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Affiliate BootCamp How to Retire in 100 days

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The Affiliate boot camp I am reviewing today is a program put on by Russell Brunson, a very accomplished internet marketer/ best-selling author and owner of Click Funnels. Russell offers an affiliate boot camp that contains a component called the “100 Day challenge”. Russel’s goal or in this case his “claim” is to have you in a position to retire by the time you have completed his 100 day affiliate boot camp.

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If you are surfing the internet looking for ways to make money online you will undoubtably see quite a few affiliates Bootcamps promoting various methods training options for making money online. In my opinion the cream of the crop, the top three affiliate boot camps that rise to the top when it comes to offering a step by step program that allows an absolute beginner to go from having no concept to a money earner online are as follows:

  • Russel Brunson’s affiliate boot camp – Offers step by step affiliate marketing training with a 100-day money making guarantee, they actually state that it’s possible to retire after 100 days, not to sure on that claim but this program does produce results!
  • Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate boot camp – Offers step by step Affiliate marketing training which will end with a fully functional affiliate marketing business. I did this course myself from start to finish which allowed me to create a thriving online business promoting products online.
  • The selling Family affiliate boot camp – This program will teach you how to buy products from various outlets and then turn around and sell these products on Amazon for some crazy profits, not a cheap program by any stretch but will deffinetlty have you buying and selling on Amazon by the time you finish.

The Affiliate boot camp I am reviewing today is a program put on by Russell Brunson, a very accomplished internet marketer/ best-selling author and owner of Click Funnels. Russell offers an affiliate boot camp that contains a component called the “100 Day challenge”. Russel’s goal or in this case his “claim” is to have you in a position to retire by the time you have completed his 100 day affiliate boot camp.

Enjoy my Affiliate Bootcamp review and like always I welcome any feedback or questions you may have, have a great day Mike.


Russel Brunon ranks right up there when you start to look at people who have found success online through internet marketing. The millionaire owner of ClickFunnels documents his rise to internet stardom and lays out the steps he took to achieve his success online in two of his most popular published offers, “Dotcom Secrets” and Russel’s latest published offer “Expert Secrets” are a great read which I highly recommend if you have any aspirations of following in Russel’s footsteps and building a profitable business online.

Russell Brunson’s 100-day challenge affiliate boot camp combines russels primary online offer Clickfunnels with various internet marketing techniques designed to drive traffic to any offer that you wish to promote online. Affiliate Bootcamp is designed to effectively promote ClickFunnels and in the process earn you some healthy recurring monthly commissions. What Russel teaches in his Affiliate Bootcamp can be applied to any offer online not just ClickFunnels.


Affiliate Bootcamps main requirement I feel isn’t that demanding, allocate1 hour a day to work on your new online business for 100 days. If you go to offer “” you’re presented with a video that’s pretty entertaining and gives you a good break down on what affiliate boot camp and ClickFunnels is all about. I enjoyed listening to the video and found myself laughing a few times, Russell is a great presenter. He managed to fill me in on affiliate boot camp within 13 minutes, and I did feel as if I knew Russell personally by the end of his short video.


In Russell’s Affiliate boot camp, he breaks the content down and makes it really easy to understand. Russel has created a step by step sequence for completing his affiliate boot camp by allocating only 1 hour of your day towards your affiliate boot camp tasks that are all laid out for you in advance.

Russell comes off as extremely passionate about having you dedicate yourself to the affiliate boot camps 100-day challenge. Russell truly believes that his training will allow you to sign up one person a day for a 14-day free trial with Clickfunnels each day of the 100-day challenge, after their 14-day free trial is up Russel is confident your referrals will sign up for a paid membership with Clickfunnels and you’ll get a well deserved commissions off their memberships.

There are two memberships that a referral can sign up under with Clickfunnels, one being a $97 membership option and the second option being a $297 membership. If you direct that customer to a paid membership, you receive a 40% recurring income from that sign up. Now of course, this is under the assumption that the person actually does sign up after the 14-day trial. Russell seems so confident about the attributes and effectiveness of Clickfunnels, that he has no doubt that if you get someone to the free 14-day trial ClickFunnels will do the rest.

So back to the 100-day challenge with Russell’s affiliate boot camp. After I signed up, I was informed I would receive an email once Every day indicating what my next steps were going to be, and this is exactly what happened. Russell’s affiliate boot camp walks you through each step in order to get that one free trial a day using his affiliate boot camp. Let me show you how Russel breaks it down:

1 Free Trial a day = 40% commission on $97 membership = approx. $40/month (on the lower end membership option)

1 Free Trail a day = 40% commission on $297 membership = approx. $120/month (on the higher end of membership payment)

$40 x 100 days of signing up 1 free trial a day = $4000/month

$120 x 100 days of signing up 1 free trial a day = $12000/month

So ideally, after these 100 days with affiliate boot camp, you would have a recurring paycheck of $4000 a month. Which is how Russell says you’ll be able to retire.


Just as I mentioned above, Russell and his team walk you through the entire process for 100 days. If you follow it words for word, and ensure you’re allocating the appropriate amount of time every day for 100 days (which is only about four months) Russell’s pretty confident that you will be able to retire in 100 days.

Russell breaks everything down into easy to follow components on a day by day basis, there’s a few different videos that you are required to work through. Russell does a good job with bis videos and the topics he covers are explained in detail. I found the videos easy to follow and quite entertaining.

Each training day focuses on a different topic but you will find that when you first start Russel’s boot camp there’s a lot of emphasis put on what is referred to as the “secret formula” that focuses on targeting your dream customers. As you work your way through the 100 days, you learn about traffic, Facebook ads, creating your own follow up email sequences, as well as building funnels. This is all within your first week which is pretty action packed.

Because there’s literally 100 days in Russel’s affiliate boot camp, it would be redundant for me to talk about every single training day. Russel’s boot camp also offers regular webinars, both by Russell and his Affiliate Manager Kevin Tjia. Kevin is part of Russell’s team, and helps with a lot of the additional training as well as hosts live Facebook training. Kevin also seems very passionate, just as Russell is about building a presence online. There’s also something called “Sticky Cookies” which I really liked about this affiliate boot camp.

What are Sticky Cookies?

When you direct someone to sign up for the free trial, and then they join as a member, you get commission on that membership. We already covered that up top, however, going forward, any additional products that a member purchases from Clickfunnels will also be credited to you. Clickfunnels attaches a “sticky cookie” on your account, so any additional sale that Russel makes off of a customer that YOU referred entitles you to a commission off that sale. Clickfunnels does all the marketing and up selling for you. Not only are you profiting from ClickFunnel memberships, you’re also profiting from anything over and above that is purchased through Clickfunnels.


I will remind you, that these 100 days are completely free. There will be a few things you pay for in order to participate in the training, and these things are paid for on a monthly basis.

As you work your way through the affiliate boot camp you will get to a stage where you will need to utilize ClickFunnels which comes at a cost of $97 a month but by the time you get to this stage you will be well on your way to creating a profitable online business.


Clickfunnels offers really good, honest and authentic products that actually work, so the selling part should be very easy to follow through on if you adhere to what Russell wants you to do.


Russell’s affiliate boot camp offers pretty decent support. Russel’s team is constantly offering new webinars, as well as many live Facebook training videos. During the affiliate boot camp, Russell will ask you to join the 100-day challenge Facebook page. Within this Facebook page there are roughly 15000 fellow affiliate members all going through with you at any given time so you will find many of the questions that you may have been already been answered in this forum.

You also heard me talk a little about Kevin Tjia, the Affiliate manager. Kevin is always on this Facebook page, answering questions and supporting other members.



  • Step-by-step training to build sales funnels;
  • Quality products, work well;
  • 40% commissions, as well as commission from any additional purchases;
  • The use of “Sticky Cookies”;
  • Lot’s of member and admin support;


  • Some video training can be long;
  • Can go at own pace, however, only until day 65.
  • Will have to join and eventually pay for Clickfunnels.


Affiliate boot camp makes my approved categories. This program offers real opportunity, Russel has a proven track record and after looking at his boot camp I do believe this program if followed to the letter could produce really good results, possibility of retirement, who knows, but the program does offer opportunities in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed my review and by all means please leave me any questions or comments, have a great day Mike.

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