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Accelerate Your Business Growth With Proven Prospecting Methods. Learn over 10 different ways that you can acquire new clients systematically to achieve long term success.



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The PPC Agency Accelerator Program

Accelerate Your Business Growth With Proven Prospecting Methods. Learn over 10 different ways that you can acquire new clients systematically to achieve long term success.

The 7 problems all business owners face when looking to achieve systematic growth through predictable client acquisition…

At InvisiblePPC we speak with hundreds of agencies every single month and we come across the same questions and problems all of the time…

Any of these sound familiar?

  • “I don’t know how to attract and win new clients”
  • “I don’t have a proven system that will allow me to scale”
  • “I don’t have the time to find new clients”
  • “My new client acquisition is too unpredictable”
  • “I don’t have enough new leads to generate sales”
  • “I’m not very good at prospecting and sales”
  • ” Idon’t want to look stupid if I don’t know the answers to their questions”

We get it, you’re busy helping clients get results but you really need a proven plan to attract and close more sales so that you can start seriously growing your business.

Don’t worry – You’re not alone!

That’s why we’ve developed the 9-Step Agency Accelerator Roadmap

We’ve built this roadmap to give you the very best program experience. You’ll first find some important foundations that are critical to understand for long term Google Ads sales success. Then we’ll move into the bulk of the course to discuss individual prospecting activity and methods, wrapping the course up with enabling long term retention, reporting and optimizing for the future.

A guaranteed framework to get you in a predictable prospecting rhythm – ready for scale.

Course Curriculum

Accelerator Introduction

  • Welcome to PPC Agency Accelerator Program (1:57)
  • Language of Google Ads (67:28)
  • BONUS: 10 Steps to More PPC Clients with John Logar (13:23)

Lesson 1: Set Yourself for Success

  • Track Your Consistency and Success (18:32)
  • Backwards Business Plan (28:24)
  • Get the Most from the Client Relationship (7:44)
  • The Prospecting Mindset (9:53)
  • Your Sales Process (4:59)

Lesson 2: Set Expectations Deliberately

  • Setting Expectations from the Start (19:56)
  • Managing Practical Goals and Expectations (33:32)
  • Managing Campaign Performance Expectations (7:56)

Lesson 3: Retention Is Growth

  • Month-One Communication and Relationship (8:51)
  • Building Trust with Your Clients (8:26)
  • Utilizing the Client Journey (42:15)

Lesson 4: Common Prospecting Methods

  • Profile of a Quality Client (15:14)
  • Prospecting to Existing Clients and Contacts (8:36)
  • Prospecting with Referrals (22:16)
  • Prospecting with LinkedIn (26:22)
  • Prospecting with Email (13:55)
  • Prospecting at Network Events (12:45)
  • BONUS: 8 Logar Lead Generators to Do Often-Often-Often Starting Now (32:50)

Lesson 5: Compel & Sell

  • Make a Compelling Offer (7:57)
  • Contracts and Guarantees (12:45)
  • Presenting to Your Prospect (18:37)
  • Live Presentation Calls (9:34)

Bonus Takeaway from John Logar

  • Get the Next Sale (4:30)

Give Your Feedback

  • Giving Your Feedback

Accelerator Resources

  • Download Your Accelerator Resources

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