Traffic With Anthony – Anthony Morrison


A piece of software and training about stealing other people’s videos from YouTube and spamming YouTube channel owners in order to get free traffic.

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What Is It?

A piece of software and training about stealing other people’s videos from YouTube and spamming YouTube channel owners in order to get free traffic.

Before You Buy:

Traffic with Anthony is one of a series of products by Anthony Morrison that is little more than a scam. Although this software is likely to bring about some extra traffic, it does so by spamming and stealing videos, approaches that do no favors for the reputation of the website owner and are not likely to have significant effects on the website owner’s sales.

What I Liked:

I’ll admit, the promotional video for this product is very slick, which does make it appealing. The start of the video actually feels more like a movie than a product advertisement. This makes it more interesting to sit through than the standard sales pitch, and it is particularly amusing if you don’t take Anthony seriously to start off with.

What I Didn’t Like:


Excessive promotion and hype is pretty much a universal standard for products that claim to help users make money online. This isn’t actually surprising, because it takes a considerable amount of convincing to get a person who is wanting to make money to believe that they have to spend money first.

Anthony implies that a large amount of money can be made through this product, although most of his boasts of profit are connected to how well he has done himself, rather than how well an average user might do. This is an intentionally misleading approach and significantly overestimates just how much money can realistically be made through his system.

Additionally, Anthony’s approach still relies on actually having a website that you are directing traffic to and you having some knowledge on how to sell products from this site. However, Anthony completely masks over this fact in his video, claiming that none of this knowledge is necessary.

This can be very misleading, particularly for people new to online business, because it suggests that it is possible to earn a large amount of money very fast using no other training than what Anthony provides.

This is completely unrealistic, and if it were possible, there would be a lot more success stories like Anthony’s, especially with how many ‘make money fast’ products that he promotes.

There aren’t, so clearly Anthony isn’t telling the whole story.

Anthony Morrison

It is true that Anthony Morrison is a success story as an internet entrepreneur and is, as he claims, a millionaire. Anthony really uses this fact to his advantages in the sales video, making use of discussions about him on television, as well as using images of himself and cars.

The video itself is snazzy, but surprisingly low quality. Also, who really cares about Anthony’s wealth or his success story?

Anthony is essentially selling himself as evidence that his product works, but this really isn’t good evidence. He spends a considerable amount of time promoting himself and his successes, so much so that you would think he is selling himself rather than a product. For a promotional video, the focus on Anthony is intentionally misleading, because it makes the audience trust him, even though he does not say much to actually earn this trust.

The thing is, Anthony didn’t become rich because he used the product or followed the approaches that he is selling in Traffic with Anthony. In reality, much of Anthony’s money comes from the fact that he sells products and systems like this one to users. He has a few different products like this, and they all strongly rely on his reputation as an ‘online genius’ to actually sell the product.

In fact, Anthony’s reputation is nowhere near as good as it seems, and he has been in trouble in the past for creating poor quality and misleading products. One of his products had so many scam reports that it ended up getting banned from Clickbank entirely, which is the affiliate service that Anthony focuses strongly on.


When it comes to any product, one of the first and most important questions that people ask themselves is whether the product does what it is supposed to. It isn’t really possible to work this out from the author’s description of the product, because he is biased, and gains if you buy the product.

For a product like Traffic with Anthony, it is also important to be wary of positive reviews. Many of the people who promote Anthony’s products are affiliates, meaning that they get a proportion of any sales that they direct. Because of this, these reviewers will mask any negative aspects of the product, if not lie entirely. In fact, many of these affiliates have probably never used the product themselves and are just rewording someone else’s sales pitch.

A quick Google search on Anthony reveals considerable concern about his products, including concerns that they are scams, particularly when you ignore the over-the-top reviews that tell you the product is far too good to be true.

Negative reviews on Traffic with Anthony were a bit harder to find, mainly because of the large number of positive affiliate reviews. However, the negative reviews I read were not written from a script, while the positive ones certainly were. Review writers expressed legitimate concerns about Traffic with Anthony and the approaches that Anthony promotes. This suggests that the product is nowhere near as good as Anthony suggests.

The Product Itself

A common tactic for promoting a product like this is to convince users that the product will let them cut corners and earn money faster and with less effort than normal. In reality, making money online is very possible, but it isn’t a walk in the park. At the end of the day, an online business is much like any other business, and it does take a significant amount of time and effort to actually succeed.

If someone is offering you a shortcut, be very careful about taking it, because odds are, what they are often isn’t exactly what it appears to be.

In the case of Traffic with Anthony, the product does actually boost the traffic of the user, but it does so in a way that is a little questionable and certainly doesn’t help the reputation of the person using the software. What Anthony offers in his product is software, which does two key roles.

The first of these finds and ‘rips’ videos from YouTube based on the keyword that the user specifies. The second aspect of the software is an automated process that sends messages to channels that have the keyword the user specifies. These messages are sent to the host of the YouTube channel, asking them to put the link in the description for the video. The host then gets a proportion of any profits that are made from that link.

After all, people browse YouTube for a number of reasons, but shopping doesn’t tend to be one of them.

Traffic with Anthony is one of Anthony’s newest products, which is why there aren’t a large number of realistic reviews about it (although there are a lot of overly positive affiliate reviews already). As I mentioned before, one of the key aspects of the software that Anthony is selling is that it downloads videos from other people’s YouTube channel. Anthony then recommends that the user posts these videos on their own YouTube channel.

This is blatant stealing of content from other users, and has the potential to get the user to get in trouble.

In fact, ripping and rehosting YouTube videos is against the Terms of Services of YouTube, meaning that the user is liable to get their account banned.

Effectiveness – or lack thereof

The concept is that users of Traffic with Anthony use the ‘free’ traffic from YouTube to sell more things on their own website. This can apply to a product that the person has created and is selling, or it may be links to affiliate products.

Traffic with Anthony assumes that all traffic is equal, when in reality it is certainly not. If a person is trying to sell something on their website, then they want to attract viewers that are actually interested in buying what they are selling. Anthony’s approach does loosely target people who are interested in the topic of the author, but it doesn’t target people who want to buy.

The other problem with Anthony’s approach is that it is nothing but spam, and people have a tendency to ignore spam. This is even more significant because most people who have purchased Anthony’s product are likely to be spamming YouTube, and some of these users will be spamming the same channel owners.

The idea that the software user will split profits with the YouTube channel owner, but I highly doubt that most people would even believe it. If you were constantly getting spam from many people about hosting their link, and they would share their profits with you, would you believe them?

Probably not.

In most cases, the amount of traffic a user would get from Anthony’s approaches is likely to be considerably less than Anthony promotes.

Not for Beginners

Finally, what Anthony neglects to mention throughout much of his hype is that you do actually have to know what you are doing in terms of making money online to be able to make any use of his product. After all, extra traffic isn’t going to help anyone if they don’t have a website to direct people to and products to sell.

This might seem obvious, but Anthony’s product does appear to be targeted at people new to the field of online business, people who probably won’t know that much of what he is talking about is exaggerated.

This is not a product that someone new at online business should even attempt to use, regardless of how wonderful Anthony makes his product sound.

Final note

As a final note, one thing that I found a bit annoying about Traffic with Anthony is that it isn’t actually obvious where you to buy the product. You would expect that a product that is so highly hyped would give you multiple chances to buy instead of just one.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is best for people who are highly familiar with internet marketing and want some extra traffic from YouTube without having to put in the legwork. However, the effectiveness of the product is highly debatable, and it is likely to get users in trouble. Overall, it is best that everyone avoids this product, regardless of whether they are new or experienced users.

What Now?

Honestly, most products that offer quick and easy ways of making money online are nowhere near as good as they seem. Most products, like this one, offer approaches that are largely ineffective and may cost additional extra just to make any money.

If you are looking to get involved in an online business your absolute best approach to find a mentor you can trust. You can get 1-on-1 support from me if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I want to help you get started on the right foot!

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