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Evidence Based Approach

The rationale for evidence based self-hypnosis: why Adam insists on being evidence-based.

How You Will Benefit

Demonstration of the benefits of self-hypnosis: The benefits to you are explained and supported with research studies, they are not just anecdotal.

A Skill YOU Can Learn – Yes Anyone Can

The core mindset required to be a successful self-hypnotist: Proof that self-hypnosis is a learnable skill that anyone can learn and anyone can get better at with practice: Your hypnotisability is NOT set in stone.


Wonderful Resource

This is a huge work, which covers just about every aspect of self-hypnosis. It’s a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to practice self-hypnosis or for any hypnotherapist wanting to increase their knowledge base.

Trevor Hoskisson on 26th Jun 2014

Great Product

Hello ,

i’m a french guy so excuse my english , it would be as fluent as i expected it to be.

This product is really fantastic !

Adam put it in a very pratical way …

How to put yourself in hypnosis ? How to construct your own program of self hypnosis ? Everything is here in a lot of mp3 and video and pdf …

I already have the book and i’m really happy to

learn more and more about self hypnosis with this product.

Thanks a lot !

FRED from FRANCE on 7th Mar 2014

Science of Self Hypnosis REVIEW

The program is very large so I have only listened to the “old version” so far.

The old version has 23 volumes of MP3 files most of which are about an hour in length apiece. Also there are 6 video tapes in the old version as well.

I purposely started with the old version to see what Adam Eason has changed in the 8 years since the bulk of this program was originally recorded. Also, I started with the videos and

have listened to around 19+ hours of mp3 audios as well.

It is very easy to see the enthusiasm of Adam in his life’s chosen endeavor. It took awhile to get used to his accent as I am from Texas. At times is was a bit hard to follow some of the dialogue as some of it was cultural related but I was able to understand what was being taught. Overall, it was well conceived and with some repetition to help bolster understanding. The audio quality was pretty good as you can mostly hear the audience questions. BTW, did you know Adam runs in the marathon :^) You have to order this program to understand this last statement.

The program also comes with about 200 pages of written material which I have not studied thoroughly.

As far as the new program is concerned, it contains 32 mp3 files with a total time commitment of 5 hours 19 minutes and 18 seconds. LOL. Actually, you will want to do the exercises so it will take longer.

The 7 videos in the new program are 4 hours and 47 minutes in length. I took a quick peek at the new videos and it would appear the picture quality has improved over the old videos.

The amount of quality information is almost overwhelming; I found several items that I had not even considered when writing my own scripts as well as reading commercially prepared scripts and that was discovered just using the older “stuff”.

If you want to learn about self-hypnosis, then this is the ticket.

Ron on 6th Sep 2013

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