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*Course Updated: June 2020*

The Struggle and Why YOU Should Take This Course

When I first heard about product management, wasted months trying to learn more about the field. Despite all of my efforts, I was completely lost and felt like I couldn't break into a product role because:

  • I had no prior experience in product management and was coming in from a completely different industry
  • I had absolutely no idea what a product manager did on the job nor what skills were required
  • I had no time nor guidance to figure out what resources I should be focused on learning from
  • I wasn't sure if the product manager role would be a good fit for me
  • I had no idea how to answer product manager interview questions
  • I didn't have the insider tips on how to stand out as a candidate

After years of going through multiple rounds of product management interviews, landing multiple product management job offers, and coaching dozens of candidates on how to break into product management, I wanted to make sure that no one else had to go through the painful experience that I went through to land my first product job.

Since launch, One Week PM has helped 2000+ students around the world learn the most important fundamentals of product management and the insider strategies towards dominating interviews to land a product manager job.

"I've compiled everything that I've learned into this course to help put you on the fast track towards learning about product management, creating your own side project, and landing your first product management job."

Introducing One Week PM

The One Week PM course will arm you with everything you need to know from: learning the essential fundamentals of product management, creating your own PM projectand dominating your product management interviews.

  • Day 1: Learn about the role of a PM, the ideal skill-sets to develop, the process of working with cross-functional teams, the product lifecycle and development cycle, popular development methodologies and product ideation
  • Day 2: Structuring and conducting proper user research & user interviews
  • Day 3: Key components of writing a comprehensive product spec and how to estimate feature development timelines
  • Day 4: The process of wireframing, prototyping, and conducting usability tests
  • Day 5: Managing a product backlog and creating a product roadmap
  • Day 6: The fundamentals of marketing and core technology concepts for PMs
  • Day 7: The most important frameworks and methods for answering the most popular PM interview questions and the insider tips to standing out as a candidate. Walkthroughs of real case studies used to land product management job offers.

Bonus Content: Free resources and exclusive Q&A Interviews with industry product managers

Unlike other courses that just throw information at you, this course is highly interactive and every day, you'll apply the fundamentals that you've learned to your own PM project so that at the end of the course week, you'll have your own project to talk about during your PM interviews. After the course, you'll also receive access to join the world's largest Product Manager community on Slack where you can meet, chat with, and learn from thousands of PMs from all over the world.

How Are Other Students Liking the Course?

2000+ students with diverse backgrounds in social enterprises, law, finance, accounting, IT, consulting, engineering, design, and undergrad / MBA programs have already enrolled in the course from all around the world.

Our students come from companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Airbnb, Amazon, IDEO, NBA (National Basketball Association), Spotify, WhatsApp, Atlassian, Headspace, Udemy, Hubspot, Microsoft, Adobe, Salesforce, eBay, Intuit, Paypal, Lyft, Fitbit, Pearson Education, Rakuten, Expedia, NerdWallet, Code for America, McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Workday, Collective Health, Ticketmaster, etc…

What are you going to get from this course?

  • Over 70+ lectures, 6+ hours of content, 5+ downloadable PM templates, and exclusive interviews (more added over time) with product managers and product leaders in the industry!
  • Learn key fundamentals of being a PM, how to dominate product manager interviews, and how to stand out as a candidate to land the job including topics like:
    • Product lifecycles and the product development cycle
    • Understanding popular development methodologies
    • Product ideation
    • Conducting user research and user interviews
    • Creating screener questionnaires and interview guides
    • Asking the right user interview questions
    • Writing a comprehensive product spec
    • Estimating a feature development timeline
    • Wireframing / prototyping
    • Conducting usability tests
    • Managing a product backlog and product roadmap
    • Inbound / outbound marketing
    • Core technology concepts
    • Frameworks for answering the most popular product manager interview questions
    • Crafting your resume to optimize landing interviews
    • Creating your own product manager case studies to stand out as a candidate
    • Live video walk-throughs of real case studies that have landed product manager job offers
    • Exclusive interviews with current product managers including insider tips on breaking into product management, popular questions they like to ask candidates during interviews, and their recommendations on standing out in the recruiting process
  • Apply fundamentals learned from this course to your own PM project every day!
  • Access to downloadable templates used by actual Product Managers on the job!
  • Learn the process of answering the most popular PM interview questions in order to stand out as a PM candidate!
  • Earn a certificate of completion upon finishing the course

Bonus Content:

  • Access to exclusive video and audio interviews with product managers and product leaders about product management topics, day-to-day breakdowns of their role, insider interview tips, and walkthroughs of popular interview questions and answers.
  • Access to the world's first and largest Product Manager Slack community where you can meet, chat with, and learn from over 7,000+ product people around the globe. The community also features the world's top product leaders like Ken Norton (Product Partner, Google Ventures), Punit Soni (Chief Product Officer of Flipkart & Advisor to Google), Josh Elman (Partner at Greylock Partners), Ellen Chisa (VP of Product at Lola), Brandon Chu (Senior Product Manager at Shopify), Lulu Cheng (Product Manager at Pinterest), Jess Lee (Former CEO of Polyvore), Nir Eyal (Author of Hooked), and others in our community for regular Q&A sessions.

I have been 100% committed to adding more BONUS course content and interviews with product leaders over time (I love all things product and highly enjoy adding content!) and you'll get FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to all future content!

Course Curriculum

Day 1: Introduction to Product Management

  • Course Introduction (3:51)
  • Overview of Product Management (6:41)
  • The Product Lifecycle (4:49)
  • The Product Development Cycle (4:49)
  • Development Methodologies: Waterfall (3:42)
  • Development Methodologies: Agile (6:03)
  • Overview of Scrum and Kanban (11:42)
  • Working with Cross-Functional Teams (12:24)
  • Your PM Project (7:02)
  • Day 1 Assignment (0:25)
  • Day 1 Additional Reading
  • Project Ideation Template

Day 2: User Research & User Interviews

  • User Research & User Interviews Overview (1:19)
  • Why Do User Research? (5:39)
  • Intro to User Interviews (2:11)
  • Recruiting Interview Participants (3:51)
  • Creating a Screener Questionnaire (2:43)
  • Creating a User Interview Guide (2:10)
  • How to Ask the Right Questions (13:49)
  • Quiz: Sample User Interview Questions (2:31)
  • User Interview Documentation & Tips (3:31)
  • Day 2 Assignment (2:20)
  • Day 2: Additional Reading
  • User Interview Sample Questions

Day 3: Creating the Product Spec

  • Product Spec Overview (1:06)
  • Creating a Comprehensive Spec / Spec Breakdown (7:49)
  • How to Estimate Feature Development Timelines (4:53)
  • Day 3 Assignment (0:15)
  • Day 3 Additional Reading
  • Spec Template

Day 4: Wireframing, Prototyping, and Usability Testing

  • Wireframing Overview (0:37)
  • Wireframing & Prototyping Walkthrough (8:16)
  • Day 4 Assignment Part 1 (0:37)
  • Usability Testing Overview (0:43)
  • Conducting a Usability Test (6:12)
  • Day 4 Assignment Part 2 (0:27)
  • Day 4 Additional Reading
  • Usability Test Script Template

Day 5: The Product Backlog and Product Roadmap

  • Product Backlog Overview (1:36)
  • Maintaining Your Product Backlog (5:25)
  • Finding Ideas for Your Product Backlog (5:12)
  • Day 5 Assignment Part 1 (0:15)
  • Product Roadmap Overview (0:56)
  • Product Roadmap Walkthrough (2:02)
  • Day 5 Assignment Part 2 (0:42)
  • Day 5 Additional Reading
  • Product Backlog Template

Day 6: Marketing & Technology for Product Managers

  • Marketing for PMs Overview (1:11)
  • Inbound Marketing Breakdown (8:11)
  • Outbound Marketing Breakdown (6:13)
  • Day 6 Assignment (2:40)
  • Front End vs. Back End and the Technology Stack (5:46)
  • Choosing a Programming Language (3:43)
  • Overview of an API (4:38)
  • Identifying Characteristics of a Good Developer (4:24)

Day 7: Product Manager Interviewing and Recruiting

  • Standing Out as a Product Manager Candidate (6:12)
  • How to Find Product Manager Jobs (10:18)
  • Structuring Your Product Manager Resume (11:50)
  • Product Design Question Walkthrough (7:11)
  • Create a New Product Question Walkthrough (3:30)
  • Improve an Existing Product Question Walkthrough (4:25)
  • Favorite Product Question Walkthrough (3:43)
  • Pricing a Product Question Walkthrough (5:12)
  • Facebook Product Success Metrics Question Walkthrough (9:52)
  • Real Case Study – Quora Product Strategy (12:14)
  • Real Case Study: New Product Feature Recommendation (13:45)
  • Day 7 Assignment (0:18)

Bonus Content

  • Video Interview with Brittany Cheng, Product Manager at Yelp (8:34)
  • Video Interview with Glen Chen, Product Manager at Macys.com (11:48)
  • Audio Interview with Albert Wei, Director of Product at Scopely (15:45)
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Jen Ruffner, Product Lead at Kifi, Former Product at Zynga, Linkedin, AOL, Myspace, Tagged
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Nils Davis, Director of Product at Innotas
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Justin Watt, Project Manager (Product Management Focus) at Metalab
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Ken Norton, Product Partner at Google Ventures
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Brandon Chu, Senior Product Manager at Shopify
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Punit Soni, Former CPO of Flipkart & Advisor to Google
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Brandon Chu, Sr. Product Manager at Shopify
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Fernando Delgado, Former Sr. Director of Product Management at Yahoo
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Ellen Chisa, VP of Product at Lola
  • Q&A Session Transcript with David Cancel, CEO of Drift
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Josh Elman, Partner at Greylock Partners
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Jess Lee, Partner at Sequoia Capital & Former CEO at Polyvore
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Zack Onisko, CEO at Dribbble
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Jackie Bavaro, Head of Product at Asana
  • Q&A Session Transcript with Hunter Walk, Partner at Homebrew
  • The Product Manager Handbook

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