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Mobilize Revolution – Main Program

Hi my name is Mark Thompson and if you asked me how to create a mobile app or website from scratch, I’d laugh in your face !

But if you want to make as much as $1500 in 24 hours and

continue making a regular income from mobile marketing, without any technical experience, then you’re exactly where you need to be.

See, I’m not tech savvy but

After speaking with a trusted partner, I discovered a juicy little secret. A secret that allows anyone to create valuable apps and mobile websites that make money almost overnight

without any technical ability.

It all started in a sports bar in downtown ^ Raleigh, NC i

We werejhanging out one weekend and wanted to know what was happening at this Ibcal bar

but when I loaded up their website on my iPhone, it looked like a total train wreck.

You had^shrink and zoom to see all the contend* and your fingers needed to be smaller than amicroscopic needle to click on any of their links.

I knew these guys needed help

Using the same tricks and tools you’re about to discover, we created a mobile version of their website and an awesome app which went live overnight.

We didn’t ask For any money upfront.

But to our surprise, a couple weeks later

the owner came back to us jumping with joy, waving a fat of cash under our noses!

Turns out this new mobile website and app was already transforming his business

  •  3490 Downloads of the App
  •  30% Increase in Revenue Since Launching the Site + App O Average App Usage, at least once a week per user
  •  50% Increase in Contact Form Submissions

The owner was happy to pay us thousands for our help

and it only took us a couple hours to set up!

Get Mobilize Revolution – Main Program right now!

Mobilize Revolution shows you exactly how we’re crushing it with mobile apps and mobile websites online and offline without any tech skills or expensive tools.

Unlike others, Mobilize Revolution shows you how to create a real business, with multiple streams of income week after week.

Here’s a sneak peek inside

Mobilize Revolution is gives you the essential training, tools and major shortcuts to create high value apps and slick mobile websites without hiring expensive freelancers.

You’re getting

Core Training

If you’re new to this mobile stuff, start here and you’ll discover the real secrets to success for quick wins and long term income, including

  •  How app marketing works, why it works and how you can cash in starting today.
  •  How to spy on the biggest app marketplaces and uncover the secrets to success, even with weird and simple apps
  •  How we create accounts quickly and easily in the world’s biggest app marketplaces
  •  How to submit your app to the biggest marketplaces with fear of rejection or delays
  •  Our secrets to creating apps that get huge downloads and big revenue at the same time
  •  How to track your app’s performance and income
  •  Our secret resource for easily generating cash from the mighty Google
  •  How to increase your app usage and create a viral snowball of new users and income
  •  Our proven methods For building your own responsive email list from every app you create (this is where the real money is made from apps)
  •  How we get big traffic to our apps and how you can too, for free

Selling Mobile Apps To Clients

Are you an offline consultant? Want to make big, quick and easy paychecks by offering your mobile services to clients? We’ll show you exactly how it’s done in this section.

You’ll discover

  •  Our secret niche research to unearth profitable markets, topics, passions and hobbies that will make your app easier to create and with Far less competition
  •  How to find clients who will snap your arm off For their own app and mobile website, without any hard selling or fierce competition
  •  The simple way to sell apps and mobile sites to clients, without learning complicated sales tricks or sucking up to the secretary
  •  Our sneaky pricing trick to make it a “no-brainer” For clients to jump onboard, but still make a killing For yourselF

Get Mobilize Revolution – Main Program, Only Price 42$

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