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“Bring It On!”

Whether It's More Bail-outs, Quantitative Easing, Money-Printing Running 24-7, Inflation, or China Calling Our Debt Due-I Don't Care…

I'm Making More Money Now Than I EVER Have In My Entire 19-Years of Trading For a Living

Read This Message and I'll Tell You Exactly How I'm Doing It…

It started just over 3 years ago. Weekly options contracts were introduced. And since then, a LOT has changed in the way I approach the market these days.

And these changes are giving me fresh, new opportunities and circumstances that have NEVER been available to the small, independent trader before (tmestors like you and me).

And over the last 36 months. I've experimented with and proven several brand-new strategies that you can use to profit consistently with weekly options… and get this:

They work EVEN BETTER In a volatile market like RIGHT NOW.

In fact, there's no better time titan now to use these strategies. And quite frankly – like it or not – this market volatility could be the "new normal'' for us for years to come.

The truth is – things have changed DRAMATICALLY over the last 5 years. There's an entire shift happening… an "undertow" – if you will – tltat lias completely changed the foundation of what the stock market is. how it operates, and why things that used to work just flat-out DON'T work anymore.

It's time for a re-frame of your brain – an awakening of sorts.

I'm about to show you how this change is unearthing MASSIVE opportunities right now. And for those who embrace it and go with it – there will be profit waves to ride for the rest of your life.

What's going on out there?

The shift that's been taking place in the market (with no end in sight/ is this:

There's a Massive Increase in the Amount of Institutional Trading That's Going On

“Institutions" are entities such as: Wall Street investment banks, brokerage houses, foreign banks and funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, publicly traded companies (¡ike the nnestments Microsoft makes), insurance companies, pension funds, large foundations, even the Federal Reserve!

According to TriinTabs Investment Research, in 2010 institutional trading comprises just over three-quarters of Al l stock market volume! (Just S years ago. it wti approximately 2/irds of alt stock market activity).

At this rate – it doesn't look like this trend is slowing down or stopping any time soon. Some experts I've interviewed lately say this means curtains for the regular investor out there. Certain doom

But for me. I'm excited as hell!


Because this kind of fundamental shift – and the consequent radical change in the market – means there are NEW WAYS to capitalize… and do it in quantum leaps!

As far as I'm concerned "out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new" is just fine with me. Btit tlte prizes will only be tossed out to those who know where to move and how to act.

Quite honestly…

If It Weren't For the New Weekly Options I Honestly Don't Think I Could Have Made Money In This Obama-Driven Economic Mess!

So bottom line… xvhat does this all mean in the real world, if institutions arc now 3 4’s of all trading volume?

In a nutshell, It means more concentrated power is being wielded around by fewer sources. And it

leaves bigger, heavier tracks out there.

I don't know about you. but trends to me don't feel like tiiey used to.

1 know that we've had some very unusual years lately… but still, you can just tell things have changed.

Also, it used to matter a great deal if you put in the time, did your research, w ere disciplined, follow ed rules, etc . more than the next guy.

But now it feels like stocks get hyper carried away – in either direction – your fundamental and technical research be damned!

This takes me back to an interview I did a few months ago with Gregory Zuckermnn. author of the bestselling book ' The Greatest Trade Ever".

Zuckermnn interviewed John Paulson for over 100 hours, the hedge fund manager who pocketed close to SI5 billion on ONE trade that spanned approx IS mouths. He also interviewed 50 friends, close associates and traders in his fluid.

From all this. Zuckermnn believes we've entered a permanent "bubble state" – füll of lazy, copycat hedge fund managers who pay lip service to doing research.

He says that based on the way these managers are compensated (they make mountains of money Just being average') that it's just far easier to be a copycat of what another hedge hind manager is doing.

And that's how MOST of these funds make their decisions… based on what tlie other guy did in his hind.

No digging no hard work… no research, they just watch the volume of the other funds’ action and hop onboard.

Think of it like this: it's like a bathtub full of water. When you sit down in the tub and push the water back and forth, it makes the water start to move the same direction, Well, these guys all hop in the same bathtub – they make the stock market bath water swish back and forth.

And it inevitably causes bubbles (not bubbles from the bubble bath, but bubbles in price')

And these guys are ENORMOUS!

In fact, according to Jupiter Research, in 2006. approx Si.34 trillion was invested in hedge funds. But today that figure stands at roughly $2 trillion!!! Shcesh… bow did THAT happen? Especially considering the financial meltdown of 'OS to '09??

I thought it was conventional wisdom tint everyone was running for the tall grass, swearing off the stock market forever more?

This just helps explain the undeniable sea-of-change that's taking place.,, more and more institutional tiading. with no end in sight!

And that's part of why the new weekly options have quite literally made me hundreds of thousands of dollars since their release… but the surprising thing is:

Absolutely No One Else I know of Is Even Talking About Weekly Options – Let Alone Showing How to Making Money With Them!

It's pretty amazing when you stop and think about it… so when I buried myself in the basement and created my "Weekly Options Windfall" home-study course. I knew I was onto something important.

In putting that course together I discovered several killer advantages to trading weekly options:

  • Weekly options work for almost ANY account size… that means the small account traders are back in business!
  • 4 weekly options premiums equal MORE than double the premium of just 1 monthly option!
  • You can consistently pull down gains each and everv week on expiration Friday.
  • Institutional and high frequency trading now accounts for nearly SO6« of the trading activity that's happening in today's market – including the Federal Reserve.,, they actually will step in and buy stocks by the boatloads… we’re talking TRILLIONS of dollars.

By using weekly options, you and 1 are just stepping in and taking advantage of these massive forces out there.,, week after week after week

  • You can turn Friday into a windfall pay-day… nearly every Friday! Think about it… there are 52 weeks of money making each and every year!

That's a lot of good news… especially considering how rough things are out there right now-. I've been busy placing hundreds of trades using the weekly options, and I've experimented and tested several brand-new strategies that you can use to profit consistently with weekly options…

And since the market is so damn volatile right now.., there is no better time than now to use these strategies.

More importantly… because the current market situation could, in fact, be tire "new normal” -1 want to share this must-have information with as many traders as possible.

Weekly options have become my financial savior during this effed-up economy. I have learned a TON from being tossed around during tire past 36 months Sheesh… it's been crazy.

But the good new is this:

I've Made Money Hand Over Fist With the Weekly Options – and More Importantly… I Learned All the Ins and Outs About How to Make Money With the Weekly Options

This is knowledge that EVERY trader should be armed with in this market.

And I've honed and refined four brand-new trading strategies… they've all been tweaked, tested, and perfected over these last couple of years and will give you an IMMEDIATE edge in this volatile market.

When I first started releasing my results on video to fellow traders I got a lot of feedback – but the number one question that I kept getting was…

Why Don’t You Just Tell Me Exactly Which Stocks to Trade Weekly Options On?

Well… that's a great question. And after spending several weeks stewing on it – I've decided to do something I've never done before, and I’m extremely excited about it.

“Now You Can Get My Exact Trades Handed to You On a Silver Planer… Every Time I Make a Weekly Options Trade or Trade-Adjustment You’ll Be the First to Know About It!”

In all my years of trading. I've never been this excited about anything! And guess what? There is absolutely nothing like this out there, period.

After searching all around, and calling tip every trading expert on the planet — I've come to realize that what I'm doing is TOTALLY new and fresh… better yet… it's working right now – in fact, it's kicking ass in this market..

And part of this good news is you don't tun c to have a "black belt" in the Black-Scholes option pricing formula, you don't liave to be some kind of market wizard, and you don't need a bunch of software, screens or any of tltat shizzle.

It's these VERY circumstances that make the new weekly options such a compelling tool to use. They make guys like me and you more nimble. .. more able to snatch-up ridiculous-sized winners in just a few hours.

Here's What the Weekly Option Windfall™ Training includes:

1)    First of all. you get the "Weekly Option Windfall” course delivered to your door so you'll always have a physical copy of it to turn to. This course includes:

  • 5 Computer CD Disks With 31 Comprehensive Training Videos – I go full-out on these videos., teaching you all 4 of the Weekly Windfall strategies I use to kick ass in the market – no matter what the economy is doing.
  • A 56 Page Manual Covering All Of The Video Lessons. This manual is included for those who prefer to read and leant. It’s basically a transcript of the training videos, but there is a little more added information and some space for taking notes.
  • A Locking Protective Case to Keep Your Training Disks & Manual In… but don't you dare keep this on the shelf Put this to work and make money!

2)    You also get password protected access to the WOW Web – based Training Portal-

  • Inside this website you'll see the newest WOW breakthroughs being demonstrated on video – you'll get access to the online forum chat room – you'll get online access to the entire WOW training kit… so even when you're on the road or away from your copy of WOW. you s'an still access the training… plus there’s much, much more.
  • Essentially, you'll stay on the cutting edge of what's working with weekly options in the current market environment by liaving access to this website – in a nutshell, your WOW product will NEVER get old or dated!

3)    Once You Get the WOW Training Under Your Belt You'll Be Ready to Start Trading… and That's W here My “WOW Alert Serv ice” Comes Into Play.

  • You see. every time I make a trade. I will shoot you an email about it – alerting you to exactly what I'm doing and WHY! Basically, you are getting my every weekly option trade delivered to you on a silver platter!!!
  • More than likely, you'll hear from me several times a week – sometimes several times a day… it really just depends on the market environment When there’s a lot of opportunity, you'll hear from me often – when the opportunities are slim, you'll only hear from me a couple times a week. But I'd say. on average, you'll hear from me around twice a day.

But listen carefully.,.

Having these trades handed to you on a silv er platter is (once you understand hose I trade weekly options) like liaving the keys to Fort Knox handed to you several times a week. And I know of several ■'Alert" services that only offer one or two "trading signals" per month who charge $5000 or more per quarter for their trade alerts.

(Quite frankty. my WOW alerts are easily worth that much and more to the trader who will take action and actually place trades.(

And as always… I back-up my training products with a killer money-back guarantee. This one is off-the-hook generous…

Get Weekly Options Windfall and Bonus – James Preston, Only Price 125$

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