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Excited because we would be sharing the EXACT revolutionary system that our most successful customers use… to change how they market their business and, as a result, changed their business lives forever.

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“Here’s Your All-In-One Marketing Machine For Attracting Higher Qualified Leads, Automatically Converting Them Into Customers, Clients or Patients And Doubling Their Lifetime Value”


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An urgent message for anyone who got “fired up” and “opportunity eyes” were opened up during the webcast:

When we sat down and planned this webcast, we were excited.

  • Excited because we would be sharing the EXACT revolutionary system that our most successful customers use… to change how they market their business and, as a result, changed their business lives forever.
  • Excited because we knew that the kind of people who would be enrolling are those willing to go “above and beyond” to be successful…people who can tell the difference between mere fluff and proven “get me real results” information.
  • And excited because we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs in all kinds of business niches – attorneys, financial planners, dentists, coaches, information marketers, speakers and on and on – use these exact strategies to make huge profits and hoping that YOU will decide to be next.

So let’s get straight to the point here:

“We guarantee that when you use the revolutionary “ultimate marketing machine” we give you… the way we teach you to use it…with the tools we provide… you’ll make sales and money, like never before… and it can happen in as little as 3 days.”

Because we’ve determined to give you fast and measurable results with this marketing machine, we’ve put together an amazing Premium Bonus package just for the attendees of the webcast and only for a short time. We’ll tell you more about that after you’ve seen what is in the Total Business Growth Accelerator System & Toolkit…

Let’s Take a Look at Everything You Receive In
The 8-Week “Total Business Growth Accelerator” Program

First, 8 “Step-by-Step” online classes taught personally by Dave Dee and guest experts. You’ll be guided through the creation of your ultimate marketing machine. Every week for eight consecutive weeks, you will get access to a new, step-by-step implementation class. This will be delivered via video. You can also download it as an mp3 and in transcript form to make learning ultra-convenient for you. Plus, you will receive the FAST Implementation Guide with specific, simple action steps to accomplish that week.

Here’s what you’re going to accomplish each week:

Week #1: You’ll discover who your ideal customer, client or patient is, know precisely what they want, need and desire. Understand their pains and frustrations. And develop an offer that magnetically attracts them.

Week #2: We will create your lead generation magnet, a free report based on the information you uncovered in Week #1. You will create your landing page where you will be driving all your prospects to get the free report.

Week #3: It’s time to build your lead generation machine starting with what’s working now – Facebook. At the end of this session you will have created a Facebook ad that can start generating leads immediately.

Week #4: Now supercharge your lead generation by doing the thing all your competitors are ignoring – direct mail. At the end of this session you will have your three-step Plant The Farm campaign and your lead generation postcard done and ready to rock.

You will now be at the halfway point in the program and have built a perfectly integrated online/offline ultimate lead generation machine. Now it’s time to turn our attention to assemble the ultimate conversion machine to turn your leads into customers, clients or patients.

Week #5: We will create the first part of your “Shock & Awe” Box. This includes the competition eliminator that sets the buying criteria and makes your competition irrelevant. Plus, you will create a 1 ½-page micro-sales letter that will have your prospects lined up with wallet in hand ready to do business with you.

Week #6: This is a huge, exciting week – some graduates of the program have said it is “worth the entire investment.” This week you will create the final piece to your “Shock & Awe” box: YOUR OWN BOOK! When you follow our proven system you will have your own REAL BOOK written without ever putting a pen to paper. Having your own book will establish you as the Authority, Celebrity and Expert in your target market.

At this point in the program, you will have the ULTIMATE conversion tool, your Shock and Awe Box, DONE.

Week #7: You will solve the problem that costs business owners a boatload of money and tons of customers, clients and patients. We’re talking about having a dynamic follow-up system in place. You’ve generated leads and sent them your shock ’n awe box, but obviously not everyone is going to respond immediately, So in Week 7 we will create your eye-catching, three-step grabber mailing follow-up sequence. Plus, we’ll integrate with a powerful email autoresponder sequence to convert leads into sales and appointments.

Week #8: We add the final piece to your ultimate conversion machine, your monthly prospect newsletter. You will fill in 12 ultra-simple templates so you have a professional newsletter to send to your non-converted leads every month. The moneymaking power of newsletters is undeniable, and at the end of this week you will have a full year’s worth in your marketing arsenal.

Second, The ULTIMATE Template Arsenal and Toolkit: You receive an arsenal of complete FILL-IN-THE-BLANK marketing templates that enable you to quickly and easily create every element of your ultimate marketing machine – including your very own BOOK, Lead Gen Magnet Report, Lead Gen Postcard, Lead Capture Webpage, Facebook ads, the Plant The Farm Campaign, the competition-eliminating checklist, 3-Step Grabber Campaign, newsletters for an entire year, follow-up emails and more. You literally get PROVEN templates for EVERYTHING you need. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and we will guide you to doing that perfectly!

Third, LIVE Q&A Calls every Friday – If you have any questions, we will be here to answer them for you LIVE. You will never be left wondering what to do. We will personally help you get from where you are to where you want to be. You will get answers specific to your business so you can see results in your bank account quickly.

Fourth, Editorial Review Certificates: You receive three (3) certificates for Content Reviews/Feedback on whichever components of your marketing machine you desire. One tweak made by the GKIC copywriters can dramatically increase your results and profit.

You Are Going To Get This Done Even Faster!
Here’s what you receive in the
3-Day Live Implementation Program

If you are the type of person who wants to get things done quickly so you can experience lightning-fast results, then enroll in our 3-Day Live Implementation Program. You get everything in the 8-week program but get it all done in just three days.

On September 19th – 21st, you will come to Chicago (or you can attend virtually) and put together your complete ultimate marketing machine with our personal help and guidance. When you walk out, everything will be done.

Of course, you will also have access to the online training if you ever want a

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Plus You Also Receive These
Money-Making Bonuses With Either Program…

Bonus #1: Your Marketing Department In A Box

Now that you’ve attracted your ideal customer, client or patient you’ll want a system for increasing their lifetime value, generating more referrals and re-activating lost customers to put even more money in your pocket. With the massive Your Marketing Department In A Box, you receive:

  • 12- month marketing & implementation calendar
  • Monthly customer, client or patient marketing postcards: Oversized, themed and ready to use
  • Monthly “Personal Success Nuggets” customer newsletter postcards to easily and inexpensively stay in touch with customers
  • A Full Year’s Worth of Monthly Email CLIENT newsletters – a customizable, professionally designed email newsletter ready to use. You just fill in two simple sections. (Note that these newsletters are meant for current customers, clients and patients. These are designed to boost referrals and repeat business. The other newsletters are specific to LEADS.)
  • Quarterly cash flow surge campaigns all themed and ready for you to profit from
  • A bi-yearly lost-customer reactivation campaign
  • A referral campaign to be used weekly
  • And more!

People pay $2,497 for this but you get it rushed to you via first-class mail after you complete the 8-weeks of classes, as a graduation gift.

Bonus #2: The Ultimate Lead Flow System

Learn EXACTLY what’s working now to create literal GUSHERS of leads from the world’s leading experts who do not just teach their strategies but LIVE them.

You will discover:

  • How to generate traffic through LinkedIn. Josh Turner will reveal the organic and paid traffic strategies that his firm is utilizing on behalf of clients such as Mindvalley and Microsoft.
  • How to add thousands of leads to your list every month using these three Facebook strategies. Brittany Lynch reveals secrets most entrepreneurs and small business owners will never know when it comes to content marketing.
  • How to generate traffic through YouTube. Mike Stewart will reveal how to make it easy for customer, clients or patients to find you AND recognize you for being a bona-fide expert in your field.

Each session includes a Step-by-Step Implementation Plan making it easy for you to get quick results. You will receive instant access to this as an mp3 and PDF transcript. People pay $997 but you get it FREE when you enroll in the Total Business Growth Accelerator program now.

Bonus #3: A complimentary access pass to GKIC’s premier event, The Info-SUMMIT.

On Nov. 3rd – 5th in San Antonio, Texas, join hundreds of successful business owners who have transformed their passion, hobbies and core business into a lucrative side profit center or a completely new business teaching what they know to others.

You not only get a FREE ticket to the main event but also a FREE ticket to Info-SUMMIT pre-day (Nov. 2nd), where Dave Dee will teach his complete A to Z Info-marketing Blueprint, showing you how to profit from the best business in the world. Can’t make it live? No problem. You will receive online access to all the recordings.


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Order before the clock hits zero and receive:

Livecast 1: Magnetic Marketing – the All New and Expanded 6th generation of Magnetic Marketing will give you a saner, different, more productive path for reliably attracting your ideal customers, clients or patients. This proven system helps cut the fat, waste, and mystery out of advertising and empowers you to create compelling marketing on your own without hiring outside help. Best part: 85% of the work is done for you thanks to 132 copyright-free templates you can “legally steal” for your own marketing. (RETAIL: $497)

WARNING: You MUST enroll BEFORE the clock hits zero to get this EXTRA bonus.

An Unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, you get an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If at any time during the first 30 days from the start of the Total Business Growth Accelerator program training you honestly believe you’ve made a mistake or are disappointed, you will receive a 100% refund of any fees paid.

YES! I want to enroll in the Total Business Growth Accelerator Program where I’ll put together my very own all-in-one ultimate marketing machine for attracting higher qualified leads, automatically converting them into customers, clients or patients and doubling their lifetime value.

Get Total Business Growth Accelerator – GKIC , Only Price 247$

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