Product Design Manual – Elizabeth Alli


In this course, you'll learn to master digital product design through a series of self-paced video lessons, projects and 1-on-1 mentorship. 

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Your Outcome

In this course, you'll learn to master digital product design through a series of self-paced video lessons, projects and 1-on-1 mentorship. You'll learn the entire process of User Experience Design and User Interface Design and how business and marketing decisions inform the product you create. By the end, you’ll have deep understanding of UI/UX, visual design, product design and product strategy and an original case study for your portfolio!

Make design make more sense

‍Digital Product Design is a vast industry that encompasses many different disciplines, roles and skills.

It’s overwhelming for beginners and it’s confusing even for experienced designers.

With this manual, you will learn everything there is to know about User Experience DesignUser Interface DesignInteraction DesignInformation Architecture and Branding through:

  • HD Video Lessons
  • Design Challenges
  • Quizzes
  • Design Source Files

Learn all the skills and shortcuts that pro designers use to get hired and design great products efficiently!

Sounds familiar?

  • If you have more questions than answers about design, this manual is for you.
  • I can’t remember what sizes I need to design in for responsive sites.
  • What’s the difference between a journey map and a user scenario?
  • What’s the difference between UX and Product Design?
  • Why does my typography look bad?
  • How should I prepare my designs for the developers?
  • How do I create a portfolio that will get me hired?

Course Curriculum

What this course is about 

  • What you'll be learning (1:54)
  • Course breakdown (1:13)
  • What is product design? (3:18)
  • Module Quiz

II. How to Think & Communicate 

  • Design thinking Overview (2:28)
  • Systems thinking Overview (2:17)
  • Business thinking Overview (1:12) 
  • Product thinking Overview (1:09)
  • Marketing thinking Overview (1:47)
  • Module Quiz

III. UX Research and Design 

  • What is UX Design and Research? (2:08)
  • Inspiration and Ideation phase (3:49)
  • Research and Organization (1:50) 
  • Competitive Analysis (3:24) 
  • Survey (2:04)
  • User Interviews (2:52)
  • Empathy Map (4:18)
  • Personas (4:11)
  • Journey Map (7:26)
  • Needs vs Solutions (2:03)
  • Problem Statement (2:15)
  • User Scenario (3:19) 
  • Module Quiz
  •  Recap and Module Assignnment (1:08)

IV. Project and Business Requirements 

  • Project Goals (2:14) 
  • Lean Canvas (6:08) 
  • Product Roadmap (8:32) 
  • MVP Features (21:47) 
  • Module Quiz

V. Information Architecture and User Interaction Design 

  • What is Information Architecture? (6:00)
  • What is User Interaction Design (2:40)
  • Sitemap (5:18)
  • Module Quiz

VI. Design Fundamentals and Branding 

  • Visual Design (1:46)
  • Inspiration and Mood board (2:16)
  • Color (7:37)
  • Typography (10:20)
  • Imagery (8:31)
  • Graphics and SVGs (8:32)
  • Icons (7:07)
  • Buttons (10:04)
  • Naming and Logo (2:47)
  • Style tile (2:52)
  • Layout, Composition and Grid (6:55)
  • Visual Hierarchy (8:39)
  • Module Quiz and Design Challenge
  • Congrats on the great work this far!

VII. Design Principles 

  • 6 Principles of Interface Design (4:13) 
  • 6 Gestalt Principles in UI Design (4:18) 
  • 10 Usability Heuristics in UI Design (6:58)
  • Module Quiz

VIII. User Interface Design 

  • What is User Interface Design (3:43)
  • Content-First Approach (6:04) 
  • Static vs Dynamic Web Pages (4:16)
  •  Wireframes (5:14)
  • User and Task Flows (9:50)
  • Component Design (12:47)
  • Design Patterns (17:20)
  • Design Test and Challenge

UI Design Best Practices

  •  Dividers
  •  Containers, Boxes and Borders

IX. Designing the MVP 

  • Setting Up Our Workflow (7:16)
  • Homepage Design (44:14)
  • Login Page Design (10:02)
  • Defining our Text Styles (7:09)
  • New User Dashboard Page Design (16:36)
  • Search Results Page Design (19:47)
  • Dashboard Page Design (11:46)
  • Book Group Page Design (26:02)

Optimizing our workflow in Sketch 

  • Sketch Symbols and Overrides Overview (4:35) 
  • Using Symbols, Overrides and Layer Styles (13:41) 
  • Responsive Design and Hand-Off (7:21)

Capstone/Final Project 

  • Setting up your Portfolio and Case Study (18:04)

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