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Lynne McTaggart – Power Of Eight Intention Masterclass 2019

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Lynne McTaggart - Power Of Eight Intention Masterclass 2019

Lynne McTaggart – Power Of Eight Intention Masterclass 2019

Get Lynne McTaggart – Power Of Eight Intention Masterclass 2019 at the fexmall

Announcing: The Power of Eight Intention Masterclass 2019

Make 2019 the year that you heal your life

Imagine that this is the year that you finally

  • Sort out a long-standing health issue
  • Launch a new and exciting career
  • Make all relationships more loving and fulfilling
  • Get your finances on an even keel, and enjoy a steady, abundant flow of money
  • Identify the thoughts and the past that holds you back
  • Find your true life’s purpose

Here’s your opportunity to do all of the above, while working with your own ‘tribe’ and helping them heal their own lives, too!

Like Mitchell Dean, who healed lifelong depression, improved his meditation and Qigong practices, enjoyed a better practice as a clinical psychologist, and returned to his fighting weight – all with the help of a year-long journey called The Power of Eight Intention Masterclass.

Just once a year, international bestselling author Lynne McTaggart opens her doors to offer intensive teaching to one highly select group of students the secrets of intention and the Power of Eight.

She begins with a six-week webinar course, then places all the members of the class into groups of eight to meet for an entire year under her ongoing supervision.

Here’s how it all works.

Once we kick off on February 2, 2019, you’ll attend ‘intention bootcamp,’ with six weekly 90-minute webinars from Lynne. Over those six weeks you’ll discover all the rudimentaries of intention, a unique blend of ancient wisdom and scientifically proven practice, which has been scientifically proven in many studies Lynne has conducted with top scientists.

  • You’ll learn her 12 rules of intention mastery, which help you to focus your intentions with laser-like accuracy.
  • You’ll discover how to become a better receiver of other people’s intentions – how to read them and respond appropriately.
  • You’ll find out how to counter negative intention – whether your own or that of the people around you – and how to make positive connections, even with people you find the most difficult.
  • You’ll practice improving all your relationships through the power of certain intention techniques.
  • You’ll experience for yourself the instant transformational state of oneness through the group intention experience, usually only experienced by people like Buddhist monks after years of disciplined practice.
  • You’ll undergo special ‘retro-intention techniques’ that Lynne has developed to heal the deepest of wounds from your past, and ‘future-time’ intentions to design and plan your own future in great detail.

But that’s only the beginning of your year-long journey of transformation. The real work is done when you become part of a Power of Eight group.

After those six weeks of training, Lynne’s team will put you in a small group with other Masterclass members in your time zone and provide you with a complete program of how to set up and run a group.

You meet with them virtually via Skype or Zoom regularly – weekly is ideal – and just watch the miracles unfold. They’ll become your intention family, to watch your back and help you heal.  You’ll never feel alone again, for they’ll become your friends for life.

When we’ve monitored Masterclass members who attend these sessions regularly, close to 100 per cent get positive results: physical healings, dream jobs, financial windfalls, healed lives.

For the other miracle in this year-long process is what Lynne calls the mirror effect:  when you send intention to your other group members, you yourself get healed. 

Besides all that, you’ll be hearing from Lynne every week with advice, homework and challenges, and you’ll have four more BONUS webinars with her throughout the year. Plus we’ll be monitoring everyone’s progress every month, to help ensure they achieve their goals.

The Power of Eight Intention Masterclass 2019 at a glance

What is it? A six-week live webinar course with international bestselling author Lynne McTaggart followed by a year-long group experience.

When does it start? The course launches on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

What happens? For the first six weeks, you attend weekly 90-minute interactive webinars with Lynne, where she puts you through ‘Intention Bootcamp.’  You’ll learn the world’s most powerful toolkit, based on a unique blend of science and ancient wisdom, for harnessing the power of intention, then find out how to apply it in every aspect of your life.

There’s plenty of experiential learning too, where you’ll carrying out transformational exercises in pairs or groups.  You’ll leave each week with ‘homework’ – simple intention experiments you can practice in your daily life until the next webinar. And you’ll be able to interact with the entire group of Masterclass members through a special Facebook group page.

Suppose I miss a webinar?

Every webinar is recorded, and every Monday you’ll be sent a link to the latest recording that you can download to your PC.

And afterwards?

Each Masterclass member will be placed in a virtual Power of Eight group with others in similar time zones, which you can set up on Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or a conference call.  The group will ‘meet’ regularly (ideally, weekly) and continue to practice intentions for each other, plus carry out the homework and other challenges set by Lynne every week throughout the rest of the year. The weekly group meets are where the true long-lasting breakthroughs occur.

How about support?

Lynne will be contacting you every week with new tips, challenges and reading material, monitor your monthly progress, plus provide FOUR bonus 90-minute teleseminars throughout the year. Her team will also be on hand all year to help with anyone having technical difficulties.

What are the bonus calls?

In addition to these six sessions with Lynne and weekly emails, you’ll have FOUR bonus webinars with Lynne throughout the year, to ask questions and learn more advanced techniques.

How much?

The total cost for the six sessions, plus year-long support and on-going guidance from Lynne is just $499 – a cost of just less than $42 per month (And £400 plus VAT in EU countries). 

However, if you book before December 31, you can claim your EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – of $399, a substantial discount (£315 plus VAT in the EU).

The total value of this kind of in-depth instruction and year-long, personalized work usually run $5,000 or more, but Lynne wishes to make her course accessible to the greatest number of people.

The Miraculous Power of Eight

During the teleseminar and especially in the year-long event, you will experience one of Lynne’s greatest breakthrough discoveries, the extraordinary ‘Power of Eight.’

Get Lynne McTaggart – Power Of Eight Intention Masterclass 2019 at the fexmall

Lynne’s techniques have been subjected to more than 33 university studies, demonstrating that the group-intention experience places members of the group in what can only be described as a state of ecstatic union.

Life University in Atlanta, the world’s largest and most prestigious chiropractic university, is carrying on ongoing studies of Lynne’s Power of Eight groups.

The conclusion?  Her Power of Eight techniques in a group creates major changes in the brain, leading to a sense of unity, bliss and contentment, leading the way for a profound life-long transformation.

The altered state of consciousness experienced by participants – now verified in a university study of brain-wave patterns – is analogous to the ecstatic unity experienced by a Sufi master or Buddhist monk.

This group dynamic is so powerful and life-transforming that it enables individual miracles to take place.

However, unlike those types of traditional practices, or others like sweat lodges or fasting, Lynne’s methods don’t require years of devoted practice, or long hours of priming or deprivation.

The Power of Eight – sending thoughts of healing in a small group – is a fast track to the miraculous.

Healed lives

Of the regular attenders of Masterclass groups, almost everyone makes some sort of major shift. Here’s just a small sampling from our 2018 class’s results thus far:

  • KATE bought her dream home in Scotland.
  • KATHERINE’s pain in her arthritic hip has lessened so much that she is back to exercising and swimming in the sea.
  • HANNAH was able to come off her seizure medication.
  • KATE sold her house in France, which had been on the market for two years.
  • MARIANNE is getting on much better with her siblings and they are now sharing care of their parents.
  • DEBBIE’S debilitating neck pain of 10 years has all but disappeared.
  • REBECCA, who has MS, is reporting huge improvements.
  • MARTIN who asked his group to intend for new clients, had two leadership teams immediately sign up to work with him.
  • KARINE’S eczema has finally cleared and her atrial fibrillation is under control.
  • JAYNE’S lower back is 80 per cent better and her freelance writing career is taking off.
  • KATE’s fatty liver disease has healed.
  • SAM has recovered good lung function.
  • MARTIN received a mysterious windfall into his account – just when he needed it.

The Power of Eight Intention Masterclass 2019 Session Schedule

Part 1:  Intention Masterclass Bootcamp

For the first part of the course, you will attend an intensive training course with Lynne during 90-minute interactive webinars sessions run over six consecutive weeks on Zoom.  You can listen in by phone or Skype.

In Intention Bootcamp you will learn the most detailed techniques of how to use intention, based on science and distilled from intention masters.

First Session:  The Leaky Bucket

February 2, 2019

10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET / 6.00 pm GMT (1 hour 30 minutes)

This session will ground you in the theory and practice of Lynne’s work in the new science of spirituality. Through powerful experiential learning, you will discover that you are not an individual whose thoughts are locked inside your head, but a ‘leaky bucket’ whose thoughts are affecting and being affected by everyone around you at every moment

Through a mix of learning and amazing exercises, you will discover that:

  • We are connecting with the thoughts and emotions of everyone around us — including strangers — at every moment
  • You are a walking mood conductor, determining the emotions and even the decision-making of everyone around you
  • We are mental and emotional copycats, drawn to automatic connection with each other, which manifests in a constant impulse to synchronize
  • We carry the thoughts of others inside us— as though we were doing their thinking, too
  • When we send intentions to others, their brainwaves, breathing and physiological functions begin to mimic our own.

This week’s practice and homework: By working in pairs with special exercises you will experience first-hand what it is that you are sending and receiving every minute of your day and how your thoughts – and those of everyone around you – are being continuously broadcast. And by participating in a special exercise attempting to pick up information that has been ‘hidden’ in water, you’ll discover how psychic you actually are — and how much psychic information and the intentions of others you are picking up at every moment. In your homework, you’ll learn how to identify the thoughts that are sabotaging your best intentions.

Second Session: The 12 Essential Tools of Intention Mastery

February 9, 2019

10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET / 6.00 pm GMT (1 hour 30 minutes)

This session includes advanced theory and practice to help you master the world’s only toolkit for using and receiving intention based on a unique blend of science and ancient wisdom. Lynne has synthesized and distilled the practices of many masters of intention – Qigong masters, master healers, indigenous tribes and elite athletes.

Understanding and practicing these universal laws of intention and learning how to put them to work for you will enable you to become a master influencer. 

You will learn how to:

  • ADOPT certain ‘secret principles’ that allow advanced meditators, monks, world-class athletes and others to manifest their intention
  • EMPLOY scientifically tested approaches to focus your intention with laser-like effectiveness
  • PRACTICE mental rehearsal, just as professional athletes do, to vastly increase the likelihood of your intention manifesting itself
  • IDENTIFY what it is you really want and send very specific instructions to the universe
  • WORK with the natural energies around you to increase the effectiveness of your practice
  • CLARIFY your own intentions so that your thoughts continuously beam out a coherent message
  • SEND your intention from the heart, not the head
  • LET go and trust the process.

Practice and homework: You will practice making use of these tools during the class, then carry out homework assignments to hone your use of them throughout the week.

Third Session:  Brain-training: Strengthening the Connections

February 16, 2019

10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET / 6.00 pm GMT (1 hour 30 minutes)

Besides the thoughts you send out to the world at every moment, you’re also part of a ‘psychic internet,’ constantly picking up the hidden thoughts and intentions of others.

This session will help you develop this receiving mechanism and your sixth sense in your dealings with other people so you can use this knowledge to improve your relationships. Carrying out tasks that engage other parts of the brain besides those involved in verbal ability enables you to notice more about the connections between things.

This will help to train you to be sensitized to the intentional undercurrents of relationships and increase your own capacity for intuition. You will learn to cultivate your ability to tune into your sensory experience of the present moment and develop areas of awareness that lie beyond language. 

In this session you will learn

  • TECHNIQUES that ‘turn off’ the overly analytical neocortex and bolster our own innate ability to consciously become aware of this raw data information flow, paying greater attention to detail and subtle connection
  • SIMPLE PRACTICES and meditative techniques that condition your brain to notice more, without judgment
  • METHODS that help you see like a native, up close and in greater detail – and to observe hidden connections so that it is viewed as unity of interlocking parts
  • TUNING-IN: how to listen to gut hunches, no matter how irrational
  • ‘LOW-ROAD’ VS ‘HIGH ROAD’ PERCEPTION—cultivating the art of extrasensory noticing.

Practices and homework: This session will include training and homework in brain-training: noticing more detail, studying your own thinking processes, learning to see the unseen, strengthening your gut hunches, maintaining heightened perception and learning to see the whole.

Fourth Session:  Connecting Better – with Intention

February 23, 2019

10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET / 6.00 pm GMT (1 hour 30 minutes)

This session will explore techniques of intention that allow you to take steps toward making deep connections and better relationships with anyone, even those you do not get along with, and to use intention during conflict in creative ways in order to produce greater shared understanding and possibility. You’ll even learn how to tune into another’s inner emotional state to create a situation where you are completely in synch, momentarily melding into a single organism. 

In this session you will learn how to:

  • CREATE immediate brain-wave entrainment between you and others, even perfect strangers
  • INTEND with your heart, mind, and soul to make every encounter a meaningful connection that supports both of you
  • USE powerful tools for relating that allow you to make deep connections with anyone
  • PUT IN PLACE communication skills via intention to engage differences in creative ways in order to produce greater shared understanding, connection and possibility
  • CHANGE the energy between you during differences.

Practice and homework: This session will train you in simple techniques to create immediate brain-wave entrainment between you and others – even perfect strangers – with a powerful daily practice to stoke your own altruistic and loving tendencies. You’ll also discover power of ‘we’ affirmations to boost your own performance.  You’ll learn to become conscious of the fact that your thoughts, emotions and attitude to life are highly contagious, with a profound effect on the people around you, and be given tools to become a positive force for good.

Fifth Session:  Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Negative Intention

March 2, 2019

10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET / 6.00pm GMT (1 hour 30 minutes)

All of us are aware of people who psychically drain us, and the power of emotional contagion, particularly by negative people. The science shows that we are all walking mood conductors, and both kinds of emotion – positive and negative – are highly contagious, but that positive emotions stimulate a group to be cooperative and make more positive choices in decision making, while the reverse holds true with negative emotion.

Although both healers and psychics have devised many techniques to create psychic shields to protect us from negative intention, in Lynne’s view these barriers have the unfortunate side effect of often blocking our own universal flow. She advocates other, simpler and more effective ways to eliminate negative intention — especially your own.

In this session you will learn to:

  • BECOME CONSCIOUS of your own attempts to sabotage your own highest aspirations
  • IDENTIFY how your own negative thought stream affects all areas of your life and how to retrain it to be positive
  • WORK OUT why your intentions don’t work, despite your best ‘intentions,’ and what to do about it
  • ADOPT simple techniques to avoid being drawn in or affected by negative intention
  • USE life-transforming methods of transforming a negative intention of someone else’s into a positive force for good
  • DISCOVER the best shield you have defend yourself against negativity in your life without blocking the connection

Practice and homework: You will learn ways to strengthen your own power and intention even in highly negative situations, and to identify when you are inadvertently sending out negative intention. Homework will include practicing these techniques in real-life situations during the week.

Sixth Session:  Supersizing Intention

March 16, 2019 ( note that there is a gap of one week)

10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET / 6.00 pm GMT (1 hour 30 minutes)

One of the least understood aspects of intention is that it amplifies in small groups and has a special mirror effect. This session will train you to use group healing to create closer groups and ‘supersize’ the healing process and have it rebound to you. We’ll also explore how to use intention to revitalize any social situation to create a close-knit and cooperative community.

You will be ready to apply the principles of intention in groups to transform the atmosphere in your neighborhoods, offices or communities from “me against them” to “all of us pulling together.”

You will learn to:

  • HARNESS the power of group healing and how healing others in group setting actually heals the healers, too
  • APPLY group resonance to amplify your own intentional goals
  • CREATE collective brain-wave resonance — at the office, at home and in your neighborhood — to create greater cooperation
  • DISCOVER the extraordinary, rebound effect on your own life of ‘getting off of yourself’ and focusing your intentions on someone else
  • USE five simple steps to make your neighborhood or office  closer and more effective
  • MASTER special group-intention tools to transform the atmosphere in your office from ‘me against them’ to ‘all of us pulling together’.

Practice and homework: The class will break into groups and practice healing intention for each other, using the power of group resonance in a mock setting to achieve goals. You will also be set intentions for your home or work and will report on periodic progress to the group.

Part 2: The Year-long Power of Eight Group Experience – After March 16

You’ll be placed into groups of eight or more, and meet on special private Skype, Zoom or Facebook sessions during weekly meetings.

Thereafter for the rest of the year, you will receive weekly downloads, tips, charts and messages from Lynne, plus be able to attend four BONUS quarterly teleseminar meetings with her, to help hone your intention skills and allow you to meet your goals.

She’ll also have you fill out monthly charts to track your own progress and which she’ll help you meet your goals. During the BONUS calls, during which time Lynne will teach you advanced ‘RE-DO’ situations from your past that you regret through special ‘retro-intention’ techniques and special ways to plan and manifest your longer-term future.

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