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MindValley – Unlocking Transcendence – Jeffrey Allen


It’s a great way to learn. Just small, manageable, bits of new info, exercises and learning each day. Generally, each session has been 10-15 min. File size: 10.21 GB




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MindValley – Unlocking Transcendence – Jeffrey Allen

MindValley - Unlocking Transcendence - Jeffrey Allen

 Use Unlocking Transcendence to Discover How To Access 12 Levels Of Your Higher Awareness and Live a Purposeful, Satisfying and Impactful Life .

For centuries, we have strived to understand virtually every aspect of how our bodies function, and how to enhance our physical health and performance through nutrition and exercise.

And today, with the aid of modern technology, our understanding of what it takes to be physically fit has been refined to a precise and detailed science.

So, knowing what we know now, would you agree that if you want to improve your physical fitness – whether it’s building your muscles, increasing your strength, losing weight, improving your stamina – that signing up to a gym, hiring a personal trainer, and following a structured, step-by-step program would be the fastest way to achieving your fitness goals?

What do you think?

Following that same logic, wouldn’t you also agree that you want to improve your spiritual fitness? To develop a powerful transcendent practice, accelerate your spiritual journey, and get completely aligned with your soul’s calling?

That you need an equally robust spiritual fitness program to follow, AND have an experienced spiritual personal trainer to help you reach your spiritual goals?

If you answered “Yes” to both questions then read on.
Because this program is for you if:

You feel stuck in your spiritual journey where every step you take seems to take you two steps back.
You need help getting spiritually aligned while pursuing your life goals.
You want to include transcendent practices as a daily habit in your life.
You want to inject the perfect dose of spirituality in your busy life to make space for bigger things that impact the whole of humanity.
You’re looking for a powerful approach to level up your spirituality in all dimensions of your life.

Jeffrey Allen

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As You May Already Know, We’re More Than Just Physical Beings.

There’s a spiritual dimension to us — a dimension that has governed everything that has happened to us in the past and will continue governing everything that will happen to us in future.

However, neither our education system nor our political and business world recognizes it, much less, teach us how to live by this principle.

Hence although we are physically fit…most of us are not, spiritually, as fit as we want ourselves to be.

What if there is a spiritual “fitness program” that is…

As precise as the modern science of physical fitness
Designed to strengthen the 12 deepest levels of your spiritual awareness
And, over 60 days, ascends you to transcend the limits of your physical reality?

Why Most People’s Spiritual Path Involve Two Steps Forward One Step Back

You may have been on the spiritual path for a while now. And you know that unless you can connect with your inner voice, access your own intuition, and make time for transcendent practices, you don’t feel your best.

But then you’ve got a demanding schedule and a whole universe of people that needs you that makes it impossible for you to progress spiritually.

So you end up going from feeling zen, calm, and at peace in one moment… And feeling spiritually empty in the next.

You may even feel like the only way to really make any progress in your spiritual path is to let go of your many wants and desires.

Which can only lead you to feeling like you’re cutting off a deeper part of yourself. And what most people end up falling victim to is trying to fill that void in your soul with a cycle of unhealthy habits and negative thoughts.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Although that may be the reality you live in, right now, it’s not your fault. We live in a world that is so deeply ingrained in a physical reality which pays little attention into understanding and nurturing the other crucial aspect of our being — Our spirit.

While we’ve made great strides in unravelling the inner workings of our physical body, and we have tens of thousands of gyms scattered across the country offering a whole range of programs to help us get physically fitter.

… There has never been a “gym” we could sign up for to help us develop a transcendent practice to nurture soul and get us spiritually fit.

Until today.

The Unlocking Transcendence Quest, The World’s First Spiritual Fitness Program Designed To Help You Gain Sovereignty Over Your Soul So You Can Live An Extraordinary Life

So, at a spiritual level, self-awareness is self-transcendence. The more we stretch our awareness across all dimensions of our being, the more self-transcendent we are. This is the ultimate definition of Spiritual Fitness. And we wondered… Is it possible to devise a holistic spiritual fitness program that easily fits into our day? The answer is… a huge roaring YES.

A methodical, fun, step-by-step journey of self-awareness that will help you cultivate a spiritual practice that you’ll look forward to every day and will positively impact every aspect of your being.

In the same way a fitness instructor will train you in the gym, teaching you new exercises to improve your physical strength, Jeffrey will guide you through a series of exercises that will build your spiritual “muscles” day by day.

And as your spiritual fitness improves, you will quickly find yourself more deeply aligned with your spirit than you ever imagined possible.

And you’ll experience this profound transformation in just 60 days,

This Is Not Just A Course — It’s a 60 Day Coaching Program on Mindvalley’s New Quest Learning Platform — So You Learn At Up To 500% Better Than Conventional Courses

The Quest runs for 60 consecutive days starting whenever you want. During this time, you’ll spend around 10 to 20 minutes daily to unlock insightful ideas and actionable tools from Jeffrey Allen via video. And you’ll also receive supporting resources to augment your learning.

You’ll unlock each day through Mindvalley’s exclusive Quest learning platform. So what happens is you’re going to go through the program along with thousands of others under real-time guidance from Jeffrey Allen.

Plus, you’ll receive amazing feedback and encouragement from the closely-knit and active community we’re building around this course.
Your Spiritual Fitness Affects 12 Areas Of Your Life

In Unlocking Transcendence, the microlearning methodology is applied over 12 Specific Levels of Awareness. In Just 60 Days, you will…
Become Self-Aware
Feel empowered and aware that you are co-creating your life

1. Location Awareness – Be present, observe your experience & think outside the box

2. Time Awareness – Be calm, relaxed, focused, in the moment & highly attractive
Be Physically Present
Feel calm, present, accepting and abundant

3. Physical Awareness – Be athletic & coordinated, accepting rather than judgmental

4. Energy Awareness – Abundant life, full of synchronicity, tapping your hidden powers
Be Mentally Organized
Be organized and clear, learn quickly and adapt easily

5. Mental Awareness – Organize your mind, think clearly & intentionally

Get MindValley – Unlocking Transcendence – Jeffrey Allen download

6. Listening Awareness – Take the easy road, be in the right place at the right time
Become Spiritually Activated
Live a relaxing peaceful life, even when there are challenges

7. Intuition – Make relaxed decisions, quick progress, synchronicity, flow & abundance

8. Spiritual Connection – Feel connected, peaceful & enthusiastic, generous & abundant
Find Emotional Balance
Feeling expressive, compassionate, humble and deeply understanding

9. Emotional Awareness – Be honest, non-judgmental & alive with your emotions

10. Empathic Awareness – Feeling expressive, compassionate, humble & understanding
Be Highly Impactful
Feel calm, authentic, more purposeful & satisfied with life

11. Personal Awareness – Enjoy a fulfilling sense that you are impacting others positively

12. Global Awareness – Create a better world through highly impactful work
Experience An Earth-shattering Spiritual Transformation

That will completely redefine who you are as a spirit. You will become purposeful, always in flow, happy, committed to making a difference, feel connected to others and have complete sovereignty over your destiny. All in just 60 days.
How The Mindvalley App Works
1. Our entire community starts because your daily lessons with Jeffrey will be released daily.
2. Every day, for 60 days, you’ll receive a lesson that offers a simple step that will move you towards the goal you’ve set for this course.
3. No more finding time to pour through 10-hour courses. Set aside 10-20 minutes a day, each day for 60 days.

Instructor Profile
Meet Jeffrey Allen
Your Fitness Instructor For The Soul

Jeffrey is regarded as a global authority on energy healing and many reputed healers regularly seek him for healing sessions. Hence he’s known as The Healers’ Healer. Through a deep understanding of energy, Jeffrey helps people break through hidden blocks and create a powerful energy awareness, giving them a unique edge in their personal and professional life.

A decade ago, Jeffrey was living a ‘successful’ life as a software engineer with a great job, six-figure salary, and all the toys he desired. Yet, external success came with a price… a constant nagging that he wasn’t fulfilling his true purpose.

Through a remarkable set of coincidences in 2005, Jeffrey found himself teaching graduate spiritual studies in Uganda, Africa to a talented group of advanced students. It was then that Jeffrey discovered he was “a spiritual teacher pretending to be an engineer”.

Since then, Jeffrey has helped thousands of clients around the world to live in alignment with their true purpose (and energy) — so they feel tremendous confidence; enjoy deeper happiness; attract more love; avoid health struggles; and create more abundance — in other words, finally live the lives they were born to live.

Known as the Healer’s Healer, Jeffrey has years of
experience with energy clearing sessions.

Jeffrey’s style of teaching is extremely intimate –
usually leading to lasting bonds with his students.

Jeffrey is consistently one of the highest rated speakers at A-Fest.
Seven Ways Unlocking Transcendence Will Transform You
01 You’ll find yourself in the state of flow

Flow means you’re living every day with beautiful visions of what you want to create, yet a beautiful joy envelops you every single day. When you’re in the flow state you open yourself up to synchronicities, coincidences, and it almost feels like the universe has your back.
02 You’ll experience more consistent states of joy

You live every day in wonder and joy. Joy is one of the ultimate states of human existence. But the best part is when you’re joyful in a daily basis, so are the people around you. It is the end goal of end goals. Everything we do in life, every decision people make is often so they can experience brief instances of joy. But what if these experiences can come from within you consistently before you attain any goals. Now, you’ve learned what masters have preached for centuries.
03 You’ll feel at peace with yourself and the world

You’ll feel at peace not just with your own thoughts but with the world. This means that you’ll no longer feel judged, put down or affected by other people’s negativity or negativity happening in the world. You’ll be filled with an overwhelming sense of peace knowing that you are okay, and that your spirit is watching out for you.
04 You’ll develop a deep desire to make a difference

One of the reasons we do what we do at Mindvalley is because we want to create people on the planet who seek to make a difference. One of the side effects of this program is that you start developing a compassion towards humanity and all of life. This naturally seeks you to want to do more good in the world. People at this level tend to volunteer more, create good things, look beyond religion, culture and ethnicity and feel a kinship with all human beings on the planet. They seek to make a difference because they have a deep longing to leave the world better off than when they came into it.
05 You’ll develop a more solid sense of empathy

Empathy is one of the most powerful tools of the 21st century. As you go on this path, you’ll find that your empathy increases. You’ll feel more compassion, understanding, and more connectedness to others. Empathy has been proven to improve your performance at work, to make you more likeable, and to make you have a positive influence on others. It’s an essential skill not just for leadership, but for everyone from a mom raising kids at home to a office executive working with a team.
06 You’ll become emotionally aware

Emotionally aware means that when negative emotions enter your head, they don’t cause you to jump into rash action. Rather, you observe them. You can see them entering your mind as they enter and you can deal with them how you feel so. You can sit back and watch them and not do anything. Imagine being able to observe anger come within you. And by not reacting to it, you allow them to pass through. This is the essence of being emotionally aware
07 Finally, you’ll have complete sovereignty over your own life

Sovereignty implies that you make your own rules, live by your own rules and are not influenced by the rules, judgements, opinions and pushiness of others whether it comes from teachers, preachers, fathers, mothers, culture or religion. You live your own life based on your rules. And with a deep knowing that you’re living true to yourself and your soul.

What Jeffrey Allen’s Students Say
Here’s what people have to say about their experiences with the life-changing Quest.
Catherine Robertson Went From Overwhelmed To Expanded

Reiki Healer Catherine Robertson used to be completely overwhelmed with people’s energy. She couldn’t distinguish between her energy and other people’s. But after she met Jeffrey she learned how to expand her energy so big so that she now enjoys a bird’s eye view of all the different energies and has the power to choose which one to pick up and read, and which ones to leave untouched. She credits this to Jeffrey’s easy-to-implement techniques.
Catherine Robertson
Judy Hinojosa Got Clarity On Her Own Energy

Judy Hinojosa is a naturopathic doctor who’s never been able to understand herself clearly. That changed after she started working with Jeffrey. She now understands her own energy very well and navigates her life around that. And that understanding has also helped her heal her blockages. She says one of the unique things about Jeffrey is that his techniques are extremely grounded and practical and hence directly contributes to results in the real world.
Judy Hinojosa
Mary MacPhee Found The Missing Piece Of Her Life Puzzle

For quite some time, Mary Macphee couldn’t wrap her head around her troubled relationship with her daughter. But after working with Jeffrey, she found out the missing piece of the puzzle in a bizarre way as she explains in this video. The whole experience with Jeffrey left her with a world of peace within herself.
Mary MacPhee
Nicole Graham Manifests Abundance Twice Using Jeffrey’s Meditation

Some time after working with Jeffrey, she decided to use one of Jeffrey’s meditation and try to manifest an extra 500 dollars into her life. She not only ended up doing exactly that within hours but also repeated this again for a bigger amount. She is totally grateful for Jeffrey’s techniques.
Nicole Graham
Program Information
This Is How We Structured Unlocking Transcendence So You Get Fast, Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible
Unlocking Transcendence contains tools, techniques and exercises to strengthen your spiritual “muscles”, nourish your soul, and help you transcend your physical reality.

Unlocking Transcendence Quest runs for 60 consecutive days. You’ll spend around 15 minutes daily developing your deeper awareness with Jeffrey Allen. You’ll also receive daily suggestions for applying your new awareness in your daily life. The Quest is divided into SIX parts – each developing 2 types of awareness that are most impactful for that specific area.
Here’s how the course is structured:
01 Part 1: Self-Awareness

Level 1: Location Awareness

Focusing your awareness and stretching your awareness
Deepen your experience of spatial awareness
Sensing your awareness independently from your physical body
Journeying outside your body and into the stars
Applying Location Awareness in real world

Level 2: Time Awareness

Using Time Awareness for different times in your life
Moving through time for understanding your past and future
Choosing your future by changing timelines

02 Part 2: Physical Awareness

Level 3: Physical Awareness

Deepening your awareness of your physical & energy body
Getting deeply connected & in-tune with your body
Noticing and relieving pressure on your body to be a certain way
Healing your body’s prototype cell
Applying Physical Body Awareness for a powerful presence

Level 4: Energy Awareness

Feeling energy flowing through your body
Healing to release stuck energy from your body
Moving your energy body independently from your physical body
Bringing both bodies into perfect synchronization
Balancing conflicting advice from others regarding your health or body

03 Part 3: Mental Awareness

Level 5: Mental Awareness

Outer Mind Awareness and Inner Mind awareness
Becoming more organized & clear with your thoughts
Improving your listening
Turning down the noise and mental chatter
Being in flow through awareness of your environment
Seeing through your own mental filters
Breaking through your mental ceiling

Level 6: Listening Awareness

Developing a more compassionate mind
Listening to the pulse of the world

04 Part 4: Spiritual Awareness

Level 7: Intuition

Going beyond your body & mind with your perception
Validating your Spirit essence
Understanding what intuition feels like
Sensing things through intuition
Mixing your physical & intuition awareness
Using your intuition for remote viewing
Improving your confidence & success with intuition
Tuning into the Akashic Records to access information
Discovering clues for healing recurring patterns in your life

Level 8: Spiritual Connection

Exploring past lives
Viewing multiple sets of information at once
Deepening your connection to nature & the planet
Changing your connection with others
Tapping into your connection with Higher Intelligence

05 Part 5: Emotional Awareness

Level 9: Emotional Awareness

Changing your relationship with your emotions
Having clear boundaries with others
Finding & releasing old stored emotions
Feeling all your emotions and discarding inauthentic ones
Transmuting your emotions into gratitude & joy
Refining your emotional map
Avoiding damaging emotional outbursts

Level 10: Empathic Awareness

Exploring your Empathy Awareness
Using your empathy to tune into specific emotions
Matching others consciously to gain understanding
Clearing out all the stored emotions that are not yours

06 Part 6: Impact Awareness

Level 11: Personal Awareness

Feeling & amplifying your positive personal impact
Shifting unconscious negative impact you have on others
Improving your friendships and trust with others
Communicating with someone telepathically
Reducing potential conflicts before talking to anyone
Talking telepathically while you’re having a verbal conversation
Using telepathy or spirit to spirit communication in relationships
Focusing your efforts to make a bigger impact
Seeing opportunities to align with your bigger plans for impact
Find a clear path forward for making the impact you desire
Clearing unconscious patterns that sabotage your success

Level 12: Global Awareness

Using your spirit to broadcast your message to the world

What Students Say
Success Stories From Students Who Mastered Jeffrey’s Teachings
“It is a program designed for learning and achieving success.”

It’s a great way to learn. Just small, manageable, bits of new info, exercises and learning each day. Generally, each session has been 10-15 min. It is a program designed for learning and achieving success. You get to learn, have a taste, complete a task, and carry on.

Very doable over the course of a tight-packed day and accomplishing the daily task not only builds knowledge and is fun, but it increases confidence in the completion of it. In an over-complicated, over-booked, over-the-top kind of world, it is a breath of release and a joy to learn. This would be a great way for kids and youth to learn too.Canada
“I feel I can filter out the noise around me and go within to get answers to questions and identify problems before life overwhelms me.”

The course was simple to do but so effective. Going back to basics really helps to ground you and reconnect which is where we all need to start no matter where we think we are developmentally. I feel I can filter out the noise around me and go within to get answers to questions and identify problems before life overwhelms me.

Overall I am less reactive to issues that come up in life and find solutions without the previous panic that would eat away at me. My friends and colleagues have also mentioned recently that I appear to have an inner calmness and always seem happy and positive. That surprised me!

Maria Harrop-Peel

United Kingdom
“Every single day was a new step forward in “self-discovery”, a new experience, a new technique for life.”

This Quest was an awesome journey of discovery and exploration beyond the limits we humans thought having. Every single day was a new step forward in “self-discovery”, a new experience, a new technique for life; all delivered in such a smooth method.

With Jeffrey, it’s “You are there before you know it”. It’s a friend guiding you, a caring teacher pending of your progress, a pleasant guide to follow, and a fun instructor you so want to learn from.

I also loved this Quest method of learning. What is taught becomes part of you effortlessly. For me, this Quest was a total success. Thank you, Jeffrey

Claudys Kantara

“I feel much happier every day, my relationships have all improved.”

I loved Jeffrey Allen’s calm and playful energy and one of the nicest things about the course was feeling I didn’t have to get every exercise perfect and I could be amused and playful whilst learn. I am actually doing his course again on my own […] 🙂

One of the biggest “Aha” moments was the Body awareness section where we learned to love our bodies. This brought up a lot of emotion for me but it clearly shifted my feelings towards my body and I got to love it just the way it is. I am still noticing improvements in that area – when I walk past a mirror I find myself appreciating me and the way my body looks, the way it moves and how capable it is. I also loved the meditation when we healed our bodies – I always knew the body can heal itself but this sort of brought it home.

The emotion awareness section was amazing – *I noticed that my relationships have improved in general, with my sister, my boyfriend, my ex-husband even. […]

I noticed I was waking up happy and I learned to love my sadness and my anger and all the “negative” emotions.* One of the massive things for me was realizing that jealousy is a feeling we feel now but it is always about the past or the future. This really helped me because I used to be jealous almost all the time (without realizing sometimes) and now every time I start getting jealous I just think of this “past/future” thing and it goes away instantly.

I actually used some of the techniques Jeffrey taught us in school with the kids I teach English on Saturdays. They were much more focused after that. […]

So, I feel much happier every day, my relationships have all improved, my ability to cope with stress is great (actually, there is hardly any stress in my life now) and I love all my emotions and my body.

Tajana Belkovic

“This program is a milestone in my life.”

Unlocking Transcendence opens up new ways of thinking and spirituality. It’s enormous and empowering. And most of all; Jeffrey Allen is a great teacher who reaches the heart of everyone. I deeply love this program and I am very grateful that I could be a part of it!

Franziska Hegner

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Unlocking Transcendence is not a regular self-study course. Rather it has the best of both the traditional self-study course and a seminar with the added effectiveness of a 60-day obstacle-course-race-style micro-learning experience. Which means that you’ll be taking joining a 60-day spiritual fitness challenge with thousands of like-minded spiritual junkies who’ll encourage you, help you overcome challenges, and push you to go past your limits. Of course, you can also always decide to do the program at your own pace as well.
2. Our 10-Day, No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

We know this works. The micro-learning structure of the course is proven to have the highest completion rates and the best results for students. Plus, Jeffrey Allen is the highest rated spiritual teacher in Mindvalley. So we’re sure you’ll see amazing results from this course.

However, in the unlikely event that you aren’t completely blown away by the course, even if you just don’t like the color of the cover, please contact our support team for a prompt and courteous refund.

Our support team at Mindvalley has been ranked one of the TOP CUSTOMER SUPPORT teams in the world so you can practically try this at no risk and get a full refund if this does not meet your full expectations.
You’re Protected By Mindvalley’s Unconditional 10-Day Guarantee

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Community support with a vibrant group of students.
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An award-winning customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of.

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