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Shelle Rose Charvet – LAB Profile Learning Program


As you know, many potential clients are looking for something NEW, that they haven’t experienced before. Format File: [8 CDs – MP3 + 1 PDF] File size: 193.51 MB




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Shelle Rose Charvet – LAB Profile Learning Program

Shelle Rose Charvet - LAB Profile Learning Program

Hi, I’m Shelle Rose Charvet
There are so many… trainers, coaches and independent consultants on the market, that it’s very hard for potential customers to determine what the difference is, who to choose and who is the best fit for them.
Which means that the lower price may end up being the determining factor.
I believe that the solution is to have
something different to offer!
Skills that will enable you to do more valuable work for your clients.
As you know, many potential clients are looking for something NEW, that they haven’t experienced before.
That’s why I’d like to recommend my LAB Profile® Online Practitioner Program, based on the NLP Meta Programs.

“Shortly after our visit, the customer sent a 1 million Euro order to our subsidiary and has placed an order for 2 million to start off the year.

Using the tips Shelle so beautifully and vividly “taught” me, helped me close this deal.” ~ Crystal Mccollough, Germany
I am proud to say that THIS PROGRAM has received 100s of endorsements from people all around the world!

“Oh stop it Shelle” (that’s my inside voice!!)

Want More? Find Out How to use Options and Procedures Motivation Triggers™

Master working with clients, in sales and even in website and product design!

Here’s How the LAB Profile® Online Program Works

You will have access to this online program for 12 weeks. Each week, you access a new Module with 2 sections, so you have the time to watch and integrate it, without having to do too much all at once.
What do you get with the LAB Profile® On-line Program?

Access to video of me – filmed live, edited into bite-size pieces with exercises, demos, and answering questions.
Clear Instructions on how to complete the program.
A new module with 2 sections to view each week for a total of 12 weeks. (or ask me for full access to all modules)

And for download:

The PowerPoint Slides for each section (for your personal use only in this program)
LAB Profile® Learning Manual PDF (for your personal use only in this program)
LAB Profile® Worksheets with cues

The LAB Profile® Online Practitioner program includes:

High Definition video where you can see and hear live demonstrations.
My newest insights and applications.
Clear instructions.
The easy to read LAB Profile® Learning Manual.
My slides with great examples you can see.
LAB Profile® Questionnaire Sheets.
Profiles on video with a debriefing, to show you how to do Profiling.
Instructions for completing your LAB Profile® Practitioner Certification.
LAB Profile® video interviews so you can complete your certification.
Week by week learning installments for 12 weeks to facilitate integration and application.

There are many possibilities for how you can use my LAB Profile® Online Program in your work and all your relationships:

Get Shelle Rose Charvet – LAB Profile Learning Program download

Attract more of the right kind of clients
Avoid being just like everyone else in your market
Speed up your ability to read others
Be more persuasive
Prevent, avoid and solve communication problems easier
Motivate yourself, even when it’s difficult
Find ways to be more effective in every aspect of communication.
You will know how to apply the LAB Profile® at home, in your business and with colleagues to have better communication, fewer conflicts, and inspiring relationships

The LAB Profile® is not a personality profile.

Personality profiles can give you useful information about a person, but people don’t do the same thing in every situation.

If they did, wouldn’t that make our lives easier?!
People behave very differently depending on where they are and what they are doing.

How you think when you are at work may be very different than when:

you are having an argument at home,
or when you are lying on a beach,
or when you are thinking about making a career change,
or even doing your grocery shopping.

People communicate through their own thinking and motivation patterns.
We respond immediately when someone “speaks our language” to communicate with us in return.

The Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile®) shows you how to respond with just the right Influencing Language.

It’s tailored to each situation and structured to allow you to understand:

how people get motivated
how they process information
how they make decisions in different situations.

The Problem with Many Personality Profiles

While many assessments explain the differences between people, they often only allow a few very specialized applications. Or worse, some stick people in boxes with labels, like round pegs into square holes. Sometimes they don’t recognize our inherent flexibility to shift thinking and behavior as situations change.

It’s not surprising that many people, tend to discount the sweeping generalizations that these instruments often produce.

So many people prefer to rely solely on their intuition and gut feelings to make critical decisions such as hiring or choosing a spouse. I once told a CEO that if he hired his executive vice-president because he liked the person, he would be in big trouble. The last thing he needed was to recruit someone who thought just like he did.
How is the LAB Profile® Different?

The LAB Profile® has a set of questions and a method to decode answers that can be used in a casual conversation or as a formal survey for groups.
Even if a person answers the question indirectly, or not at all, he or she will reveal their patterns.

Some people might be skeptical about
taking an online training.

The big ADVANTAGE of an online training over a live event is that if you miss something, well, you won’t miss anything, so you can review the material as many times as you want!
You pay attention to how people talk when they answer, rather than what they talk about.
Even when a person does not answer the question directly, he will reveal his patterns by how he answers.

As you become more familiar with the LAB Profile®, you will be able to hear patterns people use without having to actually ask the questions.

You can immediately use the Influencing Language that is just right for the situation.

People communicate with their particular patterns naturally as they speak, both in words and in their body language, and they respond immediately when you use their language.

Why is knowing the LAB Profile® so helpful to
professional communicators?

Having an impact is about being able to go to the other person’s bus stop, and from their bus stop, respecting their way of thinking and their kind of language, inviting them onto your bus.

And if you don’t notice when someone has moved to another bus stop, you are unlikely to have the impact you want.
Many people want to learn the LAB Profile® from me, so they ask about my international schedule and where I will be teaching the LAB Profile® next.
But I can’t be everywhere at once and neither can most people!

It’s online, so you don’t have to go anywhere to
upgrade your skills!

Now you can learn the LAB Profile® right from wherever you are! I have filmed and edited a complete LAB Profile® Practitioner program with all my new insights and applications.

Get Shelle Rose Charvet – LAB Profile Learning Program download

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