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9×12 Rocketeer – Bob Ross

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With 9×12’s, you can do something deal sites wish in their wildest dreams they could do; reach the market who isn’t on their email list and reach them in a way that bypasses the inbox fighting for space with other deal sites.

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“Churn 9×12’s Out Faster Than Ever…And Watch as Cash Gets Zapped Into Your PayPal For Weeks Straight.

Plus, Your Fear of Selling Spaces Will Flutter Away Like a Fart in the Wind.”

Ahoy there, 

Bob Ross here. and I politely ask you to stay glued to the screen for what I’m about to share:

Groupon and other deal sites suck in thousands of dollars every day, blasting high-value deals out to everyday locals.

They pocket an astounding 50% of all revenue; just by putting offers in front of them with no upfront cost.

Wouldn’t you want to reap those kind of profits and generate business on command?

You’re a marketer.. why wouldn’t you want that kind of power!

No matter where you are, there are owners right now willing to cut their left tootsies off for the chance to get a rush of business with no upfront cost.

Think of everything you could do better than the deal sites; like help them keep customers coming back and buying more.

But how can you reach locals with these kind of offers? You cant spend millions like they can to generate an email list.

Oh… yeah… that’s right; 9×12 Rocketeer can saturate every household in the area, can’t they?

In fact, with 9×12 Rocketeer, you can do something deal sites wish in their wildest dreams they could do; reach the market who isn’t on their email list and reach them in a way that bypasses the inbox fighting for space with other deal sites.

That’s your advantage — armed with a 9×12 that can reach everyone can and can’t —  while putting the offers directly in their hands.

Using the refreshingly simple steps in this guide, everything will be easily at your fingertips, just waiting for you to push “go”.


The 9×12 Rocketeer

In My Best Ever Yet… I’ll Show You How To:

  • Uncover PRECISELY Who’ll Pay You For SpacesMy team has compiled data from over 9,000 ads on 9×12 Rocketeer across the nation to find the most common advertisers. When cross referenced with two other lists I show you how to easily create, out pops the businesses that are ready to give you cash!
  • Leverage a Devilishly Clever Tripwire That Turns Leads to Sales EasilyMy secret tripwire can generate so many leads it will blow you away. I entered a new market and continuously generate more leads than I can handle with it. Works with email, phone, and in-person.
  • Rake in Massive Profits From Group Deals On Your CardEverything you need to know about where to find clients and how to run their deals effortlessly with no headaches. Just collect the money that rolls in.

“But Bob, Won’t Group Deals Destroy My Client’s Business?”

If you send a thousand customers to “Paul’s Poop Scoopers Plus” and expect Paul to be able to scoop the poop up from 5,000 poop-filled lawns, then yes, the deal might overwhelm Paul’s poop-scooping business.

The difference is that you actually give a hoot about Paul and can help them with the back-end.

It’s not hard to help a business setup an autoresponder and get simple systems in place to keep customers coming back and spending more. Group deal sites don’t do that. They rape and pillage as they please.

Now you get to capture both ends of the business, both selling the deals and raking in the profit while also having the opportunity to consult with these businesses on how to make their group buys an enjoyable experience.

Shucks, for what you’re going to make off them, the least you can do is help them out a little!

The horror stories you hear are fodder for news and make headlines when some crazy situation happens.

If you end up obtaining the ability to send so many customers that it crushes a business to pieces, word of mouth alone would send scores of owners to you looking for the chance to advertise — so don’t sweat it!

The group deal model is brilliant. Period.

It can:

“But Bob,  I’m Scared I Can’t Fill A Card Fast Enough”

I understand.

The #1 hurdle most people face when starting a 9×12 card is they’re afraid they can’t sell spaces in a short enough time.

They’re worried they’ll only sell a few and then have to refund everyone back and go cry in a corner.

Listen, if you were my newly hired employee (with zero experience) and I started you on a card Monday, by the end of NEXT week your card would be nearly full or over full… due to the simple system of prospecting I share in this guide.

It has less to do with sales skill or closing prowess and more to do with making sure you’re reaching out to the people who are most likely to buy.

I don’t care if you have a pineapple stuck in your throat and a nose full of boogers, you’ll still sell if in front of the right people. Ask anyone who’s released a 9×12, they’ll tell you the ones who buy see the value instantly and rarely ever need to be sold. 

I’ll get you in front of them.

With seven hundred cards and over nine thousand ads analyzed across the nation, I know precisely which businesses are ready to buy. I’ll share it all with you.

By copying my system, you’ll have a profitable card produced quickly and easily… with space available to collect some of that Groupon money.

Ready to Get Started!? Here’s What You Get:

Spending nearly four months working on this guide, It grew to a bloated mash of so much information your brain would fry. After reducing every ounce of filler and unnecessary words or sentences, I polished it to a neat and tidy masterpiece of actionable treasure. You’ll learn:

  • How to keep things simple and easy
  • How to keep clients on-board for life, spending money with you forever
  • How to find the businesses that will buy from you now
  • How to fill cards faster than ever
  • How to make prospecting quick and short with minimal rejection.
  • How to run group deals on cards
  • How to handle all voucher purchases automatically with no risk
  • How to not worry about frustrated buyers who have trouble getting their vouchers delivered
  • How to increase your traffic by thousands and thousands
  • How to tap into one of the most lucrative ‘viral’ locations that will help sell for you
  • How to generate an email list of buyers to market to, faster than anything else out there BAR NONE.
  • How to leverage the “column” tripwire to generate massive leads which convert to sales readily

And Also Included…

This “quickstart” guide gets you going fast and on-track so that your cards fill in lightning time. One of the coolest things…is how to create a visual stunner that will really hammer home what you’re offering when pitching or sending emails.

I sure wish I had this when I started.

Bob, Does This REALLY Work?

Groupon alone has ran deals for over 650,000 businesses and continues to run more every day. And that’s just Groupon, not including LivingSocial, Amazon Local, and the quintillions of other sites reaping the rewards daily.

There’s no shortage of buyers and sellers, you just need to be the middle-man.

The highest performing group deals are those that cater to the broad majority of the public, which is exactly the audience our 9×12’s reach. Restaurants, Pet Groomers, Salons, Spas, Massage, Events, and Gyms are great examples. They’re used by everyone, so there’s a huge crowd of thirsty buyers.

It’s not uncommon to see hundreds, even thousands of vouchers from these type of businesses being purchased daily on deal sites, translating to obscene amounts of revenue that could be going to you instead of them.

I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t guarantee you any result but that’s business… all I can say is this is about as proven of a model as you can get.

If You’re STILL On The Fence…

Finally… if you’re still on the fence, consider this:

1. Groupon and other deal sites sell these every single day right in your area.

That means there’s a wide open pool of buyers and plenty of sellers.

2. Deals that get tremendously good response are services that cater to the exact same audience our 9×12’s do.

That means you’re doing the same thing Groupon is but reaching more people that they don’t have access to.

And lastly…

Just one advertiser that sticks with you can make your car payments every month forever.

Just one. 

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