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AMPED WARMUP Series – Joe Defranco

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I can’t begin to tell you how truly AMPED I am about this product! It is, hands down, the most comprehensive resource you will ever find on the topic! I truly feel that this DVD/manual package will “change the game” forever with regards to warming up!

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Learn The Secrets To Exploding Your Workouts and Athletic Performance With The Most Comprehensive Warm-up System Ever Created

I can’t begin to tell you how truly AMPED I am about this product! It is, hands down, the most comprehensive resource you will ever find on the topic! I truly feel that this DVD/manual package will “change the game” forever with regards to warming up! Gone are the days of skipping your warm-up because it’s “boring”, you’re “pressed for time”, or you “just don’t know how” to perform a proper warm-up; AMPED will also shed light on the “overreaction” that has occurred over the past couple years regarding the warm-up… AMPED will actually supercharge you for your workout (in a time-efficient manner), as opposed to taking all day to complete and frying you out before you even start to train!


AMPED is a complete warm-up system that includes a two-DVD set, a comprehensive manual, and the fast quick reference guide! Both DVD’s include nearly two hours of warm-up exercises, mobility drills, strengthening exercises to activate weak muscle groups, and flowing drills that will help you move like an elite athlete.

We break down the full arsenal of warm-up exercises into upper body, lower body and full body drills to help you quickly address your restricted or problem areas.

Not only that, you will be able to quickly create specific and individual warm-ups because we further categorize the essential activation exercises, mobility drills, and self-myofascial release (SMR) movements that you need RIGHT NOW to make the BIGGEST IMPACT in your training and help you move better in your workouts.


Along with the two AMPED DVD’s, you will receive the AMPED Main Manual that contains all of the essential information about how to warm-up the right way! You will be able to create your own super effective warm-ups before you train so you can smash through any plateaus in the gym and start adding weight to the bar again and use these exact same warm-up exercises to help you recover better between workouts so you can take your training to the next level.

Finally, the AMPED Quick Reference Guide is the real key to success of the entire program. We wanted to create a quick and compact resource that you can throw in your gym bag and bring with you to the gym –because we knew it would add a TON of value to this product!


Because we know that athletes, businessmen, coaches, and Average Joe’s need this important information – and don’t want a bunch of “fluff” or “filler” – we cut to the chase and created our TOP 10 warm-ups that have been PROVEN to work with our over 40 years combined in the gym!

Here are the TEN warm-ups that are provided in the AMPED manual…

  • #1) Upper Body Warm-up
  • #2) Lower Body Warm-up
  • #3) Full-Body Warm-up
  • #4) Post-workout/Gameday Recovery
  • #5) “I Hate Warming up” Warm-up
  • #6) The Ultimate Hip Mobility Warm-up
  • #7) Pre-Combine Warm-up
  • #8) 225-pound Bench Press Test Warm-up
  • #9) Super Charged CNS Warm-up
  • #10) Loosen Your Low-back Warm-up

Let Me Tell You a Qick Story About My Dad…

Although I can write all day about the performance increases we’ve witnessed with our athletes once we started incorporating the AMPED Warm-up System; I wanted to tell you a story about the TRUE value of AMPED…and the true value lies in getting healthy and staying healthy! Because as we all know, you can’t train if you’re injured and if you’re not recovering!

Ironically, I’m writing this after spending all day at the New York Hospital for Special Surgery with my Dad. We were there for my Dad’s shoulder replacement consultation. Yup, you read that right; Big George D. has to have his shoulder replaced next month. The sad thing is that the severe damage in my Father’s shoulder could have been completely preventable if he “knew then what he knows now.”

Although my Dad has done a million things RIGHT during his weightlifting career; it’s the one thing he didn’t do that he’s paying the price for now. My Dad will be the first one to tell you that he has NEVER stretched or performed a mobility exercise a day in his entire life! The second he stepped foot in a gym he lifted hard and heavy – and he did this day in – and day out – for over 40 years! As we were driving over the GWB on our way home, we discussed the irony of AMPED being released the same day that my Dad was told he had to have his shoulder replaced…a surgery that he himself will tell you could have been prevented by spending just 5-10 extra minutes each time he stepped foot in the gym – warming up, performing some simple stretches and activation exercises, and utilizing a foam roller or lax ball on occasion.

Here are just a few exercises and drills you’ll find inside the complete AMPED Warm-up System. You’ll find a massive arsenal of the best warm-up and recovery drills that have been proven to work over-and-over again in the gym with lifters, athletes, and coaches. The real truth is that if you want to maximize the results of ANY program you’re on, you have to warm-up the right way! That is why AMPED is critical for ANY program you ever do!

The warm-up shouldn’t be overlooked anymore; in fact, it CAN’T BE OVERLOOKED!



In the AMPED Warm-up Main Manual, we give you our proven templates, dynamic mobility drills, and activation exercises that have worked for our clients and athletes over the last 20 years. This must-have resource takes you step-by-step through everything you need to do from the time you get to the gym, until you are ‘under the bar.’ Warming up the right way is critical to getting stronger, improving your technique, and STAYING SAFE! And now, you will have the best warm-up system on the market today!


The 2-DVD AMPED Warm-up DVD set is unparalleled! You’ll get the best-of-the-best, most effective warm-up exercises you’ve ever used! Everything to get you more mobile; so you can move better, feel better, and finally start making progress in the gym! In this massive arsenal of exercises, you’ll get killer dynamic mobility drills for the ankles, hips, and upper back, activation drills to strengthen your core, entire posterior chain, and shoulders, and finally, the flowing animal movements that will have you feeling better than you have in years!


Never again be at a loss for a good warm-up! You’ll get our TOP 30 Best Warm-ups at your fingertips! The AMPED Quick Reference Guide is super simple to use. You grab it off the shelf, throw it in your gym bag, and you’re good-to-go! You’ll have the best training session of your life and look like an All Star when you’re helping other lifters out. Here’s the best part, the same warm-up routines you’ll use before your workout, you can also use to recover better between workouts!

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Purchasing AMPED WARMUP Series – Joe Defranco course now, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.amped warm up

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