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This program has a lot of good information and I think it’s worth your time. Even though the files appear to be from June of 2011 there are a lot of best practices talked about and those never go out of styl

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This program has a lot of good information and I think it’s worth your time. Even though the files appear to be from June of 2011 there are a lot of best practices talked about and those never go out of style. I was not able to find the actual pitch page and this product does not seem to be available on the Glazer-Kennedy website (maybe because Bill Glazer is no longer there!) Technical note: Because of really long folder names and endlessly nested folders, I had to compress the file structure and truncate folder names so this torrent could sit on a PC and not crash the system. Therefore some of the webpage files may not play properly. Don’t worry, all the content is here. If you are master of the online universe there is probably nothing here for you, but I learned some new things. RECOMMENDED


  • Bill Glazer
  • Yanik Silver
  • Perry Marshall
  • Tom Kulzer
  • Jim Edwards & Rick Raddatz
  • Brian Sacks
  • Dave Dee
  • Marty Foley
  • Alex Mandossian
  • Jeff Walker
  • Sydney Johnston
  • Stephen Pierce

Here’s a rundown of what’s covered:

MODULE 01: Insider Secrets To Online Copy! Bill Glazer and Yanik Silver discussed the killer copy secrets that make websites sell products like crazy. This session will set you straight about how to write for the web, capture attention and convince people to order your products!

MODULE 02: How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Site Instantly In 15-Minutes Or Less and Not Overpay! Finally, you get a chance to discover how to launch an effective Google Adwords campaign. Perry Marshall divulges his formula to suck in targeted traffic immediately from inexpensive Google ads that work like magic. Best part: You’ll learn how to set your Pay-per-click bids just right. This way you get all the traffic you can handle without breaking the bank.

MODULE 03: How To Follow-Up On Every Qualified Visitor Automatically While You Sleep! Tom Kulzer will show you how to use the magic of little automatic email robots or autoresponders to follow up on leads with no manual labor and turn them into paying customers. You don’t know when a prospect is ready to buy so you have to be there all the time. By far, the easiest and most cost effective way to dramatically increase your bottom line is simply increasing your follow-up efforts. And it’s easy after you hear about the technology here that makes it totally hands-off. Plus, how to make sure your email actually gets through the SPAM filters and squarely into your prospects inbox.

MODULE 04: How To Make Your Website Come Alive With Audio and Even Video! Jim Edwards and Rick Raddatz will show you how to use amazing new technology (that’s actually inexpensive and brain dead simple) to Bring Life To Your Websites And Engage Each Visitor To Stay Longer!

MODULE 05: Real World Example of How to Grow a 7-Figure Internet Business in 12 Months or Less! This is how you can make a vast fortune because it maximizes your visibility and profitability. One of the least understood facts about marketing is that you increase results by mixing and matching the proper media. In this session you’ll learn how to combine the power of traditional media with the efficiency of the Internet. This combination produces fast results but it must be done in a very specific manner to work most effectively. You’ll learn how when you listen in. This session will be presented by Bill Glazer interrogating Brian Sacks.

MODULE 06: How To Create a $50k-$100k Niche Within 21-Days Or Less! Dave Dee will give you the scoop on how to scope out niche markets you can dominate in less than one month. He has perfected a bona fide system for penetrating almost any niche market lightning fast. Using the techniques Dave teaches you could easily enjoy your own high income Internet business starting within a month.

MODULE 07: The Big Secret to Tracking and Testing that Can Double or Triple Profits From Your Website Without Getting An Additional Single Visitor! Here’s how to turn your website visitors into paying buyers. We’re shocked so few people know how to engineer this buying process. But you won’t be left out of the loop after this session.

MODULE 08: How To Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want Without Any Guessing! This session reveals how to get people to disclose their hidden desires. So you sell them exactly what they’re willing to spend money on. Stop guessing what your prospects and customers want to buy from you. Alex Mandossian will tell you how to get inside your customer’s mind so you can ethically tap into his wallet. The psychological secrets he reveals will serve you regardless of the product or service you sell online or offline.

MODULE 09: Creating an Unstoppable Product Launch (or Relaunch)! After this session you’ll know more about generating a flood of sales than if you read a hundred worthless e-books. Jeff Walker shares his revolutionary Product Launch Formula. There’s no theory here – just practical steps anyone can take to create a massive launch or relaunch for almost any product.

MODULE 10: Sydney Johnston teaches you How To Quickly and Easily Sell on eBay! Learn the truth about selling loads and loads of products using the world’s #1 auction juggernaut. If you thought eBay is just for clearing out junk in your basement you’re dead-bang wrong! eBay is the fourth most visited site on the Net and over $14 Billion dollars in business flow through this site. I’m talking everything from multi-million dollar estates to Fred Flintstone slippers. There are over 100 million registered users who are already looking for your product.

MODULE 11: How To Bring Visitors Back To Your Site Over and Over Again While Keeping Them Excited! Check out these amazing after sale follow up systems that consistently bring customers back begging for more. The big bucks are made by reselling satisfied customers more products and services. With that in mind, Stephen Pierce will reveal his surefire approach to enhance the lifetime value of each and every customer.

MODULE #12: Blueprint for Online Success: Putting All the Pieces Together! This is going to be one of those sessions you’ll want to listen to over and over again because it contains the big-picture view of how all the parts of your Internet business come together. It’s Bill and Yanik recapping, reviewing and putting everything together for you so you can blast right out of the gate even from a complete standstill online.

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