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Your Expired Listing Boot Camp course is available you will get immediately after payment only $297 $48

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  • Bonuses
    • 12 Month Business Plan
    • Monica Benevides Marketing
  • FREE Live Prospecting Calls
    • LIVE Expired Calls
    • LIVE FSBO Calls
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  • Listing Presentation Mastery
    • Overview
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  • Week 1
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    • Expired_12_Point_Expired_Script.pdf
    • Expired_Voicemail_Script.pdf
    • OutlawMailer.pdf
    • QA elb 1 qanda 032315.mp4
    • Questions_To_Ask.pdf
    • Ultimate_89_Point_Plan.doc
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  • Week 2
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  • Week 3
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  • Week 4
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    • EBCWeek42015.pdf
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    • Kaley_L2S_Ratio.PDF
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When You Enroll Today, You’ll Gain an Unfair Advantage Over 99% of Other Agents and Brokers by Effortlessly Scooping up All the Expired Listings in Your Market:

Erin Caraway

Last year I closed 12 million in sales, and this year I’m on track to to close over 20 million… and I’m able to take more time off, and my life is more balanced than ever before!

4 week intensive training for mastering the art of expired listings!

‘Super Charged’ Strategies to ramp up your Listing inventory super fast

12 point ‘expired listing’ script…so you know EXACTLY how to close the seller…

‘106 Critical Questions’…the key q’s you must ask to help you seal the deal.

‘#1 Voicemail’… the ‘One and Only’ message to leave to get them to call you back

Rapid Resources Toolkit…everything you need to keep your listing pipeline filled.

Ultimate Expired Listing marketing plan…saves you time and money!

12 outside the box mailers…that you can customize to your market.

10 Live Recorded Expired Prospecting Calls…no guesswork, just repeat what I say!

‘Stay on Track’ Daily Time Management System…for greater productivity and results…

Master Accountability System…to meet your goals and milestones

Seller/Expired Lead Intake Sheet – so you can track EVERYTHING…

Plus TONS more content to make sure you DOMINATE your market!

Get Your Expired Listing Boot Camp – Anonymous, Only Price 48$

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