Unedited SuperConference 2011 – Dan Kennedy


As you may know, I periodically host three-day direct marketing “super conferences” here in Phoenix.


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The $3,495.00-Per Person Millionaire-Maker Direct Marketing Super Conference CD’s

As you may know, I periodically host three-day direct marketing “super conferences” here in Phoenix. Our speakers have included some of the smartest, most successful marketers of information on the planet. At these Conferences, each expert speaks the first day; does semi-private consulting with the attendees the second day; and joins with me and the attendees in brainstorming the third day.

Is $3,495.00 a lot of money for a seminar? I suppose it is, and I’m not trying to sell you on attending here. You may NOT be ready. (I will tell you, though, that over 95% of all first-time attendees have returned at least once, some more than once, at an Alumni rate of $1,000.00 each time.)

I’m going to let you “sneak in” and eavesdrop on ALL the past Conferences, at an outrageously cheap price.

Consider THE MASTERS COLLECTION, VOL. I – largely unedited, live-recorded sessions from past Conferences with REAL experts like:

GARY HALBERT, who has made millions and millions with his methods – his very first sales letter built a multi-million dollar business almost over night.. that letter became one of the most mailed sales letters of all times.

MARILYN & TOM ROSS, authors of ‘The Encyclopedia Of Self-Publishing’, experts in promoting books.

LEE MILTEER, a Master at publicity and self-promotion, fabulously successful speaker, author of the book ‘Feel And Grow Rich’, seen on Sally Jesse Raphael and (in Canada) The Dini Petty Show.

JOE & JUDY SABAH – they’ve sold millions of dollars worth of books via free advertising on talk-radio.

RODNEY BUSCHER, co-founder FNN (Financial News Network), successful infomercial producer.

JOHN CARLTON, for years, Gary Halbert’s chief copywriter and partner – expert in advertorial-style ads and super-powerful sales letters.

WOODY YOUNG: he ‘re-invented’ the Kit Kat Klock business and made millions.

PHIL KRATZER, President, National Response Corp. – the leader in the classified ad business. And there are MORE! Plus successful Alumni revealing details of their business start-ups or growth; how they’ve applied what they learned at previous Conferences. And my own comments and presentations.

…one idea I got from you recently pulled in over $102,396.17 in less than 47 days! "

“Dan, your information is worth more than its weight in gold! Just one idea I got from you recently pulled in over $102,396.17 in less than 47 days! In fact, on my biggest day, I brought in a whopping $ 35,772.83. When I told my wife, she got angry – because with your idea, I made in ONE DAY what it takes her ONE FULL YEAR to make as a full-time veterinarian! (I made it up 10 her by buying her a new home – with four acres for her new horse). That one idea paid for all of the books, courses, and seminars (including travel and food) I’ve ever bought from you. In fact, I could spend $7,500.00 a year on your products for the next 10 years – and still not spend all of the money I made with this one brilliant idea. You’ve got a client for life. Thanks again, Dan.

Investing my money in your marketing information has brought better returns than the stock market on its best day – and I don’t  have to worry about any risk! —

Jeff Gardner, President, Success Achievement


There are 46 CD’s in this Masters Collection, and there is no equal of this Collection anywhere on earth. You’d have paid over $15,000.00 to attend these Conferences (plus travel, lodging, etc.) – but you can listen in on all of this for just $398.00.

These CD’s feature my successful ‘students’ turned ‘masters’: KEN MCCARTHY, who has built an alarmingly profitable business marketing his real estate investment materials and seminars AND is rapidly becoming one of the top experts in making money via computer bulletin boards, networks, the whole “internet.”…..and

JEFF PAUL, telling how he built a $200,000.00-a-MONTH home-based, mail-order business from scratch, how he operates now, and how he’s taking his successful system and using it to launch two more businesses. (He’s a bit greedy.)


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