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Finally have a website that opens hearts and wallets

About this course

Let me guess . . . You hate showing people your current site, especially potential customersbecause it doesn’t feel at all like “you”.

You’ve re-designed your site what feels like a dozen times, but it’s never ‘finished’ because you’re never fully satisfied with it.

You keep getting distracted by other people’s websites, so progress on your own site is well… hellah slow.

You’ve got an eye for design, so an ugly, clunky website just won’t cut it for you.

You feel like your site is cookie cutter, something anyone could create.

You’ve got ideas and visions, but you don’t know how to move forward and create the website you’re dreaming of.

You’ve considered just DIYing your site solo, but you know it’s going to take a lot of headaches and wine to get it the way you want it.

You’re only using templates and swapping out content because you’re afraid to create your own design, then not know how to bring it all together cohesively.

You hate the idea of relying on a developer!

You’re afraid to be left with a site you don’t know how to edit or that will cost an arm & a leg to have someone maintain

‍Imagine… finally feeling ready to market your business, because you have a website you’re super confident sending potential clients to.

Imagine having a website that YOU ?‍♀️ can confidently update and edit yourself! (Seeya never developer man.)

Imagine what it will feel like to put the finishing touches on a site that actually looks & feel like you!

‍Imagine consistently winning client projects & selling your products, because your site does the selling for you!

‍Imagine your website shame being a thing of the past! (In fact, your old website is jealous of the new one.)

‍However if you’re thinking…

“That sounds good for other people, but I could never build a site myself. I have a serious allergy to tech and coding.”

Then lemme say, I can totally relate.

‍7 years ago, I was in the same boat.

‍Clueless with how to build a website.

‍I tried all the platforms, WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Showit and more. And then I found Squarespace!

Finally, with Squarespace I could create what was in my mind on the page!

‍And I’m not the only Squarespace fan.

‍Over the years, Squarespace has established itself as the absolute best website platform for small business owners and entrepreneurs!

Millions of small business owners easily use Squarespace to build and maintain their own websites.

‍(Yes, even the “I’m-technically-challenged” business owners.)

Why use Squarespace for your website?

‍Because it’s simple to build with, yet powerful.

‍Even the most tech-phobic business owner can feel confident building, updating and editing their website on Squarespace themself.

That means less time fighting with your website, and more time running your business!

‍With Squarespace you…

  • Won't deal with tech melt-downs or security hacks.
  • Will spend exactly 0 minutes choosing between a sea of plugins.
  • Can finally make that fabulous site yourself, no coding knowledge needed

‍Learn how to master Squarespace (which I'll teach you) and you'll easily be able to create a completely custom site with exactly the look and layout you've been dreaming of!

I created my Square Secrets course to help design-conscious business owners create a Squarespace site they’re truly excited to show off!

‍The most popular & advanced Squarespace course online!: Learn how to build a site that charms your ideal clients & customers all the way to the ‘Buy Now’ button!


  • Every time you go to work on your site you end up totally overwhelmed and straight up stressed! Halppp!
  • Client inquiries and legit paying customers come in once in a blue moon, instead of in droves, uh, as they should be!
  • You have an idea of what you want your site to look like, but every time you go to build it you just get stuck and can’t create what you really want.
  • You honestly hate marketing your business, mostly because you feel too embarrassed to send people to your site, in fact, you try to avoid them going to the site at all.


  • You finally feel able to direct potential clients to your site with confidence!
  • You know your site communicates exactly what you and your business are about, and that it will close the deal for you!
  • You can finally get back to the things you’re supposed to be focused on. Working for ideal clients, creating content, dreaming up new products and services, and feeling like a real business owner!
  • “Uh, hello sales notifications & dreamy client inquiries in my inbox daily, I was expecting you!" Woot woot!


  • ‍Step-by-step instructions
  • Couldn't-be-simpler tech tutorials
  • Fill-in-the-blank resources
  • Support by a community of experienced Squarespace users
  • Direct access to Paige to ask questions

‍Course outline


  • How to get inside your ideal client’s head + use this info on your site
  • Create your individualized site completion game plan


  • Create #sitegoals and make a plan to incorporate them into your site design
  • Select SEO search terms, made super simple
  • Build your site journey game plan
  • Learn how to utilize inspiration sites (without copying) + set your personal site priorities


  • How 95% of Squarespace users pick templates, and why they’re all doing it wrong
  • Understanding the features and functions of Squarespace, and how it relates to picking the right template, the very first time!
  • My no-second-guessing, 3 step template picking system


  • Picture perfect photo guidelines + checklist
  • Quick + clear tagline writing recipe
  • Steal my page copy content planners
  • Footer content cheat sheet


  • Learn site design best practices the pros use + the DIY dead giveaways to avoid
  • The keys to converting your ideal visitors into subscribers, clients & customers!
  • Real life examples of sites doing this so wrong and so right!
  • Access to the exclusive course Pinterest account with examples from the best in business


  • Allll the video tech tutorials for complete site building beginners covering:
  • Creating your account + navigating around the Squarespace workspace
  • Using the Style Editor to set the mood and vibe of your site from the start
  • Meet the most common Squarespace blocks
  • Meet all the page type options
  • Learn how to arrange blocks on the page in a way that makes your site look nothing like the template, but instead completely custom
  • Design your footer and navigation for couldn’t-be-clearer site navigation
  • A quick guide to designing high-converting opt-in pages
  • Create your subscriber-winning popup and get clear on how to NOT annoy the Google Gods with this little marketing machine
  • Everything you need to know about blogging on Squarespace
  • A quick guide to premium Squarespace features
  • I’ll build an example page in-action so you can follow along exactly how all of these pieces fit together in real life


  • Even more video tech tutorials to learn all the lesser known hacks and secrets of the platform, ensuring you become a Squarespace design pro!
  • The simple secret to creating grids that make creating complex page layouts a cinch
  • What an Index page is and why it’s about to be the secret sauce of your site designs
  • The 2-step trick to creating section background colors, without code!
  • Build on your Squarespace block basics knowledge with multiple advanced block hacks
  • What a summary block is, and why it’s going to be your new bestie
  • The way to completely automate scheduling all of those booking consult calls from ideal clients
  • I’ll build an example services page in-action so you can follow along exactly how all of these advanced secrets fit together in real life


  • Intro to the 3 main aspects that will get your site found through search results
  • Meet all the SEO setting option locations in your Squarespace workspace
  • The #1 step to beating your competition in search results
  • How to spring clean your way to a better search ranking
  • Squarespace SEO site checklist


  • How to tweak your site design for mobile & tablet optimization
  • How to give your site a pre-launch audit + checklist
  • The quick checklist you must run through before launching to the world to ensure all your site settings are sitting pretty
  • How to make your site GDPR-friendly!
  • How to link up your domain, snag a Squarespace discount and launch that site to the world!

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