Quantum Mind Power 2.0 – Morry Zelcovitch


Quantum Mind Power 2.0 – Morry Zelcovitch…  This happens to most of us when we’re in the zone. What we’re doing with the Quantum Mind Method is we’re putting you in the zone on a regular basis. We’re training your mind how to do it regularly.

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Quantum Mind Power 2.0 – Morry Zelcovitch

Quantum Mind Power 2.0 - Morry Zelcovitch

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The Following is the Quantum Mind Method
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Utilize a revolutionary way that allows you to set yourself up for success by altering your state of mind in a matter of minutes. Through brainwave entrainment, you can easily master your mind power and completely transform your life by making your brain work for you. The result? You will be able to improve any area of your life and boost your brain power, so that you can achieve more while eliminating feelings of doubt, anxiety, worry, and stress.


I want to tell you how brainwave entrainment has personally helped me on my life journey.

For about 40 years of my life, since I can remember being conscious, I have been what I would term “clinically depressed.” I wasn’t diagnosed as such by doctors. Back in those days, they didn’t really do that. They didn’t give pills for these kinds of things as well.

To give you an idea of what my life was like, look at the darkest black that you can find around you. That would be, pretty much, a bright, sunny day for me.

I went through my life every morning, waking up, crossing my fingers, hoping that when I looked out the window, I would see mushroom clouds. That’s how bad my life was. I just wanted a nuclear war. I wanted an end to everything.

I couldn’t feel anything that was good. I felt only things that were bad and painful.

Something could happen to you that would make you go, “Well, isn’t that nice?” And I would look at it and be so envious or jealous of it. I would think it was the most horrible, cruelest joke in the world.

We could both be out for a walk together, and you would look at this gorgeous rose with a beautiful bee pollinating away, hopping from flower to flower, thinking to yourself, “Wow, isn’t that just a miracle of nature? Look how beautiful it is, and it serves a purpose. It promotes life and beauty.”

And I would look at it and say, “Yeah, sure. Rub it in my face, that there’s a reason for everything except me.” That’s how I felt—that I was here to suffer. I was here to be in pain.

I got injured incessantly. I’ve broken my kneecap. I’ve dislocated almost every bone in my body. I’ve cracked ribs more times than I care to think of. I’ve broken my nose so many times that I actually have people asking me where I had it done. I smashed out my teeth. I deal with vertigo all the time.

It’s difficult to express multiple suicide attempts—just not wanting to deal with life at all. How do you have multiple suicide attempts? If you really want to die, one should be enough, right?

I tried to kill myself, I tried it a bunch of times, and it didn’t work, that’s when it struck me that maybe I didn’t really want to die. That more of me wanted to live, than didn’t. If I couldn’t find a way to die, I had to find a way to live.

So, I started looking, hunting, and reading (and this is before the internet). I went to libraries, and I looked at newspapers.

I did everything I could to try to come up with ways to help myself. I learned about meditation and tapping techniques. I learned about breathing techniques. I learned many things—everything I could find. I tried to learn different Asian methodologies, taekwondojiu-jitsukarate, anything I could to try to get some stability in my life, to try to get some meaning in my life—because there was none. I was literally what people might term “a failure” at everything I did.

It turns out that I was supposed to go through all of this because it was the only way for me to learn. And the biggest thing I learned was that everything happens in life for a reason. If you choose to label something as bad, you don’t learn anything from it. You tend to shy away from it, back awayignore it, and move away.

If you instead find something as a learning experience and educational, you tend to look for a lesson. And when I started looking for lessons, things started changing, as opposed to thinking everything was bad and the world sucked, people sucked, and I sucked.

I went camping with my friends sometimes. When I went camping, I would be sitting around a fire pit. And I would hear the wood crackling and watch the flames dancing up and down. The coolest thing was, I noticed that time seemed to move weirdly. It wasn’t so slow. For people like me who’ve had depressive episodes or even thought bad things, time passes really slowly, agonizingly slow.

When I was staring at this flame, it felt like five minutes, and yet hours had passed. And that gave me an incredible amount of relief. Finally, I found something after trying everything under the sun, reading every self-help book, and learning from all the big names of those who are the best people in the world for self-improvement.

This flame, at least, gave me a break. And that’s interesting. I thought, “What is it about me staring at this flame and hearing all this crackling that made me at least feel better for a short time?”

I started realizing that it was the flickering. It was the sound. It was the noises that the fire and wood made that were actually leading me to believe and to think differently than I thought before.

I thought, “Well, how could that have anything to do with it? Was it just a distraction?” Something told me in my head, “It’s not just a distraction,” because I’ve been distracted before. We’ve all been distracted, no matter how bad things are going around us. We can get distracted away from them.

It hit me that I need to investigate this more. As I was investigating it, I came across something called brainwave entrainment. And I started studying the neurophysics behind what happens to your brain when you hear and see things.

When we actually think about something or when we’re exposed to something, it creates brainwave activity. What struck me as more important was, when you go into these brainwaves states, when your neurons, which are your brain cells, start firing away at different rates, they’re not just pulsing at that frequency, they are creating a chemical soup—neurotransmittersendorphins, and hormones, which, when mixed together, make a delicious soup or make a crappy soup. And I was making crappy soup.

With all this research I was doing, I realized that I needed to evolve this. I need to use this more. When I was reading all the experts, I felt good. I felt empowered. I felt like this is really going to help me, but it didn’t.

No matter how positive they were or how great their techniques were, I was in such a cycle that the negative reflexive thoughts I was having were creating chemistry that was creating these horrible thoughts. And then the thoughts would create more negative chemistry. And the cycle seemed to continue forever.

I couldn’t change my thinking. The chemistry was too powerful. I couldn’t change my beliefs. The chemistry was too strong.

It suddenly hit me. Okay. Fine. I can’t change my thoughts. What if I could change the frequency of my brain instead? That would also change the chemistry. If I’m right in changing the chemistry, even once is enough to change the next thought that comes. Maybe I could build on that.

So, I found this technology called brainwave entrainment, I started researching it everywhere, it made sense. But it didn’t help me, even though it made perfect sense. It should have been my key to the kingdom, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t helping me.

At that point, I had a choice to make. I’m either resigned to living my life depressed, sad, and angry all the time, or I say, “Wait a minute. All my research isn’t wrong. It makes way too much sense. I don’t think they’re doing it right.”

I started creating it myself then. That’s when everything started turning around. I suddenly noticed for a few minutes after listening that I was happy, and I wasn’t hearing thousands of voices.

Once I started listening, for a few minutes after, the voices were gone. When I hear a voice in my head, it’s one voice—and it’s my voice saying, “Do this. Do that. Think of this. Think of that.” It’s my conscious, subconscious and unconscious all working together with me.

That is what gave birth to my technology. That’s what gave birth to me. I’m a child anymore, but I am experiencing life much like an 18-year-old does because everything is new to me. Everything is exciting to me. Every day brings a new birth.


I realize that it’s highly likely that I’m not the only one who has been through these experiences. There are many individuals like me who, at times, feel like giving up on everything.

Perhaps the reason why you are reading this right now is that you might have gone through some of the same life experiences as I have, or you can relate in some way.

This is why I want to share this technology with you. But what is this technology exactly? What is brainwave entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment is actually the process of getting one system to follow another system in synchronicity.

That may seem vague, so let’s start at your brain. It experiences all of these different frequencies all the time. Believe it or not, your brain right now has neurons pulsing at the Beta frequency, which is generally related to being awake and alert.

There are other frequencies. Theta has been related to learning and meditation. Alpha is associated with meditation, and Delta with sleep. There are parts of your brain right now, pulsing away at a Delta frequency and a Gamma frequency also, which is very fast, even above that of Beta.

What brainwave entrainment does is it helps modulate them and leads them to follow the presented frequency. How does it do this? There’s a natural process in the mind and in the brain called the frequency following response.

If you’ve ever listened to music that you like, and you find yourself tapping your foot to the tune, you are actually being entrained by the beat of the music. You’re subconsciously doing that because you’re following the beat of the music. You are following the frequency. You’re following and responding to it.

If you get a stable exposure to these frequencies, to these pulsed vibrations, what happens is that the neurons that make up your brain will process that through another facet. It actually starts following and mimicking the presented frequency—like monkey see, monkey do. What results is something called the cortical evoked response. The cortical layer is the uppermost layer of the brain. It starts following the frequency.

If you put pendulum clocks in a room and you start swinging them all separately, you can come back an hour or two later, and what you’ll find is that they’ll all be swinging in time, together. This is nature. A frequency following response, cortical evoked response, entrainment is naturally occurring in nature all the time.

By exposing you to these pulsed vibrations, your brain starts following them naturally, and you can experience what may be termed as a dominant frequency. You still get the other frequencies, but a dominant number of your neurons can begin pulsing at the same rate. That results in the creation of neurotransmittersendorphins, and hormones that allow you to feel a different way, to act a different way, to perceive everything differently.

You decide what to think, and then your brain produces chemistry that allows you to feel that way. Even if you don’t realize you’re deciding what to think, there are thousands of decisions that may occur subconsciously that you may not even be aware of, but you have made that decision.

If you decide that something is boring, what happens is your brain creates chemistry that says…

“This is boring me to death,” and you start feeling bored. You get fidgety. That all happens because of chemistry. Everything is chemistry. When you understand that brainwave entrainment works based on stimulating physiological responses that create chemistry, then you can understand that it’s actually the chemistry that allows you to feel the way you feel.

If you’re married or you’re in a relationship, or you have a child or a pet, and when you see them, you feel this warm, fuzzy feeling. It’s because you’ve decided to feel that warm, fuzzy feeling. You see someone else’s dog that you may think is ugly. You don’t feel that same feeling for that dog because you’ve made a decision—it’s not your dog, so you don’t feel that way.

When you make that decision, and oftentimes it’s thousands of decisions, you do it in the span of a second, or less.

Remember, your brain can process millions of functions in a second, so making thousands of decisions in a second is not even going to make you break a sweat.

Entrainment allows us to control the chemistry and to actually influence how the chemistry influences our minds without doing anything untoward. We don’t have to take chemicalspills, or injections. We don’t need electric stimulation. It’s simply a natural process that we’re taking advantage of with pulse sounds. And that’s it.

That’s what entrainment is. It changes how we think. It changes how we perceive the world, and it all happens naturally through what we call sound.

It has taken me years of learningvolumes of researchcountless hours of practice, and thousands of dollars’ worth of investment in lessons and professional equipment to learn how to engineer proper brainwave entrainment recordings. And it has worked for my benefit as well as for the benefit of others.

You can experience these benefits as well but without the years and expense that I had to go through to learn this technology. How? I have developed a complete brainwave entrainment system that will help you overcome the negative feelings that prevent you from achieving what you want in life.


You may be wondering why feedback is varied among users of the brainwave entrainment recordings I engineered.

This is because everybody gets something different. So even if people listen to the same recordings, the same systems, and listened exactly the same way, they will get different results. Because everybody has different needs.

I’m not the genius here. You’re the genius. You’re the one who’s going to help yourself. It’s your brain that is being conditioned. Not mine. So your brain, your mind, all your various forms of consciousness know what you need even if you’re not consciously aware of it yourself. So, you will get what you need.

People will ask me to tell them what to expect, how to tell that it is working. When I tell people what to expect, they tend to look for what I may have suggested. Because of that, they have blinders on, and they may not actually see the benefits they’re getting because they’re looking for something specific.

For instance, if I tell you the color red is going to be an indication that you’re getting benefits and you get pink polka dots, well, you’re only looking for red, so you’re not going to see the pink polka dots, which for you, may mean you’re getting something.

With that being said, I listed some of the benefits experienced by those who have listened to my recordings to give you an idea of what you may experience, but remember that this list is by no means complete, there is not enough room on this page to list every possible benefit.

  • Become more motivated, think faster on your feet, and outsmart your competition in business. You’ll always be one step ahead of the crowd while others try to catch up.
  • Silence the negative ‘voices’ in your head that tell you that you don’t deserve to be wealthy and successful. Overcome the enemy inside you that’s holding you back. Live up, at last, to your full potential.
  • Tap into the subconscious mind to boost your creativity and learn to attract wealth into your life. All the great geniuses of our time, including Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison, attest to their subconscious as the source of their “higher intelligence.”


  • Sleep less and still wake up each morning full of energy and enthusiasm. You can literally take up to 4 hours less sleep some nights and still face the new day feeling more alert, brimming with energy, and even completing more work with fewer errors.
  • Stop procrastinationboost your motivation and self-confidence, and develop laser-sharp focus and concentration to get more things done in less time.
  • Naturally reduce stressanxietytension, and worry. Invite peace and calm into your life


  • Dramatically increase your mental power to grasp new concepts faster, significantly increase your memory retentionboost your creativity and your mental clarity.
  • Sharpen your intuition so that you’ll perceive things that you can’t really explain. You’ll know that you have this “gut feeling”—that a certain action is one that you must take.
  • Complex tasks will suddenly appear clearer and easier for you.
  • Create new neural pathways in your brain, change patterns of perception and information transfer in the brain, thereby creating new ways of experiencing yourself and your world.


  • Possess the power that can help you to overcome any addictive behavior, such as smoking and drug use, that damage your health and self-image
  • Release yourself from other damaging and deep-seated emotions. You can then be led to emotional stability.
  • Be able to balance and help strengthen your immune system for a greater feeling of well-being. Look young and feel young—stress has been identified as having a major influence on how we age.
  • Experience happiness and euphoria without the use of harmful and addictive drugs by increasing the brain’s natural “feel good” chemicals.


  • Boost your self-confidence and personal power to make social interactions a breeze and become a positive influence on those around you.
  • Strengthen your relationships and make new friends. You’ll find yourself getting along easily with new people, attracting true love, and being the person everyone wants to be around.


  • Easily and automatically get into a deep meditative state of mind.
  • Achieve a level of relaxation thought only to be experienced by Zen Monks after years of meditative practice. You’ll be able to reach this level in less time.



The Quantum Mind Method is a new type of technique that’s designed to help you to help yourself.

Essentially, it’s a series of recordings that have been painstakingly sculpted in such a way that when listened to in a proper format allows your brain, your mind, your conscious, your subconscious—all aspects of you to work in unison.

This happens to most of us when we’re in the zone. What we’re doing with the Quantum Mind Method is we’re putting you in the zone on a regular basis. We’re training your mind how to do it regularly.

It is much like when you first started riding a bike, it was difficult to keep your balance. You had to have someone holding it, or you had to have training wheels. After doing it for a while, you were able to do it without thinking. You can ride a bike. You can make turns. You can do jumps. You can do all kinds of things now that you couldn’t do when you first started.

The Quantum Mind Method is about taking your brain and pretending it’s a bicycle. It enables your brain to do all kinds of things that you can’t currently do, but you are capable of doing. Eventually, you will be able to do them automatically, without even thinking about it.

These are abilities that you have within you already. We’re not creating anything new, but what we are doing is we’re unlocking your ability to access these things so that you can give yourself what I call supernatural abilities. But in reality, they’re really just natural abilities. We have been held back from these.

I want your brain to go back to its natural ability to think of anything, to creatively get yourself out of any bad situation by understanding that it’s not bad, it’s just a learning experience. And when you learn, you grow and you evolve.

Evolution is a common philosophy. It’s a common process. In reality, from the day you were born till now, you have been evolving. And there’s no reason why your brain can’t evolve as well, in fact it needs to evolve.

The Quantum Mind Method is specifically designed to allow you to evolve, to assist and inspire the evolution. And it happens simply by listening.

These recordings have a purpose. And the purpose is to allow you to tap into your unconscious and your subconscious mind and to combine everything together, so that they work together. You need to be able to unlock the door to your inner potential. And that can enable you to become the person you really want to be—the person you’re supposed to be.

You are the only guru for you. It doesn’t matter who’s out there, how rich they are or how successful, they can only be an expert in their own lives. It’s our job to inspire. It’s your job to take action.

The Quantum Mind Method is a complete self-improvement system that comprises four different kinds of recordings, along with several bonuses. Each recording is engineered to help you achieve a different goal—overcome mental fatigueboost motivationpractice gratitude, or reprogram the mind to think positively.

There are 12 different versions included for each of the main recordings, of which 6 have isochronic tones and 6 have monaural tones.

Why are there different versions? Well, brainwave entrainment is not one size fits all. I want to provide you the exact frequency that is best suited for you, so that you can reap the most benefit from the recordings.

So how will you find the one version that is right for you? It’s simple—you just need to listen to each version. When you listen to that one recording that is most agreeable to you and resonates with you, that’s your perfect recording.


One of the main innovations we bring to the new system  is that all the brainwave entrainment modules have been tuned to a base frequency that can result in a more natural “sound” which could reveal numerous advantages for you over the traditional.

There are those who advocate that a simple change of tuning music from 440Hz (the standard in worldwide use since at least 1939) to 432Hz. can result in a more natural sound which could reveal numerous advantages.

Some feel it might help to make us happier, healthier and peaceful.

According to Brian T. Collins, a musician and researcher, the standard pitch (A=440 Hz) does not harmonize on any level that corresponds to cosmic movement, rhythm, or natural vibration. The classic masters, such as Mozart and Verdi, based their music on what is believed to be the natural vibration of A=432. There is only 8 vibrations per second (Hz) difference from the standard modern tuning of 440Hz, but this relatively small difference seems to have remarkable effects on our consciousness.

According to Richard Huisken, music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and brighter, giving greater clarity and is easier on the ears. Many people seem to experience more meditative and relaxing states of body and mind when listening to such music. The natural musical pitch of the universe gives a more harmonic and pleasant sound than 440 Hz.

It is true that if you Google this you will likely see as many articles claiming all of this is a crock as there are claiming its efficacy. That being said, when I tuned some of my entrainment tracks to 432Hz the effects and benefits were unmistakable.

I now share this innovation with you, all the brainwave entrainment modules have been tuned to 432Hz.


VIE is a brand new, unique and innovative technology which stands for Visual Image Entrainment.

It is perhaps the most unique way for anybody to instantly effect their mood, ability, intelligence, psyche, and literally any other facet of “self” that may be involved in your everyday life.

This technology is not a system that takes months or even years to show effects or in fact be effective. This technology is literally the first of its kind in this field to be able to elicit a response, a positive response in as little as 3 minutes or less, often from the very first use.

Here is the basic architecture of VIE

1. Cutting edge, properly engineered audio-based brainwave entrainment by TMM (The Morry Method).
2. Specially curated imagery embedded with coding using a proprietary technique that is unique to TMM.
3. The use of “frequency balanced color” which is a brand-new integrated color therapy technique to further enhance the effect/effectiveness of the VIE.
4. A visual entrainment aspect that helps to further elevate the VIE technique to a whole new level.

All packed in a 3-minute video!

I am introducing this new technology as a special “included” upgrade with 6 topics…

  • Active VIE
  • Career VIE
  • Happy VIE
  • Meditation VIE
  • Prosperity VIE
  • Sleep VIE

This is a brand new and cutting-edge technology never before seen, anywhere. It includes proprietary embedded technology and techniques exclusive to The Morry Method. Just sit back, watch and listen with your full attention 5 times, for a total of 15 minutes each day.

Whereas the Quantum Mind Method is a system designed to help you to get “what you want, when you need it”, the TMS (Targeted Mini Systems) were specifically designed to give you a more “directed” option for those times when you need a gentle hand to guide you on your journey.

They not only include highly targeted brainwave frequencies that are intended to help with the titled purpose of each topic but a “Tip Sheet” for each that when used in conjunction with proper and consistent listening can help to tip the balance of anything you may encounter back to your favor!

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