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Bring Her To The Brink – Jessica J

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How To Use My “Two Stroke Orgasm Secret” To Turn Any Woman Into A “Two Pump Chump”…

Secret only I know lets you make any woman orgasm the second you put your penis inside her…

AND SAVE $150!

You’ve been reading my emails, right?

Now that you know how to make women obsessed with you, you’re going to have a lot of sex!

I mean a lot!

Many of my new clients go on a “wild spree”…

Instead of slicing themselves a small piece of the pie…

… They just gobble the whole, damn thing down!

New girlfriends… a mistress… enough sex to wear their poor, faithful wives right out!

This may seem like a quality problem… but… I’d say 90% of my clients just aren’t ready for it!

They come back to me, worried.

… Because now they wonder if they are really pleasing all these women…

… Or if the women who truly love them for their personalities could be faking their heart-shaped butts off, in bed.

If you know how to make a woman love you so obsessively

… It’s really, really hard to tell a real, roaring, sheet tearing orgasm from a really good “fake” orgasm. (A performance she gave you, because she loves you, so much.)

And that’s why I created one, simple secret which takes all the “performance” pressure off you – for good… because…

… Because This Secret Makes Any Woman Have A Screaming, Leg-Shaking Orgasm Less Than Thirty Seconds After You Put Your Penis Inside Of Her!

In fact, this secret is so effective, I call it “The Two Stroke Orgasm Secret.

… Because… most of the time… you only need two strokes to make her wrap her legs around your back… pull you tight, close to her…

… And slide her clitoris up and down your stomach in uncontrollable waves of pleasure!

Now… if you knew how to do this…

… Would you ever worry about a woman “faking” with you, ever again?

I would think not.

And my Two Stroke Orgasm Secret really is a goddamn secret:

Because it has NOTHING TO DO with how you move… it has NOTHING TO DO with the “foreplay” you’re doing, right now… and it has NOTHING TO DO with going down on a woman… using your fingers… or even touching her vagina, at all!

(Although being good at these things does make it even more effective.)

So what is my secret?

It is a simple way to prepare your woman’s body for love-making that makes her writhe on the bed, begging you to fuck her like she’s never been fucked, before.

It is a series of secret places you can touch… a very specific order that drives every woman wild… and a combination you can remember, even while you’re distracted by her beautiful curves.

It is a master key which unlocks a woman’s orgasm the second you put your penis inside her. And banishes all forms of sexual anxiety – forever!

Banish Impotence! Solve Premature Ejaculation! Never Again “Go Soft” Too Soon!

My private clients (those horndogs) have used this secret to have the best sex of their lives.

And so they sent me letter after letter (email after email, really) filled with incredible sexual stories…

… But they also sent me a few stories which surprised me:

(No, not the dick pics. Please don’t send me dick pics =( )

Time and time again, my clients told me how this simple, “Two Stroke Orgasm Secret” helped them get over sex-problems that used to give them MAJOR anxiety.

Ken from William’s Bay told me he no longer worried about “getting it up” because he only needed a few strokes to give his wife a deep, toe-curling orgasm. “And,” he says, “Now that I’m not so anxious about getting and staying hard, I can stay hard even longer than before!”

Vince G from Los Angeles told me – in private – that he used to struggle with premature ejaculation. But now… his girlfriends don’t mind that he cums quick. Because they both cum together! His girlfriend tells him it’s “Like a fairy tale” because they always finish at the same time, looking into each other’s’ eyes.

Kyle from Northampton, MA told me that he used to “go soft” after a few minutes of sex. He thought it was because his penis didn’t work right. But then he discovered how to make a woman scream and writhe in pleasure. And he found out it was easy to stay hard – she was obviously enjoying his dick so much!

… I get letter after letter, email after email, story after story about my “Two Stroke Orgasm Secret.”

Most of which thank me for sharing it, with them.

And so… I’d like to share my secret, with you:

Exactly How To Learn The Two Stroke Orgasm Secret That Makes Any Woman Cum The Second You Put It In…

You can find my Two Stroke Orgasm Secret in a program I call, “Bring Her To The Brink.”

Bring Her To The Brink is a collection of the very best sex secrets I know; as a woman, a sex therapist, and as someone who’s helped thousands of men give hundreds of thousands of satisfying orgasms!

In it, you obviously will learn my Two Stroke Orgasm Secret. However, that’s only the start.

You’re also going to discover a whole treasure trove of secrets you can use to make your woman melt into a puddle of bliss. (After all, once a woman has her first orgasm… it becomes easier and easier to keep getting her off. And I show you how to do that, too!)

You quickly learn all of this:

  • A step by step way to touch your woman in order to drive her over the edge, with pleasure. I show you exactly where and when to kiss her – in order – to drive her so wild, she begs you to enter her.
  • I show you – in explicit detail – exactly how to kiss her… touch her… and even give you little tips I personally enjoy. (Including things too explicit to write in my emails!) So that your woman is so turned on when she’s with you; she has no choice but to orgasm – immediately!
    (I call this “opening the floodgates,” and the secret is how we push blood flow through her body. You kiss… touch… massage… stroke her in such a way that all of her blood flows to her vagina and her clitoris. This way, when you finally touch it, she absolutely ignites with pleasure.)
  • I give you the three positions guaranteed to make your woman orgasm, instantly. (HINT: None of them involve you “thrusting” at all!) And I also show you exactly how to give your woman both clitoral AND “g spot” orgasms. (Orgasms she may never have felt before, no matter how many other lovers she’s had!)

… And much more.

In fact… the list of exciting secrets you learn goes on and on…

Which is why…

“In The Past, Bring Her To The Brink Has Sold For $197…

… And it has consistently been my top-selling program for years!

My clients rant and rave about how Bring Her To The Brink improved their sex lives! (After all, it doesn’t just show you bedroom tips… it shows you a whole new way to make love!)

However… I want to show you how to turn your woman into a “Two Pump Chump” using the “Two Stroke Orgasm Secret” for a special, “Going Green” discount.

Which means you can discover the secrets hidden within Bring Her To The Brink for the low, one time price of $47. (You save $150 – instantly!)

And this is a fabulously good deal. Especially because…

Get Bring Her To The Brink – Jessica J, Only Price $32

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