Trading Psychology Mastery Course – Trading Composure – Yvan Byeajee


Stability of mind, flexibility, concentration, and non-attachment are explored in detail in this highly practical and deep home immersion trading psychology course.

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Stability of mind, flexibility, concentration, and non-attachment are explored in detail in this highly practical and deep home immersion trading psychology course.

Develop Your mental Edge

Did you know that billionaire trader Paul Tudor Jones pays motivational speaker Tony Robbins over a million dollar each year to help him manage his mindset?

And it’s not just Paul Tudor Jones; in fact, high-level athletes will do whatever they can to have a mental edge in their respective sports.

We also see that in business, the military, and in any other endeavor that require ongoing good judgment, focus, discipline, and composure.

My name is Yvan, I am a trader and I also run Trading Composure, a blog where I discuss trading, with emphasis on the psychological aspect of it ―termed trading psychology, or investment psychology.

In trading also, mindset plays a critical role, and most institutional traders are aware of that.

Yet, curiously, retail traders have a tendency to think that a psychological edge is unimportant, or they think they already have it figured out.

Get Trading Psychology Mastery Course – Trading Composure – Yvan Byeajee , Only Price $57

And this truly puts them at a disadvantage.

If you work on your mental edge, the component of trading that everyone else is ignoring, you will be miles ahead. Guaranteed! 

The Trading psychology Mastery Course is designed to help you with that.

 If the program is followed with openness and diligence, you will get results.

One of the main reasons for this is that the program is not a quick-fix. It’s a long-term experiment in developing mastery over the self – the driver of one’s own life and the only ‘thing’ one truly have ‘control’ over.

Hence, more than just the fulfillment of your trading goals, the point of the Trading Psychology Mastery Course is to take action, experiment, and learn – it is to change your life.

Course curriculum

Module 1 ―Introduction

Show Content

  • Meet The Instructor
  • Welcome To The Trading Psychology Mastery Course 2.0
  • Structure of the Course
  • The Goal Of ‘No Goal’
  • The Power of A Pause

Module 2 ―Mindfulness Training

  • Mindfulness Training Intro
  • Why Combine Trading and Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Meditation ―An Overview
  • Beginner Questions, Tips, and Tools
  • The Workings of Mindfulness — Part 1
  • Preliminary Instructions
  • Practice ―Developing A Non-Volatile Attention
  • The Monkey Mind
  • Samatha —Additional Notes and Homework
  • Impermanence
  • The Workings of Mindfulness — Part 2
  • Practice — Examining Reality Through Mindfulness
  • Thought and Emotional Control — A Lingering Myth
  • Mindfulness — Additional Notes and Homework
  • That Which Notices
  • Unsatisfactoriness, Attachment, and Non-judgment
  • Cleansing The Doors of Perception
  • Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life
  • Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life —Additional Notes
  • Why Mindfulness Works
  • Mindfulness Training Module Q&A
  • Check Your Knowledge of Mindfulness
  • Books
  • Mindfulness Training Outro
  • Acknowledgments

Module 3 ―Thinking In Probabilities

  • Thinking In Probabilities Intro
  • The Nature of Financial Markets ―Part 1
  • The Nature of Financial Markets ―Part 2
  • The Implications of Randomness
  • Probability 101
  • The Law of Large Numbers
  • Expected Value
  • Overcoming Loss Aversion ―A Dice Experiment
  • Putting Everything Together
  • Sixty-Minute Trading Study-Case.
  • Thinking in Probabilities Outro

Module 4 ―Live Trading Challenges

  • Live Trading Challenges Intro
  • Challenge #1 ―The Mindful Trader
  • Challenge #2 ―The Stoic Trader
  • Challenge #3 ― The Enlightened Trader
  • Challenge #4 Will Be Available on April 16th

Guided Meditations

  • Instructions
  • Focus ‘Click Sound’ Meditation
  • Self-Compassion Meditation
  • Fearlessness Meditation

Need More Reasons?

Reason #1 ―

For All Traders.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that the Trading Psychology Mastery Course is perfect for any traders, retail or institutional, no matter their level of experience, style, or market they trade, whether they’re already profitable or not.

Everyone will find something useful in it to help them improve their game and bring their trading to the next level.

Reason #2 ―

Mastery of Attention (Necessary In The Pursuit of Any Goal).

In this day and age of technology, everything around us seems to be conspiring to make our powers of concentration weak and pendulous… which actually hurts us in trading in more ways than you can even begin to imagine.

If your concentration is weak and your attention volatile, I’m willing to bet that it’s very hard for you to be (and stay) disciplined in trading.

In the Trading Psychology Mastery Course, we’ll begin by working on developing your powers of concentration via a very simple exercise. This will help you reclaim your attention so that following your trading plan and sticking to your process becomes less of a struggle.

But trading aside, training your attention will also prove to be instrumental as you pursue any other goals that are dear to you.

Reason #3 ―

Develop Emotional Maturity.

Emotional maturity is the ability to identify and manage your emotions. You’re responding to them with wisdom rather than reacting blindly. Doing so automatically makes you a better actor in the market.

Emotional maturity also makes you better at recognizing subtler patterns in the market – since you’re in tune with your own emotions, you’re able to notice (with better accuracy) when the emotions of others are out of balance.

Emotional maturity is such a key factor in trading. In my experience, there is no way to navigate the market successfully without it, yet, many people are lacking in this area. No wonder, then, why consistent profitability in trading remains so elusive.

In the Trading Psychology Mastery Course, we’ll work on developing emotional maturity and you’ll learn exactly what to do with your emotions as you go through trading’s inevitable ups and downs.

Reason #4 ―

Not Just Another Mindfulness Course…

Meditation and mindfulness are woven into almost every aspect of the Trading Psychology Mastery Course.

Now, you might ask: “There are countless meditation apps out there, so why should I choose your course to learn mindfulness?”

Most meditation apps offer extremely stripped down versions of mindfulness and focus on the relaxation aspect of the practice. But, more than relaxation, mindfulness is inherently about confronting certain realities and training your mind.

So, I’m glad to say that The Trading Psychology Mastery Course offers more than the typical meditation app, not even mentioning the unlimited email support that comes with it – email support that is tailored to where you’re at in your journey.

But, perhaps, more importantly, The Trading Psychology Mastery Course has been designed to fit the realities of trading, which are unique in their own ways.

So it’s not just another “mindfulness course”, it’s a highly practical program merging mindfulness, probabilistic thinking, and top-performance practices, all in a quest to help you better understand your mind and the traps it sets up for you in trading.

Reason #5 ―

Professional Guidance.

Meditation is not so much about learning facts… instead it’s about practice… and ideally you want someone with a strong practice to guide you and give you direct cues appropriate to where you’re at in your practice.

I am an experienced meditator – I’ve spent quite a fair amount of time in monasteries studying the art of meditation with some of the world’s most renowned meditation teachers – U pandita, Thich Nhat Hanh, Joseph Goldstein, just to name a few.

I hate self-proclaiming myself as an expert…  in truth, I’m a student at heart, and will always be. But it just so happens that, thanks to my background, I have a few things that I can teach you, and this will act as a fertile ground which will help your practice flourish.

I’ve also decided to bring in a certified meditation teacher with over 2000 hours of teaching experience. That person also worked as a project manager for one of the leading meditation apps on the market, and she’s agreed to lend her voice for the guided meditations in the course and has also helped in creating the lessons.

Teaching is an art. It really is. It’s so easy to make the teaching process robotic and uninspiring… and that’s not the point.

In dealing with topics like meditation and mindfulness, I really think you can’t teach it if you don’t live it yourself in a deep way. If you want to really transmit the deep essence of this ‘thing’, you have to live it… 24/7… Or else it doesn’t work.

Same thing when dealing with trading: Preferably, you want to learn about trading from an actual trader who understands from experience what constitutes a successful approach to trading. And I can confidently say that I can do that.

Reason #6 ―

Actual practice… Not Some Grandiose Abstract Theory.

The Trading Psychology Mastery Course is highly practical. We’ll go through some theories, of course, but at every step, I’ll offer an opportunity to practicewhat we’ve discussed, either via exercises or simple thought experiments.

This will help you connect the dots.

This means that I don’t want you to complete the course and discard it. Instead, I want it to change your way of thinking; I want it to become part of you.

Reason #7 ―

A Catalyst For Some Fundamental Life Changes.

If you do the course wholeheartedly, it will disrupt your ingrained patterns and open up a space in which real, fundamental changes can begin to occur.

What does that have to do with trading, you ask?


You see, trading is not separate from your life, it is part of your life. In the market, you are acting out your conditioned responses. Some of those responses were learned over the years via the circumstances you found yourself in – going back to the day you were born – while others were probably transmitted to you via your genes.

In any case, change is possible. Not only is it possible, it is a requirement. Or else the market will keep reflecting back to you your inflexibility and inability to adapt, and trading won’t be viable for you.

But, as you begin to change some of your conditioned responses (not overnight but over time), you change your life and the way you approach trading. It’s all connected.

Reason #8 ―

A New Module on How to Think in Probabilities.

If you’ve been trading for a while, you know the importance of a probabilistic mindset. Everyone talks about it. But, curiously, nobody actually shows you how to practice and develop such a mindset. And nobody talks about its implications.

In this new module of the course, we will do just that – we’ll discuss topics like probability, expected value, the law of large numbers, randomness (what it really means), and we’ll see the far-reaching aspects of those concepts.

But make no mistake: I will not explain probability in any sort of academic way. I’ll explain it for the layman, the way I understand it… and it’ll be more than enough. You do not need some genius mathematically-oriented mind, just a little bit of willingness to learn and some time to practice, in order to let those concepts seep into your bones.

This module alone will improve your trading 10x as you’ll know exactly what is realistic for you to expect from the market and from the endeavor of trading. You’ll learn to make rational, probability-based decisions, and you’ll also learn radical acceptance of the outcome… again, not via some grandiose theories but through direct experience.

Reason #9 ―

A Healthier Approach to Trading.

The entire course is geared toward helping you realize an approach to trading based on openness, curiosity, thirst for growth, and self-actualization.

You’ll also learn to invite more peace and gratitude into your life. All of that will make trading a hell of a lot more enjoyable, and profitable.

Reason #10 ―

Sixty-Minute Live Trading Study-Case.

It’s not enough to work with concepts and theories. Practice is what helps you connect the dots in your mind.

In the course, you’ll get to sit with me for an hour and we’ll go through a typical example of how to apply, in live trading, everything that you’ve learned.

You’ll see how a very basic, rudimentary trading strategy can (and will) make money overall if it’s traded with discipline.

Reason #11 ―

Four Mind-Blowing Live Trading Challenges.

The study-case above will then set the stage for four Live Trading Challenges.

This will be your turn to practice everything you’ve learned. Those challenges will invite you to step into a new identity – that of a professional and consistent money-making trader.

The challenges will be as follows:

  1. Mindful Trader
  2. Stoic Trader
  3. Enlightened Trader
  4. God Mode

Each challenge shouldn’t take you more than 2 months to complete (the typical amount of time it takes you to form a habit). But if it does take you longer, it’s fine. The beautiful thing about these challenges is their flexibility.

Reason #12 ―

Professional Video Quality? Yes, please!

In a quest to make the course more enjoyable, easier to consume, and memorable, the videos in the course have been beautifully made by a team of professional video editors.

This means top-notch video quality, with smooth image and video transitions.

Subtitles are also available on all videos.

Reason #13 ―

A Gamified Experience.

The lessons in the first version of the Trading psychology Mastery Course were delivered to you in a strategic manner so as to encourage practice, patience, and self-reflection.

But with this new version of the course, I’ve decided to add another element: The gamification of the whole experience.

This will make the progression fun, so that you can stay motivated as you work your way up through the different lessons and exercises.

You won’t find useless babbles in the course, just straight to the point actionable information, delivered to you in a systematic way.

Reason #14 ―

An Experiment…

The Trading Psychology Mastery Course is an experimental project, and you are part of the experiment.

In short, I’m attempting to quantify market success by instigating my own study. You’re given a certain set of sound and foundational principles to understand and work with, as well as challenges you have to undergo ―and, as said above, the whole experience is gamified to keep you motivated.

When you’ve completed the program, you’ll be presented with a survey ―I will want to know if the course has worked for you; if both your state of mind and trading performance have improved.

After some time, if the data that I gather through this simple survey overwhelmingly support what the course is designed to do (which I highly suspect it will), I’ll eventually make that study public.

This means that I’ve designed this program to be straight to the point and result-oriented. I’m not here to impress you with a packed course but empty promises.I want you to get results! If you do, this will also benefit me.

So, it’s a win-win situation.

This is the first course of its kind, and to take it is to be a pioneer.

Reason #15 ―

Cut Your Learning Curve.

The trading Psychology Mastery Course will cut your learning curve and help you save an enormous amount of time and energy.

You see, in this day and age, if you’re looking to learn something, you either have to become:

1. A clever sorter of information,


2. A clever manager of time.

Yes, information is available for free on the internet these days, but this has generated a whole new problem for us: Finding good, dependable information about a subject can be similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

So, you can either spend dozens to hundreds of hours Googling, digging information, getting frustrated with conflicting information and unanswered questions, and after a long time, connect the dots and figure it all out.

Or, you can spend a little bit of money and get access to dependable and organized information from a reliable source, all laid out for you, step by step, in a systematic way.

In the end, remember, the most valuable asset on the face of this earth is time.Not money.

Reason #16 ―

Join A Tribe of Growth-Minded Traders From All Over The World.

In the previous version of the course, there was a Facebook group for members to interact with one another, but people weren’t very active in there. Most members would rather send me questions directly to my email, or ask them in the comment section in the course, even though it would have been beneficial for them to share among themselves.

In this new version of the course, I’m putting some new incentives in place to encourage people to be more active in the group.

My goal is to make this community the best meeting place for traders who understand and acknowledge the importance of mindset.

Reason #17 ―

Q&A and Unlimited Email Support.

There are two Q&A sections in the course, with over 100 answered questions.

But, if you have a question that I haven’t answered, just shoot me an email any time, and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can.

Reason #18 ―

Guided Meditations For Traders.

When you get the course, you also get access to an ever-growing collection of guided meditations specifically designed for traders.

Just to name a few:

  • Dealing With a Loss meditation
  • Letting Go of the Idea of Money meditation
  • No Ego meditation
  • Gratitude meditation
  • Focus meditation
  • Fearlessness meditation
  • Connect to your goal meditation

And you can use them at your convenience.

Get Trading Psychology Mastery Course – Trading Composure – Yvan Byeajee , Only Price $57

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