at your own leisure.

I couldn’t sit by and allow the cheap imitators and copycats run around teaching you stuff that wasn’t going to benefit you much.

So I started digging deeper and buying up all of these new CD courses and DVDs and its all the same.

Watching these con-men rip off the material that I put my heart and soul into was infuriating.

And that’s when I decided I needed to take action and release a completely up-to-date presentation of my material directly to you.  No child’s play.  No “telephone”.  No distortion.

Just hour after hour of…

Pure Pickup Dynamite

This is it.

Nothing has been left out.

It’s The program that everyone has been buzzing about..

The program that will change your life

The first thing you need to know is this is NOT a downloadable course.

The discs that you see above are the real deal. You’ll get 16 packed-to-the brim discs recorded in crystal clear digital audio.  They’re shipped to you in a box – you can look at them, smell them or even taste them… (if you’re so inclined),

This will always be around for you when you want to refer back to it and polish up your game.  Where you listen to them is up to you.  You can pop them in your car stereo, rip them to your mp3 player or play them on your computer.

Get Build Attraction Secrets – Cameron Teone, Only Price $42

Here’s the breakdown of what you get:

  • Disc One: Understanding Attraction.  This disc reveals my powerful gravitational attraction formula that shows you exactly why women feel attraction and how you can use this understanding to break free of every limiting belief that society imposes on you and finally get the girls you want.  This is the foundation upon which everything else in the program is built!
  • Disc Two: Confidence And The Driving Forces.  We all know that confidence is attractive.  But on this disc I actually show you HOW TO BE CONFIDENT.  The Three Pillars of Confidence are revealed for your use and I show you how to rapidly “hardwire” them into your brain to start generating attraction FAST.  We then look at the two forces that have been responsible for every success and failure in your life and I show you how to take control of them to create literally any outcome you want, weather it be women, lifestyle or wealth.
  • Discs Three & Four: The Attributes™. Welcome to the “holy grail” of pickup.  These discs reveal my unique system for creating a powerful reality that attracts women to you like moths to a flame.  These discs are two of the most “ripped off” pieces of work in the entire seduction community these days, but none of the rip-off artists get the subtlety of what I’m going to be teaching you here.
  • Disc Five: Conversational Frames.  When you’re talking to women, they’re going to throw subtle tests at you.  If you pass, attraction goes through the roof.  If you fail, you will not be the alpha male she’s been dying to sleep with.  What’s it worth to you to always be in control of your conversations with women?  This one right here, folks, is worth the entire price of admission
  • Disc Six: Calibration.  Have you ever known someone who just seemed to get along with everyone?  On this disc I show you the mechanics behind being the “popular guy” that everyone wants to be with.  You’ll learn how to effortlessly relate to guys and girls of all types, how to “get out of your head” when you are at the bar or club.  And I show you how to trigger the “he really understands me!” switch in a woman.
  • Disc Seven: Story Telling.  This is one of those keys I had to work on my self.  At the time, I went against the grain, NO ONE was teaching such skills.  They all taught you a sequential method.  This disc is going to set you apart from most guys out there.  As humans, we communicate by exchanging stories.  It’s a fact. But most guys couldn’t tell a gripping story if their life depended on it so I spent over six months developing a foolproof structure for creating and delivering stories that will have her captivated with every word that comes out of your mouth.  And once you’ve got this disc, the formula is yours.
  • Disk Eight: Identity, Beliefs and Solid Game.  On this disc I spoon-feed you my own personal method for building a powerful identity and belief system that will make you the TRUE alpha male in any situation.  After listening to this disc you will exude confidence and walk through the world with ease, knowing that you are one of the few “true men” and truly are the guy that all of the women are after.  The problem with most seduction methods that deal with beliefs and identity is that they don’t tell you how to apply it in step-by-step fashion while you’re infield.  Ever worse, they ask you to create a fake identity to look cool in front of women.  This is not the case with “Building attraction secrets.”  I’ve designed a blueprint for you to integrate everything “in field” so that you are always aware of where you are and where you need to be going.
  • Disc Nine: Opening and Conversational Mastery.  On this disc I teach you my bullet-proof opening and conversational techniques Never again will you have that horrible feeling of “I don’t know what to say”.  Because you’re going to learn what to say every step of the way.  And you’ll also learn to avoid the critical mistakes that most guys make.  Slip up on just a few of these and you’re gone.  The guys who have ripped off my work tend to generalize and say “all game is inner game” or “just get your beliefs down and nothing else matters”. And while it’s true that you do need to have The Attributes™ and your identity down cold (which you will have, after going through discs three, four, and eight), you also need to know how to control a conversation. Let me go on record as saying: WHAT YOU SAY DOES MATTER because you should be interesting as a person.  And luckily for you, you’ll be a master conversationalist after listening to this one disc right here.
  • Disc Nine Bonus: Appearance.  This is one of the shorter chapter designed to give you ideas on how to improve your overall appearance and fashion.  Find out what are the key factors in this and understand how women react to what you’re wearing and how you are representing yourself to the world.
  • Disc Ten: Supplication and Social Conditioning.  Two monstrous topics that delve into the heart and soul of WHY SO MANY men take refuge in the seduction community.  With personal anecdotes from my own life and stories of people I have known, I break down the issues that surround us.  Our ideas create our beliefs and our beliefs shape our realities.  This is one of the most important cornerstones of getting this part of your life handled and I spend an hour helping you understand how you can redefine you reality.  It’ll be introspective and give you and insight into your own psyche which in turn will result in more success
  • Disc Eleven: Understanding Techniques, Avoiding Bad Advice and Final thoughts On Attitude.  It’s very simple: Much of the advice in the seduction community is sabotaging your chances with women.  I know exactly what that is and I blatantly spell it out for you.  Once you break these shackles, you can move on to a higher level and achieve the success you desire.  The chapter on Final Thoughts will very bluntly spell for you what it means to be the proverbial “Cool guy” whom women WANT to be with.  The man they choose to be with.  This disk will give insight into understanding why certain men always succeed and HOW you can become that MAN!
  • Disc Twelve: Summary.  A review of the entire program, this chapter will categorize the ATTRIBUTES into 5 main categories and explain to you where you need to get started.   Designed to help you apply a bit of self-diagnosis, this chapter will enlighten you as to where you need to improve the most depending on what your sticking points are.
  • Disc Thirteen: Debriefing.  Designed to be as close to an interactive workshop with me as can be, this disk will help you break down what you’re doing and why you’re getting stuck.  It’s ONLY to be listened to AFTER you have gone in “The Field” and applied what you have learned from the other chapters.  Come back, listen to this disk help you discover how to break through plateaus.
  • Disc Fourteen: Bonus Interview with Steve Piccus, one of the Godfathers of the seduction community.  Expert Hypnotist, Sex Coach and Part Sharman, he is one off the most sought after coaches in the community.  He is also a friend and in this informal and candid interview, Steve discusses his background, how got involved, and what you should be doing to recreate the life that you want. Along the way, he talks about:
    • The Proper Attitudes of a man, (and how most men are missing it.
    • What it means to be a man
    • Where to begin in order to achieve what you want
    • The single most important step in achieving balance (without this, you may be lost and just going in circles.)This is Rated R as it contains graphic language.
  • Disc Fifteen: Bonus Interview with David Wygant

    For the past 10 years, Dave has been teaching and providing dating advice on how to meet women in everyday environments.  In this captivating interview, we talk about:

    • Dave’s ideas on meeting women during everyday environments
    • 3 keys to day-time approaches Dave’s favorite place to take women on 1st dates. (OK, this one shocked me too!)

The interview with Dave is fast paced, informative, entertaining and vulgar at the same time.  Rated R as well.

  • Disc Sixteen: Bonus Interview with Barry Kirkey

Barry’s a good personal friend and in this rare candid interview, he comes clean on what REALLY went on in Project Hollywood, how he felt, and why he got out of that scene.

  • Barry’s story of how he got started in the community
  • His triumph in overcoming depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • Ending dependence on club-validation.

If you thought David was vulgar, you’re really in for a surprise with Barry.  Barry’s entertaining, funny, and very crude while being candid in telling guys what they can do to overcome obstacles in their lives.  You will find it inspirational and uplifting.  (Contains very Explicit language.)

These interviews are UNCENSORED AND RAW because I wanted you to get a FEEL for the strong personality of these individuals.  Without understanding their personas, the knowledge is mostly useless.

That’s right…

It took 16 Discs of Audio packed so tightly they could burst to explain every detail of the Secrets of Building Attraction system.

And once you discover these secrets, you’ll have all the “work” of meeting women done for you.

And truly the most amazing thing is, it doesn’t matter what you look like, how old you are, or what your past has been like.

You think I’m exaggerating?  You think your situation is different… and you can’t get the results I’ve promised?

Then check out what these guys discovered.  They’re all over the map in terms of age looks and income.  Some of these guys were virgins when they learned this – most weren’t anywhere near “good” with women… all they had in common was their desire to get better at meeting women.

​​​​​Finally! A Program That’s Actually Step-By-Step…

Now look, one of my biggest pet peeves is when you buy a training program that promises to teach you something “step by step” but when you crack open the course and start following the instructions you realize you’ve bee lied to.

Usually you find a bunch of vague descriptions, ‘chunks’ of information, and rehashed theory.  Maybe even a few references to evolutionary biology books thrown in for good measure so that you REALLY get confused.

Well, this new program was designed from the ground up to finally be a training course that is truly step by step.

I’ve got a “no student left behind” policy.

Because unlike the rip-off artists who rehash others’ work, I take pride in what I do and I consider myself a teacher above all other things.

So my goal in this is to hold you by the hand and show you every step of the way.

That’s why included with every module are exercises and missions designed to be completed to make ensure your progress.  You are going to learn about:

  •  The nuances of complimenting women (the right type of compliment will help you, and the wrong kind blows you out of the water.  Find out which is which.)
  •  A step-by-step account of me reading the social dynamics on a Friday night in the patio of a busy Los Angeles night club.  Get a glimpse into my mind that will help you understand social calibration.
  •  Step-by-step breakdown of story telling that will help you engage and captivate your audience.  Many “Naturals” use story telling to their advantage.  Why shouldn’t you??
  •  Prevent “Blanking out” by always having something to say.  Unique exercises help you sharpen your “Gift of Gab.”  No more awkward silences!
  •  Exercises to help you create A powerful Tonality.  Why?  Without proper tonality, you’re ruining your chances most of the time WITHOUT even realizing it!  Avoid that pitfall.
  •  You will never have to worry about not knowing how to reply to someone’s condescending comments once you master my powerful re-framing tactics!
  •  Understand the common body language mistakes most men make that disqualifies them before they even say a single word, and how to avoid them!
  •  Approach the women you desire without hesitation or angst after unleashing the hidden power of identity, self-image, and inner game.
  •  Learn how to break free of your negative beliefs and poor social programming and charge full steam ahead into a life filled with beautiful women who all want to be with you.

Wait, there is more…..

  •  One of the most important characteristics in causing attraction that you probably won’t find in any other product.  ~Chapter 4
  •  Why she is saying “Let’s just be friends.”  ~Chapter 9
  •  Why she is not returning your call even though she seemed so damn interested when you two first met.  ~Chapter 9
  •  Learn how to detect bad advice on the Internet has been sabotaging your efforts!!  ~Chapter 14
  •  Creating a strong and unshakable reality that will attract women to you.  ~Chapter 5
  •  How the analytical brain sabotages men.  Is this happening to you?  ~Chapter 6
  •  3 Types of leading and the significance of each one. Men who are successful in attracting women intuitively apply these.  ~Chapter 4
  •  The most common mistake in storytelling and how to avoid it page.  ~Chapter 7
  •  Learn my discovery of the most prolific characteristic that creates attraction in women.  ~Chapter 15
  •  Avoid the typical conversational mistaken that destroy your chances in the first few minutes.  ~Chapter 10
  •  Should you buy women drinks at a bar?  Find that when it’s actually a good idea and when it’s a terrible idea that will blow your chances.  ~Chapter 12

This course was designed by me to truly help you get you the results that you deserve.

Look, I know that you may be a bit cynical.

I understand it.

After all, there is a new guru everyday telling you that he can make you a ladies man in about 7 minutes.  I’ve read them too,

I know the lavish promises that tell in 3 days time, you’ll be attracting more women than George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon combined.  I’ve read those ones too.

But I have an intuition about you: That you’re smarter than marketing hype machines and hucksters give you credit for.

Between the lavish promises of ridiculous overnight success and guys advising you to dress like medieval sorcerers, where do you turn to?

Wait!  There is hope!

You can have women in your life WHO LIKE YOU FOR YOU!

Not because you memorize complex algorithmic methods or dress in outlandish clothing.  Not because you pretend to be something or someone you’re not.

Most normal people don’t want or like pretending to be celebrities.  You want a woman to like you for you.

I’ll share this with you: I have tried all of that.  I have worn the ridiculous outfits.  I’ve dressed up in idiotic outfits that left my long-standing friends wondering what was wrong with me.

I’ve tried all that.

I’ve been where you are.

This is why I teach foundational skills and attributes that will last you a lifetime.

  •  Characteristics that will you enable you attract and keep women, be a happier person who enjoys the company of attractive women and good friends and one who can have the confidence of knowing that wherever your travels and adventures take you, you’ll be able to do well for yourself.

You’ll meet interesting women, make new friends and interact with people because you have that knowledge.  You have that knowledge because you made a decision.  The decision to invest in yourself by trusting your instincts on who is offering hope and who is pushing hype.

Consistently, I receive unsolicited testimonials from men who write me telling me how much they appreciate my material.  They love the fact that my product has helped them not only attract more women, but live more fulfilled lives beyond that.  They’ve improved in all areas from performing better on job interviews, to reducing social anxieties to having more dates.

I have to warn you: If dressing up in fishnet stockings, applying insulting lines and memorizing robotic computer algorithms appeals to you, then my material is not for you.

Go out there and try that route.  I have tried it.  I know what it’s like as do a lot of my friends.  But you have to live life and learn your own lessons.

When you try those methods and you experience misery, sadness and a deteriorating lifestyle, then come back to my page and give my material try.  You have to find out for yourself.  It’s not my place to make your decisions for you.

All I can say is that I won’t hold it against you.  Perhaps you’ve already tried the hype machines and maybe you have made the decision to make a fundamental change that will last forever.  Maybe that’s why you are here.

Maybe that’s the reason you have found my site.

Then you owe it to yourself to give my stuff a try.

I have the notion that you’ll love the product and that after making progress, experiencing new realizations, and making life changing improvements, you would have been willing to pay two or three times as much for it.

Give it a try.  No hype.  No promises of attracting supermodels after 5 minutes of studying my material. Just the straight truth and PROVEN SOLID MATERIAL that has worked for men all over the world.

Imagine attracting women and KNOWING that they like you for you.

What is that worth to you?

I believe it’s what most men want.  But you have to make that decision for yourself.  I can’t do it for you.  Do you want to put effort in pretending to be someone you’re not hoping that a woman will like you for the façade?

Or do you prefer her to like you for the REAL you?

For years students have paid thousands to hear me present this information live.  And they didn’t get copies of the recordings for their review.

But you can go over this information over and over.

This is literally the only authorized source for getting your hands on my training material.  Not for the two thousand dollars that others have paid.

Not for five hundred dollars even.

I’m shipping these out the door at just $97.

16 Audio CDs.

12 Hours of Audio Coaching, plus bonuses, for less than 300 dollars.

Why is the price so low?

Comparable products sell for over 600 dollars by so-called experts (who, between you and me, expertise is sitting behind the computer typing out crap that I would never endorse.)

Why?  Because I really want my product to be affordable for people who have been getting ripped off by phonies, lackeys, and cheap copycat imitators.

And I promise you – you will not find a better value for your dollar in the world of seduction.  Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Besides, can you really put a price on living the life of your dreams?

Imagine walking out of your door every day KNOWING that you hold the master key to attraction and that any girl you see, day or night, is yours, if you choose.

Personally, this type of sexual choice and power is something that I don’t think you could put a price on.

It’s about having the woman you want in your life.

And not having to “settle” like the rest of the guys out there.

Men spend lifetimes building companies and empires and they won’t even come close to having the amount of choice that you will after you pop these discs in your stereo.

So go ahead and grab your set now.

If you’ve felt like you missed out on some of life’s greatest pleasures because other guys were getting the girls and you never knew what to say or do to get them for yourself….

Those days are over.

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of watching your girl leave on another guy’s arm….

Those days are over.

Because it’s a whole new ballgame after you discover the power of the Build Attraction Secrets System, as you approach women fearlessly without rejection, spark attraction, and turn those lonely nights alone into stories you will hold dearly to your heart for the rest of your life.

The ones you will be thinking about when you’re 83 years old, sitting in your rocking chair.

It all starts now.  Go ahead; make a small investment to change your life forever and order now.

Get Build Attraction Secrets – Cameron Teone, Only Price $42

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Is it secure? to Use of?
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How Will the Course Be Delivered?
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What Shipping Methods Are Available?
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How Do I Track Order?
  • We promptly update the status of your order following your payment. If, after 7 days, there is no download link provided, the system will automatically process a refund..
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