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This course was funded through a massively successful Kickstarter campaign.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make android apps? Chances are you have tried but haven't got anywhere. Sometimes the tutorials are either too basic or too complex. What you need is a pre planned curriculum that shows you how to build apps.

Look no further because this course is the number 1 course that will show you how to build apps for Android. Reach a ton of people with your amazing idea today.

One of the best features is that you can watch the courses at any speed you want. This means you can speed up the or slow down the video if you want to.

This course is project based so you will not be learning a bunch of useless coding practices. At the end of this course you will have real world apps to use in your portfolio. We feel that project based training content is the best way to get from A to B. Taking this course means that you learn practical, employable skills immediately.

Learning how to code is a great way to jump in a new career or enhance your current career. Coding is the new math and learning how to code will propel you forward for any situation. Learn it today and get a head start for tomorrow. People who can master technology will rule the future.

You will get full lifetime access to this course for a single one off fee. John Bura has created many games, apps and training courses so he is extremely qualified to teach you how to master technology. This is an instructor that does not only teach, he produces apps. This means you get the most relevant information on how to code. Most courses do not show you practical skills and real world examples.

What makes you a good teacher?

·I have released over 40 games and apps that have done very well in the app store.

·I run a company called Mammoth Interactive so I am actively in the field building apps and making money

·I have been teaching since 2002

·I personally love learning online and my life is much better because I have learned online rather than a classroom

·I make sure people learn how to make money from their creations.

·I have over 110k students worldwide

Who is this class for?

·People who want to improve their technical skills

·Complete beginners

·People who want to make money. I show people the tools on how to make money through various methods of passive income

·People who want to get ahead of the pack by learning online.

How you will make money by learning new skills

·Learn practical skills

·Learn about how leverage your new skills to greater wealth

·Learn through practical examples

Why should you learn online?

There is an online education revolution taking place. You may have heard about it in the news or heard it from a friend. Either-way, education is going to be changed forever. In this short course I talk about how Online Education has

·Motivated me

·Helped my career

·Helped me as a teacher

·Impacted several lives around the planet

I promise that this course will be better and more effective than reading books. I show how to master technology through the use of video. This course will give you everything you need to thrive in our technological society.

What are the requirements?

  • Eclipse
  • A computer

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn to build Android apps
  • Learn how to code in Java

What is the target audience?

  • Beginners should take this course
  • This isn't for people who have coded before

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Course

  • Introduction (0:58)
  • Introduction to starting an app (3:20)
  • Adding a new layout and talking about XML (3:31)
  • Item properties (3:18)
  • Folders and application development (2:38)
  • Portrait or landscape (2:08)
  • Changing the view for the objects (2:00)
  • The importance of testing the app (2:31)
  • Setting the text objects to center (2:41)
  • Hooking up the files to the activity main file (3:51)
  • Hooking up the code to specific objects
  • Chanding the text (2:13)
  • Adding in the on click listner (3:11)
  • Adding in integers to the text (2:56)
  • Adding an edit text (3:02)
  • Taking the user inout and using it on the screen (3:31)
  • Testing the app and adding in some math (3:31)
  • Number variables (3:22)
  • String variables (4:52)
  • If statements (6:00)
  • More than one if statement (3:07)
  • Adding variables to the project (1:48)
  • A common mistake that is made when developing, using the wrong variable (1:45)
  • Else if and else statements (4:03)
  • Adding in a string (5:24)
  • Adding in the hint instead of the name (1:23)
  • Adding in a clear button (3:59)
  • Dismissing the keyboard (4:47)
  • Setting up a private void to make it easier to read (4:32)
  • Changing the color of the text (4:08)
  • Other ways to change the color (1:26)
  • Deleting items in apps (2:14)
  • Table layouts (5:05)
  • Distributing weights evenly (1:40)
  • Talking about margins (2:45)
  • Portrait versus landscape (2:10)
  • Virticle linear layout (1:20)
  • Horizontal layouts (0:57)
  • Grid layout (3:32)

Basic tip Calculator

  • Introduction to the tip calculator (1:58)
  • Designing the app (5:44)
  • Importing the widgets (2:11)
  • Declaring the objects (2:19)
  • Taking in the user input (2:44)
  • Setting up the buttons (2:38)
  • Adding a private void (1:50)
  • Setting up variables (3:25)
  • Making the user percent decimal percent (2:51)
  • Adding in the total tip math (2:42)
  • Printing the text to the screen (3:43)
  • Adding in more objects to the code (2:16)
  • Testing the app (1:51)
  • Rounding variables (1:59)
  • Dismissing the keyboard (4:30)
  • Adding in the clear button (2:48)
  • Course conclusion (1:22)

Learn to make an innovative calculator

  • Introduction to the innovative calculator (2:24)
  • Designing the app (4:56)
  • Changing the ids to make more sense (2:31)
  • Importing the objects to the main activity file (2:30)
  • Finding the specific item (6:09)
  • The importance of double checking the work (0:58)
  • Fixing an error and testing the simulator (1:18)
  • Setting up an private void for buttons (4:06)
  • Changing the color of the button (2:58)
  • Adding in the changing button logic (7:04)
  • Adding in the calculate button logic (2:09)
  • Variable scope (3:10)
  • Adding in the math (1:08)
  • Printing the answer to the screen (1:31)
  • Setting up the btnClear (3:47)
  • Checking to see if the edit text has text (6:26)
  • Adding in a failsafe (2:16)
  • Course conclusion (0:54)

Make a saving calculator

  • Introduction to the saving app (1:10)
  • Designing the app (3:58)
  • Chanding the IDs to make sense (2:59)
  • Adding the objects to the ActivityMain file (3:20)
  • Finding the objects with the right ID (4:46)
  • Adding in the buttons (1:57)
  • Adding in the calculate private voids (2:03)
  • Adding in a calculate private void (1:52)
  • Declaring variables in the private void (3:25)
  • Adding in the variables to the project (4:30)
  • Printing the text to the screen (4:00)
  • Tips on finding mistakes (1:00)
  • Testing the app (1:51)
  • Hinding the keyboard (3:11)
  • Making the variable only two decimal places (2:55)
  • Adding in the clear button (3:34)
  • Adding in the clear logic (0:59)
  • Adding in the text box logic (4:57)
  • Course conclusion (1:30)

Make a compound interest calculator

  • Introduction to the compound interest calculator (2:49)
  • Designing the app (5:52)
  • Adding in the widgets to the MainActivity (2:51)
  • Changing the IDs so they make more sense (1:29)
  • Adding the items to the activity main file (4:31)
  • Adding in private voids (3:39)
  • Adding in the variables (4:05)
  • Adding in the compound formula (2:24)
  • Printing the text to the screen (1:07)
  • Hiding the keyboard (3:14)
  • Making the TextView Editable (3:13)
  • Formatting the string (2:01)
  • Fixing a math problem (2:18)
  • Adding in the clear logic (2:21)
  • Conclusion and challenge (0:49)

Making a stock price app

  • Introduction to the stock price app (1:39)
  • Designing the app (4:00)
  • Adding the items to the activity main file (2:04)
  • Changing the IDs (1:53)
  • Finding the specific items (3:54)
  • Adding in the button logic (2:50)
  • Adding in the doubles (2:56)
  • Adding in the math (3:32)
  • Rounding your variables to two decimal places (2:10)
  • Printing the text to the screen (1:41)
  • Making the text objects clickable (4:09)
  • Making the keyboard disappear (3:14)
  • Adding in a clear button (1:55)
  • Testing the app (1:34)
  • Fixing a small math problem (1:40)
  • Course conclusion and challenge (0:55)

Make a Canadian Sales Tax Calculator

  • Introduction to the Canadian tax calculator (2:07)
  • Making a string array (3:45)
  • Bringing in the widget items (4:11)t
  • Setting up the calculator button (5:45)t
  • Taking in the other elements (3:39)
  • Testing early and often (2:34)
  • Setting up the if statements (6:28)
  • Adding in the tax amount (3:26)
  • Changing the text to suit the province (3:12)
  • Fixing the GUI (5:05)
  • Adding in the math (3:48)
  • Formatting to two decimal places (3:33)
  • Testing the app (2:02)
  • Adding in the clear button (5:21)

How much caffeine is in this drink

  • Caffiene calculator (1:20)
  • Designing the app (5:49)
  • Adding the text to the main activity file (5:43)
  • Setting up the OnClick listeners (5:43)
  • Talking about development issues (1:48)
  • Adding in the number variables (3:45)
  • Setting up the string array (3:05)
  • Populating the spinner with the string array (1:19)
  • Optimizing the project (2:28)
  • Adding in print drinks method (3:12)
  • Adding in add and substract buttons (3:32)
  • Setting up the spinner logic (5:07)
  • Adding in the math the printing logic (3:15)
  • Printing the miligrams of caffeine (2:14)
  • Formatting the decimal place (2:49)
  • Running the app and fixing bugs (1:54)
  • Course conclusion (1:14)

How rich are you?

  • How rich are you? (0:58)
  • Designing the app (5:09)
  • Linking the GUI and the MainActivity file (5:13)
  • Setting up the OnClick listener (2:55)
  • Setting up a printing private void (3:06)
  • Taking in the edit texts (2:34)
  • Parsing doubles (4:06)
  • Percision versus precise (3:35)
  • Adding in the if statements (3:31)
  • Adding in the percentage (4:02)
  • Setting up the brackets (3:15)
  • Fixing the printing variable and testing the app (1:03)
  • Adding in the InputManager (3:49)
  • Setting the text as on click listeners (4:13)
  • Adding in a public view onclick method (1:16)
  • Testing the app (1:29)
  • Fixing a math problem (1:56)
  • Course conclusion (0:35)

Learn how to calcualte a mortgage

  • Introduction to the mortgage calculator (0:41)
  • Setting up the app and designing the app (6:37)
  • Setting up the button and the print mothod (4:04)
  • Setting up the btn clear (3:01)
  • Setting up the calculation (4:50)
  • Formatting the numbers (3:58)
  • Adding in the monthly payment math (3:01)
  • Adding in the keyborad dismiss logic (2:14)
  • Making the text objects clickable (1:52)
  • Setting up the text views as onclick listeners (2:06)
  • Testing the app (5:51)
  • Course conclusion (0:35)

How much tax do you owe?

  • How much tax do you owe calculator (0:35)
  • Designing the app (4:09)
  • Setting up the ids (2:40)
  • Bringing in the items (3:37)
  • Adding in the button logic (3:06)
  • Adding in the clear button (7:04)
  • Printing the seek bar (2:12)
  • Setting up the percent and the variables (2:55)
  • Adding the print variables method (1:27)
  • Setting up the math in the calculate area (4:05)
  • Adding in the after tax math (1:52)
  • Printing the exact variables (4:22)
  • Formatting the strings (5:01)
  • Making sure the app doesnt crash (2:20)
  • Course conclusion (1:14)

Bear market app

  • Bear market recovery app (1:22)
  • Designing the app (5:37)
  • Setting up the app IDs (2:43)
  • Setting up the items and the buttons (5:03)
  • Setting up the print variables (6:34)
  • Setting up the clear button (4:33)
  • Adding in the calculations (5:21)
  • Adding in a for loop (4:05)
  • Adding in the if statement and a local variable (2:16)
  • Implementing a better for loop (2:13)
  • Testing the app (4:09)
  • Course conclusion (1:12)

How long until you double your money?

  • How to double your money (6:38)
  • Setting up the main file (6:53)
  • Setting up the seekbar and the private voids (4:58)
  • Changing the values of the percent (4:43)
  • Setting up the seekbar (3:09)
  • Adding in the years to double math (3:09)
  • Formatting the numbers (2:06)
  • Testing the app and setting up the reset button (3:23)
  • Resetting the variables (2:01)
  • Optimizing the workflow (2:11)
  • Course conclusion (1:04)

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