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The copywriter wouldn’t understand my product and why it was so special and powerful; or my people and what they wanted and cared about; or my style and the way I talked. (I don’t cuss and I don’t call my peeps “love” or “honey,” although every other copywriter I hired seemed to think I did.)

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Want to know the “secret” to (quickly and easily) writing sales pages that sell out every one of your coaching packages and courses?

Hint: It’s not being a copywriting genius, having ninja sales skills, or knowing a top-secret sales page formula.

Before I figured out this “secret” (which I’ll share in just a bit), I — like many people — hated having to write a new sales page.

It felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place….

The Rock:

Spend weeks agonizing over what to say, obsessing over the right “formula” for my sales page, and writing and rewriting every other paragraph. Only to end up with a result that felt…ok…at best.

Which wasn’t that much worse than…

Get Sold Out Sales Page – Luisa Zhou, Only Price $77

The Hard Place:

Hire a copywriter to write it for me. Even though that might seem “easier,” it actually wasn’t. Because here’s what would happen…

The copywriter wouldn’t understand my product and why it was so special and powerful; or my people and what they wanted and cared about; or my style and the way I talked. (I don’t cuss and I don’t call my peeps “love” or “honey,” although every other copywriter I hired seemed to think I did.)

Not to mention that good copywriters cost a lot of money. (As they should. But that doesn’t mean you can afford them, especially if you’re just starting out in your business.)

In fact, for one of my flagship courses, Employee to Entrepreneur, I spent well over $40,000 on different copywriters for that one sales page alone.

I’d hire one copywriter, set up the sales page they wrote for me, and wait with excitement for the sales to pour in…

Except they never did. (And I definitely wouldn’t make enough to cover the copywriter’s fees.)

Which meant I’d have to repeat the process all over again.

You know what’s even worse than not making any sales?

It’s not just the weeks or months wasted agonizing over your sales pages.

It’s not the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars spent on copywriters who are good with words but aren’t good at sales (which are two completely different skills).

It’s knowing that the coaching package or course you’ve poured your heart and soul into is being completely overlooked…

Not making the difference you know it could make or helping the people who you know need your help. (Not to mention that you can’t afford to stay in business for long — aka help more people and do what you love — if you’re not making any money.)

So what IS the secret to a sold out sales page?

Thankfully, I’m not one to back down from a challenge. Through pure brute force (read: testing every single formula and variable I could think of), I figured out the “secret” to writing a sales page that consistently sells out your coaching and/or course offers…

The secret is: There is no one-size-fits-all sales page formula that works for every single type of sales page.

The truth is, the “formula” that works best for your sales page depends on the product that you are selling.

Think about it like this…

You don’t wear the same outfit, no matter how snazzy it makes you look, to work, to work out, to go on a date, and to celebrate your grandmother’s 75th birthday.

Because the way you present yourself differs based on where you’re going and who you’re going to be spending time with.

If a sales page is like the “outfit,” aka the presentation, for your product…

Then doesn’t it make sense that the way you present it would depend on the situation too? As in, what your product is and who it’s for?

Hi, I’m Luisa Zhou

Over the past few years, I’ve created 15+ different coaching offers and courses and sold them out through powerful sales pages that I personally wrote… often in just a day or two, and without hiring an expensive copywriter.

These sales pages have each driven anywhere from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars in sales.

And in the process, they’ve attracted my dream clients and helped me create an incredible business, impact, and income — not to mention life — that I would never have thought possible.

But it wasn’t an easy road.

Especially when it came to the tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours I spent trying to crack the code for each new sales page I had to write.

Every time I came across a course claiming to teach the perfect sales page “formula,” I died a little inside after trying it…only to realize that the so-called “perfect” formula didn’t work for my course or coaching product.

Which is why I swore to myself that after I figured it out, I’d teach what actually works. Not just the theory of a formula that should work, but the reality of sales pages that have worked. As in, have made lots of sales.

I’m talking about…

  • My exact sales pages (the ones that finally made lots of sales after I cracked the code)
  • The actual process I now use to write a sales page
  • Proven templates for each type of course/coaching package based on my own testing and experience

In short, I want to give you my exact templates (and teach you using my own proven sales pages) for every type of product you’ll ever sell in a coaching/course business, so that YOU can have the sales you want…

Get Sold Out Sales Page – Luisa Zhou, Only Price $77


For the first time ever, I’m sharing my top-performing, proven sales page templates, and actual sales pages, for every type of product I’ve ever sold in my coaching/course business:

These proven sales page formulas — and the actual sales pages I used them for — have generated anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars in sales… each:

The Coaching Package Sales Page

A coaching program sales page is different from any other sales page. Because often you’re using the sales page to invite someone to schedule a sales call (instead of directly buying). 

So what’s the fine line between giving too much information and not enough information on this type of sales page? How much detail should you share about what is included? Should you include the price or not? I walk you through all of this using my own EMPIRE sales page example. 

The Proof: This sales page pre-sells a $20,000 coaching program and has directly driven over a million dollars in sales.

The Course Sales Page

Want to sell out your course? This is most likely the sales page you’ll use (for courses ranging from $300 to $1,000).

What formula works best for this type of offer? How much detail should you include? How long should the sales page be? I’ll walk you through all of it with my own My First 10K Subscribers course sales page.

The Proof: This sales page (and my other course sales pages that follow this template) consistently drive over 2%+ of page visitors to buy… which has resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in sales.

The Flagship Course Sales Page

What does the sales page for a course that has sold well over $1 Million in sales look like? Not to mention a course that sells for $2,000?

I’ll show you — and break down how you can create a sales page like this for yourself — by walking you through my masterpiece…

My Employee to Entrepreneur sales page. This work of art (seriously) is the result of $40,000+ spent on hiring lots of different copywriters, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on advertising to test different sales page versions, and gallons of my own blood, sweat, and tears.

Skip all of that and get the shortcut via this template when you’re ready to sell out your own flagship course (where the price is $1,000+).

The Proof: This sales page layout has driven well over a million dollars in sales.

The Mini-Course Sales Page

What about when you want to sell a course in the $50 to $200 price range?

This is my favorite type of sales page to write. Because it’s fast, fun, and oh so profitable. With the layout and example I share with you, you’ll be cranking out these massively profitable sales pages in just a few hours.

The “Proof:” This sales page template brings in thousands of dollars in sales each time I use it.

The Not-a-Sales Page Sales Page

You know when you get an idea for an offer and you just want to run with it? Which means you might not have the time to put together a fine-tuned sales page?

I’ve got you covered there too. With my “Not-a-Sales-Page” Sales Page template, which I have used to sell $400 to $3,000 courses and group coaching programs on-the-fly.

The “Proof:” The actual sales page I walk you through in this lesson generated over $10,000 in sales (and took me less than an hour to put together).


Here’s how this course is broken down:

In the first module, I’ll share with you the underlying Sold Out Sales Page Principles and the Formula I use to start every sales page. Via 3 to-the-point video lessons, you’ll learn:

5 Common Misconceptions about Sales Pages

At this point, I’ve worked with thousands of students and clients and have written or co-written well over a hundred sales pages. There are 5 common misconceptions I see all the time when it comes to creating a sold out sales page.

First, we’re going to clear up those 5 misconceptions to make sure you don’t stay stuck with no sales.

5 Questions I Answer First Before I Write ANY Sales Page

These are the 5 questions I always answer before I write a single word for any sales page. 

After this lesson, you’ll be using these five questions to make your sales page SO much faster and easier to write too…not to mention so much more effective at making sales as well! 

My Sold Out Sales Page Formula

You know that saying, “Know the rules so you know how to break them properly?” That’s exactly what’s going on here. You’ll learn my 8-part Sold Out Sales Page Formula, as well as the underlying principles behind each part of the formula.

This way, once we get to each specific sales page template, you’ll understand WHY we’re breaking the rules that we do for that product sales page…so you can create the most effective sales page for yourself.

Then, for each type of sales page that I mentioned earlier, I’ll show you how to customize the Sold Out Sales Page Formula for that specific product via 4 steps:

(This is the missing piece I had to figure out on my own.)

Step 1:

My Private Notes

These are my actual answers to the “5 Questions to Answer” for the sales page that we cover in that lesson. 

You’ll get insight into how I strategize my marketing, selling, and positioning a product before I ever write a single word for any sales pages. (And once you learn how to do this for yourself, you’ll see leaps and bounds in your own marketing and sales as well.)

Step 2:

My Sales Page Walkthrough

This is where I walk you through my actual sales page for that type of product.

I’ll share with you what works and why I broke the Sales Page Formula rules I did for that particular sales page.

I basically reverse engineer for you my top-performing sales pages. So that you can apply the learnings I had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get…for yourself…to get the results without the pain.

Step 3:

The Real Deal

Next, I’ll share with you a PDF of my actual sales page for you to study. Who does this??! (No one!) I don’t hold anything back, so that you can understand what works (not just the theory) and apply it for yourself.

Step 4:

Your Write Guide

Finally, I make it super easy for you to write your own sales page with a step-by-step guide that walks you through how I recommend writing your sales page for whatever product you want to sell.

Never have to write a sales page from scratch again or wonder about what will work or won’t work for your own sales page.


Get Sold Out Sales Page – Luisa Zhou, Only Price $77

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